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activity book for young learners Elizabeth Gray SS Als === _ Express Publishing THE EXPRESS PICTURE DICTIONARY {for young learners activity book Elizabeth Gray Bak Express Publishing Published by Express Publishing iberty House, New Greenham Park Newbury, Berkshite RG19 SH Tels (0044) 1635 B17 363, Fax. (0044) 1535 817 463 e-mail, http://www ® Elizabeth Gray, 2001 Detign ana illustration ® Express Publishing, 2001 Colour Illustrations: Terry Wilson, Chris, Pan Music Compesitions and Arrangement by Ted and Taz All rights reserved. No part of this publication moy be reproduced, stored in ¢ retrioval system, or transmitted in eny ferm, or by any means, stecitonic, photocopying oF otherwise, without the prior written pernéssion of the publeners, Fist published 2001 ISBN 1-84216-010-7 Author's Acknowledgements Wo woud tke to thank oi the statt at Exptest Puoiishing who have contributed thelr skils to providing this Book. Thanks are due in particular to: Ame Elis Ecitor in Chief), Catherine Strith and Debbie Wison ‘senior editors), Richard White Ganior production controller), the Express design team end Davie Smith, Kimberly Baker and Erle Taylor for thelr support ond patience. We would clso ike to thank these insiitutions ond teachers who piloted the manusctip!. and whese comments ond feedback were Invaluable ln the production of the 890k, White every effort has been made to trace al the copyright holder's, if any have been inadvertently over- looked the publishers wit be pleased fo make ine necessary arrangemen!s at the first opportunity.