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Louisiana Gold Adopt-a-family Wishlist!

We have 5 kids to take care of from two different families and the clothing is not just a want - these are NEEDS! (Well most of them anyways) The toys the kids wrote down themselves, PLEASE let me know what you would be willing to donate as soon as possible! If you wish to simply donate money, we can go out and get what is left! For the video games, if you have some you can donate used, but still in good working condition, we will gladly take those. Everything else should be unopened or new. I hope we can provide these kids with a great Christmas. Please e-mail or comment below if you can help in any way. All gifts should be unwrapped when turned in and should be turned in no later then the 20th of December! Child One - 9 year old boy favorite colors --gold, orange, and red Favorite books -- Garfield Book wish list-- Garfield vol. 1 all Garfield treasuries Jeans-- size 10 NEED* Sweat pants --10 (loves warm fuzzy) NEED Shoes- tennis shoes size 3 NEED Socks--ankle NEED underwear-- colored ones reg. fit NEED Hobbies/Like/wants-- Halo Mega blocks (versus assault on high ground *LOVES), Legos, DVD Rio, Sunbeam-doughnut maker, covenant Locust Attack. Wal-Mart exclusive Halo Mega blocks Child two- 9 year old Girl favorite colors- pink, purple, sparkly & skulls book wish list- "Ripley's Believe It or Not" Shoes--Size 3 fancy shoes or fuzzy inside boots (remember, these were written by the children) Boots- Rubber boots/rain boots size 3 NEED underwear- hipsters 14/16 NEED pajamas- top/bottom matching 14-16 Cont. page 2 Hobbies/Likes/Wants-- Legos pink bucket, sour apples to apples game, pillow pet (unicorn or elephant) anything hello kitty, password diary

Child three- 12 year old boy Favorite color to wear-- all colors loves Halo-skater style Favorite book/series--Pokemon black and white series 3 and above needed Sweat pants- Size 18/20 Shoes- mens 9 tennis shoes wide width NEED Slippers mens 9 Wants Jacket mens Lg. zipper hoodies (Halo/skater style) NEED Socks crew NEED Underwear boxer briefs 18/20 NEED Hobbies/Likes/ Wants-- Legos blue bucket, XBOX 360 Skylander, Halo anniversary Edition XBOX 360, also any Legos sets. MP3 player or something to listen to music to on the walk to school. Child Four- 9 year old girl Favorite color-- pink Favorite book/series-- Splat Books on wish list-- Bad Kitties Christmas Jeans- 14-16 NEED Sweat pants- lg. / xl want 1 pair of pants purchased Shirts-lg/xl want 1 shirt purchased Sweatshirts-- Lg. / Xl want Shoes- Needs tennis shoes/ wants dress shoes Slippers- 5 adult Boots- snow boots NEED Jackets-- Fleece or out door Socks -- crew/ ankle NEED x2 Underwear--Princess (pretty) NEED Pajamas- Footy NEED Hobbies/Likes/wants-- Wii game Monster High, computer Barbie games for girls, camera, guitar, phone Child Five- 5 year old girl Favorite book- Toy Story/Dora Book on Wish list-- Tinker bell/ Barbie Sweat pants-- XLG NEED Shirts-- T-Shirts 10-12/ 14-16 NEED 1 shirt purchased sweaters/sweatshirts XLG want Shoes- Tennis 3 - 4 NEED Slippers- 3 -4 NEED Boots- snow boots-- 3 - 4 NEED Jackets- fleece /outdoor 14-16 Want Socks-- crew length 3-5 NEED Underwear- Dora NEED Pajamas- Footy 14-16 want Hobbies/ Likes/ Wants-Barbies, games. Board games, video/movies(kids girly) , Wii video game Nickelodeon dance party, or Dora Wii work out..