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Introduction of new Trtzschler Draw Frame TD 8 in Barcelona

On the occasion of ITMA Barcelona, Trtzschler Spinning will introduce a new draw frame type. Even at first glance the new design of the Trtzschler Draw Frame TD 8 is obvious. The integration of a new drafting system and a new filter resulted in a new casing.
The drafting system is characterised by increased accuracy. This benefits sliver evenness. Top and bottom rolls are in a precise fixed position to one another. As is customary with Trtzschler, adjustment is carried out parallel. Cleaning bars and pressure bar are made of hardened stainless steel and do not have just the usual thin coating.

Sensor reliability and accuracy is decisive for the control. Meanwhile the newly developed input sensor Disc Leveller TD-DL has passed all field tests with flying colours and is now part of the standard equipment of the TD 8. Sensor and groove plates feature double bearings, with one bearing below and one above the plates. The axle is firmly anchored and does not need to rotate. Both these measures result in improved measuring accuracy and many years of long-term reliability.

The quality monitoring system SLIVER FOCUS is also equipped with a new sensor. It is characterised by extraordinary robustness and reliability.

For even more accurate and dynamic levelling behaviour, the sliver feed creel is mechanically decoupled. The new compact sliver feed SERVO CREEL is equipped with its own drive. The levelling motor works more dynamic since it no longer needs to accelerate and decelerate the creel. Another advantage is the possibility of continuous and sensitive adjustment of the tension draft between creel and draw frame. All it takes is a touch on the large-scale colour touchscreen. Experts in their field The Trtzschler Group is active in three different areas: It provides machines for spinning preparation and the nonwovens industry. The clothings of Trtzschler Card Clothing are also used for cards in spinning preparation, as well as for roller cards in the nonwovens sector. Erko Trtzschler and Fleissner are associated with the nonwoven sector. As experts in their fields, each company offers products that present the technological lead of the respective sector.

The company today Trtzschler is a family company The company group has a simple, transparent organisation structure and short decision paths. Short-term profit maximisation is not the focus, but the long-term success of the company. The customer is the focus of our business The customer proximity of the management and all employees is a part of the management philosophy. Awareness of the problems of our customers and close contact with them characterises our actions. Innovative strength is inherent As an international company in the competitive global arena, our products are constantly subject to change. The latest technologies, materials and production techniques are constantly used to meet the changing and growing demands of our customers.

Fields of activity

Spinning mills around the world use Trtzschler machine technology for opening, blending, cleaning, carding and drawing of cotton and man-made fibres. The result is a perfect sliver, consisting of clean, evenly aligned fibres. Precisely this process between harvesting the natural resource and spinning the yarn forms the basis for the quality of all subsequent processing steps.

Regardless whether card sliver or web is to be produced clothings are applied at the decisive points. They are special wires, on one side equipped with spikes or teeth, respectively. Geometry and material of these wires have an important influence on product quality. Their function is to align the individual fibres of cotton or man-made fibres in such a way that an absolutely homogenous interim product is created. This requirement is met by Trtzschler Card Clothing through extensive know-how and uncompromising production quality.

What has started decades ago under the term needle felt has developed into a flexible high-tech web material that is the basis for many textile applications. The often razor-thin webs are produced on so-called roller cards, and thus already geared towards their future use. Erko Trtzschler is the specialist for development and production of roller cards and other machines for the production of nonwovens within the world of Trtzschler. Fleissner specialises in the finishing of nonwoven fabrics. The company develops and produces systems in the area of nonwovens, man-made fibres, paper/tissue, and textiles. The range of application of so-called nonwovens is almost unlimited: These nonwoven web materials are used, among other things, in hygiene products and clothing, but also in the food sector in form of tea bags, or in the automotive industry as noise-absorbent mats.

The Company > Locations At home in the worldwide textile markets Trtzschler is a globally operating company group with production facilities and service branches in all large textile centres. Worldwide 2,000 qualified employees work in different locations. This ensures an excellent market presence for us and our customers from sales consulting all the way to after sales service.

The headquarters are located in Mnchengladbach, Germany. From here, the coordination, control and monitoring of the international activities of the Trtzschler Group take place. On more than 100,000 m the area houses a total of four main sectors: production, sales, administration, as well as research and development.

Trtzschler History Trtzschler is a family-owned business in the truest sense of the word: Founded in 1888 by Paul Heinrich Trtzschler in Crimmitschau, Saxony, the company was continued in second generation

by his sons Bruno, Willi and Karl. After World War 2, the company was reestablished in 1948 in Mnchengladbach by Hans and Hermann Trtzschler, together with the locally based representative Kurt Mllges. Both, Hans and Hermann Trtzschler, had a decisive influence on the company philosophy and secured the growth and success of Trtzschler. Today the company is led by the two managing partners Heinrich Trtzschler and Dr.-Ing. Michael Schrenkrmer as well as by the two managing directors Dr. Dirk Burger and Andreas Ebenhh. Trtzschler uses its increased know-how to develop products that convince by innovation as well as reliability.