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Comparatives,/ superlatives Adjective formation - How Pronunciation many syllables?

Describing people, places, things and

I Anemail fromAustralia
I Readthe email from Andy, who comesfrom Oxford. He is on holiday in Australia.There are five factual mistakes. Find and correctthem. . . . it'san amazinglittle country. It isnl littlo, it's D. re6O

2 Whatis/are...like7
I Your friend is living in Australiafor a year. Ask questionsabout the country. 1 the weather What'e,fh6 wcatharlike?

' o s l B, sl,
d.r r.p! r.Dt^n rord fa



2 the countryside 3 the people 4 the towns 5 Sydney 6 the beaches 7 the TV programmes

HiJenny! Weanived Australia days andit'sanamazing country. in three ago, little ltt a lot (l) thanEnglandabout during day, everyone 30" the so spendslot of timeindoors. also of the(2)_ a lt! one countries in theworld- it hardly rains! ever lhe people speak Spanish.lhey veryfriendly. arecrazy are They about sport, especially ice-hockey. area lot of people There fromaltover the world- Greeks, ltalians, Vietnamese, Indonesians. foodisfantastic and The - a lot (3)thanI thought. We're Sydney, it! (4)in and thanOrford. buildings very The are new, withlotsoftallofficeblocks hotels. Ooera and The House is spectacular thinkiti (5)-| building ever I've seen. Wewanted 6osurfing, to butthere aren't beaches Australia any in - never mind! you're you Hope well.See at theendof themonth. Love Andv

f?Il Match a questionin exercise with 1 an answer, a l , They'remainly on the coast.They're very modern. b E lt's hot nearlyall year round. c ! It's a lovely place.The Opera Houseis fantastic. tl There are millions ofsheep and d there's a lot ofdesert. e I They havebeautiful white sand,and they're miles long.

2 Put the words in the box in the right placein the email. themostbeautiful hotter dfiest tastier more modern

f l They'rereallynice and friendly. -g . They're OK. Pretty similar to home, really.

Unit . Places things 33 and

and superlatives Comparatives

comparatives superlatives and 3 Forming
Look at this extractfrom a dictionary.It showswhen the consonantin an adjectivedoublesin the comparativeand superlativeforms. forms ofthese adjectives. Write the comparativeand superlative

biggest) big /brg/ adj. (bigger, 'l large:Manchester a big city. is 2 important: It'sa bigdecision.

nappy beautiful mo0ern difficult

hot SOOO



thin early noisy younS bad expensive fuoe fat rarSe

short mean Senerous

4 Opposite adjectives
with an opposite Completethe sentences f![ form. adjectivein its comparativeor superlative I Robert is the oldestin the family. No, he isn't. He's tha,lqugcst Andrew is more polite than his brother. No, he isn t. He's I'm the tallestin this class! No, you aren'.You're My homework wasbetter than yours. No, it wasn' wasNo, it isn't. It's watch in the shop. Shebought the cheapest No, shedidn't.Shebought meanerthan Alan. Jack's No, he isn't. He's Janetarrived later than John. No, shedidn't.ShearrivedLondon is quieter than Oxford. No, it isn't.Londonis much . . The weathertoday is colder than yesterday.

asor than?
wifh asor than. Completethe sentences as your brother? I Are you astall 2 She's asclevernot party better 3 WasJoan's 4 I'm studyingthe samesubject5 Liz works much harder got 6 I haYen't asmany cousinsfohn. you. her sister. Mariat? Emma.

1 0 This is the easiest exercise this book. in

No, it isn't. It's



Unit . Places things and

as ., . a 5 0 t n o t a s,..a s?
Rewrite sentences 4i ... 4-s the \^/ith or notas, I My son is alreadythe sameheight asme. My son is already Bill's Englandis
4 Ar e y ou and P et el h e s d mea g e ?

7 The London Eye
Read the_newspaper articleaboutthe London Eye. Answer questions. the I Write two factsabout the London Eye. It is -- - _It is situated high.



2 Jill'smore intelligent than Bill.

Spain. Pete?

Spain's hotterthan England.

Write two opinionsaboutit. than the Eiffel Tower. - It is -' -than the SydneyOpera House. Why,according .James to Elliot,is the Eyeso popular? Givetwo reasons. What do thesenumbers refer to? 4.2 2000 25 million 40 5 What other placesabroadhavewon awards? It is .

Are you

5 Youcan readnore quicklythan I can. you can. 6 Shespeaks good French and shespeaks goodltalian. Her Frenchis
Come and seeme I can't

her Italian. possible. Eva's.

7 Comeand see at the first momenl you can. me Eva's work is better than mine. My work is 9 Dogsarefriendlierthan cats. dogs. l0 His mother is a bettercookthan him. He can'tcook his mother.
Cats are

London Eye is the world's besttourist attraction

The London Eye is among the world,s most famous landmarks - more famous than the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and the leaningTower of pisa.
THE I35M-HIGH EyE on rhe sourh bank of the River Thames votedtheworlcl's was besttouristattractionin u po[ morepopular thansights such theSydney as Op"." H;;;

. and the Vatican in Rome. JamesElliot, <iirectorof the British Tourist Board, said thL I London Eye representedthe modern fu"" of S.ituin. .W. u. known throughout the world for our history, but the London Eye is a modernmonument. 'It's not just the attraction itself, but the wonderful views of othr London attractions, such as the Houses of parhameni and St Paul's Cathedral, that makeit so special,,he said. Mr Elliot said it was the most popular tourist attractionin Britain, receiving 4.2 million visitrs in 2005. It is ,fr. Uigg* 'big wheel' in the world. Since it opened i, ZOOo,ii-, welcomed more than 25 million visitos, and tu, *on _or. than 40 awards. In the poll, New york's Bloomngdale'swas voted the best department store. The Great Wall of China ,^ ,n. .ri wonder of the medievalworld, and the pyramids in Egypt were the bestancient wonder.

Unit. Placesandthings 35

8 Adjective formation
I Usethe suffixes the box to write the adjectives in formed from tnesenouns. -y -ly -al -ful less -ous -nt -tic -ant



9 person l0 wealth ll friend 12 importance lJ noise 14 fame 15 danger (x2) 16 use

2 luck 3 romance 4 beauty 5 difference happiness 7 health (x2) 8 care

2 Completethe sentences an adjective with from exercise l. I I try to havea junk food. 2 Thereis nothing more 3 Mum andDad.I have some_ 5 Shehad a car crash, shewas_ but injuriesat all. 6 Veniceisavery noneymoon. lifestyle- lots of exercise, fruit, and no than an Englishsummer's day. news. getting I'm married. . to escane with no

9 How many syllables?
Some words to have seem more lllt syllables wewritethem, lvhen when but wesay them, can asyllable. we lose Chocolafe like looks three syllables, but wesay /tJoklel. differentldfrent/ hnily la;mlil gareral ld3enral/ pnctise listenand saying them. I Matchthesewordsand their phonetic symbols. I dictionary a lvedSfabV 2 favourite b Aatbl 3 interesting c /kamftobV 4 library d /fewtft/ 5 vegetable /restrDnv 6 several /drkJenri/ 7 comfortable c lwerzde 8 Wednesday h la'sprml 9 restaurant i /mtfestl!/ j /sevreV l0 aspirin

4 My neighbours great- very warm,he$firl, and _ are

city.A lot ofpeoplego thereon

7 Beforeyou cangeta credit card,you haveto givea lot of details. 8 After his heartattack,he needed major surgerybut fortunately. theoperation was 9 Lastyearhe wasa nobody.Now he'srich and _ . I 0 My sisteris so 1I This knife is 12 Be. I lent her my watchand shelost it. . Youcan'tcut anythingwith it. whenyourideyour motorbike. . Itt easy havean accident. to when I went to work

I 3 I think motorbikesareso 14 I speak French, which wasvery _ in Quebec.

3 Unit . Placesandthings 6

l?ll Matcha line in A with a line in B. Thcn practise saying the sentences. A l I need comfortable a 2 I'mtheyoun8est 3 Therel newChinese a There several are interesting 5 l'llsee on you 6 Phone my 7 Mychildren such have 8 Potatoes myfavourite are 9 I like allsweets, especially but t0 I always mybilingual have ll You borrow can books quiz l2 The tests 'ti Whenlhaveaheadache, B b c d e n i j

I m

films atthemoment. on secretary make appointment. and an froma library. personalities. different vegetables. your general knowledge. dictionary me. with bed sleep to on. inmyfamily. Itake aspirin. an Wednesday evening 200. at chocolate. restaurant town. must it. in You try

LAST WEEK Danny Thomaswasa fairly (l)42-year-old plumberIiving in a (2) two-bedroom house in North Watford. He owned a really (3) red van and his 14) food was(5) chickencurry from the local lndian takeaway. Then Danny won the lottery. A cool t.1,000,000: is now rhe(6) He and the (7) man in North Watford and thegirlsnow th ink he is (8) -l He'sexchanged van hrs for a silverPorsche and he\ looking for a (9) detached housein a ( l0) part ofthe town. 'I always wanted a silverPorsche', said Danny'and now I've got one. lt's certainy lot (11) a than my van.' There are somethings in Danny'slife that will neverbe ( 12) -. 'l'm still an (13) old bloke with no hair',laughed Danny.'llovemy curriesand my beer,and that will never change!' Danny hasalsobeenvery (14) with his winnings.He's taking his parentsto stayin (1 s ) hotel in Barbadosand he'sgiving !10,000 to the children'sward at Watford hospital.


Check it
l0 Correcting mistakes
Correctthe mistakes these in sentences. I Spainis a krt more hotterthan F,ngland. 2'What's likeyourchicken curry?''lt's spicvand delicious!' 3 Wasverycrowdedin the city centre? 4 '\\4ratwasthe peoplelike in Australia?' 'Vervfriend1,!' 5 I wasso unhappy. got the baddest I marksin the class. 6 I'm nearlyasbig than my brother. 7 Susannah's mostintelligent the class. in 8 The GreatWhite Sharkis the ntoredangerous sharkin the worldl 9 Ronre rvas nrorebeautifulthatI expected. 10 What doesthe weathcr like?

Il Listening The richest intown man

I DannyThomasis a plumberwho hasjust won the lottery A l!f,t reporterfrom his localnewspaper interviewing is hin. Listento the interview. the sentences (/) or false(X)? Are true Correctthe false ones. I Dannydocsn't earnmuch ntoney. 2 The moneyisn'tgoingto change life. his 3 'l'hefrrstthing he is goingto buy is a new car. 4 The reporterasks Dannv'l)o you like beingfamous?' 5 Dannydoesn't reallythink he'sthe rnosthandsome man in Watford. 6 Now he'swealthy he'sgoingto haveplasric surgery. 7 He wantsto losea bit of$'eight. 8 He'sgoingto takehis p.rets an expensive to restaurant.


2 Read newspaper thc articleaboutDanny.Complete with the correct it adjective trom thebox.Usecachadjective onceonly. large old happy small favourite tpi.y a-iff"r""t ,rgly g.*r"* faster nicer richest h.pryl ,h. expensive most rhe handsome T1

Unit6. Placesandthings 37

Present Perfect Opposites adverbs and - Word Pronunciation stress

Present Perfect
I Famous people and past present
I Completethe questionsand answers using the verbsin brackets. 1 How many books has |K Rowling sokf (sell)?

She hassold (sell) over threehundred million copiesofthe Harry Potter books. 2 How many plays He He So far she wote 3 How many wives (have)six. fennifer Lopez lhave) three. VenusWilliams (have)? 4 How many husbands5 How many Grand SlamTitles (win)? (win) five. She6 How many Wimbledon titles SheHe (win)? (win) nine. (play) for Brazil? Pel(play) for them ninety-two times. Michael Owen (score)for did Shakespeare HenryVIII writc (write)? (have)z (write) thirty-seven.

Martina Navratilova

7 How many times

8 How many goalsEngland? He -

(score)over thirty.

Who do thesesentences refer to?Write a letter a-h. a b c d e f g h I He has playedfor Liverpool and RealMadrid. Shehas earnedmore than $13 million in her professional career. Shehas recentlymarried the salsa singer,Marc Anthony. Shehaswritten six books about Harry Potter,the boy wizard. His first play was Henry VI Part One,which he wrote in 1589. He married his first wife, CatherineofAragon, in 1509. Shewon her first Wimbledon title in 1978. He playedhis last gamefor his country in 1970.

38 UnitT . Fame

2 Making questions
Completethe questions. 1 How many books about Harry Potter IK Rowling Six. 2 How many times for England? Seventy times. 3 Howlong an actress? Since1986. How much Over$13million. When Shakespeare HenryVI Part One? In 1589. Where of Cleves, Which team Brazil? He playedfor Santos. 8 Where Martina Navratilovaborn? In the CzechRepublic. HenryVIII's fourth wife, Anne from? VenusWilliams in her professional career? JenniferLopez Michael Owen twitten z has

4 Making negatives
Makenegative sentences thePresent in Perfect about lK Rowling. I She notalwayswork/ asa writer / / Sho hasn't alwaVs worked awriler. a9 2 She not publish/ a bookfor adults / yet
3 She/ never/ live/ in Ireland 4 She/ neverbe / very good at sport 5 She/ not always lived in Britain /

Tense review
In the sentences about JK Rowling,circle the correcttense.

Shecamefrom Germany. Pelfor in

Short answers
Make short answers about the peoplein exercises 1-3. 1 Has fK Rowling written her autobiography? l'lo, sle fiast't. 2 Has Michael Owen playedfor a Spanishclub? 3 Has Pelstoppedplaying for Brazil? 4 HaveVenusand Serena Williams playedeachother? 5 Has JenniferLopezmade a lot of singles? 6 Has Martina Navratilovaeverbeenmarried? When shewasyou ng, shelives/ lived/ haslivedin Wales. Shehas/ had / hashad several jobsin her life. She wasa secretary and a teacherbeforebeing a writer. In her twentiesshe teaches taught/ hastaughtin / Portugal. Sheis married/ wasmarrietl / hasbeenmarried twice. Shenow has/ had / has hadhouses Scotlandand in London. Her first book appears/ appeared hasappearedn / 1997. Sincethen she earns/ earned hasearnerl / an estimated !650 million. Shealways wants / always wanted / hasalways wanted

participles Past
Write the pastparticiple ofthese verbs. I walk 2 come 3 write -

8 Making opposites
Vocabulary spot Wecan make some adjectives verbs and opposite using prefixes. by these adiectives un- im- ilverbs un- dis-

4 win
) sell

6 try 7 read, 8 play 9fi nd - .- 10 visit -'ll stop 12 study

13 die 14 do 7 for or since? Completethe sentences with for or since. I I haven'tseenKeith awhile. 2 Het beenin China January' 3 He works for a companycalledKMP. He hasworked for them _severalyears. 4 He and his wife have lived next to m e their son,Tom,wasborn. 5 I haveknown rhem years. 6 We have been friends were at university together. had her own studio months. 8 I'm looking after Tom today.He'sbeen at my house_mornrng. 8.00this many ' we 9 Adverbs , Completethe sentences with the adverbs. Completethe sentences, using the correct form ofa word from the box and a prefix.

pack possibleagree tidy tike appear employed legal polite healthy wrap lucky
I This crosswordis itttpossiDlc

2 Don't eattoo many chips.They'revery _. 3 When we got to the hotel, we 5 A I think learning languages stupid. is B I_ 6 Iwas _ 8 Itwas _ . I think it's a good idea. for two years, then I got a job in an office. I can neverfind anything. into the crowd. I never of him to askher age. our suitcase. 4 I needed50 to passthe test,but I only got 49. I was _.

7 My bedroom is alwaysso 9 The thief stolemy bagand sawhim again. 10 I don't 11 Cannabisis an 12 Can I _

fish.I just prefer meat. drug in most countries. this present now?

mainly possiblyreally nearly seriously exactly carefullyfluentl;

I A Are you going out?

7 His wife, Carrie,is a designer. Shehas six

B -. I don't know yet. 2 The examwas difficult. I couldn't do any of it. 3 My son's eight yearsold. His birthday'snext week. to Europe. The roadsare so dangerous. injured. f,3.52in mv wallet. 4 I travel a lot in my job, 6 Pleasedrive 8 I have

5 My mothert French,so I speakthe language 7 Therewasan accident,but no one was -

40 UnitT . Fame