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Department of Education Region V Division of Ligao City BICOL REGIONAL SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL Tuburan, Ligao City



: Youth Science Technology & Environment Camp (YSTEC) 2011 : Youth for Environment in Schools Organization : Chemistry for Unified Brisayan Students Organization, Equilibrium : October 19 22, 2011


The activity will be initiated by the Youth for Environment in Schools Organization in cooperation with the Chemistry for Unified Brisayan Students Organization and the Equilibrium. The Youth Science, Technology & Environment Camp will be conducted on October 19 22, 2011 at the Bicol Regional Science High School grounds with its theme Ako ay Handa (Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Preparedness) . The YSTEC underscores the significance of climate change adaptation and disaster preparedness during onslaught of natural catastrophes made worst by global warming and climate change. It is anchored on the implementation of Republic Act No. 9512 (Environmental Awareness and Education Act of 2008) and Republic Act No. 9729 (Climate Change Act of 2009). Students of Bicol Regional Science High School and officers of YES-O will be invited and will pay a registration fee of Php 325.00. The deadline for the said payment would be on October 3, 2011.

VI. GOALS/OBJECTIVES The project specifically aims to: y Learn about Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Preparedness utilizing best practices and models designed and locally-developed in disaster-prone areas;

Inculcate among students the critical role of environmental protection in preventing and coping with the effects of climate change such as typhoons, floods, earthquakes and droughts;

Develop students awareness on the state of the environment, focusing on significant issues and concerns;

Ensure students active participation and determine concrete action in the protection, preservation, and rehabilitation of the environment and the conservation of natural resources in their respective areas with the constant guidance of teachers, school principal and other officials;

Instill environmental values in every student to motivate actual involvement in worthwhile programs and projects for the environment; and

Strengthen the implementation of various school-based environmental programs and projects of DepEd and DENR.

VII. STRATEGIES Please refer to the matrix of activities attached to this proposal VIII. MONITORING AND EVALUATION The project will be evaluated and monitored through preparation and submission of narrative & financial reports and other documents needed. During the camp proper, the organizers will be having a Science Olympiad and the Subcamp Quiz Bee to test their acquired knowledge from the lectures and workshops given to them. Furthermore, in order to fully assess student learning & application, a project proposal on environmental awareness and protection would be submitted by each subcamp after the camp. The best project proposal will be chosen to be implemented within the school year. IX. PROCEEDS The proceeds from the said camp would either be used for the school s landscaping purposes or to build a canopy for the outdoor stairs located on the administration building. Either of the two projects will help in both improving the school s physical exterior and benefit the students and staffs efficiency.