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Contact: 09836339082 ~ E-Mail: Seeking assignments in the domain of Human Resource Management with an organisation of repute. Location Preference: Kolkata & Bangalore SYNOPSIS PGPBM (Human Resource & Industrial Relations) from International School of Business & Media.

Successfully completed a summer internship with Bank of Baroda (BOB) learning all the HR related Operations & Pre Post Joining activities. Adaptable and a quick learner; possess skills to work under pressure. Team player with good analytical & organizational abilities. ACADEMIA

Pursuing 2009 2003 2001

PGPBM (Human Resource & Industrial Relations) from International School of Business & Media, Kolkata concludes in 2011. BBA from Techno India, Kolkata. Secured 81.9%. 12th from Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Port Blair, CBSE Board. Secured 71.4% 10th from Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Port Blair, CBSE Board. Secured 84.2% SUMMER INTERNSHIP


Recruitment-Methodology for the Speedy/Lowering the Time for the Intake of New Person at Bank of Baroda.

Organisation : Duration Description : :

Bank of Baroda (BOB), Kolkata 8 Weeks The main objective of the project was to find out the reasons for longer span while recruitments and the measures to reduce it. Under this project all the employees working with Zonal Office, Kolkata & different branches of Bank of Baroda in Kolkata were covered. Recruitment methodology followed in Bank of Baroda was studied and a Questionnaire was designed. A feedback from the employees regarding the Recruitment Methodology and how it can be improved was also done.

Methodology : Key Learning :

Surveyed the Recruitment Methodology through Questionnaire. Mainly learnt about: - Various HR Operations. - All the post joining activities and operations in various departments. - Internal recruitment of the employees. - Recruitment Methodology for the hiring of new person. KEY PROJECTS / ASSIGNMENTS UNDERTAKEN

Undertook live project on:

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o o

HR Operations in a Courier Industry with First Flight Courier Services. A Comparative Study of Organisational Culture of a Conventional Markets and Upcoming Malls. Cross Culture of UK & USA. Decision-Making Model of Videocon Launching DTH Services. STP Analysis and Consumer Buying Behaviour of Revlon. 4Ps and Product Mix of LG and Videocon.

Conducted presentation on

Counselling & Coaching of Employees. Project on the History and Theories of Organisational Development. Project on Designing Three Day Training Programme on Motivation.

Project on Tricomponent Model of Attitude. EXTRAMURAL ACTIVITIES & ACCOLADES

Participated in: o o Various Dance Performances in School. Various Cultural Activities in School.

Completed a course in Painting.


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1st prize in Painting Competition in School (2000) Certificate of Appreciation for a number of Essay Competitions in School. IT SKILLS

- MS Office

- Navisson

- Internet Applications PERSONAL DOSSIER

Date of Birth

12th February, 1986 Flat - 3C, Identity 38, Gariahat Road, Kolkata-31 (PIN Code)

Permanent Address :