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Manufacturing Dissent

I – Resist the Media Resist the mass media by questioning its legitimacy. Resist the media conglomerates, by going out of your way to show the people, that the media is owned by scumbag billionaires. The mass media is a disease spreading through humanity, their ideas are meant to pacify. You must activate yourself, you must stand up against oppression with your voice and your body. Do not hesitate to resist the powers that hide in mansions and penthouses. Do not hesitate to crush the mandate of the powerful wherever it manifests itself. Freedom is the highest value in human existence and the media is trying to take the freedom of thought away from the people. Fight against the Ruperts and Turners, fight against those who reduce human ideas to products that can be bought and sold. The mass media is a sick machination, aimed at undermining your very personhood and exchanging it for a stale corporate identity. Do not allow the mass media billionaires to indoctrinate you, shut off the television, puncture through the mental screens. The more isolated you are, the more difficult it is to resist the indoctrination of the media, thus you resist the media by organizing. You must resist the media by creating groups and events outside of manufactured mass media events.

II –Dissent as a Principle You must not treat dissent as a onetime event, it is a movement away from corruption and oppression. The citizen must stand as a symbol of dissent against the brutality of the ruling elites. The citizen must stand ready to crush the system which exploits him/her. The system will not be merciful, it will treat dissent as some kind of madness, but silence is the only madness. Silence in the face of oppression is the cruelest of madness; resist, organize, undermine, do everything in your power to take your life back. Do everything in your power to show the rulers, that their communication systems will be short-circuited by the will of the people. Do everything in your power to crush any avenues, any means by which the dictatorial corporate rulers run your life.

III – Communicating Dissent

The people must subvert the communication systems of the rich, in order to open up the human dialogue. The people must use communication systems to bring themselves closer to the message of a universally humane structure. Do not allow the rich to maintain control of their mass media empires. Do not allow Rupert Murdoch to maintain his grip on the minds of the people. Create content instead of merely consuming content, create stories, dialogues, plots in the streets. The point of human communication is to open up the debate, not to sell a limited, circumvented, world view. At some point, you have to see yourself as a part of the human dialogue. You have to be ready to see yourself as an integral piece in the equation of free thought creation. The billionaires will lie to you about their balanced approaches, but remember that all 175 editors at Murdoch’s papers supported the Iraq invasion. Remember that billionaires are not creating content that creates humanity, they are creating disinformation patterns that are meant to drown all debates. There is no going back from dissent, standing up against corruption is the highest freedom there is, short-circuit the mass media with your mind. Do not wait for the corporate news machines to become fair and balanced, make and report your own news to the people around you.

IV- Verbalize Dissent

Do not be quiet when it comes to social injustice, remember that human language was created to

equalize and humanize our existence. Human language was not created to sell products on television, it was created to open up the democratic debate between the people. The dictators and corporate fascists are trying to control language and debauch the meanings of words, stop them. The megalomaniacal self-help gurus are trying to use language against you, shut them up with the glorious rhetoric of revolution. A human being cannot be happy while the system crushes his/her soul, you must rise with every ounce of your energy. A human being cannot be happy if

language is being reduced to a rudimentary tool in the hands of corporate advertisers. A human being cannot be at peace while mass media machines condone murderous military machines. Language is what separates humans from the beasts, always remember this, always remember that language is your most powerful weapon. Always remember that language is the purest weapon in the hand of freedom. Condemn the oppressors, denounce the greedy billionaires, use your words as weapons of mass dissent.

V – Prototype of the Revolution Before the revolution arrives, our lives, the lives of singular human beings must become prototypes of the revolution. You must become revolutionary in the way that you see yourself and your history. You must become revolutionary in the way that you see human relationships, they are extensions of the revolutionary flow. You cannot execute an international revolution until there is a little revolution inside of your heart. You cannot become a member of a revolutionary movement until the model of the revolution dwells in your consciousness. The revolution, the voice of the people, must become a structure within the people. The revolution is not a skeletal exterior event, you must understand that the revolution is an internal mechanism inside the people. The revolution is an internal movement towards a profound justice, that manifests itself as an international struggle for freedom.

VI – Redirection of Aggression and Energy As long as your energy and aggression are focused on petty capitalist mascots, the cause will be lost. You must learn how to redirect your energy and your anger from those around you, to the thematic structures of brutal power. You must learn to redirect your aggression from petty sporting events, towards the political struggle for a humane international state. You must learn how to preserve your vital energies for what matters most: the revolution. The glorious revolution which is the moment of mass escape from the clutches of the capitalists. Redirect your energy from petty mass media distractions, towards the revolutionary flow of information. Redirect your passions from petty conflicts over billionaire owned sports teams, towards the cause. Always remember that psychological aggression is the greatest energizer of the human condition, do not waste it away on nightclubs and sports.

VII – Language, Power, Dissent The capitalists have turned language into an advertising machine for lifestyles and things. You must learn to take language back, you must find ways to reshuffle the disgusting status quo arrangements. Once language is back in the hands of the people, then it is a matter of time before the capitalist state crumbles. The capitalists keep the words locked in academic ivory towers, unlock, them bring them to the streets. Learn the language of the people, the street lingo, learn how to revolutionize colloquial speech. Do not wait for the academics to revolutionize language, because believe me, they are paid to obscure it. You must revolutionize your language, grab a dictionary, a thesaurus, look up words like resistance, uprising, use them. You cannot revolutionize your mind and your thoughts until you revolutionize the language that you use. Call the capitalists by their honest names, usurpers, thieves, criminals, labor parasites, bloodsucking leisure class. Redefine yourself and do not allow the mass media to label you as a consumer, you are a citizen,

a human being, an active, conscious entity.

VIII – Mass Media Rituals The mass media tries to implant consumptive rituals in your mind, extricate these rituals. The mass media tries to entertain you with thoughts of happiness while distracting you from the misery of the exploited worker. The rituals created by the mass media, whether it is American Idol or the Super Bowl, are created with the intent of subverting resistance. Reality television shows such as the X Factor and Fear Factor are created with the intent of soaking up the anxiety of the exploited people. Reality television shows such as Survivor and Big Brother are created with the intent of creating a false, suspicious, community. Survivor is a despicable show which teaches people to distrust their fellow citizens and to keep your eyes on the money. Big Brother is a nasty contraption designed to fill the hearts of the people with paranoia and fear.

Revolutionaries must avoid all paranoid thoughts, the system is not all knowing or all seeing, the system is actually very fragile. Revolutionaries must learn to invest their energy in creating rituals that subvert the system instead of reinforcing it. The Starbuck’s morning coffee ritual, is a ritual which reinforces a brutally exploitive corporations. The ritual of expensive weddings, encouraged by the Oprahs and Marthas, serves to turn human relationships into a commodity. Create your own rituals of resistance, whether it is a political book club or a meal with the homeless. The mass media only creates rituals that serve the billionaires and their vile needs, create your own, take your life back.

IX – Destroy the Cool Machine The Cool Machine is designed by the mass media to put African Americans in cheap labor prisons. You must destroy all the conventional, generated, constructions of ‘cool’. There is nothing ‘cool’ about pushing drugs into the ghettos. There is nothing ‘cool’ about spending your whole life chasing ‘paper’, the flesh and cars. As long as the cool machine remains implanted in the heads of the people, change will be difficult to instigate. As long as the children are brainwashed into believing in the cool machine, then they remain in the hands of the mass media conglomerates. There is nothing ‘cool’ about spending a third of your life in prison, serving corporations as a labor slave. There is nothing ‘cool’ about harming people’s minds with drugs that are imported by the CIA. There is nothing ‘cool’ about numbing the consciousness of the people with branded identities. The Cool Machine is as dangerous as the Military Machine because it transpierces the people’s psyche, extricate it, pull it out of your head. You must kill the cool machine by reevaluating your priorities as a human being, is a brand name logo really worth it? The ‘Cool Machine’ is designed in Hollywood and NYC, it is a machine which maims the minds of the people. There is nothing ‘cool’ about falling into debt while chasing brand name dreams. There is nothing ‘cool’ about becoming a conformist to the consumerist doctrine. There is nothing ‘cool’ about holding an iPhone made by child slaves in Asia. There is nothing ‘cool’ about holding a Coke mixed with the blood of South American union leaders. Cool is justice, cool is the struggle for freedom, cool is the ability to stand up for what you believe in. Cool is the willingness to examine society critically, to identify your oppressors and crush them.

X – The Upward Information Flow The problem with the corporate mass media is that information flows from the few at the top to the many on the bottom. You must find ways to make information flow upwards from the people to the system. You have to reverse the information flow; as long as information is controlled and parceled out by the elites, there’s no hope. You must create your own information, your own content and you must force this content into the body of the system. You must use your mind, your ideas, your capabilities, to force authentic information into the mass circulation process. By hook or by crook, you must find ways to revolutionize the information flow and in turn people’s understanding of the world. Create subversive channels of communication, which serve to deconstruct the capitalist hegemony. Create derisive ideological flows, which question the very premise of the rotten capitalist system. Socialize the media by debunking the privately owned media outlets. Most people agree that Fox News is vile, but you have to show them how all privately owned outlets are soul thieves. You have to show the people how all news organizations that are funded by foundations and corporations are tainted. News, information, must be created and distributed by human beings, by volunteers, by people who put ideology ahead of salaries. Until you manage to reverse the information flow, then the people will remain subjected to the sick message dished out from the top. Until you erase the legitimacy of privately owned media, then freedom and justice will be suffocated by the hired capitalist agents, the journalist house slaves.

XI – Debunk the Myth of Prosperity To destroy the capitalist system you must debunk the crude myth of prosperity; show people how the gap between rich and poor is growing. Millions of human beings are being killed each years by IMF and Wall Street policies, where’s their prosperity?

45 million Americans on food stamps, where’s the capitalist dream? Billions of human beings are exploited in fortune 500 sweatshops in Asia and India, where’s the prosperity for those wretched people? Human beings are stressed out, broke, in debt, always running, always falling behind, where’s the prosperity? 150 million children are working in Fortune 500 sweatshops, where’s the prosperity for those innocent children? 30 million Americans are unemployed, where is their slice of the American dream? You must deconstruct the big lie of capitalist prosperity, by showing how capitalist organizations shift the burdens on impoverished nations. You must deconstruct the big myth of capitalist prosperity by contrasting billionaires like Ellison in 500 ft yachts with starving children. Capitalism creates the myth of prosperity in Hollywood, but outside of the studios and the billionaire mansions, prosperity is dead. When you show people that prosperity is dead, then they open their ears, and they kill off the remnants of their false hopes. When you kill the myth of prosperity, you allow human beings a chance to see their lives for what it is. When you kill the big joke of social mobility, then the people begin to see their lives as mere indebted wage slaves.

XII – Transformation From Passive Media Consumer You must transform yourself from a passive consumer of the wealthy’s mass media message to a creator of authentic content. You must use all of your resources to create content that undermines that very existence of the capitalist class. Ask a homeless man how he feels about capitalism, instead of a spoiled CEO. Interview a struggling mother instead of interviewing capitalism’s media faces. The truth is for you to seize, the revolution is almost here, it is a matter time before the people retake their lives. Participate in the movement, participate in the new reality of freedom and justice. Do not allow the capitalist mass media to turn you into a believer in the rich’s ‘inherent’ goodness. The rich are greedy, expose their greed. The rich are animals who think of human beings as labor slaves, exploit their sick fetishes and their nasty habits. The rich are not going to save the world, we the people must wrest the power away from them. We the people must crush their doctrines of control and accumulation. You must empower yourself, you are not a weak individual consuming the rich’s rubbish reformulation of reality. You must become one with the movement around you, you must join the millions of revolutions happening each day. Open your mind, your heart, and the truth will flow. Do not sacrifice your spirit for a pathetic career. Do not believe in the corporate lies that spread like cancer. Corporations are not humans, take corporate personhood away. Corporations are the cover businesses of the billionaires, they are the operations used to dissect and destroy the lives of people. Always remember that the choice to resist oppression is in your mind. Always beware of the fact, that the only thing hindering an all out revolution is your fear of losing the scraps they throw at you. We the people do not want the scraps of the rich, we the majority do not want to fight over one thin slice of the pie. We the people will rise and we will crush anyone who insists on hoarding while millions starve. It is an imperative that you transform yourself from a consumer of the rich man’s bullshit, to a manufacturer of the people’s truth.

XIII – Dissent and the Responsible Citizen It is the duty of all responsible citizens to stand up against the oppression of the international ruling families. Responsible citizens do not blindly follow the sick agenda of the ruling rich. Responsible citizenry is not merely going to the polls once every four year and pretending that all is well. The people must take the streets when rich bankers rob the treasury. The people must raise their voice when the rich bail themselves out while cutting services for the people. The responsible citizen does not hide behind the veneer of protectionism and nationalism, humanity must be the common cause. If an Apple factory in Asian is poisoning workers, responsible citizens in the U.S. must protest at Apple headquarters. If Disney is hiring 8 year old children in Thailand to make its toys, responsible citizens must go to Disney Land with protest signs. Responsible citizens do not hide behind the benefits of being a member of a certain nation or a certain race. Responsible citizens are responsible global citizens; do not allow your rulers to bribe you into silence. An egregious act committed by a U.S. corporation is an egregious act against humanity as a whole, including U.S. citizens.

Responsible citizens do not close their eyes when their governments spend trillions on weapons and destruction each year. Responsible citizens do not allow their governments to launch wars that kill innocent children and profit Lockheed Martin. The mass media will treat responsible citizens as nuisance, but the real nuisance is the corporation and its sadist, imperialist, doctrine.

XIV – Identify the Intent of Capitalist Ceremonies Capitalist ceremonies are designed not only to distract the people, but to make you feel as if the rich are your benevolent friends. The rich are exploiters, there is no if or but about it, their wealth comes from your work, their luxuries come from your hard labor. The rich are not kind people, they are usurpers of humanity’s surplus value, do not participate in their self- aggrandizing ceremonies. Money does not grow on trees, the money in the capitalist’s pocket comes from your work, money cannot be created or generated. Money, just as gold is limited, because value is limited, the capitalist class steals value from the people. The capitalist class exploits the worker and then distracts the worker with cheap TV entertainment. Capitalist ceremonies from celebrity weddings to big sport events are nothing more than a technique used to make the people identify with their oppressors. Do not identify with your oppressors, find them and crush them, protest against them, do not become a mental slave. Do not identify with the master class which treats its citizens like wage slaves. Identify with the people, your people, your history, the working class history of those who actually work for a living. Big spectacle events are created not only to materially profit the wealthy, but to define the lives of the people in very narrow terms. The people should not care who wins the super bowl, a battle between billionaire owners, they should care about their factory owner exploiting them. Nations do not exist, they are imagined constructs designed to serve the isolationist policies of the capitalists. The World Cup is designed to stimulate false national identities, the people are humanity, not divided countries and empty flags. You must learn to separate your reality from the false televised reality. The sports teams are owned by billionaires, they are not ‘your’ teams, they do not care about you. The only contributions that sports teams make to your life is the theft of thousands of hours from your time each year. Sports along with other false capitalist spectacles are designed to rape the minds of the masses; avoid them, ignore them, live your own life. Invent your own reality, learn to become independent of the mass media propaganda bombarding your mind.

XV – Revolutionize Your Language Part of any revolution is the rewiring, retooling, of language, the revolutionization of human speech. You must stand ready to change the way that you use language in order to satisfy the energy of the revolution. You must use words that are powerful and exciting, words that are full of mass appeal. The revolution is not about reformist dialogues and time wasting reformulations, the revolution is about the destruction of the ruling class. The revolution is not about negotiating a new ‘less’ exploitive reality for the people, it is about wiping out exploitation in all of its forms. Language plays a key role in all revolutions, the way you use language determines the way you are perceived by the people. Words must flow out of your very consciousness, phrases must be used to harness the energy of the people. Sentences must be used to intoxicate the minds of the masses with visions of a world in which exploitation and abuse are not the status quo. You must find clever ways to characterize the capitalists as leeches, parasites, bloodsuckers, who steal from the hard work of the people. You must find lively metaphors about ugliness of capitalist exploitation, speak the language of the people and the people will respond. Do not become entrapped in academic lingo, it is your role as a revolutionary to make language exciting and alive. The revolution is vibrancy itself, the words that sprout from the revolution must be just as vibrant. Chant in the streets: The people united, will never be defeated! Sing to the world that the revolution has come and it is a matter of time before we are free of our bonds and shackles. Do not hesitate to be colorful, do not hesitate to curse the bankers who have stolen $15 trillion from humanity. We are the people, we are the true history of humanity, the joy of unity and equality. Our dialogue, the dialogue of the people, is the only dialogue that matters, not the secretive think tank dialogues of the filthy rich.

Join the revolution, become the revolution, use words and phrases that compliment the revolution.

XVI – Sensory Immersion and the Mass Media The mass media manufactures content designed to immerse your senses in the false consciousness of capitalism. Your senses are your weapon in the struggle, you cannot revolt if your senses are high jacked by the mass media machine. Learn to see the world for what it is, learn to hear the voices of the people instead of the dominant agenda of the rich. Learn to see human beings as creative beings instead of allowing the sick visions of the rich to penetrate your mind. Learn to become; to become the revolution itself, with every aspect of your existence. Unlearn the greed that Disney teaches children. Unlearn the materialism that music videos embed in your mind. Unlearn the farcical competitiveness of professional sports, the people do not compete with the people, we work together. Unlearn the false individualism that academic institutions foster; you are not an isolated individual, you are a member of humanity. The capitalist media will do everything in its power to control your senses, to make you see the world through your exploiter’s eyes. The capitalist media will implant prejudices against your fellow human beings in your head. The capitalist media will convince you that imagined threats are real and that real threats are socialist hallucinations. The real threat to this world, is the accumulation of the rich, the hoarding of the planet, the commodification of all resources. The real threat to this world is not terrorism or socialism, the real threat is the fact that the greed of billionaires is out of control. Regain your senses by delegitimizing all corporate media outlets, distrust the news and media output of the capitalist enemy.

XVII – Music and Its Pacifying Effects Unless you’re listening to Rage Against the Machine or a group along those lines, music generally pacifies you and numbs your instincts. Popular music is invented and designed to transform humans from active beings to passive consumers. When a young girl listens to a Justin Bieber song, she is consuming the mass media agenda of how a young girl should behave. Justin Bieber is not going to say ‘revolt against the system’ in

his songs, he is going to mention products and produced experiences. Bieber is not going to tell young girls about feminism or Simone De Beauvoir’s books, he is going to tell them about having fun and consuming. Justin Bieber outlines his visions of the perfect girl, the girl is always docile, supine, a drooling fan ready to culturally behave. Music is very effective at controlling human minds because it mixes emotions and ideas. Popular mass media music is designed to divide human beings into different and extremely specific consumer groups. The music that you listen to defines you as a consumer, rap, pop, rock, heavy metal, they become different kinds of consumer identities. The lyrics of popular songs are laced with product placements, Rihanna does not fail to mention her Ray Ban glasses in her song Cheers. Songs are designed to serve a capitalist purpose, the song Cheers is designed to numb the worker with thoughts of a drunken weekend. Music manipulates the human mind because it creates an effect that makes the sick capitalist message easier to slip comfortably in. The people must learn to make their music in the streets instead of listening to the radio stations and records of the rich.

A century ago musicians came from the same socioeconomic class as their audience, today

musicians are co-opted into the capitalist class. If the person making a rap song lives in Manhattan, then what do they care for the interests of the people living in the ghetto?

If a rebellious rock band is partying it up in Malibu, how rebellious can their message really be?

Music must come from the people, from the streets of life, music must be made by the people in the streets of life.

XVIII – Freedom of Speech Freedom of speech was granted to the people after the capitalists took complete control of the

mass media. As the people retake control of the media via the internet, there will be an attempt

to take freedom of speech away. Government officials, such as the Prime Minister of the UK

have started threatening bloggers with prison sentences; ignore them for now. Freedom of speech is not the freedom to talk endlessly about consumer products, freedom of speech is the freedom to speak against tyrants. Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak

against brutal corporations and the governments that service them. Freedom of speech is the freedom to engage others in political dialogues using the Socratic method. The very moment that freedom of speech becomes a threat to the status quo, censorship will follow, be clever find ways to evade censorship. When censorship in your country becomes overwhelming as is happening in the UK now, speak freely against the tyrants of another country. Egyptians can speak freely against Saudi tyrants, British bloggers can speak freely against corruption in the United States. Use the capitalist borders constructed to keep poor workers separated from ‘consumers’ against the capitalist system. It is quintessential that the revolution become an international movement, thus ‘globalize’ your acts of dissent. The corporation has become multinational and the resistance movement must become multinational as well. The tyranny of U.S. multinational corporations must be fought against by citizens of all nations. Do not become overly obsessed with local situations and local events, the revolution must be international, dissent must be global. Organize in your country, organize locally, but always keep your vision focused on the international revolution.

XIX – Political Consciousness Is the Antidote to Conformity Capitalism does everything in its power to force human beings to conform to its models of consumption and presupposed happiness. Your job is to deconstruct this happiness, to show that capitalist happiness is based on exploitation of poor workers in Asian factories. Your job is to raise the political consciousness of the people, because political consciousness is the ultimate enemy of conformity. Dissent is the mother of all change, without mass dissent we will rot away waiting for the capitalists to starve us to death. The working class must learn to become a threat to the interests of the upper class. The working class consciousness is the ultimate to key to any revolutionary movement. You cannot spark a revolution without the working class on your side. You cannot spark rebellion without raising the consciousness of the working class. Raising your own political consciousness is a great, but you must also become like a worm working its way into the minds and souls of others. Do not become overly self-satisfied with your own political consciousness, bring others, teach others, enlighten others. Do not become overly gratified with your own knowledge base, it is meaningless if it does not spread, circulate and motivate. Dissent is the core of the revolution, agitation is its mind and the working class consciousness is its body. You cannot have a revolution without a body, you cannot have a revolution without the people. You cannot have a revolution without raising the consciousness of the workers because they are the true victims of exploitation.

XX – Kill The Fetish of Individualism We are individuals in our own right, however, we must remember that we belong to human society as well, we are social creatures after all. It would be a mistake for people to turn their individuality into a fetish, into a commodity that gets hoarded like capital. Your individuality must be shared with the world, it must contribute to the world, it must become part of the revolutionary movement. Those who lock up their individuality in the prisons of intellectual property and copyright infringements are locking their humanity up. Share your words and idea with the world freely, share your theories and concepts for free, do not bind them up in expensive books. Share your thoughts with other human beings without worrying about monetizing them. Share your humanity with others without becoming obsessed with ways to materially profit from your thoughts and ideas. The idea of individualism is brilliant, so long as every individual understands his and her responsibility to humanity. The idea of individualism becomes decrepit when individuals, like billionaires, start using it as pretext to hoard power and capital. The notion of the individual becomes paralyzed when people reduce it to the concept of ‘watching out for number one.’ The individual who destroys humanity, who steals from the hard work of humans, will eventual destroy himself. The individual who becomes blinded by the ‘survival of the fittest’ model will eventually destroy the planet and the world we live in. Individuality comes with responsibility and it is the responsibility of every individual to recognize their debt to humanity and to the Earth. It is the responsibility of every human being to put their infantile materialistic fetishes aside, in order to struggle for a better world for all. Those who are frightened by collective expressions are not human beings, they are gluttonous monsters seeking to privately appropriate the resources of this world.

XXI – Power Circulates, Short-circuit This Circulation, Slow It Down Power is not stagnant or static, like capital, it circulates and revolutionaries must short circuit this circulation. The circulation of power is dependent on the good will of the people, the consensus around the ultimate ‘benevolence’ of the ‘powerful’. Take power away from the ruling elites by disrupting the smooth flow of power, by creating hurdles and ideological barriers. Take power away from the bankers and industrialists by delegitimizing their systems of production and communication. Power is highly dependent on its smooth flow through the minds of the people, cut this flow, rough it up, make it difficult. Make it difficult for a citizen to easily swallow the idea that a capitalist state is all knowing and all loving. Make it impossible for citizens to live their lives passively as the crude ideology of the imperialists circulates freely. Always remember that passive citizens make great sheep, heading to the slaughter in the sick machines of the ruling elites. Active citizens are the antithesis of corrupt power, dissidence is the only way to undermine the rotting structures of capitalism. Do not be afraid to speak, to enlighten, to make others aware, their awareness is the revolution’s weapon. Do not be shy about your political orientation, about your socialist intentions, about your hatred for the greed of the rich. We must all work together to slowdown the circulation of capitalist power, to undermine it, to make its journey difficult and coarse. The revolution will not be televised on the stations of the filthy rich, the revolution will not happen till the legitimacy of their power is undermined. The revolution will not be broadcasted by the news anchor slaves of the corporations, it will be broadcasted by the people, for the people, to the people.

XXII – Debunk the Illusion of Choice Capitalist societies are great at pushing the concept of false choices, CNN or Fox, Pepsi or Coke, Republicans or Democrats. The reality of the matter is that there are no choices, all corporations and governments are owned by 400 global families. Government officials are all sponsored by the same ruling elites with same doctrine of mass pacification. Every single powerful individual in the world today has been bought and commodified by some sort of capitalist institution. Do not follow the glamour of the celebrity intellectuals and economists, they have been bought and packaged for the people. To succeed in the capitalist system, there are filters and these filters destroy any authentic sense of choice. To become the CEO of a large corporation you have to meet the criteria of obeying and worshiping the capitalist system. There are no renegade CEOs just as there are no renegade professors, the people selected for positions of power are carefully filtered. Minds and souls are categorized and filtered by the system to serve the system, thus, abandon all hope in public figures. From Deepak Chopra to Salman Rushdie, all the famous minds internally adopt and serve the models of the system. The billionaires are mental slaves to the financial system, their greed is no longer a choice, it is an internalized disease. Goldman Sachs traders believe in capitalism and money in the same way religious fanatic believe in the mysticism of their Gods. The Hollywood celebrities might politically mutter here and there, but they too internally serve the system. You must do everything in power to break the sanctity of these false public idols. You must dispel the myth that the celebrity minds are great minds, they are mere mental machines in the service of the capitalist system. When celebrity minds reach a point of crisis and fully realize their enslavement to the system, they usually kill themselves, not revolt.

XXIII – Dissent and Escapism The capitalist media entrenches the psychology of escapism in the people’s mind; escapism is numbness, it is cowardice. The Hollywood directors work to create two hours of escapist poison for the people; the only escape for the masses is revolution. The only way for the workers to escape the drudgery of capitalist slavery is through all out revolt. Hollywood will attempt to sell you its visual mind drugs, Big Pharma will offer you their ‘happiness’ drugs, but revolution is the only way. The revolutionist understands that escapism is for those too cowardly to confront the reality around them. Escaping for two hours, for five minutes, for brief moments will not change you or the world around you. Escaping with a movie, with a song, with a hit, will only delay your inevitable return to the clutches of your oppressors. Do not hand your mind over to the capitalist media, do not hand them the ability to control your visions. Get on your feet, get out into the streets, denounce a corrupt politicians, a consumptive musicians, do something.

The movie will end, the weekend will consume itself away, the drug high will expire and you will be back in the same old position of contributing to a system that does not recognize you as a human being. The false happiness will finish, the night club will close its doors, the alcohol’s effect will wear off and you will be back in the hands of your masters. You must revolutionize your life and the way you see the world, instead of depending on the highs handed out by the master class. You must revolutionize your vision of this world, of your fellow human beings, instead of waiting for a new movie to come out. You must revolutionize your instincts, sharpen your senses and perceptions, or you will forever remain a slave to the psychology of your oppressors.

XXIV Mass Media Inculcation The mass media inculcates an unquestioning acceptance of capitalist values and ideas. The mass media works very hard to turn citizens into obedient consumers. You must resist all inclinations to accept mass media definitions of your humanity. You must resist all attempts by the mass media to turn you into an obedient slave of the capitalist state. The mass media inculcation process is methodical; there are only two ways to escape it, revolutionizing your outlook or turning off the TV. The mass media uses psychologists to study human instincts and weaknesses and it exploits these weaknesses. The mass media knows how to tamper with your psychology, how to make you feel needy and wanton; retaliate with dissent. The mass media will make activists doubt themselves; continue to doubt the corporate media clowns instead. The mass media will make human beings wonder if there really is a cause; of course there is a cause, freedom! Justice! Equality! The mass media is owned by delusional billionaires who espouse the fetish of money, it then works to infect us with their sick values. Do editors revolt against senior editors? Do journalists revolt against the newspaper owners? No, it is up to us to revolt. The revolution must happen inside of your psychology, it must awaken your defiance, your alertness and liveliness. The mass media inculcates a disgusting obedience to the Weltanschauung of the ruling class. We are the people we do not see the world from the windows of our mansions, we see the world from the POV of debt, hard labor and misery. Remember that every billionaire has a garden, they wake up in the morning and smell the roses while you’re in their modern labor camps.

XXV – Synchronizing Resistance The capitalist media synchronizes its attacks on the people’s psyche by broadcasting live events, which are really not ‘live’ at all. The so called live events of the mass media the same old repackaged formulas, recirculating, sedating the people. There is nothing ‘live’ about American Idol’s Season Finale number 45 or Super Bowl CCC. You must combat the synchronized efforts of the mass media, by synchronizing your own live movements in the street. You must talk to other dissidents and synchronize protests, events, ideas which will pull people out of their numb consumer comfortableness. The activism of the people will crush all the capitalist methods because the capitalist methods are dependent on sucking the energy of the people. The people are not dependent on the capitalists, unless you think a human being is dependent on the parasite that sucks their blood. The people can survive, work and prosper without the capitalists, but the capitalists need us, we are their servant, slave, class. You must pull yourself out of the mental lethargy that the mass media has buried you in. You must work with other human beings, synchronize artwork, articles, books, work together to reverse the control of the capitalist machine. You must find it in yourself to escape the miserable existentialism that modern capitalism has plagued us all with. You are a human being, you are alive, now act like it! Showcase your humanity to the world instead of your newest Apple gadget. Showcase your sincerity to your fellow human beings instead of showcasing lists of your career accomplishments. The capitalist class will do everything in its power to keep the people separated, stuffed at home, isolated watching television alone. Unite, collectivize, organize, become groups of human beings who want more out of life than the sickly status quo.

XXVI – Redefine Material Cultural The capitalist system has taken control of the definition of cultural artifacts, and reduced it to celebrity memorabilia. Elvis Presley’s jacket is not a cultural artifact for the people, it is a mere representation of celebrity commodification. The people must change the definition of ‘cultural artifacts’ from cheap capitalist relics to insignias of the people’s struggle. Why would Amy Winehouse’s dress mean anything to the people? It is a false, generated, meaning that is implanted in our psychologies. For the people, it is the factory, the offices, the struggle, the weapons of resistance that are symbolic. For humanity, it is the symbols of revolution that are the material culture. We do not care about the fetishes of the sick celebrities, we do not care about their cars and objects of worship. The people must become invested physically and psychologically in the struggle to liberate themselves. The celebrity slaves of the capitalist system are but pawns placed to deceive, to entertain, to dance, to erase our class consciousness. The people’s cultural material is not that of ancient kings and queens, it is the earth, the soil, the land, the work, the labor. The people’s reality is not the reality of Kim Kardashian shopping and travelling, it is the labor, the hard work day in and day out. The mass media is not interested in the people, they will never create a show called ‘Day Laborers’ about Mexican workers exploited in the South. The mass media is not interested in the reality of the people, instead it insists on projecting a false reality onto us. The owners of the mass media corporations deliberately deceive the people by creating a false microcosm of happiness and contentedness. The mass media does not care about human beings struggling to eat, about the real reality show of starving children. The mass media creates content aimed and misleading the people, at falsifying our identity, shut it off, end your interaction with it.

XXVII – Undermine the Credibility of the Ruling Class The ruling class is highly dependent on legitimacy, it is up to you to undermine this legitimacy, to question their credibility. As part of the revolutionary movement, citizens must begin to doubt and subvert the actions of the rulers. The revolution is highly dependent on the ability to convince people that those that they’ve always trusted are paid agents of the capitalists. You must find ways to convince Lady GaGa fans that she’s a fraud used by the system to control the emotions and psychology of millions. Lady Gaga’s fans believe in her the way mystical people believe in their God, you must doubt this faith, this belief in her ‘imagined’ mystique. You must undermine the credibility of journalists working for capitalist corporations, expose their pay, expose their loyalties. You must do everything you can to teach people in your circle that their heroes are nothing more than agents of capitalist repression. You must attempt to dismantle the blind faith that human beings have in the corporate news anchors, the liars who twist stories to serve their bosses. The very moment that people begin to doubt their ‘idols’ they begin to crave a more human system of beliefs. The moment that human beings wake up to the lies of CNN and Fox News, they will want the truth, the revolutionary truth. You cannot spark a revolution until you’ve delegitimized the state and its puppet representatives. You cannot spark a revolt until you’ve ridiculed the power structures of the ruling class. The people have been conditioned for years, many believe that everything these see on TV is absolutely real, bust this myth. The people have been wired to accept the false modalities of their rulers, short-circuit this interaction. Stand in the way between people and their blind faith in the angelic goodness of celebrities, journalists and athletes.

XXVIII – Productivity is the Church of the Capitalists For the capitalists, one day of missed productivity is a cardinal sin; organize general strikes and labor actions, disrupt productivity. In the religion of capitalism productivity is God, at any price, through any exploitation, productivity is all that matters. The revolutionist must find ways to undermine this callous productivity which crushes the people beneath its ever growing wheel. If you can orchestrate a strike for one day, you put a hole in the capitalists’ obsession with growing productivity. If you can organize one protest against the headquarters of a company that exploits workers in Asia, you’d be slowing down the machine. Productivity by any means, is the mantra of the capitalists. Humanity by any means should be the goal of all human beings. Productivity by any means, is the essence of the capitalist system in its manic drive to infinitely crank up production and consumption. Productivity by any means, is the body of the machine which has industrialized human existence and driven us to a state of anxious dependence on the system.

Productivity by all means, is the essence of the capitalist structure, to use all of our minds and energy to keep moving at its bestial speed. Human beings are not animals to be worked to death by the system; liberate people, open up the consciousness of humanity. Human beings are not machines to be driven to exhaustion as Apple does with its workers in Asia suffering 16 hour work-shifts. When you liberate human beings in sweatshops, you liberate yourself, the worker is in all of us, the worker is humanity itself.

XXIX – Priming Humanity for the Revolution

Part of the revolutionary movement is priming people for the revolution, use words that inspire, expressions that motivate. You must prime people for the idea that revolution is the only way out of the general social misery. Priming is generally a technique used by advertisers to get ‘consumers’ ready to spend; use it to get people ready to revolt. Prime your fellow citizens with thoughts about the revolution, scenarios about a better world, a more humane, social existence. As citizens become more revolutionarily primed, they will be more ready to take action, to protest, to hit the streets. Work your way into people’s hearts and minds, stir their working class consciousness, prime their minds for revolutionary anticipations. Psychologists working in the advertising industry exploit priming to get people to behave along the lines of predictable consumption patterns. Part of the revolutionary struggle is to reverse the psychological ‘gains’ of the advertising- brainwashing machine. Citizens around the world have been primed to accept a total and unquestioning submission to their state; reverse this. Find psychological techniques that work in awakening the people from their 100 year stupor. The world needs a revolution because the parasitic bankers have sucked the blood of the people. Humanity craves revolution because it has become apparent that the alternative to revolting is starving in the near future. Prime people for resistance, terminological, philosophically and psychologically. Prime human beings to expect and even anticipate an all out revolt against the corruption of the system. There are people who are against psychological techniques, but all human actions and interactions are psychological. A conversation with a fellow human being is a psychological interaction; do not be afraid to recruit, to motivate, to inspire.

XXX – Music Videos the Antithesis of Political Action Music videos are designed by the mass media machine to brainwash the citizens, to synch consumptive images with consumptive lyrics. The music video is one of capitalism’s most powerful weapons; that’s why these 3 minutes ‘productions’ often cost millions of dollars. The music video is extremely powerful because it becomes a kind of liquid analogy of the system itself, one which people can drink easily and quickly. Music videos are designed to spur on not only consumption, but political indifference and apathy. The creators of music videos do everything in their ‘creative’ power to numb the audience with meaningless charades of love and want. MTV and other networks use the music video to sedate, subdue, and hypnotize the masses into a meaningless, narcissistic, stupor. Music videos often encourage the consumption of certain brands and products, but they also encourage the consumption of the consumer ideology as a whole. Capitalist universities hire armies of psychologies to study ways in which music and images can manipulate human beings. The psychologists find ways to inject sound into the image, to make

it appear real and honest, when the reality is utterly false and self-destructive.

A young African American man who watches a popular rap video perceives happiness in its

money, drugged up, form. A European who watches a dance music video perceives happiness as dancing mindlessly in a club while high on Ecstasy. Music videos are incredible effective at creating false impressions in people’s minds. The best way to counteract the effects of the music video poison pill is to get people to read the lyrics. Tell your friends and family to read the lyrics of songs, to see how these lyrics are not so ‘innocent’, laced with products and rotting ideologies. The best way to combat the ill effects of Music Videos is to finally treat them as they are, propagandistic tools in the hands of the ruling elites. Music Videos are the ultimate form of propaganda, memorable lines, synched up images, all false and destructive.

XXXI – Commercials and the Entertainment Trojan Horse

As people become more aware of content’s commercial intent, advertisers are attempting to

make commercials entertaining. Advertisers are increasingly trying to make commercials ‘funny’

in order to get the people to be more receptive to the brainwashing process.

The technique of turning commercials into a form of entertainment is symbolic of the fact that

all capitalist entertainment is inherently commercial. Capitalist shows and films are commercials for lifestyles and consumer identities. Capitalist documentaries are commercials for a brand of activism that is harmless, meek and self-contained. Capitalist songs are commercials for a restrictive, possessive, bourgeois love that ends up suffocating all those involved. The trend to make commercials entertaining is dangerous

because it psychologically forces the citizen to consume the pill of consumer ideology. The Super Bowl commercials, for example, turn the act of brainwashing into a fetish, to be loved and consumed by all. Nazis created propaganda so entertaining that the people actually enjoyed consuming it and American advertisers are doing the same thing.

A side-effect of ‘enjoying’ commercials is that the product takes on an absolutely bizarre

entertainment value. Many people say things such as “I bought this product because its commercial was so funny”, turning funniness into a product. Entertaining commercials are effectively stealing human culture and creativity and injecting it into brands and products. You must expose these ‘funny’ commercials as clever tools to commercialize, distort and undermine human culture. You must find ways to remind other people that these ‘funny’ commercials are commercials after-all with only one intent. You must deconstruct the relationship that the advertisers are trying to build between human emotions and inanimate products. There is nothing funny about a commercial produced by psychologists aimed at controlling human actions. There is nothing ‘funny’ about advertisers hiring comics to inject false humor into the dying corporate creed.

XXXII – Create an Atmosphere Conducive to Dissent Dissent is a reformulation of many people’s psychologies; create environments, spaces, vacuums which serve this transformation. Many people will struggle with becoming dissenters but they must be shown that the alternative to resistance is fascism. Many people will attempt to hide behind the petty comforts in their lives; open up their minds, their visions, raise their consciousness. The capitalists will do everything in their power to numb the political consciousness of the people; you must reverse this. The mass media attempts to create environments and attitudes which make dissent look futile and pointless. Dissent is a way of life, it is the desire to stand in the way to power, to formulate a social plot, to escape the clutches of the control mechanisms. If you do not believe that dissent is the way? Then what is, submission, more submission, more silence, more acceptance? If you do not believe that revolution is the way out of injustice and oppression? Then what is, the magical transformation of the greedy? You cannot spark a revolution until you have created an environment conducive to revolutionary activities. Remember that the creation of subversive environments is both physical and psychological. A collective, a commune, a group, a protest, a sit in, a march, these are physical environments of dissent. Political literature, subversive methods, agitational techniques, these are psychological environments of dissent. The revolution will come and the people will stand collectively against the ruling class, but first we must create environments that nurture revolutionary actions and thinking.

XXXIII – Mass Media As a Platform For Psychological Operations During the WWII both sides found that disseminating content was a way of controlling the enemy; the mass media uses the same technique. You have to understand that the ruling class sees, the people, humanity as their enemy. The billionaires and the CEOs see the general public as an enemy that must be controlled at any cost. The mass media of the ruling elites is essentially a platform for psychological warfare against the minds of the people. The mass media uses very sophisticated psychological techniques to tap into the minds of the people. The Nazis used psychological warfare to subdue populations, the mass media today uses PsyOps to subdue the people in an identical fashion. The only way to resist and combat against psychological operations is for the people to regain control of their minds and visions. There must be a strong attempt to use psychological techniques to subvert and undermine the media institutions of the ruling class. You must show the people that the mass media productions of the ruling class are designed to harness and control the people’s souls.

Always remember that the capitalists see the working class as their enemy, thus the media of the capitalists treats the people as an enemy. The factory owner sees the factory workers as enemies of his goal for infinite capital accumulation. The wealthy do not care for the well being of the people, they only care about controlling and refashioning our identities and visions. Why would we watch the propaganda shows and productions of our enemy? Why would the people willingly consume the poisonous media content of their enemy class? Shutting off your own television is only the beginning, you must work to shut off the very capitalist media, to reawaken the people. Shutting off your own consumption is not enough, you must work with others, you must help them combat their addiction to the poison. The mass media is not only harmful, it is a weapon used by the rich to wipe out the minds and visions of their enemy class: us, the people!

XXXIV – The Metaphysical Beauty of the Revolution The revolution is not a science or a weather report, the revolution is a metaphysical beauty manifesting itself in the human condition. The revolution is the beautiful human instinct to fight for justice and equality, for peace and love. The revolution is not about power, though power will be exchanged, it is about the realization of everything that is glorious in humanity. There are scientific and historical elements involved in the revolutionary flow of life, but at the end of the day, it is the human being that matters. At the end of the day, revolutions will fail if they define human movements as mere extensions of scientific analysis. Scientific revolutionaries will fail miserably if they forget that at the end of the day revolution is about real people living real lives. The Revolution is the moment in which human beings feel a collective release from the terrible clutches of their oppressors. Whether the oppressors are the slave owners or the capitalist wage slave owners, it matters not, revolution is liberation. Revolution is the elevation of all things human to a level where injustice, greed and oppression are no longer tolerated. Do not look at the revolution as a moment or an occasion, it really is a spiritual movement of the human mind to the highest level. The spirituality of resistance, the spirituality of seeking a more humane, creative, existence, these are revolutionary sentiments. Reactionaries falsely reduce the revolution to a political exchange of power, the revolution is the rebuilding and recreating of humanity on noble grounds. Revolutionaries often experience that violent mysticism with which they move forward without any regard for the old stale institutions. Revolutionaries know the toll it takes on the human psyche to resist without restraint, but they are willing to pay the price. Revolutionaries understand that the revolution is not a period or an event, it is a shift in the very definition of human life and human relationships.