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Relations and Religion are travelling in same boat!!!

By Raman Vinnakota
Welcome back to Destiny Second volume. This volume name is Relations and Religion are travelling in same boat!!! coming to the point as per I hint in my last volume, I will explain about relations with family and society and also about lord Rama, lord Krishna and Kal-ki got his love with his mother or not. How he spend relations with this society in now? How religions are born from Humanism? Ok. Ready with this facts that I will explain to you. This is not mentioned in any holy books. I know all facts what is happening? When is happening? How is happening? Dont ask any questions first. Who are you? I will tell you on 12-12-2012. Why I came to this world. Before that I have some work to finish that is I can give some hints... searching a girl...moving towards Himalayas to bring sword and flying horse or to bring weapon...I know what I am doing. Dont question me until unless I told to all. Please wait with patience. I know all the problems what you are facing now a days. Ok lets go to this volume. Relations are always reacting with reality similarly Religion also reacting with reality that is the reason I put this name Relations and Religion are travelling in same boat!!! to this volume. Relations and Religion both are depends on trust. First I will explain in us and God as human beings. Now a days relations are classified into two types they are Personal Relations... these are blood relations and Society Relations... these are for communication and interaction.

Now I mentioned both types of relations as we call to others in below. Personal Relations are Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Wife, Husband, Son, Daughter, Uncle, Aunty, Cassin, Mother in law, Father in law, Son in law, Daughter in law, Grand Mother, Grand Father, Grand Son, Grand Daughter... Society Relations are Teacher, Student, Friend, Lover, Guide, Philosopher, hunter (searching for things not animals), enemy, neighbour... First relation start with wife and husband in this world, then slowly remaining relations came to this world. Wife and Husband have to understand each other. Without good understandings relations will damage. You must have trust each other to create good bond between you and your partner. Now a days selfishness breaks the family values and traditions. Where there is selfishness, there will be ego. But understanding and compromising must be there in good couple this makes best couple in this society and in joint family. After wife and husband next relation and high priority relation goes to mother and son/daughter. Everything will turn in this relation. But now a days misunderstanding, over confidence, selfishness and ego hits this relation. Finally both are suffers, no peace in family. If good mother is there means there will be good son/daughter. Now a days only one will be good either mother or son/daughter. Mistakes are done in both sides until realise there is no solution for this relation. Everyone is telling I am busy and unable to contact my parents/children daily. Where is wrong in you or in others? Only one answer is in you. You change first. Try to love and explain the situation you are facing, problem will solve automatically. But you must have to face little patience now a day. Relations never fail until unless without communication. Is god got his love with his mother, when he born as human being? Never is answer. I will explain clearly here to you, dont go anywhere try to sit and read this volume continuously.

Coming to lord Rama his mother is kousalya, but he taken love from his younger mother kaika. If you lord Krishna he born to devaki in jail but due his safety his father take him to gokul and kept in him in yasodha house. He grown and taken guidance with yasodha. But finally love given by his real mother devaki only, no one knows the truth. Yasodha commands and orders Krishna but never loved him. Similarly coming to kal-ki, he born and grown with his real mother only but,love given by his elder mother (fathers elder brothers wife) her previous birth is kaika and in adult age he got love by his aunty who stayed in Gurgaon, Haryana. His aunty previous birth is devaki. In Kali Yuga you observe the incidents of Treta Yuga and Dwapara Yuga at a time. I dont like to tell kal-ki (real name) and his family details due to safety with enemies. But his younger brother is working in HPCL, Vijayawada. I can give this hint only. Kal-ki got his vision and mission clearly why he born to this world. Right now I am in Surat. I know I finish my each and every volume in different places. This book First volume written in Gurgaon, now second volume writing in Surat, Remaining volumes will write in different parts in all over India. I came to on 4/5/2010. I know what is happening around me. By birth onwards everything is moving towards me. I too dont know why it is happening? But I am not writing anything by imagination. I am writing what is happening around me. Destiny is nothing but my auto biography. Your destiny is like sample and part of my destiny upto today I didnt write anything except my destiny and your destiny. I meet some people and heard there opinions about GOD. Some people told badly, some told good and so many told no idea, not interested to talk because they are very busy in their life to earn money in wrong manner. The money which is earning by man is not given by GOD. But we created this nonsense against to god. Here dont mistake me because I am talking about some works which told by god not to do. We feel shame to move in this world. Relations are always moves with real and reality. This is nature, but now a days became bad due to selfishness and ego. I want to tell about one person. He is my Cassin (son of my fathers Cassin sister), his name is Vijay Durga Prasad Kasturi, Nice person but some problems are there .what he is suffering. God dont like his way of thinking. God observe Arjuna in him but he became like Hanuman. He has to change. Everything is created by god. In his case every problem is created by himself.

I am not fool to write this book Destiny. I know what I am doing. No need to question me. Do your work. If I lose my control no one dont know, what is happening around you? But I know the result. Compromise with me or invite death to you. Welcome to the hell and heaven in this world only. No need to go anywhere. Finally clear your accounts here only before death. No more humans in future what you are seeing today? Every one born with tails you want idea see Avatar movie. Next birth is like that God decided and approved. Clear your doubts and accounts now itself, last date is 21-12-2012 .afterwards no more money what you are using now. Finally this author also doesnt know who am I? Because I am using his body and mind virtually. Dont question me who are you? Why demands us? Why should we have to do? What is result? Before questioning me you question yourself. I am always cool person. If I am mad. I will destroy entire world. Dont make me mad. I am your family member. Happen is happen just change today this second onwards. I give love to all equally. My work is to balance dharma equally without any disturbance. Now I am sitting in Essar paper mill in Surat to write these things. I like that noise come from the factory. You live upto 14 hours maximum in noisy atmosphere. But I can live entire life in this noisy society and world. Be silent dont make me violent. I write each and every volume in taking risk. I like that risk. Due to destiny I want high pressure in my brain/mind. For that reason only I hurt my mother every day. She is common woman like yasodha. She doesnt know my magic. Sorry to hurt hear. But I want to finish my work. I dont care anyone. I dont believe my shadow while doing my work. I dont like recommendations. Be sincere in your destiny. I am not mad person please understands my situation, what I am facing. I am not innocent also dont make foolish. Dont tell me became selfish. If I became selfish no one will live happily and peacefully. I follow rules and regulations perfectly what I am written. I am moving with lot of commitments. Be careful while talking with me. Be limit dont addict to anything follow this principle. Live happily and peacefully ok.

Coming to point next relation is father and son. Every father is son in past and every son is father in future. No one is bad understand each other, some people talk that there is a good mother not a father. This is wrong without father, son unable to learn about him and surroundings. Father always good compare to mother. Mother is having over confidence about their children. Mother is always great but she must have self confidence about their children then only children will became good citizens in future. Father analysis their children perfectly but mother unable to analysis. Mother has to understand the situation what going on her back and front in family and society. Dont hear others words first. Try to hear what your family is telling to you. Now a days due to educational system parents and children misunderstand each other. Where is mistake, there is a solution in that point implement it carefully. Relations are sensitive. Now a days parents unable to control. They love lot but finally children kick off them. Where is the fault in parents or in children? Both are answer. Understand and express your views. Some parents to children tell like this you are small, you dont know anything but what parents know? We are big and you are small... big will not come in age. It comes in love and affection. Some children analysis their surroundings faster than parents, try to understand them. There is no big and small to point out our mistakes in family and society. Parents and children have to understand my view to run successful family. I know so many facing the similar problems what I am explained above. After mother-son/daughter, father and son then next go to mother-fatherdaughter relation. For daughters they have to learn the things fast from the parents. She has maintained home in future. Daughter must give equal priority with family and career. Please no need to do job, stay in home maintain it and rule it nicely. Try to learn things from your mother and help her in household works. Support and encourage your youngers similarly respect your parents then only you can became good mother and wife in future. Next is brother and sister relation. Share things and ideas equally to create good environment in home dont fight and tease each other. Relations are weak it may fall anytime. Finally relations in family tie up with grandparents and elders. Take their blessings and experiences with you. Never scold grandparents they are parents to your parents. Without them there are no parents of you. Remember this while talking with them.

After family members remaining relatives are well wishers. Joint family is great to maintain relations. Better live like joint families to know the values of people in that family. Be honest, be sincere and be open to save the family traditions and costumes in this world. Coming to the public relations after parents we give high importance to teacher. Teachers are success creators and followers to todays world. Teaching became money mind business this is not good. Teaching profession became fast forward to become todays swamijis/babas in some cases. They are more dangerous and selfish persons. God never leave anyone person. They have to agree there mistakes what they done. Teachers have to decide whether they will support god and agree all mistakes what they done. There is only 15days time given to every person in public. If god comes and meets him, he gives only 15minutes time to surrender or welcome to death. Decide and be prepared. God never show mercy to these selfish teachers only one warning and only one meet to clear the accounts be careful. Next relations are friends and enemies. What they are doing? Good or bad. Even they too dont know anything how to move with people to maintain healthy relations. Think everyone is friend then no one will be enemy. Due to understanding and misunderstanding friends and enemies are made to us. Only love and understanding is to make people as friends. Lover means not male or female. Lover is a person who loves nature, plants, trees and animals. Love the nature, dont cut trees, dont pollute rivers and dont kill animals. Finally dont blast mountains. Now a days man is not lover due to that global warming came to this world. This is manmade mistake not a god made mistake. Dont blame god. Be careful. Next relation is hunter. Here hunter means a person who is searching for real and reality things to the society. Every true saint is real hunter. Take help of that true saint and find out your way to real and reality. Then you have doubt how relations and religions are travelling in same boat? I am coming to that point only before that I want to tell about humanism and its sub religions. Humanism is a root to all the religions. Humanism is lowly called as Hinduism. Later like property. They divided Humanism into so many religions. We observe flow /root chart of the entire religions as below.

Main separations of religion

Humanism (Main)

Hinduism (Renamed slowly)



Finally again Humanism

Maha veer is Main person of Jainism; he is follower of Lord Krishna. Gotham Buddha is Main person of Buddhism; he is devotee of Lord Rama. Guru Nanak is Main person of Sikhism; he is devotee of Lord Rama. Jesus Christ is Main Person of Christians; he born as Muslim but his parents follow Jewish. Finally one of Jews King order to kill Jesus Christ... after his pass away some of Jewish people who followed Christ became Christians. Muslims are 3000 years old religion. This is first separation in humanism. Christians are 2010 years old religion. This is second separation in humanism.

Secondary separations of religion



Hinduism (Renamed slowly)




Judaism (Jewish)


Finally again Humanism

Where is the defect? In god or the people live in this earth. Egyptians, Romans, Greeks...are members of ancient humanism which is later renamed into Hinduism. But they are modernized the humanism to became as Hinduism. Days are moving from that renamed humanism. The first separation of religion is Muslims. It is around 3000years old religion. Muslims are born from the word of musalam. Musalam means doubt. They have doubt about identity of lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is born without reality that already in my last volume. Muslims are the people are always searching for reality but they cannot find the solution. Due to that reason they would not believe there female in there society. Ala is come from the word of amma. Amma means mother. Mainly they doubt mother. That is main reason Muslim female always wear black coat to cover top to bottom of the body when they come out side from the home. Due to that doubt Muslim male take punishment. Why Muslim male do Sunni?

Because they always believe the god has no identity for this reason they do Sunni .they cut the skin of their male part and try to take the pain what the god Shiva is suffering from the birth. This shows that Muslim male feels that they also dont want any identity. But is they lose the identity of their gender? Not at all is the answer. Worshiping ala is not bad. They want to become like a god is bad. In Moharam time they beat themselves with knife and blade to cut their body to get blood is anyone knows that reason. Dont know? I will tell the reason. Mecca is the religious place of the Muslims. In that place they beat evil in every Moharam by throwing stones on Rhombus/ Rectangle shape long tower. Inside the tower consists of lord Shivas lingam in that place. That Shiva lingam start growing taller one day, at that time they killed pig and pour the blood of that pig to the Shiva lingam. After pouring the blood of pig lingam stop growing. Then they decide to build construction around that lingam. They believe idle shape of god like a devil/ evil. According to them killing pig is big mistake. On that day onwards every year same day of their calendar system they beat themselves that they made mistake of killing the pig and blood is poured on lingam. Until they see the blood flows down from the body. They believe that there blood is nothing but the blood of that died pig. This is true you have to agree it. Days are going on slowly but man didnt have satisfied about the religion. Religion is like a bitter pill we have to swallow that truth. Humanism is a true religion you have to follow that or you must suffer from the dangerous fire coming from that truth. My dear reader I will tell the truth that unable to digest. You must swallow my words you dont have any choice. I am given so many choices to you from starting of kali Yuga, but what you done? Nothing you seen your selfishness. Be careful I will give only one warning openly to you .no second option, mind it. Why I am not explain about Christianity have you understand? I know you cannot this is the reason I am ready to explain to you. I came as Jesus Christ. I am born in Muslim, Grown in Judaism (Jewish). I help lot to the society. I am point out so many mistakes what society is doing. I explain situation what is happening? When is happening? How is happening? I came to this world as son of god at that time. No one cares me first. Later slowly some people support me some not. What they done? They killed me... only my followers put hopes on me at that time I told to them I will come as judge to give judgement it time to give judgement be prepare. I am not fool understand. I am decided to born in India only. This is trustable land. Readers you have to observe one thing when Jesus Christ is born one incident is happen.

You have to know. After seeing him every one called him Just Krishna born. Then his parents named him Jesus Christ. Just Krishna becomes Jesus Christ. I never feel shame to tell truth to public. I am always feeling proud of talking truth. Mostly people feel shame to talk truth now a days everyone knows this, you have to agree. The second separation of religion is Christians from the Humanism. Now its time to live as joint family again. Its time to come back to Humanism once again. We must come ok. If you want real money I am ready to give once again. Decide and tell me you need god money or human money. God money is unlimited but human money is limited. You have to take unlimited money happiness that is my wish. Think and decide last chance for you. Time never come back. Past is past, change today itself. Come and join hands with neighbourhood society. You have only limited time to think. Last day is 12-122012. You want your money or god money? God is ready to ban your money and your properties what you will do? I am ready to tell about god money. It is nothing but love. Come and take god money. If you dont take god money at least welcome to your death, be preparing for your death ceremony. Are you ready to face my problem? I think you are weak and dont have dare to take challenge about money. Ban money what you are using right now. Off course it takes some time 15seconds, 15minutes, 15 hours, 15days, 15 weeks, 15 months maximum. Take good decision to welcome your peaceful life. Please read the volume continuously without any break because you will face stomach pain/ illness, if you stop reading the volume in middle of it. Only few followers face this problem. You can observe the result with in 15hours after reading the volume. Take your own time to understand the content in it. Read it top to bottom without missing single word. My Book Destiny works like a medicine to this society. I will challenge anyone can solve your problems any type of problem with in 15hours. If you read it trustfully 75% of your problems will solved slowly after 15 hours. Remaining 25% on your hands, you have to solve it by your work. God will help upto some limit. I want to tell some open secrets to you which you didnt observe till now? Get ready to read. You know about Maha Yuga and its dharma/law. I am remembering once gain to you about Maha Yuga and its dharma.

Every Maha Yuga consists of 4Yugas they are as mentioned below. Satya Yuga here dharma/ law is 4 padhas (100%). Here we must hard work 100% effect. God will not help you during work. He will help in getting result. He will help in work but it takes lot of time. Treta Yuga here dharma/ law is 3 padhas (75%). Here we must work 75% effect. God will help you 25% it takes less time than Satya Yuga. Dwapara Yuga here dharma/ law is 2 padhas (50%). Here we and God must work equally with 50%. Kali Yuga here dharma/ law is single padha (25%). Here we have to work only 25% but God have to work 75%. God start the work and we have to finish the work.

But now a days man didnt put any affect to finish the work. Actually every Yuga except kali Yuga man has to solve the problem, for getting result, it takes some time how we react with situation. But in Kali Yuga God decided that man should not do any work because he observe man first 3 Yugas in Maha yuga, finally he ready to start the work and he told to man you have to finish the work. Due to ego man did not realise anything what God told to him. After some years pass away in destiny Man start thinking himself as God, man start doing the did not get proper result every time. Damage is more than success what he achieved till today where is fault? Man is answer. We have to think what God told to us in start of kali Yuga. What we done? We simply became slave to Kali. God told I will start the work, human have to finish the work. Did you follow god any day? Why you blame god every day? Why you hate God every day? How is fool man or God? Answer only man not God. He told he will start the work that is reason God given only 432000 years only in Kali Yuga to all. Did you follow god trustfully any day? Did you try to know any day what god said exactly? Do you know what your swami/ guru/ baba are doing? Is they told about god original messages to society? Are they really using their powers to this society? Mostly not at all is answer, only every few telling real things. Mostly swamijis/babas/gurus are selfish. I am coming to kill all these persons. I will kill only selfishness and ego in them not the person.

I am asking few questions directly, what you know exactly about destiny of earth. Why you removed holy thread from your body? What right you have to remove that spiritual thread? Did you read any holy book perfectly and carefully and understand original meaning in that book? Did God told live separately from the society once you get powers from god? You have to tell answer to each and every question what I am asked to you. Only one warning and one decision no more time to you, I am coming to your place any day anytime. Get ready to face me. What Brahmins are doing? What kings are doing? What Guptas are doing? What sudhras are doing? Is anyone is there to protect the law and support the God. He is coming as human being to solve our problems. Its time to talk with society openly and freely without shy. You have to know about me. I am physical handicapped person by birth actually I am normal person like you before this birth. Due to this people I had born like. I want to explain about tirumala god lord venkateswara swami. He is standing continuously till now for that reason his legs suffering with severely pain... that legs became stone. When I born their no movement on my legs and unable to walk alone until unless with support. I am not normal person like you. My legs already died, now also due to god only I am walking with that died legs. I started walking without support. Now a days also I am unable to balance myself while walking. But I am walking not better than you. I born with powers but I have to recover that powers from the nature and society. Even now also I got only 10% recovery and I am trying hard for 100% recovery. When I recover? It takes more time but I have to do lot of hard and risky work. Why dont you have that patience? I am suffering with back pain that why I prefer to sit /sleep on floor, I want to tell about my past life at that time I continuously stand without any rest for that reason I got back pain at that time. But no one likes me to sit/sleep. Now also I am standing with you for your support, which I am doing battle against False/Adharma? My work to maintain 100% truth/ dharma support me. I need not request anyone. This is not my work. This is your work. Think and tell I am selfish or not. Both ways loser will be you. I have lot of choices. You have single and all ways already closed only one way to go. That is come along with me in destiny. I am cool person if you request me. If you start order me, I am very mad person. Decide first before approaching me, you want me as cool or mad. Ball is your court limited time because I am not selfish to start game without you, without any choice. That is reason I am gain single choice to you. See how good I am? Because till now you didnt give me the choice to choose, you used your choice without my help.

Now you dont have choice to choose. You must come and help me in battle. Come on join hands with me is only one way to save your life with some more time. Decide you want to die in 2012 /2013 or you want some more time. Decision is yours, take good decision because you dont have choice. Only one way, best way and the old way is to pray god trustfully and take help to save you. Then finally ball comes to my court decide my dear reader decide. Have nice time to you. Coming to the point about relations and religion are travelling in same boat. Yes they are travelling in same boat. Can I explain with your permission? Relation is hope and religion is trust of the boat which we are travelling. Without hope and trust we unable to reach our destination successfully. Our destiny is to cross our life. We must have hope and trust to reach other end of our life. This is true digest and digest that why I told relations and religion are travelling in same boat. I think you quickly or lately understand the truth then your mindset opens your eyes quickly to see the journey with god soon. I hope and trust will come true with you always, All the best. Start thinking again, how to reach destiny? Destiny is like a snake and ladder that we are playing with society. I know my limits. You have to know your limit. Be limit and dont addict to anything. We have to learn lot of things daily in the journey of our destiny. The people who are not follow my words they have to suffer. They have to see hell here itself. No more balance. We have to clear all our doubts this time only. Ask your doubts I am ready to answer each and every question. Before questioning me you have to clear my doubts. I am also born like you, I will also get doubts. Understand me to ask and answer the doubts of each other. Please wait my back is paining severely that I am unable to control. I will continue my conversation with you shortly. I hope please wait for a moment to join with you. I am unable to stand more I want sit with some rest, my legs are paining severely. I am unable to control the pain from last 2days onwards (9/5/2010 to 10/5/2010). I am feeling with stomach pain due to one selfish person. He belongs to world dominating religion. Actually I started this volume in 6/5/2010. 2days I wrote this volume successfully. 8/5/2010 and 9/5/2010 I am unable to write this volume. That is result I suffered with stomach pain. Rule is rule, rule for all. I follow this principle. I believe and follow my rules strictly. I have to prove this world that if I did mistake due to someone also I punish myself severely afterwards only I will punish others. I always prefer to be in safe zone, but I am unable to live in safe zone due to this society.

I too dont know relation between me and society, then I realise again to show path with this destiny. I started writing this volume again in 10/5/2010. I promise myself to remaining part to share with you and complete this volume. Now I am very near to finish this volume then now you decide what I have to do? I am writing this volume continuously today (10/5/2010) to finish this volume. Dont pending your work for long delay, I make same mistake and not wrote this volume for 2 days. Result I suffer a lot. This is not my mistake. This is created by selfish person. Ok I think you understand the truth. Without hope and trust I am unable to write single letter in this volume. Try to change my dear readers. I want to tell about our shadow. What is shadow? Anyone can tell about this, it is nothing but God and he always with you in your heart. if you trust him. He always helps you and supports you. God is not an enemy to you and this universe. Welcome to the God. If we observe the shadow carefully, it will tell some great lesson to us. Now we focus on it. What shadow teaches us? See in below


You observe 8shadows at a time if light focus on you in all directions. 8shadows are 8 directions. If shadow is front- it tells you and shows you the path where you have to go and any ask me I will guide you. If shadow is backit tells you and shows you that he will protect you from the enemies. If shadow is left- it tells you that treat me like your life partner, I will send your messages to your life partner. If shadow is right- it tells you that I am your friend, you can share your views with me. Finally remaining four corners they tell you that we are your body guards to protect you from near and far people in this society. Shadow will come from birth to death. See you in next volume.