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TRG - World

TRG is the leading provider of customized outsourcing solutions and proprietary technology. TRG is amongst the fastest growing BPO companies, operating on a global scale in multiple locations across North America, Europe and East and South Asia. With over 100 years of collective BPO industry experience in our senior management alone, our highly innovative proposition has fuelled our growth to over $200 million in revenue in 5 years. Backed by leading investors, we have a unique capability to provide a diverse range of BPO solutions across industry verticals from our global locations, thereby providing our clients with highly customized solutions that efficiently and effectively solve your product and service needs.

Global Clients 120+ What is BPO ?

Countries 7+

Employees 6000+

Revenue $200M+

Global Locations 27+

Languages 10+

BPO stands for "business process out sourcing," and is better known as simply "out sourcing." It is basically the process by which a company can delegate certain functions of their business to a specialized organization who can get it done more cheaply, quickly, and efficiently.

Advantages To Companies

Cost reductions Concentration on core business Outside expertise Elastic to changing customer demands Revenue increase

Strategic Capital For BPO Industry

Customer Solutions Teleservices Back Office Solutions Sales And Marketing Technical Support Industry Solutions Automotive Technology Communications Consumer Goods Energy And Utilities

TRG Pakistan
The Resource Group (TRG) Pakistan is the countrys largest provider of BPO services with 4 locations in Karachi and Lahore Pakistans largest cities and financial centers. TRG Pakistan set up its operations in 1999 by establishing a contact center in Lahore with a total strength of 50 employees. It became the first listed IT-enabled services company of Pakistan. Today, TRG Pakistan is over 1,200 employees strong and counting. Its team of professionals is providing several Fortune 1000 companies with unparalleled support across Contact center, IT services, Finance & other back office functions. It is amongst the top 30 public companies in Pakistan and has performed the largest equity raising at Karachi Stock Exchange in the past decade.

Performance In Pakistan
TRG has become a leader in the industry by developing a team of high caliber professionals. All of the Pakistan operations are performed by our locally trained staff. Our employees are all graduates from the countrys top schools and their skills are further enhanced by TRGs proprietary communication skills program. This eliminates communication barriers between agents and customersan essential aspect of successful outsourced operations.

Group Companies
The Resource Group
The Resource Group is the leading provider of equity capital and strategic advice to the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. The group controls a portfolio of global BPO companies with combined revenues in excess of $175 million.

TRG Customer Solutions

TRG Customer Solutions is a global provider of customer management and business process outsourcing (BPO) services with operations and affiliate partnerships in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

TRG iSKY is a market research, analytics and consulting firm that specializes in helping its clients manage their customer relationships and promote their brand equity.

TRG Field Solutions

TRG Field Solutions is the former direct marketing arm of a global $100 million customer solutions company. We are re-defining highly personalized customer service as an independent entity and providing bigger and better field solutions than ever before. Door-to-door. End-to-end.

TRG Tech
TRG tech is a technology innovation firm and a division of TRG. TRG tech transforms businesses through the use of innovative and creative technology. We work with some of the most passionate, creative forward-thinking people and provide unprecedented freedom for growth and innovation.

Stratasoft, Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of TRG) is a premier global provider of essential Call Center Software solutions with over 30,000 installed stations worldwide. Stratasoft offers a comprehensive product suite including a Seamless Integration, Predictive Dialer Solution, Intelligent Call Handling, Performance Monitoring and Virtual Call Center Solutions. Our ownership of Stratasoft has enabled us to develop sophisticated proprietary products like SATMAP which provide best-in-class revenue and customer satisfaction performance.

SATMAP (SATisfaction MAPping)

SATMAP founded in 2004, is TRG Customer Solutions proprietary technology that enables us to uniquely identify every caller and every CSR (Customer Service Advisor) and route calls based on a neural-network based artificial intelligence engine. We individually match each caller to the best possible CSR for that caller. SATMAP is the first ever intelligent call routing system available for contact centers that significantly and quantitatively improves customer satisfaction, reduces average call handle time and increases sales. It is a registered trademark owned by The Resource Group (TRG).

SATMAP Features
Connecting Caller With The Right Agent Customer Satisfaction Predictive Dialer

Performance Detection

Main Areas Of Focus In Pakistan

Contact Center Solutions
Providing comprehensive call center solutions to companies: Mobilink Jazz Nestle Punjab Health Society Barclays Bank Telenor Unilever

At TRG Customer Solutions our singular focus is on providing exceptional customer experiences every single day. Our outstanding employees manage worldwide customer relationships on behalf of our business partners and deliver these customer experiences with a combination of passion, world class training and leading-edge technology. At TRG Customer Solutions our mission is to build the industrys most dynamic team of customer service and marketing associates and deliver cost-effective and high-impact customer management strategies to the worlds leading organizations.