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Origins of IF Tradition before rnml, Oddw and sha, the Yoruba lost history

rnml l mo yin bor, rnml l mo yin boy, rnml l mo yin bo e Ogb, at, sre, wrwfn. OLFIN gb , BABA ODDW gb , RNML L gb ! May You Have Long Life, with the Spiritual Blessing of If Od wr Wfn (Who Opens the Divine Portal of the Grace of OLDMAR), May the Blessing of OLFIN (Concious Manifestation of GOD), Baba ODDW, and RNML L be upon you! Alfia se a ni May the Peace be with You!

A Teaching by the gn TATA G:. (A Spiritual Emissary gn of de Baba Oddw)

Origins of IF Tradition before rnml, Oddw and sha, the lost Yoruba history

This information comes from the a conversation with an gn who is a Spiritual Emissary of Baba Oddw, we wanted him to clarify some points about the history of If, rnml an Baba Oddw and sha Tradition. July 3, 2010, in Mexico.

Baba Oddw was born among an ancient lost tribe called the ARON, that was in the central part of the African continent, around 20,000 years ago. Baba Oddw has confirmed this when he has come through his Elegun (Medium), around that time period, the Egyptian ancient civilization was also beginning.

Oddw was capture by the Egyptian army of those times, he was taken as a slave, later he became a slave warrior in the Egyptian army. He was in the Egyptian army with his friend OGUN. Oddw in his travels with the Egyptian army, went to a place, were he found the Sacred and Holy Rock of OLOFIN, that event changed his life forever. The OLOFIN sacred rock, that rock was a meteorite that fell on the African continent an ancient times. There was another Meteorite that fell, that left behind the OLOSI Rock, that was in another area of Africa.

Baba Oddw became a famous warrior in Egypt, and then later he was liberated from slavery. Oddw traveled east with gn, and along the way other disciples gathered. He returned to west looking for a promised land, until they found the land of OYO, in the actual area of Nigeria. When Baba Oddw reaches that area he was with gn and other 15 Elders who were Omo Obtl, that was Oddw with the 16 Elders. Oddw and gn build the Yoruba kingdom, the 16 Elders became the 16 Kings, who ruled 16 lands in the Yoruba kingdom.

Oddw had the divine knowledge and self consecrated himself into the Mysteries of sha Tradition, because no one consecrated him to sha. Later he started to consecrate people to the sha tradition, one of the first ones was gn. At that time there was a Divine Decree from OLOFIN (Conscious manifestation of God), where 400 humans would reach a divine state on a kind of deity, called Orisha. 200 severe ones, and 200 peaceful ones, plus Oshun who came as an extra one to be included among the 400, making them a total of 401 Orishas. The ones who could reach that state of Orisha, were the ones who had the sha Initiation on consecration, they had their Ori (head Consciousness) open and scratched with a sacred Symbol. The ones who were consecrated and reach the merit level, when they departed from the earthly plane of manifestation became an Orisha. The first one to reach that level of orisha at those times, was OGUN, the last one was OYA (the number 400), the Oshun came and she was added as the 401 Orisha, the smallest but the most closed to OLOFINS Heart. Those 401 Orishas corresponded the 401 IRUNMOLE Energies that make possible the manifestation of and Orisha in different parts of the universe. Orisha means an Ori (consciousness) open to the Divine.

rnml was originally called d (different from his wife, Od, the same three letters but different vowel intonation). d was born in a near land closed to the Yoruba land. When he was born, he started to talk right away, he was a super special child, born from Yemaya (Yemoyale Asesu, the original road of the paths of Yemaya) when she had a relationship with Oshumare. The IF Tradition began around 1,000 years ago before the birth of rnml. The IF Tradition was a tradition of Wisdom, from a nomad group of people, who later establish themselves in the area of IFE. If means Wisdom of Nature. The wisdom and knowledge they transmitted was proverbs, Wisdom stories, magic, Ofo Ashe (power words incantations). rnml received the transmission of the If tradition, later he develop a method of Divination based on the If knowledge and the knowledge of the 16 Principles, the sha Oracle (that was earlier and more ancient than the If oracle with the Ikin) rnml self consecrated himself as an AWO (Diviner) of IF, he then started to consecrated people to the If traditions. rnml became the first Awo If. rnml made the If Tradition famous. rnml meets Baba Oddw, they both share knowledge they had and secrets, Oddw shared the secrets of death and sha tradition, and rnml shared the If

tradition with Oddw. rnml consecrated Baba Oddw to If. rnml was the first AWONI (The Awo-Diviner of the Oni-King).

Before Baba Oddw, there were ancient Orishas like ESHU, who was worshiped and appeased by people. Other Orishas before Oddw came, were Angayu, Osayin and Nana Burunku. Baba Oddw said some time ago, that the first traces of the sha Tradition were around 50,000 years ago. Around that time, Olokun was walking over the planet as a Living GOD. I was intrigue by this, and I asked Tata G:. about that, how was that possible, how it happened, and he said: OLKUN is an IRUNMOLE NLA (A great Universal Irunmole or Universal Divine Conscious Energy), he is like second in hierarchy to OLOFIN (GOD), and Olkun its a kind of a GOD, thats why he in not an EGUN (Spirit) neither he is an ORISHA (Deity who before was human). OLOKUN had the divine Power to do many things, he uses his power to manifest a human material body and walk among the humans, he was manifested as a Blue Man (the skin tone was Blue). Olkun after some time decides to spread his essence in the ocean, and he went to live at the bottom of the Ocean. Thats why some people think that Olkun was an gn, because he was able to manifest a material body, but he didnt die, the just went underwater. When Baba Oddw came, he had to make a pact with Olkun to save the surface of the planet Earth of Olkun and Agana Eri wrath. Agana Eri was a daughter of Olkun, very severe. This manifestation of Olkun is OLOKUN AYE, the Olkun manifestation of the planet Earth. There is the Universal OLOKUN who rules the deepness and darkness of space, OLKUN OBA RN. (the other manifestations of Olkun are Olkun Aye, rawo Olkun (Planet of Olkun, Neptune), rw Olkun (star of Olkun) ). OLOKUN first manifested in creation, when OLOFIN first manifested out of the Universal Neutral Energy we called OLDMARE, there was a kind of a vapour trail left behind, from that OLOKUN also manifested himself as a conscious divine being.

There are other points that we want to find more information, to have the whole story. Awo IFALENU de GB DN OLFIN The Family of OLFINS Secret