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CONDENSOR LOGIC Cooling Tower Fan Operated by Siemens VFD CU240E-2 (PID/Technology Controller), Minimum : 20 HZ, Maximum : 50 Hz IF Temperature Difference is greater than 4 degree C then Fan run at maximum speed If Temperature Difference is less than 4 Degree C Then Fan has to run at reduced speed but o proportionally via (PID/TC) There are 3 SCIM in which one is always acts as a Master and the remaining act as a Slave Device If Cooling Tower Fan Trip then the Actuator Value at Inlet Header has to be OFF, Compressor Off, Condensor Pump OFF sequentially . Once the Pump is on under VFD (master) then after 5min (changeable) duration the logic for switching on the second pump has to be taken on., similarly for pump 3 While off the pump (i.e:<4 Degree C) the pump motor has to be off immediately (No Timer) fan control based on Temp, Where as the pump control based on pressure Pump Inlet header has a Flow Switch nc signal flow switch no then trip if master is a smc then 2nd motor is of VFD If Auto/Master then remaining pump automatically choose the slave mode In manual mode (but safety interlock) / both master / slave has to be disabled Fault code of the vfd - we can call it directly No Actuator Valve in Cooling tower Initially the pump smc as a master then vfd will work as secondary If one pump is enough then VFD pump has to be on first. Cascading of condenser pump are done through Set Point Pressure. Based on Delta Temperature the VFD speed of the pump is changing. No Local/Auto

COMPRESSOR ON/OFF INTERLOCKS Condensor side flow Alive Any One ICE BANK TANK / GLYCOL TANK or both has to be on

Ammonia pr low pr oil pr high pr smc -3 Auto - after compressor status ok then compressor has to on Operator has to be made confirm then only the compressor triggers Manual Operated Input/Output Value in Both Compressor 30/60 sec 60 /90 sec ccsv 2 has to off if pressure is less than set point (2.5 ksc) after 30 sec delay if still pressure not maintained then ccsv1 has to off after 30 sec delay after ccsv 1 & ccsv 2 off, if again the compressor cant maintain then the compressor can run continuously compressor ok criteria (low/oil/high/smc-3 trip+manual (value chk) operator confirm ) compressor on then chk pressure if pressure is not maintain then ccsv1 and ccsv2 has to be on (30sec) between two compressor (3min delay)

Compressor off interlock sampling : Chilled water/IBT PHE outlet , Anti-freezing setpoint. if 3 degree C reached compressor 2 ccsv off (slave) if less than equal 2 degree then slave compressor should be off compressor off by chill water anti-freeze similarly for glycol unit anti-freezing setpoint if -5 degree slave compressor ccsv off (Unloading) if less than equal -6 degree then slave compressor should be off if suction pressure reaches 2.5 ksc then slave compressor off if Flow switch is no in glycol after (5s ) trip command initiated for both compressor IBT 1KSC suction pressure then switch off the whole system sequentially. If both then under -6ksc glycol unit LLSV has to be cutoff. (Alarm, display) Condensor water flow and glycol flow is needed to trip the compressor but not the IBT If IBT (Chilled water flow) is off , compressor can on and run then IBT should be off

TRIP LOGIC fan trip during operation if valve close then alarm (without user command) if NH3 Discharge pressure greater than 12KSC 13.0 - 13.9KSC 14.0 - 14.9KSC

>15.0 KSC Compressor Anti-Freezing Trip Alarm HP/LP/OP/SMC-3 Trip Ammonia outlet temp < 40 C only Alarm


Designed by Chethan Engineering Services Automation Developed by : Sri Ramanujam Controls The above logic are finalized for the Shahu Dairy Plant automation.