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Qi Magazine 36 Was it just magnetic therapy that accounted for Cleopatras astounding beauty? Who knows?

What we do know is that magnetic therapy Is now used by millions world-wide and magnetic therapy products are sold in almost every country in the world. Why is this? Well it has been found and scientifically proved that magnets alter the bodys own magnetic field. Readers of Qi Magazine are well aware of the significant changes that occur when there is any alteration to the bodys electromagnetic field. By using specially designed man made(bio)magnets therapists can now ease pain and treat all manners of illness and diseases. The very attractive thing about it in regards to the future of magnetic therapy is the low cost of the treatment. Once you have the correct magnets and a reasonable amount of knowledge of the subject therapists can achieve considerable success at very little cost. Another added benefit is safety. There are little if any side effects with magnetic therapy. With the spiralling cost of western medicine it is not hard to understand why magnetic therapy has been called The Medicine of the Twenty First Century. Scientific Tests and Clinical Trials The reason magnetic therapy is leading other alternative therapies in this transformation in the field of healing is that it can be scientifically tested. A llliving systems have a magnetic field that can be both measured and recorded. The measurement for magnetic energy is called gauss. and the instrument that measures magnetic energy are called SQUIDS. All over the world as you are reading these words experiments are being conducted in the use of magnetism on living systems. Like most therapies it is more than likely that it started in the East. Both China and India have early writings to this effect. The significant breakthrough however was a discovery made in the USA. In the 1930s by the late Dr Albert Roy Davies. This was that the energy from the north pole of a magnet was different from that of the South pole. Dr Davies discovery was revolutionary at the time although now we have progressed a lot further. Dr Davies was in 1976 nominated for a Nobel prize for his work in magnetic sciences. These two different energies in magnetic therapy called Positive (South) and Negative (North) can be related to Yin (North) and Yang (South). It is very easy for people with knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine to say we already knew that these two energies were different. But herein the West we are obsessed with scientific evidence and clinical test and trials. Simply knowing something works is not good enough we have to know why and how it works. This on the whole is a good thing. It took the Food and Drugs Administration in the USA eleven years to give magnetic therapy a clean bill of health and pronounce it safe. Growth of Magnetic Therapy Since then we have seen a profusion of magnetic therapy scientific experimentation and resulting new products on the market. Wraps made out of flexible magnetic material for rheumatism and arthritis and also sports injuries. Eye and face masks to increase blood flow and circulation to the face which reduces wrinkling and helps slow down the ageing process. A hair brush that is designed to alter the hairs chemical imbalance and said to increase hair growth and magnetic beds, yes a lot of people now believe that sleeping within a magnetic field not only increases there daily energy levels but significantly assists in restful sleep. Magnetic beds are also helpful in protecting our bodies from the harmful effect of electro-magnetic pollution which is an unwelcome by-product of our

Electric Industry. We are now only beginning to understand the significance of this new knowledge. With Eastern and Western medical practitioners finding new ways of combining their knowledge and moving forward, magnetic therapy will be at heart of the research done in the new millennium. By Richard White