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The Best of the Faithist Journal Editor in Chief: Kasandra Kares (2011 11)

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Meditation The Eloists (1965)

We need to get into a state of attunement with our Creator. We need to bring the power of our minds to a focus with Him. We know that we can generate a force of faith that His angel workers can use to benefit all mankind. We can do it by affirming His Presence and Power, and creating thoughts of peace and goodwill. The words, "peace and goodwill," are very familiar to the people of the world, especially to Christians. The majority of the world's people pray for peace and goodwill. Now, more people are beginning to work for peace and goodwill. It is becoming the spirit of the times. World leaders who are militant and aggressive will go down in defeat. There is much struggle yet to cone; but light, peace and love are on the march. An irresistible voice is speaking in the soul of humanity. The Almighty Creator of all is moving mankind to be in attunement with Him by expressing peace, love and compassion. It doesn't matter how or who people worship, or what church they attend. When they are praying and working for peace and goodwill on earth, they are one in purpose and attunement with the Almighty.

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Polarity Walter DeVoe (1969)

Polarity is the basic principle of life as well as of all electrical phenomena and inventions. The Chinese based all their philosophy upon the Yin and Yang, or mother-father, principle of positive and negative. Swedenborg said that the Creator ever seeks to ultimate Himself into objective creation. Electrical science says: Power flows from a higher to a lower potential. The positive vivifies and directs the negative. In the vast Whole, the Cosmos, consciousness and purpose are positive. Responsiveness or creativeness is negative. Consciousness is Father, or the purpose to create. Responsiveness is Mother, or the Creativeness that builds or fulfills the purpose or will of the Father. Thus infinity, or boundless space, is responsive creativeness which ever responds to the Internal Fathers Will to beget immortal sons and daughters who shall objectify His Eternal Being and Purpose throughout infinite creativeness. The Mother Creatrix ever remains responsive to the Fathers Purposefulness as expressed by their sons and daughters, ever creating and fulfilling every purpose of every being, without partiality, discrimination or condemnation.

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A Letter Agnes Castle (1969)

Dear Dorothy (an editor of The Faithist Journal), I wish to thank you so much for the July- August issue of the Faithist Journal. It appears to me to be MORE than mere coincidence that you had one issue left to send to someone and that someone turned out to be mc! I must hasten to tell you why I believe this. In flipping through the pages of the Journal to quickly acquaint myself with its writers I was absolutely stunned when I saw Craigs drawing of the 4 Corners Area Jehovihs Signature on Fourth Guatama. I was even more dizzy when I read his article and learned how he came to his conclusions, by following verses from Oahspe. You see, I too, and a friend: named Dorothy Nayhugh, had found this great Cross, not from the verses of Oahspe Craig used, but by going around the mulberry bush, so to speak from another verse in this same great book...Chapter XXVII, First Book of God, verse 4: Search thou for the evidence of my footsteps on the earth; find the people who stand by the Creator, the All One, God of All! Who can shake their faith, or feed them with thy story of a Savior born of woman? Also Verse 9, same chapter: Thou hast triad on all my people, to convert them, but hast failed utterly. Behold, I come now with a new book; and they will accept it from my hand. I decided then, back in 1965, that if, as he said they would accept it from his hand I must find out if they would. I wrote to Thomas Banyacya of Oraibi, Arizona and here is a quote from his letter to me: Yes, we too have heard of Oahspe and, in fact, have a copy of the book. There are a great many writings in this book that are similar to Hopi ancient teachings and instructions. But Hopi not only have this knowledge but try to practice it in daily life. Hopi means peace, live peace and work for peace knowing that the pattern of life was laid down by the Great Spirit for Page 9 of 351

this land called America by the white man. It is the land of the Great Spirit which was placed in the hands of the Hopi traditional leaders, to hold it in trust for Him until the Purification Day. I feel this is very important for all America especially for the United States as we are fast approaching the end time given to the Hopi by the Great Spirit. All people of Peace must stand together against evil forces which are about to destroy mankind with this terrible weapon which has been invented. The Hopi call it the Gourd of Ashes. Hopi prophecy foretold of great trouble in this land and may even break out in civil war right in this land. (signed) Thomas Banyacya After proving to myself that the Hopi Indian had virtually the same ancient instructions, and today have the Oahspe, I was further led to search the library shelves and Frank Waters book (BOOK OF THE HOPI with Drawings and source material recorded by Oswald White Bear Fredericks). I found this book most inspiring and conclusive to me that I had indeed found and contacted the remnants of Jehovihs Chosen People. Quoting from the BOOK OF THE HOPI by Frank Waters: And now before Masaw turned his face from them and became invisible, he explained that every clan must make four directional migrations before they all arrived at their common, permanent home. They must go to the ends of the land west, south, east, and north to the farthest paso (where the land meets the sea) in each direction. Only when the clans had completed those four movements, rounds, or stops of their migration, could they come together again, forming the pattern of the Creators universal plan. That is the way it was. Some clans started to the south, others to the north, retraced their routes to turn east and west, and then back again. All their routes formed a great cross whose center Tuwanasavi (Center of he Universe), lay in what is now Hopi country in the south-western part of the United States, and whose arms reached to the four directional Pasos. As they turned at each of these extremities, they formed of this great cross a Page 10 of 351

swastika, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, corresponding to the movement of the earth or of the sun. And then when their migrations slowed as they reached their permanent home, they formed spirals and circles, ever growing smaller. All these patterns formed by their four migrations are the basic motifs of the symbols still found today in their pottery and basketware, on their Kachina rattles and altar boards. Often one clan would come upon the ruins of a village built by a preceding clan and find on the ground broken pieces of pottery circling to the right or to the left, indicating which way the clan had gone. Throughout the continent, those countless ruins and mounds covered with broken pottery are still being discovered. They constitute what the people call now their title to the land. Everywhere, too, the clans carved on rocks their signatures, pictographs and petroglyphs which identified them, revealed what round of their migration they were on, and related the history of the village. Still the migrations continued. Some clans forgot in time the commands of Masaw, settling in tropical climates where life was easy, and developing beautiful cities of stone that were to decay and crumble into ruin. Other clans did not complete all four of their migrations before settling in their permanent hone, and hence lost their religious power and standing. Still others persisted, keeping open the doors on top of their heads (crown chakra). These were the ones who finally realized the purpose and the meaning of their four migrations. For these migrations were themselves purification ceremonies, weeding out through generations all the latent evil brought from the previous Third World (Whaga, or Pan). Man could not succumb to the comfort and luxury given hit by indulgent surroundings, for then he lost the need to rely upon the Creator. Nor should he be frightened even by the polar extremities of the earth, for there he learned that the power given him by the Creator would still sustain him. So, by traveling to all the farthest extremities of the land during their four migrations, these chosen people finally came to settle on the vast arid plateau that stretches between the Colorado and Rio Grande Rivers. Page 11 of 351

More quotes: Although the basic moaning of the Hopi creation myth and symbol which expresses it is subjective, we cannot ignore the literal interpretation that the Hopis came to America from the west, crossing the sea on boats or rafts from one stepping stone island to the next, a similar interpretation can be made of the myth of the ancient Quiche Maya, which relates that the waters parted and the tribes crossed on stepping stones placed in a row over the sand Stones in a row, Sand under the Sea (Popul Vuh: The Sacred Book of the Ancient Quiche Maya, (1950). The Hopis with this sacred tradition knock in the head the popular anthropological belief that the Hopi sipapuni or place of emergence, was the Grand Canyon, ninety miles west of Oreibi. The Hopis simply use the Colorado River as a symbol for the water to the west, and the precipitous wall of the Grand Canyon to symbolize the mountainous wall extending throughout the Fourth World of America. The tradition also refutes the popular theory that the Hopis, like all Indians, emigrated from Asia to America by way of the Bering Strait land bridge. Yet it gives no clue to the many rational questions long asked. From what ancient race of world mankind did the Hopis spring? What and where was the now submerged Third World of the Hopis? When did they emigrate to America? Since the time of Plato there has persisted a belief in the antediluvian existence of such continents during past geologic periods. Certainly the land masses on this planet have not always held the same shape and location. Data obtained during the International Geophysical Year tend to prove that other continents did exist. Scientific credence is now given to the theory proposed by Alfred Wegener, a German geologist, that our present continents have broken away from greater land masses and are slowly drifting to ever-new positions on the face of the earth. Their movements are caused by convection currents set in motion by radio-activity in the center of the earth, making the earth a great gyroscope forever spinning at a fixed angle. This is a modern restatement of the Hopi view in which Poqanghoya and Palongawhoya personalize opposite polarities of the great magnetic Page 12 of 351

circuit which keeps the earth rotating and the land masses of its upper crust shifting. We now know that, with continental drifts, there are different directions at different times for north, magnetic north having once been in the middle of the Pacific and then in the Southwest of the United States. The Hopi creation myth parallels this finding in its assertion that the polar center of the earth shifted from the now vanished Third World to the Hopi homeland on this present Fourth World. In Oahspe, we find in the Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy, chapter 1, verses 11-14, a verification of these polar shiftings: in the early tines, the earth was longer north and south than east and west. But the mvortexya, being less than the vortexya, the earth assumed the globular form, which was afterward attenuated east and west, then it again turned, to adapt itself to the polarity north and south. In these various turnings of the earth, the same force of the vortex exerted ever to the east and west. By which behavior every portion of the earth hath been to the east, to the west, to the north and to the south, which is proven in the rocks, and boulders, and mountains of the earth. Wherefore it is shown there is no north and south polar power in the earth as such, Furthermore the iron mountains show they attract east and west and north and south, without any regard to a central polar force in the earth. Wherein mortals have been taught erroneously in regard to two powers which do not exist as they have been heretofore set forth; These are the attraction of gravitation in the earth, and a north pole magnetism in the earth. The positive force of the vortex is therefore, from the external toward the internal and the negative force of the vortex is toward the poles, and the toward the pole external from the sun centre. Wherefore it may be said the force of the vortex is toward its own centre, but turneth at the centre and escapeth outward at the north pole, Now, Dorothy, you may surmise by this time Im building up to something, so stay with me! Having searched for the evidence of the Fathers footsteps on earth Page 13 of 351

and satisfied myself I found them, the Book of the Hopi with its first revelation of the Hopis historical and religious world-view of life, interpreting the hitherto unknown meanings and functions of their year-long ceremonial cycle is simply crammed with additives to supplement and parallel Oahspe: The Lord said: From these, my seed, will I people the earth over in all the divisions thereof. And that after generations, for thousands of years, may know the work of my hand; behold I give them a sign, which is my covenant to them and their heirs forever; which is my crescent, in the form of a rainbow; and whatsoever people bear this, my sign, shall be as a remembrance to me of my covenant. Nor shall they be destroyed from the inheritance which I have given unto them. (The Lords First Book, chapter 1, verses 49-50) Verses 61 through 72 of the same chapter also offer conclusive evidence to me these are remnants of the descendants of Pan. Now when I discovered this great Cross, Thwanasavi (Center of the Universe) laying in what is now the Hopi country in southwestern part of the United States having been formed by the migrations, this magnetic or spiritual center formed by the junction of the North-South and East-West axes along which the Twin Forces (Poquanghoya and Palongawhoya) sent their vibratory messages and controlled the rotation of the planet, I wondered like Craig, a great big WHY? Why did Jehovihs Angels have these people walk this continents back and forth, to and fro for thousands of years? What significant purpose were they accomplishing for Jehovih by so doing? Why was it so desperately important for this small handful of people to hold sacred one small area of this earth? Hopi prophecy always speaks of purification day. So I began to contemplate the deeper meaning of all this. We are in the arc of Kosmon. But how far? Just the fringe edges so to speak. Looking back upon other arcs as given in Oahspe, we read (Book of Cpenta-Armij, chapter xiii. verses 2-6): And there rose over the earth and her heavens, farther than Chinvat, a trident arc, broad as a world, of shimmering light., the countless rays of ethe, as mortals see the glimmering air in a summers day; hut the ethe was Page 14 of 351

of every color, hue and tint, reflective and brilliant, the clear soul of things separate, the very breath of Jehovih. It was the beginning of the form of the arc of Spe-ta, the deliverance of the earth and her heavens into a new condition Meanwhile, their high-raised companion, Cpenta-armij, known and loved in hundreds of etherean worlds, was down on the low earth, laying the corner-stone for Jehovihs everlasting kingdom, whereon should fall, presently, from out the arc of Spe-ta, a shaft of fire, the feast for the purified Chieftainess, who had for four years subsisted on the coarse provender of the lower heavens! And, touched by the hand of Immortal Light, was Brahma, long trained to look toward Jehovih; for his angel wife rose upward, leading his vision toward a realm amongst the Gods and Goddesses, whom he beheld in countless numbers receiving her most royally. Thus gazing on the glorious scene, the great man in soul came forth, leaving his corporeal part stretched on the ground. And Cpenta-armij and God took him; received the soul of Brahma, and held, in obedience to the sacred purpose, his place in the sacred circle with mortals three days. Then, on the fourth, the Chieftainess signaled her swift messengers; and they touched the currents along, till they ran high beyond the earths vortex, where the stationed Gods of etherea fastened on the etheic wave, extending to the great arc over all. It was the signal for the shaft of light; of which mortals have a weak and coarse symbol in the electric currents which tear things unmeaningly and without judgment; but the etheic current is not so small and purposeless, but mighty, and a tool from Jehovihs fountain of All Power, with skill, and learnedly directed by such high-raised angels as have had millions of years of experience, who know well what prayers deserve an answer from the Immortal spheres. From this description, we can readily see an arc is made up of the Mighty Power of Cosmic Electricity! It comes through the vortex and strikes the earth at a given point, directed by Jehovihs High Raised angels. I believe the Great Cross of Tuwanasavi over Hopi country is the sacred entrance point where the Arc of Kosmon will occur. Turn this great Swastica Page 15 of 351

of theirs over Hopi country, set it spinning and you have the secret form of the Universe in operation! David V. Vitlasenor in his book Tapestries In Sand (The Spirit of Indian Sand Painting) says: One of the most ancient of symbols, the Swastika, can be found throughout all the great cultures of the earth. To the American Indian it has special significance and will always be found rotating clockwise, from east to west, in the natural orderly movement of the earth. It may be interesting to observe that the late Nazi regime spun this powerful symbol counterclockwise by tipping it on its side, thus creating a complete antithesis of all that is natural, and substituting order with chaos. From the great center of life, four bars (elements) reach out to the four cardinal points of the compass, where we find Father Sky and Mother Earth sitting at the extreme horizon. Man and Woman (symbolically) have equal power of creation the positive and negative polarity which, when brought together in balance, brings forth new life, light and evolution. The center of the swastika is the symbol of the Great Spirit, the Great Mystery, out of which all things emanate. Oahspe: Book of Cpenta-Armij; Chapter II, verse 15 says: Thus spake Cpenta-Armij, her voice mellow and sweet, but so tuned to the spheres it could be heard the breadth of a world. And Jehovih, with whose power and will she had And Jehovih, with whose power and will she had learned to be as one, by long experience and studying submission to His will, lent a willing ear and strong hand. Outshot the flames, the buoyant force manufactured by less skilled workmen learning the trade of Gods, where whirled the million screws of fire, propelling, till the mighty ship reeled, and turned, and rose from its foundation, with all its joyous hosts aboard, shouting loud, and singing praise to Him who ruleth over all. Then turning round and round, slowly, spiral like, the great secret form and force of vortices now first revealed to man, to show the plan of worlds, and how holden in their places and moved in universal harmony and endless creation, the great airavagna began her course in the roadway of Salkwatka, in etherea, shooting toward the red star, the young earth. Page 16 of 351

What a tremendous service these Hopi people, descendants of Jehovihs chosen, have done for humanity! What a gigantic accomplishment has been theirs, this degraded, humiliated race have sacrificed personal dignity in the face of man to stand tall in the spirit of the All Mighty, against all civil thrown at them without mercy by dark forces, to hold till this end time the balance of universal forces for you and me, for America, the continent of Guatama, and the world of this planet! Can you see what I see, Dorothy? Can you see here enacted on the stage of the Fourth World the plan of the Sons of Jehovih? The necessity to hold this center of land sacred by the power of prayer, to keep its vibrations in attunement with the Magnetic Forces of the heavens directly overhead was vital to the LIFE of this planet! Why? Because through this Magnetic curtain we receive the charged power of the INFINITE LIGHT of the Father. Because THROUGH IT will come the GREATER LIGHT OF THE ARC OF KOSMON!! Seven times greater will be the light of our present sun! Seven times brighter than it now is! When that time comes, when our sun increases its energy, multiplies its energy seven times by coming into balance with INFINITE LIGHT, by coming to the center of the arc of Kosmon, the counterclockwise vortexial motion of the third density (which is negative) will come into an overlap of the 4th density which is in a clockwise rotation, and is of a positive polarity. At Kosmon or Cosmic High Noon there will be an illumination of minds because the vibratory frequency will be increased, we will be QUICKENED in our Mortal Bodies, through this process of accelerated time. The TIME Barrier will lay down. Time is eternity slowed down in vibration. Our vibrations will be raised, we will be LIFTED UP, we will be resurrected! The Frequency Barrier is lifting! It has been steadily lifting since the year 1958 when the sun completely reversed its polarity. Our frequency has increased steadily as we approach the center of the Arc and more things have been opened up to us as far as intelligence is concerned. When we come fully into the 4th density it will not even be necessary for us to use voice for communication; we will then be on a THOUGHT LEVEL frequency plane. We will start seeing things around us Page 17 of 351

that we didnt know were even there. As we pass over, our physical light of the sun will dim out to natural man. It will start to darken, so those who have spiritual consciousness or the LIGHT WITHIN will not be troubled, for the spiritual man on the inside is going to become that Light! They shall be the light of the world at that time. Spiritual people will be literal lights and they will, be seen as lights out of darkness, because the sun or Light of Jehovih has been planted in them they will be the sun of man. In meditation once I was told, you must become a lamp unto the night of that day. At the time I had no idea what it could mean. Now I do. One reason we are told not to eat meat is because of the vicious light emanations that proceed from flesh. If we can all become vegetarians, it will help our bodies rise in vibration, and the higher we raise the electrical frequency of each cell we will achieve proper entry frequency to the next higher state. Those who cannot do so will re-cycle in their present physical form. The lifting vortex of LOVE, seeing God in every person, in every place, in everything will see us each through these end times. WHEN THE GREAT CHANGE COMES, FLOW WITH IT IN LOVE.

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A Remnant for America Griscom Morgan (1969)

Sixty years ago Matthew Arnold spoke to a New York audience about the future of western civilization and, particularly, of the United States. He did not speak as a prophet foretelling doom, but as a man who, recognizing that our own civilization shares with all past civilizations seeds of eventual decay, looked beyond that end to an eventual rebirth. He was thus not concerned with the temporary ups and downs of fortune, but with the longtime hope. And the hope he held out for our distant future was that a remnant or portion of the population at large would so resist the tide of decadence, so maintain from generation to generation the virtues of a live and vital people, that it might constitute a sound core to our civilization and so survive its disintegration. Matthew Arnold was doubtless right in his prophecy. We may check his judgment in the case of France; for of the great nations, it, being oldest, has declined furthest. Whether France gets colonies or not, he said, and whether she allies herself with this nation or with that, things will only go from bad to worse with her; she will more and more lose her powers of soul and spirit, her intellectual productiveness, her skill in counsel, might in war, her formidableness as a foe, her value as ally, and the life of that famous state will be more and more impaired until it perish. And this is that hard but true doctrine of the sages and prophets of the inexorable fatality of moral failure of the unsound majority operating to Impair and destroy states. If analogy with an equivalent stage of Roman civilization should hold true in the accelerated tines of today, the United States has a major role to play on the world stage. But also if analogy with the past holds, the future has in store for our nation such a decline as must be deliberately prepared against, not only to save our own civilization from eventual extinction, but to save the tradition of civilization which we have inherited. To avoid decadent influences, those influences must be recognized and understood. Yet so widespread is our worship of the wonders of Page 19 of 351

modern science that the trend of decadence is probably less recognized and less understood in America than at an equivalent era of Greece or Rome. For example, the economic influences that are displacing Americas rural population and communities, making migrating, impoverished hordes out of millions of once independent farmers and workmen, are mistakenly regarded as concomitants of progress in modern technology. Yet the same economic process has been repeated in Greece, Asia Minor, Judea, Rome, England, and Russia over the past three thousand years. Greece and Rome made more vigorous attempts to stem this development than have been made in America, and they both failed. We have reason to assume failure on our own part. Conclusion The work and knowledge of the educator and the elite specialist is in no way an alternative to the independent folkways of the people and their common sense view and conduct of life. The substitution of extended universal academic training for the natural acquisition of folkways through life experience, even makes impossible the legitimate function of the school which can only succeed by building on the foundation of live minds ready to digest and assimilate what the school has to offer, This substitution is characteristic of decadent civilizations. It is part of an age-old process whereby monopolistic authority destroys the spontaneous culture of a people. A wise man once observed that such authority has the unvarying persistence to convert all knowledge into an imperialism which makes itself the moral, intellectual and material master of independent thought and action. The result is barren dogma jealously guarded against the questioning intelligence of the common man. The consequences of the dominance of the professional specialists are everywhere to be seen. The more religion is given into the hands of theologians, the less religions are even our ministers; the more teaching becomes specialized, the less truly educated are the teachers; the more justice is given into the hands of lawyers, the lower is the order of justice in the legal profession; and the more the medical profession assumes Page 20 of 351

authority over health, the less healthy is even the medical profession. Then when the professions perish upon the fall of a civilization, the people are left bereft of even their own culture. Appreciation of the true leadership of the specialist presupposes independent grounds of judgment. Spurious priesthoods thrive where authority reigns over ignorance. The capacity to judge the quality of the specialist is one of the most invaluable assets of a people, depending upon their folk culture and moral character rather than upon a smattering of learning.

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Meditation Alfred Holmes (1969)

Hast Thou still a purpose in our writing, O Creator? What is that purpose? Our original idea was to exercise and cultivate the habit of daily communion with Thee. It is part of our awareness and attunement. We have learned much through asking questions of Thee; and we would continue the practice in order to bring forth whatever further light is needed in our world. We are trying to hold to the theme that we are here to serve Thee, and for no other purpose. But the habit of self-thinking is hard to break. We find ourselves falling into the old ways whenever we are not alert, and positive in purpose. And often, when we have practiced our attunement faithfully for a while, reactions set in, and we have to relax, and let go, and try to be nothing, neither angels nor devils. As a patient before an operation must try to relax, trusting completely in his doctors, so must we trust in Thee and Thy angels, knowing that the diseased parts are being removed successfully, and that we will soon be back at work, normal and healthy again. There are times when we are touching neither an extreme of angelic feelings nor an extreme of self-feelings, when it is wonderful just to be normal, just enjoying the ordinary things of life. We thank Thee for such moments of peace and relaxation. We know it is not necessary to have special luxuries and special entertainments in order to be happy. The greatest joy of living is in the awareness of oneness with Thee, and in serving Thee, and being attuned to that special wavelength which is in harmony with Thy heavenly states, and with Thy all-pervading will, wisdom and love.

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In The Hour before Dawn Anonymous (1974)

I come to speak of Purity, to entice thy thoughts upward and outward, away from the earth. Why do I choose this hour? It is at this time that the earth is giving off her substance, actually becoming less and less substantial. During the day, the earth receiveth both substance and light. Man, animals and plants are most active adding to their substance: growing, ingesting, eliminating. So it is that during the day mans consciousness is inclined downward to the earth, to earthly things. Mans body at best is corrupt, for it is entirely of the earth and at death haste is made to return the physical body to the earth, for without the spirit, the elements of the body resume their disorganized state, ready to be used again in the plan of creation. Before dawn mens bodies are most rested. It is the time when the greatest period has passed since ingesting earthly food, and the body and mind are at their purest. This then is the key to purity: that which draws thee upward, away from the earth. All else is impure. This be true whether it is a matter of food, doctrine, thy thoughts, or anything which doth affect thee in any way whatsoever. Thus it is that the diet of those who would prophecy, or who would hear such teachers as speak of heavenly things, is of fruits and nuts, high-raised, growing the furthest from the surface of the earth. For all impurity, whether of spirit or materiality, inclineth downward, and that which groweth in a high place is least contaminated. Sufficient is it to say that the flesh of any creature, including man which feeds on other creatures is impure to so great an extent that it is often impossible to awaken any desire to know of heavenly things. For the blood and flesh of an animal is full of its own wastes, and to eat thereof is to take into thy body that which the animal would otherwise excrete. A plant is of a different nature. A plant taketh that which is unorganized Page 23 of 351

from the earth and putteth it into order and removeth that which is impure. Canst thou eat a handful of soil and be nourished thereby? Yet through the agency of the action of plants in purification and storing art thou able to eat the substance of several pounds of soil each year of thy life. Since the plant taketh directly from the earth and hath little consciousness of its own, it leaveth the least imprint upon its substance which is used for food. Still it doth leave an imprint as thou canst find by noting thy thoughts and feelings and finding the inclination thereof after eating of but one plant food for several days. An animals flesh is imprinted the more strongly since it hath taken from the plant that which was only slightly organized and turned it into a more specialized form. This is why, even amongst meat eaters, the flesh of carnivores is repugnant, for it containeth both the imprint and the excrement of not one but many animals. For a time, after thy spirit leaveth thy body in the birth called death, thou dost subsist on the part of earthly foods which is exhaled upward during the night. Still does it hold true about the purity or impurity of thy food inclining thee upward and outward or downward toward the earth. For as thou hast formed thy habits during life, so shall thy habits remain with thee after birth into our greater, freer realm. This then is the second key to liberty. The first is Truth. The second is Purity For as thou canst not be truly free when bound by falsehood, so canst thou not be free while bound to the earth by impurity. Come thou join with thy teachers in, exploring the boundless universe and the glories of Creation. Thy earth, is but a small dark corner come join with us in ever increasing knowledge and liberty forever!

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A Faithist Prayer The Eloists (1974)

Our Father who art present with us, praise to Thee! I shall live this day to do Thy will, and help to bring Thy Kingdom on earth. I shall work to provide for myself and others, harming no one, but doing good to the best of my ability. If I fail at times to live up to my ideal, I will not condemn myself or others, but shall learn from my experiences, and push ahead to a higher and higher way of life. Temptation to do wrong shall be a means of my growing stronger as I rise above the lesser self. With Thy help, I shall conquer all darkness and deliver myself from evil to become a soul of light and love for the good of the whole world.

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Faithist Groups and Communes Arnold Arias (1974)

In the Book of Judgment and the Book of Jehovihs Kingdom on Earth, the importance of affiliation is made very clear. Not only is affiliation better for the spiritual grade of an individual, preparing him for a higher resurrection upon his entrance into the heavenly worlds, but Faithist affiliations do more to help the world by preparing the way for the building of the Creators kingdom on earth. What follows is a brief description of the various Faithist groups and communes I have visited. Each is a jewel with its own facets of beauty. Together they form a radiant necklace fastened around the world to begin the work of Kosmon, the creation of Jehovihs paradise on earth. ARKANSAS FAITHISTS (Address withheld upon request.) This community of nine Faithists lives communally on 40 acres, farming their land and building their own structures. They believe severe tribulations are coming to the world, and they want only dedicated Faithists to visit or join with them. FAITHIST FARM, BOX 112, Tiger, Ga. 30576 Surrounded on three sides by a national forest, this group owns 80 acres. Their central structure is a mansion with two kitchens, three bathrooms, and numerous rooms for worship, recreation, dining, crafts, and guests. Wall to wall carpeting and wood paneling contribute to the comfort of the house. They also have a whirlpool bath and sauna with a bathroom in the rear and four mobile homes. Various books of interest to Faithists are printed there, and they produce the Fairy Cross and the Universal cross of the Creator (with circle and leaf). The demand for their jewelry is great, and Faithists would have much to contribute, for the demand on their jewelry outweigh the supply. When they are able, they want to raise orphans and have already collected many baby cribs, potties, etc. COLORADO FAITHISTS (Address withheld upon request.) This is a large group of young Faithists with infants, who are musically inclined and Page 26 of 351

hope to become successful rock and roll musicians. They will inform other Faithists of their plans, when they feel the time is ripe. (Hint: If they make it big, guess what they want to do with the money. DAWN FAITHISTS 9544 W. Metcalf Pl., Milwaukee., Wisconsin 53222 This group of young Faithists who meet regularly in their homes, hopes to build Jehovihs kingdom on earth as it is described in Oahspe, by joining with numerous dedicated Faithists who have faith in Jehovih and are ready to leave Uz and build unto the Almighty in His unoccupied forests and fields, raising His orphans to rejoice In their Creator, hearing His voice and seeing His heavens. THE ELOISTS Drawer O, Duxbury, Mass. 02332 Founded in 1918, this group of Faithists lives together on an estate in a pleasant section of New England near the landing place of the Pilgrims. They meet every day at noon for Council, praying and praising the Creator, reading Oahspe, meditating, and dancing to music. They farm; freezing much of their food for winter, and they hope to be used as instruments to help cleanse the world of its spiritual darkness. There is a great feeling of spiritual peace and harmony with this group, good for psychic and spiritual development. (Ed. Note: Due to the unusual nature of the work this group does, write or call before visiting. Do NOT call during the period from 11:45 am to 1:30 pm local time as you would disturb council. Your cooperation is appreciated.) THE ELOISTS (New Jersey Branch) .49 Trafalgar Dr., Colonia, NJ 07067 This is a part of the above mentioned group, and their weekly meetings are very similar to the noon councils of the Mass, group. Many of the members of the New Jersey group visit frequently with the Mass. members. Many of the members of both groups hope to move further out of Uz in the future, that they may better serve Jehovih in the raising of His children. THE FAITHIST JOURNAL 2324 Suffolk Ave., Kingman AZ 86401. This group also meets daily for noon councils of prayer and praise to Jehovih, dedication ceremonies and readings from Oahspe. They print the Faithist Journal and numerous other books of interest to Faithists, encouraging Faithists to affiliate and work to help build Jehovihs kingdom on earth. They Page 27 of 351

hope that some Faithists will join them in Kingman, by buying land nearby and becoming their neighbors. In this way, Faithists will learn to love one another as neighbors and be able to build their relationships to the deep harmony needed for the giving up of self for the building of His Kingdom on earth, The Faithist Journal group has harmony with their neighbors, and other reasons why the group is founded on more secure ground. (Ed. Note: We hold our councils at 12:00 noon local time, all are welcome to attend. Please do not phone during the period from noon to one oclock as it would disturb council.) THE VOICE OF JEHOVIH SERVICE CENTER 2256 Coronet Ave., Anaheim, CA. This is a rather controversial group within the Faithist movement. Some believe they are not really Faithists, and they tend to believe they are the only real Faithists. The truth is somewhere In between. Their beliefs are certainly way out: They believe a chocolate-pudding-like darkness will cover the earth, and later there will be a revolution and 55% of the world will be taken to the moon in starships, where they will be housed while the earth Is cleansed and prepared for `JAHOVIAHS kingdom on earth. And this is only a partial summary of some of their beliefs. Faithists should be advised to look into this group, indeed all groups, with great reason and logic and some down-to-earth common sense. Remember, words are cheap. Good works done unto others is the important consideration. How can Jehovih be best served here and now? OAHSPE FOUNDATION, PO Box 1058, Phoenix, Oregon 97535. This group is trying to buy land for a colony site. They are in the process of producing The Light of Kosmon for young people in communes throughout the country. They are slightly modernizing the language of Oahspe (your for thy, etc.) and printing the main doctrinal books of Oahspe like Judgment, Inspiration, Discipline, and The Book of Jehovihs Kingdom on Earth. They believe a time of tribulation and hardship is coming to this country and hope to relocate in an area of safety where they can better serve Jehovih. (Ed. Note: We suggest the use of EXTREME CAUTION in dealing with this group, if you must deal with them at all. The Faithist Journal has received a number, of letters of complaint from Faithists who have been frightened, Page 28 of 351

coerced and worse, by the leader of this group. The founder has stated before reliable witnesses I am not a Faithist. These letters are maintained on file at the offices of the Journal and may be inspected by any who desire further information.) COMMUNITY OF SHALAM PO Box 83, Albion, CA 95410 Living communally in the Redwood forests of California, this group farms organically and tries to perceive Jehovih in all His creations. They have numerous books and are very studious. They live in dome-like structures and feel that the outside world is rapidly approaching an apocalyptic fall of anarchy, depression, war, and possible planetary upheavals, like the time when Pan was submerged. They feel this will be part of the Creators clean-up, in preparing the way for His kingdom on earth. KOSMON UNITY Walton on the Hill, Walton Manor North, Tadworth, Surrey, England, U.K. KT 20 78A Founded in 1903, this is the oldest active Oahspe-related group. They publish the small, dark green Oahspe, as well as the Kosmon Unity magazine for Faithists and various books for Faithists. Four of them live in the same country manor in a wooded area south of London and others of their group live in London or other parts of England. WWII and the bombings scattered their membership across the island, but they have a worship service once a month in their chapel at the above address. There is more to this group that can be revealed only after a Faithist has joined them and lived with them a year. They have asked that I keep this added information a secret. Next summer I will again visit the English group and a group of Faithists in Bombay, India. This is not a complete list of Faithist groups. There are probably many groups that have not made themselves known yet, like the Colorado and Milwaukee groups that only became apparent to others this year. If any groups feel I have not correctly or adequately described them, please correct me, preferably by writing into this publication, so that your answer can be known to all. We all want to hear from you, and I am trying to let others know that Faithist groups exist. I do not feel that any group is THE GROUP, if any group can ever be THE GROUP. I think that each group is a piece of the puzzle, a brick of the foundation. By putting the best of each Page 29 of 351

group together, a fuller picture, a more secure part of the foundation is produced. One group knows a lot about farming and building. Another group is good in music; another has studied healing, another child- care, another diet, etc. Perhaps these different groups or parts of these groups will join together on a large parcel of land in an isolated area and start building Jehovihs kingdom on earth as it is described in Oahspe, raising orphans and removing themselves completely from the world. Most groups agree that they are preparing toward this end. Perhaps many of these groups will attain that goal. Possibly, these groups are just training schools for the real work to come in the future. Whatever the outcome, Jehovih will bring His Faithists together and He will build His kingdom on earth. Let us concern ourselves with serving Him to the best of our ability. If you feel that you could best serve Jehovih by joining one of these groups, then please write them and try to visit with them first. It is a wide, wide world full of possibilities. MAY JEHOVIH GUIDE AND DIRECT US ALL THAT WE MAY BE INSTRUMENTAL IN THE BUILDING OF HIS KINGDOM ON EARTH!

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I Am Music Allan C. Inman (1974)

I AM MUSIC, most ancient of the arts. I am more than ancient; I am eternal. Even before life commenced upon this earth, I was here in the winds and the waves. When the first trees and flowers and grasses appeared, I was among them. And when Man came, I at once became the most delicate, most subtle, and most powerful medium for the expression of Mans emotions. When men were little better than beasts, I influenced them for their good. In all ages I have inspired men with hope, kindled their love, given a voice to their joys, cheered them on chivalrous deeds, and soothed them in times of despair. I have played a great part in the drama of Life, whose end and purpose is the complete perfection of mans nature. Through my influence human nature has been uplifted, sweetened and refined, with the aid of men; I have become a Fine Art. From Tubalcain to Thomas Edison a long line of the brightest minds have devoted themselves to the perfection of instruments through which men may utilize my powers and enjoy my charms. I have myriads of voices and instruments. I am in the hearts of all men and on their tongues, in all lands and among all peoples; the ignorant and unlettered know me not less than the rich and learned. For I speak to all men, in a language that all understand. Even the deaf hear me, if they but listen to the voices of their own souls. I am the food of love. I have taught men gentleness and peace: and I have led them onward to heroic deeds. I comfort the lonely, and I harmonize the discord of crowds. I am a necessary luxury to all men. I Am MUSIC.

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The Voice Gisella Faldowski (1974)

The Voice is the Soul of all things And speaks not with trumpet and tongue; It utters in heaven and earth; Its silent to thunderous song. In the soul of every creature Dwells the Fathers sacred Voice; To animals it gives instinct The guide to humans is with choice. Mortal men have many roadways That they can walk to depth and height; The still Voice leads on to heaven Those hearing it not, tarry and fight. In ages past this Voice was weak And only chosen few could hear; Now many thousands do perceive it Glory to earth! Kosmon is near. O brethren! Let us cultivate This precious seed He placed in all Tended with His love, and light; We help to shape it straight and tall. Like a mighty, crystal current The Voice will speak with force divine; The multitudes on our earth planet Will harmonize with THE GREAT MIND.

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The Inspiration of The World And The Glory of The Morning Star Don G. Pickard (1974)
The depth of the Soul is often revealed in the words of hymn writers. They speak of an inner dissatisfaction felt even in the midst of an abundance of material prosperity. There is an indefinable aching void. Behind the words lie the unspoken declaration I feel, but cannot express the feelings adequately. The poets and musicians have also felt and tried to convey it in language finer and more sensitive than normal modes of utterance. The sacred writings of all Religions express this. The appeal of the God-men Saviors of past cycles of time was precisely the claim to satisfy this ache of the Soul. The intangible something missing was what the Redeemers promised to provide. Though of the essence of the intangible, it is just as real as anything objective that can be felt, touched, tasted and handled. The souls of millions have tested these claims and still the soul is filled with a sense of that which is missing, for which it longs so desperately to know. In the language of soul, the spirit of mortals and even millions of angels give vent to the sad lament: O Morning Star, Thy Glory veiled from sight, And mortals cannot see, In dark thou art as well as Light And I would turn to Thee. And the Morning Star seems to hide itself. The soul seeks, asks and knocks, often for many a long year. It is like the Sun hidden behind the clouds. There is a deep mystery in this, a hidden truth of life well below the superficial level of things. It is well to recognize that the world is full of the illusions of things, being more like the shadow of a thing is to the substance. It seems solid enough, yet is a never resting perpetual motion of Page 33 of 351

eternal vibrations. Only the spiritual matrix is real. The rest is of the order of transitory things, ever changing and becoming something else. It is full of magic and inviting charms, all of which are embraced in the expression The inspiration of the World. Though it be incapable of filling this void within the soul, it tries to deaden the feeling by constantly filling the world of a mans thoughts with ideas of things to do and say, so that he has little time to ponder the deeper facts of life, or even the inclination to do so. It has a strange hypnotic power, very potent, and full of danger to the soul. In the New Bible Oahspe we find in the Book of Inspiration a statement regarding the inspiration of the world, spoken by the Creator, the Great Spirit E-O-IH, directed to the soul of every man and woman: Few only will turn away from the inspiration of the world and come unto Me. (Book of Inspiration, Chapter IX: 16.) Why is this so? Is it not clear what constitutes the spirit of the world? The prophets and great teachers of the Great Spirit made it quite plain. Read of the Scribes and Pharisees, those descendants of the Hasidim, who were so scrupulous as to commas and dots, but blind as to the underlying spirit at the back of all Law. Listen again to the prophets who denounced the worldly spirit of their times. I will have mercy, not sacrifice. The smell of their burnt offerings is a stench to my nostrils. Read again the sayings of Woe unto Ye and there can be little doubt, for these in every age breed rank and social privilege, and the establishment of a society of class. For these are the prizes the spirit of the World gives, yet none can take them with them when they die. The same sickening stench arises from the modern burnt offerings and are all rejected, even when offered with prayer and praise, because they are formed of the Spirit of this World. What then is the Inspiration of the World? It is the outworking of the seven Tetracts, not personal devils, but impersonal tendencies that grow within each soul from early days of childhood. The first utterance I want declares it. This is mine confirms It. I must have also tells of a tiny growth, a self that can be a world within itself, or a world of happiness that may bless many. These are the words children say, and the spirit that gives them life is the deadly spirit of the Page 34 of 351

world. It charms and allures, making each self to strive against its brother man, till in the end it gathers them all into giant conflicts of major wars. Ever is the gentle voice of the Creator seeking to undo this inspiring influence, so that the soul will weigh the matter with Godlike judgment, perceiving all from the vantage of a nobler world where these are completely reversed. The inspiring angels of the higher planes weigh and assess the actions of nations and individuals, noting their habits and ways. Few see them at this work for only on set occasions is the communion between both worlds made obvious and apparent to even the most skeptical. But the overshadowing angels, seeking in this work their own advancement in wisdom and knowledge, often ask the questions: Why do they turn away from the Higher Light? Why will they not turn unto Him who speaks from within their own souls? Why do they attain to be their own worst enemies? To the Gods who have charge of these many missions they ask: How best shall the inspiration of the worldly spirit be overcome? From the wisdom of thousands of years the Gods recall the similarity of growth on many worlds like earth, of the ups and downs from childhood to adult age, and from this wisdom see the trend of earthly happenings as surely as if the future already was the present. For in the past, the Universal Soul spoke to only one here and there who had been raised specially to reveal the Light. In this cycle of time, the Voice within all Souls will be felt by thousands all over the world. In the cycles still to come, the many millions will be able to understand, just as it was with the I-e-su of ancient days, and the Gods will again walk and talk with mortals. The ode of Goethe, expressed in the ninth symphony of Beethoven, will be uttered by a vast brotherhood, a chorus of mortal voices, as they feel the mighty power of the least seen and most silent One O Morning Star, Thy Glory veiled from sight. And mortals cannot see In dark thou art as well as Light And I would turn to Thee. So will these words be added to the Theme of Goethes Hymn of Praise, for they originate from the same source of inspiration, a spirit not of Page 35 of 351

this world. The worldly spirit is deeply entrenched, and is most strong. Its roots do not come up easily. Even the words written here can be read yet not necessarily read with understanding. The spirit of the world will always place a veil across the mind, and bring the higher light down to the level of the commonplace. Why is the Glory veiled? Why should the light seem to want to hide away? There is a merciful wisdom in this. It is hidden by the coarse and lower vibrations of corpor, and it is this octave in the celestial spheres that manifests corpor, and hides the glory of the unseen worlds. The morning star, the sun behind the visible sun, is not seen, and in the minds of many not even believed to be. It hides its glory from the natural senses lest the sons of men are dazzled by its brilliance, and so go from one extreme to the other within the passing hour. Neither will it ever shine like the sun on a summers day all at once, for it is too considerate of the frailty of the mortal frame. For gradually the soul must attain to bear the light of higher worlds, because of its intense power of magnification. Not only the Light, but the darkness as well, both are magnified and stand in true colour for all to see the contrast. It leadeth very gently the soul of man, always leaving him the right to choose for himself. Such is the wisdom that has its own reasons for seeming to want to hide. Till the inward eye is opened, the real seems unreal, and the unreal seems solid and lasting. Only then is the perspective of things true. Then the unseen becomes more real to the soul than the seeming solid earth that in actual fact is nothing of the sort. The eyes of men see little of what is all around, hear not the music of the spheres, nor understand the nature of the rhythm of higher vibrations. The oceans and the lands of a world all around the earth remain unnoticed even though the departed spirits declare them as a fact. The Higher Etherean Worlds beyond, where nothing of the worldly spirit can abide, is a foreign land of which little is known. But when the inward eye begins to see, the strangeness of the unseen becomes more like home, and the world a place of no fixed settled habitation. Then only dare a man say The Prince of this World cometh, and he hath nothing Page 36 of 351

In Me. For he has overcome the spirit of the world, overcome it within his soul. Those whom the spirit of the world captivates see it entirely opposite to this, and always will. Only so far can words give light and guidance. In the end the soul must know of these things in its own experience. In dark thou art as well as light. This is said in the Psalms as well. Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee: but the night shineth as the day; the darkness and the light are both alike to thee. (Psalm 139:12) (Ezra Bible, Ed) Now these words are well worth careful study. They are not understood, though their true significance is there quite plain for all to see. Men attribute all that emanates from Light to come from One who is Perfect and Good, yet that which cometh from darkness they say is of Satan. They then find themselves in the dilemma of reasoning there must be a duality in the God-head, a God versus a Satan, two contestants of superior might. Such a train of thought leads more away from truth than it draws closer. The hidden remains hid, inscrutable behind a deep mysterious silence. Yet were it not for the darkness of soul, light could never be fully known. Were it not for the ache of the soul, all the opposites and extremes would have no meaning, for they would not be felt. Each of the opposites forms the contrast, so that darkness and light are part of the one. Both light and darkness are in the soul, for the two are part of the One. It is as a fortress, and in this citadel the defenders of the worldly spirit stand on guard, knowing that the enemy must endeavor to overcome. Both are true to themselves. Cometh the wooden horse of the Trojans, whose hidden warriors of light remain unnoticed till it is too late. For it is from within that they overcome. And this is the nature of the darkness in the soul, but rarely is it felt or understood, so that men blindly curse fate, or question why a God who is good permits the evil to destroy his works. They fail to see the Morning Star is just as potent in the depths of darkness as it is in the region of Highest Light. And I would turn to Thee. It is not easy to generalize about this, as it is a personal experience different for every soul. Some could never say exactly what happened. Others may be aware of the unseen watchmen Page 37 of 351

who change the guard but never slacken for a moment. Others perceive that mind substance is all-powerful and the real battle ground lies in these higher realms. A few understood, but even for them the fight with powers and principalities was long drawn-out and prolonged for many a year ere the issue was decided, Behind all these variations is one deep fundamental truth. Deep In the depth of darkness, Highest of All in the Nirvanian Heights, is the Heart of the Great and Mighty Spirit E-O-IH with a cord of love tugging at each single heart and soul. It is by this ceaseless tugging the soul is never permitted to unconditionally surrender to the inspiration of the world. In the end it has to turn its back on the worldly spirit for the call Come unto Me is the call of its beloved One. In the distance we can hear the music of the spheres. In light, colour, and sound, with melody and counterpart, change of mood, sadness and joyfulness, the Oneness of the souls of millions is heard to singing the music of a Hymn of Praise to the Creator `Jehovih. (E-O-IH) Let us pursue the study of Worldliness yet further, for nothing is more confusing than this. If misinterpreted, the result is invariably Religious beliefs leading to extreme positions, and the consequence is the crucifixion through ignorance of the spirit behind the doctrine. The words of Christian scripture that have been read with so little understanding are these: If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of Life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof; but he who doeth the will of God abideth forever, (Epistle John 2:15-17.) It is virtually impossible to separate the distinctions if we insist on applying them to people, or the beauty of creation as we see it all around, and this the preacher stated at once. He recognized the boundary lines of the love of the world, or worldliness, are difficult to define. Unless we define, we merely flounder in a sea of opinions. The first idea suggested by the world, is the world of nature. But this is not the love of which is prohibited. We learn in three ways. First, the working of mind, Love, Justice, Tenderness, once we know these we Page 38 of 351

understand what the worldly love is not. These belong not to the spirit of the world but a spirit much more refined and sensitive to spiritual impulses. (Sermons - Rev. Frederick W. Robertson, Published 1906) The world of nature is the outer garment, the changing symbol of a reality we cannot see. To love this is not at all to Love the Worldly Spirit, for this lies in the actions of men who pervert this glory for selfish aims. The eye of self looks upon all this which is Holy and sanctified and it becomes changed. It seems not a potential Paradise, nor a possible Heavenly Kingdom on earth, but a garden of weeds. It is enmeshed by the Tetracts; it sees with eyes of lust, flesh, eye, worldly-glory, all these it views with relish. The glory of the Kingdoms of this world are reflected in all the nations of Europe, and upon the worldly spirit is founded the established Order that perpetuates Inequality. The poor remain, If not poor, hedged in on all sides. The rich grow richer and the gap is always there. The Pharisees judged the same issue in the lifetime of Joshu. In their desire to emphasize Love not men, but God, they framed the word Corban so that whereas a man might wish to support his parents, the Law of Corban insisted he gave the money as a Temple offering. The worldly spirit takes the gifts from the heart and says These ought to be given to God. The same spirit builds magnificent churches and leaves the poor only with the prospect of a happier hereafter. The spirit of Corban permeated the Established Religion; and so it gained considerable wealth. Its Trustees invested legacies in stocks and shares, and the poor still cried out for social justice. It is sometimes thought that by the world refers to a mans profession or occupation, as if this is in itself irreligious. It is not so. Any office presents the opportunities to function towards a noble idea, like justice, or use it to become personally richer through the advantages office bestows. Work itself is sacred. It belongs not to the forbidden world. Define Worldliness, It is determined by the Spirit of a Life. Let us eat, drink, be merry, indulge every appetite till it is exhausted. Let us worship the glory of the world, be subservient and respectful to those set in authority over us. Let us attach ourselves like limpets to pick up the crumbs Page 39 of 351

they drop. This is the Satanic philosophy which clearly defines it all. And thus the years of life pass quickly by. Even the lusts of youth give way to time and the changing structure of the body cells. Even the pride of life loses its hold so that in the evening of life you look back and say as Solomon did Vanity, all Vanity. Then rises the glory of the Morning Star to speak of newer life, more purposeful, more abundant. Forsake these things and turn unto Me, for I am Thy True Inspiration. We have sought for the truth in this for one good reason. It has been sadly misunderstood. The voice of Satan said to the Christian, Forsake these things, have nothing to do with the World. The more strict in Faith took example from the Pharisees of old and became brethren who lost the contact with people that is itself Life. Now the great teacher Sakaya put the matter in true perspective centuries before they found their way into Christian teachings. Satan calleth out from a dark corner saying: Remain thou within the wicked world, and leaven the whole mass. Again he calleth from a dark corner, saying: Go thou away from the wicked world, be as an ascetic, praying alone, living alone. Again be calleth from a dark corner, saying: Thou and Thy friends are too pure to mix with the world; go ye away privily, and let the world take care of itself. Now I say unto you, do none of these things; and, in the same breath I say, Do all of them. (Oahspe - Gods Book of Eskra, XXII: 9 - 11) And in the working out of these words of priceless value and deep spiritual insight lies the only safe and certain way of differentiating between the Spirit of Worldliness and the Light of the Morning Star. The light that was with Sakaya was the Light of the Great Spirit, E-OIH, as it was with Joshu of Palestine, and this Light cannot err. It was because the Religion of Europe was established on a deliberate perversion of the doctrines of Joshu that many a Christian bent on finding the Living Truth failed to define the nature of the worldly spirit, or come to know the Morning Star within his own soul. Page 40 of 351

Many of the hymns the faithful sang also added, rather than detracted, from the sea of confusion that abounded. For when they spoke of the Morning Star, it was with reference to the name upon which the Faith was founded. And each Religion had its founder, so that to the Angels who surveyed the ways of mortals, there were always at least four major claimants to this title. Yet none of these claimed in themselves the glory of which we speak. For that Glory is unto E-O-IH alone, and these great teachers were men in whom this Glory shone. So confusion was added to confusion by the failure of men to recognise the one and only True Morning Star of All. In the Book of Inspiration from which come the words: Few only will turn away from the inspiration of the world, and come unto Me, it is also explained that you may take the most understanding of animals, the dog, and say Jehovih to it as often as you choose, but it will not understand understandingly. Thus the Glory of the Morning Star must ever remain veiled, until it can be perceived with understanding. Till then, the spirit of Worldliness will ever seem the victor. The worldly spirit, the lust of the Tetracts in the soul to enjoy to the full the things the natural senses feel, the inspiration of the world, all these are one and the same. They are hard to escape from. The factors of environment and heredity play a great part in these things. But when the soul heareth the voice of the Father, he hears not a voice of Judgment, but a gentle, sad voice, fully aware that the wisdom that is beyond mortal capability to comprehend must ever work itself out in this manner, so that the final glory of the Morning Star may shine with radiance and perfection of soul. The Father does not explain this at the time, for it is sufficient His Son or Daughter has come at last, unto Him. Even the words written, the ideas enlarged upon, the wisdom of the wise teachers, all these at best are indirect inspiration. Only personal experience is for any, direct inspiration. Though he tell it to others, for them it is indirect inspiration. At the last, the soul must go it alone. None other can ever be substitute, for each one is unique. Page 41 of 351

Father, Around, and Within and Over All Spirit Dove (1975)
Father, around, and within and over all, Grant that we of corpor should come to understand Thy Ways and Seasons. Teach us to look first unto You in all things that we might better know ourselves and Thy Will within us. Forgive us for our slow and erring ways and lift not Thy patient, gentle hand from our eternal lives. We humble ourselves before Thee, knowing that there is nothing without Thee and Thy Presence. Amen.

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Stranger on The Shore Don G. Pickard (1975)

He stood, gazing into the distance as if waiting for the arrival of someone. The atmospherean ocean was much like the waters on earth. Though not quite alone, he stood apart from the other small groups of spirit people. Strange though it may appear, many could not say exactly when or how the change had come about. If, instead of gazing out to sea, you looked in the opposite direction, you would see houses and gardens, colors richer than the flowers of earth. The spirit people would be quite the same as those on earth, having as many diverse dispositions and interests. At first you might be puzzled by all this. It is so similar in some ways, so different in others, especially as to ease of movement, it being more of a gliding motion calling for very little exertion. It is far easier than carrying around a dense body that wearies easily. There were mountains and hills, areas of land where all was bathed in a brilliant light. There were shaded valleys where dwelt those with problems and haunting fears, or secrets they wished hidden. These were unhappy souls, and though there were helpers who tried to be of assistance, they could not remain for long in these dark regions. The problem lay mainly in the variation in vibrations as a result of which in these realms beyond the earth, emotions were more powerful. On earth, emotions can be repressed, but anger here was like the explosive blast from a gun! Painful effects were felt by others for considerable distances. Many were unable to do much on account of emotional power being magnified many times, for the new body is capable of feeling intensely, and so is more sensitive. Many problems arise on account of feelings intensification. Though good gives greater harmony and pleasure, darkness is also magnified. On higher planes, the power of magnification is even stronger. It then becomes extremely difficult to have dark or secret thoughts for those who have Page 43 of 351

progressed in these realms can read thoughts before they are expressed. I observed the stranger on the shore, curious as to why he stood alone. He was strong, and amiable, giving an impression of gentleness. Was the stranger waiting for someone he knew? Suddenly, I realised my very thoughts had been overheard, for by my side stood a very youthful person who said, I couldnt avoid reading your thoughts. I can answer your question. He stands there for a good reason. Many arrive in these realms by sea or land from all the continents on earth, and though you see groups of people waiting for loved ones, not everyone has someone to welcome them. We have many here who feel the anguish of such loneliness and they volunteer to watch the shores so that when lonely folks come they can be made to feel wanted. In the distance I saw a boat. The horizon was more distant than on an earthly shore, so I expected it would be some time before it reached the shore. Since it did not seem right to intrude upon the privacy of the scene shortly to take place, I decided to leave.

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The Function of Tae Joan Harmon (1975)

The Creator has made all forms and all life within them to exist in a constant and everlasting state of flux. There must necessarily be all degrees from unripeness to ripeness expressing about every grade of expression conceivable. The sum total of the highest at any given time on a planet is given a name expressive of that ascendancy and is called TAE, the highest general expression of mankind. Grades of people depend not only on heredity but also upon cosmic conditions. At periods when cosmic conditions are favorable, there appear individuals among people who are head and shoulders above the others. Through these individuals, new ideas, more light, more encouragement for spiritual growth in various ways are given to others so that new and higher standards become known and practiced. People are caused to rise in grade for several generations. Often, people who call themselves Faithists people who dedicate their lives to the All Light, the Ever Present Creator, are capable of receiving great inspiration. Seeing the discrepancy between themselves and others, they disassociate themselves, except from a few. The wisdom they are capable of disseminating is moving and powerful, but all too often they keep it locked up in themselves and that was not what it was given to them for. True enough, such knowledge may not be for `everyone either, but often more good could result if it were spread a bit more among those who are truly ready for it. What is it that makes some inspired people so reluctant to share the Light they attain to understand? Some say, Id rather not mislead anyone. This can be self talking. Light comes from the Creator. There is nothing misleading about it. It is self -flattery to think it comes from self enough to mislead anyone. When others are allowed to share light, they grow and make permanent changes in their ways of thinking and acting. Certainly this Page 45 of 351

is to be desired, and the very basis of Jehovihs kingdom on earth. Why, when so much general good can be done, do some so fear and avoid bondage then? Would you not willingly even take on bondage to do the Creators work? (However for the most part there may be no bondage involved.) The Light given you could not have been merely for yourself alone. Some say, I give light only to those who ask me for it. The Journal asks you for it. Often we know whom to ask but not necessarily. And we often do not know what to ask. Help us and the Journal to do the Creators work; to channel help and light out to those who seek it. Not all information is for all, but we pray for the ability to discriminate and channel some things into print, some into personal contact and correspondence. Part of laying the foundation of the Creators Kingdom on earth is to establish planes of spiritual concepts, Truths become spread in the course of human relations then incorporated into wider and wider circles, adding up to spiritual progress among increasing numbers. Setting an example is part of it. The tendency to idolize the ideal is called Seffas. Having our Ideals reinforced, raised, clarified, is all part of spiritual progress. No one person is Tae, and we all need the Creators Light as it comes through you, just as we try to share what comes to us. We know you are busy. It takes time to sit down and write or type information. But as you give out what is given to you, more will be given you the time to do it will be provided also. The more you share, the more you will be given,

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The Matchless Voice of E-O-IH Don G. Pickard (1975)

My son be not afraid! Thy life shall be forever. Life of My Life thou art; none can take this away. Life of cower is a taste; life of Es, the feast, Hear thou My voice, O son of Man, I am Thy Creator. The son of man gazed skyward, to him no void, but filled with life, It seemed a vast cathedral through whose open roof he viewed with opened inner eye, seeing planes beyond. The music of the spheres, its central note, clear, rang in the depths of his soul. My son, though mortal life men take away, the life within cannot be touched. My words, O son of man: I have made all men to be free. Only with this freedom can they learn to know? Light like a silver cord stretching from every form of life, revealed many threads in the ethe, linking everyone. All links rising to Him who holds each within Himself, each a part of Him. Like gentle ripples on waves, currents of the carried His words throughout the Universe, In vain dark powers tried to check the winds that traversed millions of worlds, potent with power, directed by mighty will. These powers could not return to Him who sent them, until His will was done. Throughout these many worlds were those who heard these words. Through descending plans they were transmitted, inspired by angels to register in mortal thought. In time these rooted deep in mens souls. Hearing the Voice of the beloved One, the, were not afraid. Knowing of immortality, truth set them free. Within each soul the Voice spoke: ``My Son, My Daughter, know thy Life is forever. The son of man looked fearlessly at death. Death was only the guardian of the door, and once passed closed it forever. In Es worlds it was not. My son, be not afraid; death serves My purpose and thine. Thou canst not live on earth forever. If not for death, would not life be hell? The son of man replied: O Voice within my soul, how tell the sons of the earth this fact? The Voice replied, Pave faith In Me alone, I will show a way. In the unseen worlds, Gods of wisdom heard the sounds of soul, for nothing there is hidden. All is light and crystal clear. These Gods of Majesty Page 47 of 351

read into the heart of the Eternal One the way each soul would hear the Voice. Go now, Ye Gods, the Voice said, remove the clouds around their world. Then reflected power of My Light shall stream into their souls. As those at-one with Me perceive My thoughts and plans, so teach thou mortals every child of man is forever My son, My daughter. Then will their Faith in Me expand and they become like Gods, So did the Gods of Wisdom and the Lords of Mind prepare the plan, They proved the life of Es objectively and undermined the ancient (false) Gods so that clouds were scattered and light shone clearly. Because His light no mortal could withstand, He gently gave reflections of His mighty power, to suit the vision of the sons of men. In course of time both light and sound were sensed in every soul; the sons of men ceased war and peace reigned. In taking form and shape, projecting thus their presence, these Gods at-one with everlasting Light showed mortals the endless ladder whose height none could attain. The everlasting Light cast rays on all, and all heard the Voice. The life of earth is but the taste of Life: the Life of Es the feast indeed. At first, these words seemed strange. Mortals believed in the earth life for its own merit, riot that it was a beginning to a higher life like a feast. Fuller richer Life, expanding without end, was beyond the scope of their minds. Their own experience was three score and ten. They had no gauge by which to measure things beyond the senses of touch, sight and taste, Dreams came subjectively but had no substance or measurement, could not be defined. Teachers said Why doubt ye this, for whilst on corpor Es remains subjective, but when ye know of Es objectively, behold, then corpor seems just like a dream. Of many things these teachers spoke, for the matchless Voice would not speak to all mankind until all the work of preparation had been done. The son of man developed the inner sense through the discipline of concentrated thought and passive receptivity to spiritual things. In the silence deep within, he recognized the source of all those thoughts which came to him from without. As the wind they came, whose origin none knew, came and went, oblivious of all law. In this the spirit ever surgeth free, Page 48 of 351

inspiring whom lie will, by virtue of His presence, supreme, beyond all law. O spirit, said the son of man, Is not thy presence in all that is? Yet even so, how long ere every son of man shall know this fact himself? My Son, the spirit said, Observe nature. I do not cast aside the old at once, but bring all change according to My long term plans. When it cometh, men hardly perceive change has taken place. I clear the air of clouds, and bring their world to higher spheres; then the senses in each soul are ready to receive My words. In course of time they lock hack to the present age and say `what tools the ancients were, not knowing that these things are bound to be. O Great all-discerning Spirit, replied the son of man, How great the measure of Thy wisdom, even Gods fail to comprehend. Thou fillest all life with illustrations of Thy ways. When they ask for wisdom Thou makest each to see the truth of things from within and without. My son, the matchless Voice re .lied, Blessed are all who hear My Voice. Tell them how to listen and know My Voice from that which is counterfeit. Then the Lords of Mind explained again the way in which the Voice Is heard, describes the chains of light through every plane of life, and showed the waves of power and energy vibrating at terrific pace throughout the Universe. In every little atom, it was as a Light a fund which spoke to every cell of matter told it what to do. Behind each particle and element was the archetype of life. lf the atomic counterpart that was the life and power of every cell. It matched each to dance and sway in rhythm to a celestial tune. When this was fully understood one knew the Voice was everywhere, always had been thus and was greater and more powerful than all the Gods and Lords. Though for a time mortals could be deceived, in the end that matchless Voice Would penetrate all hidden depths, and `soul that was in every man would recognize the source. The son of man comprehended. O Great Eternal Spirit, he said, in the end they all must come to You, forsaking all the lesser lights rather than betray the truth. For so the soul Thou hast made, to sense like a horning bird, the One who made it, to know by virtue of Thy presence the route Page 49 of 351

which leads home. May Thy great Name be known to all, Thou art most beloved. May the speech of soul touch all who live, and Thy Name extolled. The unseen friends who read the thoughts of all, had marked the way in which the Voice touched a human soul here and there, saw them as lights, lamps of white above each head. These they overshadowed, standing watch day and night, watched as in the wise of time the lights increased, each kindled from the everlasting Emme. Then spoke voice to voice, thought to thought, and in the written word, Long after these lights had passed beyond the orbit of the earth, their words and thoughts lived on, still seen in etheric waves as lights whose source came from an everlasting flame. It was ages ere the Sons of men comprehended the reality behind all life, could not for countless centuries grasp that the pen was mightier than the sword. The pen did scribe the written worth, and behind the word was thought expressed, back of which lay other thoughts, and back of those the Matchless Voice. For in the first place, He alone gave utterance to the thought. The son of man was slow to learn. All that is deeply profound grows slowly upon the soul. Pondering this, he wondered if in a blank mind the Voice would speak more clearly. For the Voice would come only when certain things had been done, in order and with due reverence, like the worship in the higher worlds. The mind at peace, free of obsessive thoughts, free of bitterness and hate, contented in itself, would in the stillness magnify the Voice, but in the conditions one normally finds on earth, the Voice could seldom speak and was drowned by noise. The son of man longed to tell others of the matchless Voice. He saw fears and darkness in the mind, giving a quality life ought never to have. Men had many fears, first of all, that of death. Most mortals were unaware of that which lay beyond. Those who claimed knowledge, only quoted others words or spoke of truths they did not understand. Original truth had long since been perverted and, in the course of ages, lost to mind. In the souls stillness the son of man found inspirational seeds to sow. Here and there, into minds prepared to receive; the seed germinated and Page 50 of 351

grow. In the course of time light became a mighty flame. To each great flames hundred others were drawn. These in time fanned by the winds increased ten-fold. So was there formed a vortex round the earth, a power to enhance the power through which the Voice spake. Thus souls of many were touched, and so believed. It was the currents of vortexian power that carried the words of the matchless Voice, lodged them deep in the soul. These were words no other could copy or imitate. The son of man prayed, O Matchless Voice, whose Name is spoken in the wind, behold, the sons of earth have In this cycle heard Thy words, and glorified Thy Name. Grant us the joy to glorify Thy Name on other worlds, that all shall know Thee, Thou One Great Spirit of Eternity, E-O-I -H. In higher worlds the voice of praise was heard, by those standing in crescent. It attuned each mind to contemplate the mystery of Jehovihs love, Above the throne of a God, there formed a glorious sea of etherial fire. Awe and reverence deepened, the light grew brighter still, and from the midst of that bright sun came words in language all could hear. It was the Fathers Voice yet gentle as a Mothers. That Voice was indescribable, it spoke of love and power and wisdom that was without end, could grow in every source forever once that soul had been awakened by Jehovihs words, Though words of others could stimulate and lead, only One had everlasting right to say Beloved. I AM. On wings of prayer rose as one the words of countless millions, of Gods and Lords and angels wise and holy, whose love flowed like an endless river unto the Person of that Voice. In each and every one lay memory of the past, when first the soul had heard Jehovihs matchless Voice, My son, be not afraid! The life thou hast shall be forever. Life of My Life thou art, and none can take this life away, The life of corpor is as a taste of life; the Life of Es the feast. The memory was as if of yesterday rather than of ages past. The voice of God summed up the mood and will of all. Beloved, think thou of the sons of men who live their lives in darkness, and let us do the Fathers Will. Through God entranced, the Voice spoke tenderly, in tones Page 51 of 351

that spoke of infinite patience. My Sons and daughters, labor thou with Me, that all may hear My Voice, for only as they hear My Voice is all our joy increased. The son of man declared these things to a disbelieving world, to men who failed to understand a scheme in which total liberty was bequeathed to all. Of voices they spoke scornfully for darkness dwelt within. For in the darkness of evil lay power to oppose light, a power forcing disbelief. In every life form the matchless Voice spoke, in sound, light and harmony. Even in the elements the Voice declared a name. The life of corpor so deceived, men looked up at the sky and said; It is all in ever-ending void, there is no Voice, It cannot be. The Voice spake once, nothing happened. It spoke again, and all the darkness took flight. Again it spoke, and all was nailed with blazing light. In that light the Voice rang loud and clear, was heard by all, could not be denied, for all heard the Matchless Voice proclaim throughout the Universe There Is no void; I AM.

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Prayer Rick Cafero (1976)

Jehovih is supreme. I become one with my Maker who leads me forth out I was not

of darkness and iniquity into paths of light and knowledge.

created so imperfectly that I could not by the Grace of His Countenance, perfect mine own soul. My days are few on earth but Jehovih has provided for me sufficiently that I may fulfill my life. Jehovih has endless rewards for the souls of the righteous. Thee forever. O Thou Perfect All Knowing Father, I call out to

I see Thee in all things. Thou aboundeth far and wide. All

Who can measure Thee? Or call Thee smaller than Thy Creation. things are but drops in the infinite ocean or Thy Person.

But even the

sands of the beach Thou hast numbered for Thou art within all things, past, present and future. O Thou Ever Present Father, Thou Ever Potent

Jehovih, My Love goeth out to Thee as a ray which flows in the vast stream of creation. Thou Great Spirit of All, I shall never forget Thee, but shall praise Thy Name Forever.

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Omnipotent One Miriam A. Millburn (1976)

Omnipotent One, Thou hast desired me in thy image. Let it be so, O My Soul! Thy spirit is my spirit, Thy will be my will. My mind be in thy likeness, My brain working in Harmony. My body whole, My worthy desires materializing now. Thank Thee! I do thank Thee, O omnipotent one Of which I am a part. Eternal life and strength are here, And I am made whole through my Creator. I am now conscious of the splendor Of Eternal Omnipresent Spirit Substance Fulfilling all my needs. Thank Thee, Father.

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Grow John Hill (1976)

O peaceful soul, O child of the stars, O thought of stillness, O pure and holy and one strong eternal truth Within . Within this corporeal self, Within this aura of foolishness. Within this mind so unworthy, O love, O lover, Open your clear blue eyes. Open your brown arms. Open your golden hands. Grow in faith! Grow in strength! Grow and speak: Speak softly and clearly. Sing low and high. Spread your warmth everywhere! O rainbow of light, O garden of truth, O snow of love, Let your seasons roll over this dry and parched body. Let your inspiration burn away the walls That the river of unselfishness may flow.

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What Are We Waiting For? Julie J. Watts (1976)

OAHSPE teaches over and over again our ONENESS WITH our CREATOR and His nearness and availability. It teaches that all eventually leads to HIM and that His Love enfolds us and directs us to the ultimate consumation of the purpose of our EXISTENCE. A quest that draws us to the realization of the grandeur of our being. We have to dissolve the physical pull downwards till there is nothing left but the awesome truth, the limitless possibilities there are when we consciously merge with the very SOURCE Of our existence; Oneness with His Light and His Creation an extension of HIMSELF! The very First step (which is the most difficult), is to give up SELF! Self centralizes our power on division from the great truth of our ONENESS with our CREATOR! We function daily in our physical envelope and are prone to consider this mantle the real selfl ME, MY, and MINE are the tools that form the enclosure that imprison us in DARKNESS! With sincere effort, we realize that our bodies are but the obedient servants to the real I AM, enabling us to function on this physical plane, WHY DO WE WAIT till we discard our dense body, before we realize its only function? It is an ANCHOR and it is erroneous to consider it our true I AM! Let us realize that HIS PRESENCE gives us LIFE, and without HIM, we have no EXISTENCE!

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Love, Wisdom, Power Vernon Robert Wobschall (1977)

Love is Jehovih, blessing everywhere; Glory in the light, showering grace to share; Heaven opens wide to receive His care, Trusting gentleness that is eternal there.

Wisdom is the balance of an attuned mind, Suggesting remedy to relieve the blind, Using experience as a wheel to grind, Illuminating darkness for truth to find.

Power is action that will deliver might, Supporting motion in harmonious flight; Sustaining ev'rything to create delight. Forming direction with help of spirit sight.

So it is that Love becomes resurrections' first known fare; And Wisdom is thread, which from spools of knowledge, does unwind And Power is the cord that spins the vortex moving light, So Triangle, Holy, Sacred, reveals a jewel rare.

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I Shall Go Forth In Thy Name Rick Cafero (1977)

O Thou Jehovih, Everlasting Father. In thy Light do I covenant with Thee, to go forth in Thy Name, henceforth forever. I hear Thy call O Father; the love of Thy Lover, the joy of Thy joys; Thy beautiful voice of countless splendors. I shun the darkness that lurks in Thy shadow, to embrace the Light of Thy Person. Thy Love abounds forever, thy creations are endless, Thy wisdom is perfect, of unimaginable perfection O Thou, All Light Jehovih! Thou art forever the Light that shall lead my path. To purify myself and help others, and labor for Thy communities of Light, forever; I shall go forth in Thy Name E-O-IH.

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The Rose Don G. Pickard (1977)

The early summer rains had encouraged the growth of new wood. The little shoots, only a few inches long, were a miracle of natures inventive genius. Red and smooth, with thorns yet soft, all disclose the atomic archetype memory that completed the outline shape to form in silence that which already had been formed by Mind. Here was a mystery indeed. How did the wood know the hidden pattern of that which was yet to come? How did it know how to produce the end result, and even if it knew this, from whence came the fragrance, earth or Heaven? The rose was a sensitive person, for in a way everything is a person, in its own right, though its consciousness of being varies in many worlds. Was it aware that others gazed at it? Did it respond to human voices? Did it sense the harmony or otherwise, within the range of consciousness peculiar to itself? There were several shoots to be seen, some short, some long, as if to illustrate how in nature nothing is made twice exactly the same. It was a Page 59 of 351

living illustration of a beauty far surpassing all the other forms of beauty nature sketched on earth, as if life itself was writing of its own great mystery in the works of creation, so that the soul could take it in. I am too great and infinite to be perfectly expressed in any form or shape, but here I localize part of My Presence the nearest to perfection you will ever see on earth. Within the limits of form and colour and fragrance I AM. In this expression of Myself, I reach the soul of all. I tell them how I AM myself a person but not as they believe I AM. For the sum of all these persons is Myself. Consider then the rose. `I gave its fragrance by virtue of the fact, I MYSELF am present. Not as a chemist did mix the elements and compounds, for I take these from all the places in the Universe and do the mixing Myself. Behind all you see is that which speaks of Me. For I AM alone the Life of All forever, and all that you can say concerning this remains for all Eternity in these two words. Life Is. Let us therefore look at the rose with the comprehension of those who see behind the form of Very Soul of things. See it as a person, an illustration of what the soul of man must ultimately be like. We could not invent or design the rose, the human mind could not imagine it from that which was not yet perceived. The freshness of the rains is Life indeed. The rain is not the Life, but the means through which the Life comes. The blood is not the life in man, but the channel through which the life enlarges and makes the form expand. The ethe is not the life, but the substance through which the Life permeates all the Universe. Behind the Ethe is the atomic counterpart of all the atoms, molecules and neutrons, and this is but the carrier of the Life. The Life is everywhere and in its boundlessness liveth all that is of form and shape. The Life itself is E-O-IH within, beyond, and ever comprehensible in its entirety. How came the thought merely by contemplating a rose? We look at things, and rarely see them as symbols of greater more profound truths, yet every one hath speech to say if he will but enter silence and listen to the language. So the rose came to be a most profound emblem in the signs and sacred symbols of the Brotherhoods of Earth. So honored, they the rose as to give it place of prominence in the centre of a cross. So numbered, they Page 60 of 351

the petals as to make even these have deep significance. For as they unfolded, it was like Truth, Infinite Truth, opening gradually, inside revealing many layers in that which men called Truth. In the East, the mystics beheld the Lotus in the way the West considered the Rose. Unto each the form was different, but the underlying truth was the same. These spoke of a perfection beyond the mind of man to see. Perfection was unique to each, and in a way each had to strive to perfectly express it- self. It could not be stamped or mass produced in Heaven. Perfection was never the same to each. Perfection spoke of an excellence to be attained, and even when attained, was not Perfection for beyond lay even greater possibilities of excellence. One great profound lesson remained yet to be perceived. All things in harmony with Jehovih the Great Creator do not toil or fight and resist. They grow at peace within themselves, and become themselves by being One with Him. And this applied to all who live. It seemed the Rose was saying develop through your natural self, try not to copy others. Be not an actor showing many parts, but become yourself the self that is yourself. Be One with Him who made me so and he will do the rest. For the rose was its natural self. It simply responded to all the elements as they played upon its nature, receiving from each, resisting none. Surely the soul was in a way like this, requiring all the elements to do their work. All that man was called upon to do was ensure the soil was good, and the air fresh and clean, the weeds kept down, and in the course of time nature would do all the work. The rose was a symbol of a perfection none could excel. He who created it meant it to be a lesson all could read for in this form the Inexpressible and beyond all Forms had written clearly what Perfection was. Message In every age, the Creator speaks through instruments on earth, saying: Love one another. You are My divine sons and daughters. Love is the means of creating order, harmony and beauty. Love is the Ruling Power of the Universe. Practice love, and you shall be renewed in spirit, and liberated from the causes of suffering. I am the love within you. I am the happiness you are seeking. Page 61 of 351

Message from Above Agnes Castle (1977)

Direct always thy purest thoughts into the ethers for only the purest thoughts will be taken up and be magnified and recognized. Etheric substance has powers of tremendous values when directed properly and can save the world, enhance its beauty, release tortuous souls from their prisons of agony. Beauteous thoughts of the past are the bright lights of today! As the thoughts take form coalesce, attract each other, their structure enlarges, condenses and what you term reality or manifestation is put upon the world. From this thou canst see that ALL IS THOUGHT! God has given each of His children this magnificent power to use as he chooses, as he wills. The correct direction of thought will be the Golden Years of Tomorrow! Be thou EVER coming up into the higher structure of thought and power will be advanced to you to be used in ever greater enlargement. We are your Faithful Brothers of a Past Era guiding, directing and pulling you to the higher, lighter, more glorious spheres of evolvement!

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The Hermetic Clef Jim Dennon (1977)

For those concerned about when the Kingdom colonies will really begin, there exists a more definite time-table (the Hermetic Clef of the ancient astrologers). First of all, the Zodiac signs are disassociated from the physical star constellations. Stars do not influence us directly. This confirms Oahspe, but the 30 degrees of each sign that delineate the spiritual roadways, themselves do. The Great Solar Orbit is 25,920 years, divided into 12 Zodiac signs (30 degrees of space), of 2,160 years each. Each sign is further divided into seven 308 year governing cycles (corresponding to Dans). The exact 2,160-year Zodiac sign cycle operates in conjunction with the variable (3,072-year average) civilization ARC cycle. The governing cycles (Darns) of the past and future, according to the Hermetic Clef, are: AGE OF PISCES (280 BCE - 1880 CE) Past history generally known 280 BCE - 29 CE Sun Law-giver sent (Joshu) 29-337 CE Venus True Religion went underground 337-646 Mercur False Religions take over y 646-954 Moon Dark Age 954-1263 Saturn Lowest point in the Arc cycle 1263-1572 Jupiter Reformation/Awakening 1572-1880 Mars Intellect/Inventions/War

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AGE OF AQUARIUS (1880-4040 CE) The Present and Future 1880 - 2188 CE Sun Cleaning Cycle (Oahspe sent) A period of imperial greatness... empires will shine. Intellect will have full play. Time and space annihilated by new transportation / communication. Churches, creeds and dogmas will be destroyed. From their ashes, a New Religion shall arise with the motto: Veritas Excelsior (Truth Above). This era will proclaim the rights of man, essentially the Age of Reason dreamed of by Giordano Bruno and Thomas Paine. Science and Religion will become blended. 2188-2497 CE Venus Love Cycle/Peace on earth Women will become mans equal, socially and politically. Intuition will become superior to intellect. The occult will be taught in universities. Astronomers will again become astrologers. Drugs will no longer be needed, and will join the religious dogmas and scientific noodleisms of today. Then, shall nations abolish fleets and standing armies, kings lay aside their scepters, and the Universal Brotherhood begin. (Jehovihs Kingdom on Earth.) 2497 - 2806 CE Mercury Apex of the Arc The highest governing cycle in the current Kosmon Arc. The age of genius, assimilating all the stores of knowledge treasured up by past ages. Adeptship will be the highest ambition of the noblest minds. Science and art will reach their highest perfection. 2806 - 3114 CE Moon The decline begins. From the summit, we begin to retrograde. The mind begins to stagnate, and nations begin to relapse into Page 64 of 351

ignorance once more. The western civilization will not reach its next apex until 7300 CE. The predictions of Nostradamus cover about the same period of one sign, 2242 years from the year 1555 to 3797 CE. Only he lived in a time he could not spell it out, and had to resort to obscure verses which became clear after the fact.

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A Japanese Newbrough? Pete Barnes (1977)

In 1887, about six years after Newbrough revealed Oahspe, a tremendously mystical woman entered the mountains alone to practice religious disciplines. Her name was Nao Deguchi (1837-1918). When she was in her fifties, after a life of great hardships, she started writing divinely revealed material. This material or scriptures are prophetic nature. (She predicted the World Wars, the invasion of Japan, famines, the China-Japan war, the atom bomb.)Her book of revelation calls on people to return to an awareness of the sacred mind to create new structures of social justice and a value system compatible with survival. Her written (200,000 pages in length) struck a universal brotherhood theme which was unique for a Japanese group: She wrote: There is one God, the Original Root of the Universe; infinitely older than, Amelerasu, Omikami, the Great Sun Goddess from whom the Japanese imperial family claims direct descent. All men are His children and contain His essence. Hence all men are equal or equivalent and all racial, creedal, national, social apartheids are delusional and sinful. To realize this is to reconstruct the world and to found the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth. For the over 300,000 followers of these revealed scriptures calling themselves Oomoto (meaning great divine origin) are vegetarian in diet who eat whole grains and vegetables and some seafood but no meat. There are no professional priests in Comoto. No one makes his living by performing as a priest. The religion, which is humanistic, was the first religious group to stage protests against atomic testing and remilitarization after the war. In 1935, at the time Japan was a fascist state. The government decided that Oomoto and its followers were to be eradicated. In one night thousands of these humanistic people were arrested. All the Oomoto sanctuaries, head-quarters, and along with all office and branches were dynamited. I have written to these people but have not heard anything from them. If anyone would like to try to contact these people write David Kid 1219 Kusunoki cho Ashiza City, 659, Japan. Page 66 of 351

Prayer to Eoih Rick Cafero (1977)

Forever is Thy Light O Creator. In the Ever Presence of Thy indwelling spirit, I see Thy Light. Beautiful are Thy creations O Father. The worlds Thou createdst are for the joy and happiness of Thy children; Thy voice grows forever in our souls like beautiful flowers, as stars of the morning we go afar on the endless trails ahead, beyond the skies. O Thou Almighty, how could I not remember Thee, in all Thy creations! Thy wisdom and perfection are found in the least of Thy parts, in sweet fumes and beautiful colors, in strains of whistling pines and running rivers and rolling clouds. Rock layers of mountains and canyons show the symmetry of Thy hand in millions of years. O the magnitude of Thy works, O Creator. Who fashioned the boundless firmament of which even Gods know not the extent; who adorned the heavens with countless billions of worlds and stars boundless forever. None can deny Thee, Thou Ever Present. It is by Thy Hand all things are! It is by Thy Breath all things moveth and liveth. All parts are Thine, O Thou Great Spirit Jehovih! All Knowledge is Thee. When will man have faith in Thee? Can he be persuaded to seek the All Light, to live the All Pure, to follow Thy commandments in full? Has he found the Joy and peace of Thy chosen; united, living together, with songs of love and praise of Thee, O Father! O Thou Creator, Thy chosen are living proof of Thy hand upon them. Thou art mighty in their souls and gentle in their hearts, with good words and helping hands. Yea, Thy followers are living sermons, whose works are now become cornerstones for the redemption of the entire world. O Thou Eternal Ancestor and Quickener of all things, Thou art the power to accomplish. Thou hast not gone away and left Thy children to labor for themselves. Thou art always near and ready to those who desire to serve Thee, with a willing heart. O that man could rind the happiness of Thy loves; that he could see Thy emancipated heavens. O that he knew the meaning of the word, salvation! Thou has said unto man; Have faith in thy Creator. I am the foundation Page 67 of 351

for all good and all progress. Cultivate My Voice within thy soul and thou shalt rejoice in thy life forevermore. Ever those who had faith in Thee needed Thy commandments. Their communities were blessed by Thy hand. But those who had not faith in Thee went down to destruction. Their cities were ruined, their wars multiplied on the earth, they were overrun with spirits of darkness. Will man ever learn from the mistakes of his predecessors? When will he understand that Thou alone art everlasting and all endurable? All other things vanish, but Thy wisdom endures with Light forever. O that man would not lock his soul up against Thee, but trust in Thee forevermore. Forever art Thou the joy of my soul, the love of my speech, O Father. I will not complain against Thee; Thy hand is always put forth in the furtherance of Thy Kingdoms. All honor and glory unto Thee, O Jehovih, Thou Great Spirit! Thou art greatest and mightiest of all. Thy love will find its way in the hearts of even the most unripe who turn about and proclaim Thee forevermore. Thy Light only will I search for, O Eoih, Thou All Person, lead Thou me, by Thy Light will I serve, forever! Amen.

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Oahspes Kosmon and Communism John F. Lindh (1977)

The Photo-Copied 1882 edition of Oahspe published by Ray Palmer of Amerst, Wisconsin states in the Book of Eskra that the heavenly record of heavenly events in the Arc of Bon is 3300 years in duration which ends with the last event in the Book of Es; the commencement of the Olympic Games in 1896. John Newbrough, who revised the 1882 edition of Oahspe in 1891, changed the Book of Eskra from 3300 years to 3000 years for the purpose of making the two books of Eskra and Es total to 3400 years; the actual length of the Arc of Bon. However, John Newbrough died before 1896 and therefore did not grasp the significance of the 3300 years stated in the original edition of Oahspe. Had he lived to see the commencement of the Olympic Games in 1896 which is the last event in the Book of Es, he would have understood the significance of the 3300 years in the original edition of Oahspe. The significance is that the last one hundred years of the Arc of Bon are not mentioned in Oahspe. Therefore 1896 is 100 years (3 generations or 99 years) before the end of the Arc of Bon. Consequently, Kosmon arrives 99 years after 1896 or 1995. Apparently the Olympic Games is the event referred to in Chapter 18 in the Book of Inspiration concerning the event which was to take place subsequent to 1881 before the date of Kosmon could be determined. Finally, it is now clear that it was always possible to determine the date that Kosmon arrives beginning in 1896 when the Olympic Games first began. Another matter which Faithists should give their attention at this time is that communism must and will pass away before the Creators Kingdom on Earth can be established. This Kingdom is scheduled to be established in the U.S.A. 33 years after Kosmon arrives. Its subsequent establishment in the other countries of the world must be preceded by the end of Page 69 of 351

communism since Communist Countries would not permit their citizens any free choice to perform a way of life different than their type of communism. As a result, the writer believes that two generations or 66 years after communism began; that is 1963, the world will see the end or the beginning of the end of Communism as it is now established. The only form of Communism which can succeed is that which was designed by the Creator as set forth in Oahspes Book of Jehovihs Kingdom on Earth. Invocation May the All Father show us the light we seek. Give us of His Love, Wisdom and Power. There is a peace that passeth all corporeal understanding; it abides in the hearts of those who truly serve Jehovih. There is a power that maketh all things new; it lives and moves in those who know the All List as One. May that Peace reign over us and that Power uplift us till we stand in worlds Etherean with all our brothers and see them face to face. May Jehovihs Blessings pour forth in all the worlds as Peace.

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The Creator and Ourselves Anonymous (1977)

Atman is the self in us, AT-MA it comes from its root words. At means that which holds. There is something that holds the psycho physiological organism. It is something that sustains this body. This body has come from food, is sustained by food, and should go into food. But something greater than food or matter is energy. Food and substance is converted from energy, and that something which holds energy is mind. Energy is converted from mind. But there is something else which holds mind or the psyche itself, this nucleus of the psyche and that is called atman. So atman means that which is imperishable and that which holds everything. That is the inmost self in us. Without that, these outer forms of being cannot be held, cannot exist. For example we move in this space and the body has its being in this space. Space is the medium in which all physical existence is existing. But where do our thoughts exist? in what space? That is also a space and we call it the space of consciousness. The spiritual reality, the spiritual plane which transcends all this we can call the real dimension. This is the dimension which transcends the whole of the universe, the dimension that is the existence within which all spaces (physical and conscious) are held. It is an aspect of the Creator and so we call it infinite. It is also the Creator in us, the unseen seer in us, the unheard hearer in us. Without it we cannot think. Without it we cannot see. It is the same thing that sees in the eyes. This self in us, this root consciousness, though it identifies with the psycho physiological organism, is very subtle like an atom and infinite at the same time. So long as we identify with the body, mind, intellect, and ego, we have understanding that is nourished and tutored by the different knowledge of the world. Then we cannot realize that which is infinite. But the moment we cease identifying ourselves with material things, that exposes us to the spiritual knowledge. We realize immediately our atomicity for we are almost like atoms. Immediately we realize we are infinite; this is the root truth. Here we realize the Page 71 of 351

inconceivable, unthinkable truth, the Creator. Then, in becoming in tune with Him, we become more perfect in this world. The other world is not only somewhere hidden in the clouds and up beyond the stars. It is also in us. Every day we go into the other world, and we come back from it without knowing it or knowing what is is. This is a defect. The Creator is in man, the root of his being, not what the average man conceives Him to be. The Creator must be unthinkable by man. If we can understand the Creator by mind, that means that we are understanding only that mental form of him. He must be in our understanding but beyond our finite comprehension. So we are one with that infinity and we cannot even conceive of ourselves by the use of the mind. Seeing the Aura Half a dozen members of our group are able to see the human aura. Of these, children see it most easily. They see auras around people all the time, but can be too busy on some days to look or to remember what they see. From these people and a couple of small books of theirs Ive picked up the following odd bits of information. Your aura is a constantly changing electromagnetic field. It changes when you feel well and when you dont, changes in size, and in color. When a person is losing energy there is a shimmering haze of white on top of the head. In addition, your thoughts influence your aura. For example, there was a school teacher who noticed that whenever a person was going to lie or he evasive, a horizontal streak of yellow green shot across their aura over the top of the head it never failed! How nice it would he if everyone could read auras, could even see them; then we could all be perfectly candid with one another and there would be no reason for anything else. The aura about a womans body is a little different than it is about a mans and the aura about a pregnant or nursing mothers body is unique. People with no auras are about to die. One person was about to enter an elevator he had rung for but when it arrived decided he would rather took at reel sweaters so did not enter when the elevator arrived and the doors swung open. As it left he thought there was something peculiar about Page 72 of 351

all the people in the elevator no auras; and within a minute the cable broke and all the occupants went crashing to their death! A small hard very harsh grey or orange-brown aura belongs to a person with no spiritual aspirations. A business man whose sole ambition is connected with profits and wealth will have an orange and red aura. If the auric body is encased in a hard shell no one can break through it to approach the person and they will be very lonely. Only the person himself can change it, by becoming more cheerful and generous. Broadmindedness and generosity makes for pink in the aura. The religious nature makes it blue. When the reds of passions have been lifted and transmuted, they mix with the colors of intellect and may appear mauve. The colors of intellect are charged with blues, sometimes lemon. Saintly people who give of themselves for the good of others may have a bright yellow aura. When one has been ill and is recovering much of the aura may be light green. There is an odic force connected with the aura and when in proximity of other people we are taking in and giving off something electronic all the time. In connection with this we know of an important member of one group upon whose right no one ever sits or stepsand all are directed to the persons left. It seems that the person on the right takes in or absorbs some electronic something which is essentially spiritual; while at the same time the person on the left absorbs in exchange something essentially physical. No wonder it is so difficult to be in a roomful of people for any length of time no matter how much we like to be friendly and sociable. And no wonder it also depends so much on the particular group of people (as well as where we sit or stand.) It would, in part, explain why the extreme drain is felt from being in crowds. From the children I learned a basic but fascinating fact the books dont mention: that the aura does not move as fast as its owner does, it trails behind a little more slowly. It was suggested by an aura-seeing person present that an objection to crowds by a sensitive might have, on that basis alone, a rational explanation, since in a crowded store, one might be walking through the trailing auras of many persons before getting out. Page 73 of 351

There is a way to develop auric sight. Take a magnet to bed and get in the habit of looking at its emanations under the covers in the dark. To develop a better awareness of colors you see in auras place strips of colored paper in different envelopes, relax, breathe deeply and slowly till you can hold no more air, hold it, bear the full lung pressure down on the pit of the stomach for a few seconds, exhale gradually and all the time envision the seven main colors: red, orange, yellow green, blue indigo, and violet. Imagine a globe of light constantly changing color. Then hold one of the envelopes in your hand or against the middle of your forehead and try to visualize the color within it.

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Soul-mates Justin Titus (1978) 1. If the male takes his complementary mate woman into his bosom and become twain-one, how is it that only one angel is mentioned in Oahspe instead of both when selected as Lord or God? Seaningly if theyre producing together as a twain-one battery, they should stand equal in Grade? Ans. Only one angel was present. A regenerate male and regenerate female united make one whole angel; separated they are half angels and are termed cripples. No cripples are accepted in the third heaven because they are unqualified for the third resurrection. Two saintly spirits of the spiritual kingdom must progress to the same grade before they are qualified to lawfully experience the third resurrection. There are no old bachelor nor old maid angels in the third heaven because they cease to be such when they unite and become one complete angel. The productive voltage of an angel is far greater than the productive voltage of a saintly spirit. Two saintly spirits united become one whole angel, and they stand equal in grade. 2. Is our present God really a twain-one whose male aspect is to the fore at this time? Ans. Oahspe says there are millions of false gods in the four dark corners of the temple. Some of them may be living with females, but they are not legally, according to divine law, angels; they have not grown through the grades and are not truly mated. All true Gods have fulfilled the law of the grades, and function as twain-one beings. Our present planetary God is indeed constituted thusly, and the male aspect is to the fore at this time. The locale of an angel may be at the fore at another time, and we will live under a Goddess. They can change places at will, and even separate Page 75 of 351

bodily from each other if occasions demand. They retain their twain-one personalities throughout the eternities. They are not prisoners, but live in freedom and joy within each other, The writer was given the opportunity of vicariously experiencing their joy, and found it to be unspeakable. It cannot be revealed because there are no words in an language in which it can be expressed. 3. Would this information have been too confusing for man in 1881; so not revealed till today? Ans. It was revealed before 1881; by the angels through Emanuel Swedenborg, by secret societies, and ever in games of chance, i.e. Jack, King, Queen and Ace in our common playing cards, also in the Tarot cards, etc. The information is still confusing, and it is evidenced by the questions fo many puzzled people. Most mortals do not become aware of' the twainone relationship until they get into the resurrections. 4. Is the universal archangel or planetary angel commonly known in heaven as only one person? Ans. It is little understood, if actually known, in the dead-end heavens of many false gods. This is evident by the manner in which they treat their women. This is true even here on the earthplane. All angels within and above the third resurrection are known as twain-one persons. It takes both the genders to make a productive married couple here on earth and likewise in the heavens. Only in heaven the relationship is much closer. They really live in each other. Each can actually feel the other within hisher being. They are truly one person and are known as such. The planetary angel ascends and becomes an arbhangel. The archangels, instead of functioning separately as a single planetary angel, unite their minds in the power of the Alnighty, and because they do so are able to work universal wonders. Page 76 of 351

5. If so, what is the deciding criteria to determine male or femaleness, since one hears of' both Gods and Goddesses? Ans. The female half of the twain-one remains truly feminine, but she contains receptacles within her being whereby she can receive the masculine; likecdse the masculine in his relationohip to the feminine. They can separate themselves from the twain-one state to identify themselves to others as on one occasion they did for me. They can do this at will and it is no fairy story. The Infinite Twain-one is the Almighty Factor that determines whether the angel shall function as a God or a Goddess. The decision of the Infinite Twain-one is determined by the state of the world and its need. The state of the world at the present time indicates to the writer that we need a change from the rulership of a head to the rulership of a heart from the government of a God to the government of a Goddess. All signs seem to be pointing to the fact that we are coining into a woman's world. Instead of a secretary of war, we need a secretary of peace we need to pound our swords into plowshares. We need armies and navies of peace we need armies of creative action. We need men and women loving each other instead of functioning in hatred to kill eachother. A Goddess functioning in the fore of an angel will bring us a reigi of love and peace. We are overfed on mind and underfed on heart. The world is in need of a change of diet,and the Infinite Twain-One is the criterion. 6. Is the person's soul-mate his or her best friend? Ans. The answer is no if you are speaking of friendship as expressed here on earth. Soul-mates are two halves of one whole new being, an angel, and they are always of opposite gender; they are opposite in polarity but equal in grade and power. There are no homosexual nor lesbian angels in heaven. Such are genetic twists; they belong to mortal man (the old man who is subject to death). All abnormalities of sex are removed through resurrections and the grades. There are no best friends in the higher resurrections as all become loving and wise brothers and sisters under the Page 77 of 351

Fatherhood-Motherhood of the Infinite Twain-One. Soul-mates are divinely ordained from the beginning in the likeness of the Infinite, Twain-One Creator. A close friend can be a loving spiritual brother but never a soulmate. Such would be spiritual perversion and disorderly under divine Law. There is no perversion of sex in the higher spiritual kingdoms; however, best friends when of opposite gender could possibly be soul-mates. Resurrections, growth through the grades and time will tell. Don't be in a hurry in placing your tag on a person of the opposite sex in this world. A husband and wife can be good helpmeets in this world and still not be twain-one. Dur to considerations of respectability, honor and the propagation of the human race such helpmeet relationships are excellent substitutes. The answer to your question could be yes and no, yes if a person is of the opposite gender. 7. How is it that Aph, Orian Chief, Son of Jehovih, has as his chief closest friend the Orian Chief Sue? Book of Sue, Ch. 11, Vs 8. Ans. There are tremendous brotherhoods-sisterhoods in the universal heavens. Here on earth we have Masonic Brotherhoods, Knights of Columbus Brotherhoods, etc., but among all fraternal relatives, we can still have one or more chief closest friends; however, a male cannot intenningle his being with another male and become an angel as do the male and female of the twain-one angel. I assure you that I have experienced the angelic intermingling of beings, and found it to be beautiful, progressive, sweet, wise and powerful beyond words to express. It is orderly and corresponds to the Infinite Twain-One. The perverted union of male to male, and female to female leads to the deathlike state that is termed "The Agony of the Void." Believe me when I tell you that I have occupied an infernal body and experienced initiation in the infernal, also that I now occupy a supernal body and am experiencing initiation in the supernal. Aph had every right to have Sue as a chief close friend as long as it was in pure Divine Order; however, had it been in perverted order, it would have been totally illegal. Only the Twain-One Angel can experience a perpetual Page 78 of 351

renewal and enlargement of being through intermingling. the other within his being wholly and completely.

Each can feel

8. On earth can Mr. Jones be one with his wife yet be said to have Mr. Smith as best friend? Ans. A true husband and wife relationship on earth is beyond friendship with man at any level of expression. The relationship between husband and wife may even be the twain-one relationship of an angel, and through growth will attain to such a lofty plane of expression. If one living in such a perfect state of marriage should pass to the next world the one remaining on earth would never marry again. If Mr. Jones is truly twain-one with his wife his regard for Mr. Smith, his best friend, can not be other than purely platonic.

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Vortices Within Vortices Colurnba Krebs (1978)

Atoms are tiny infinitisimal. vortices of energy with a nucleus of protons and neutrons (like a sun) with electrons of like number orbiting around it (like planets). Then there are the accompanying isotopes (the spiritual side, just as we have souls.) Out of these atoms are composed the various forms of creations, of all sizes and densities and essences, etc. according to the number of electrons and matching proton-neutrons so are the rates of frequencies. The next larger such vortices are the Solar systems of a galaxy, with planets orbiting a central sun (or two as in binaries) in each. Binaries orbit around each other. Solar Systems in turn are huge vortices in the even more gigantic vortices of Galaxies! The Galaxies in turn orbit around a grand central sun in the center of the whole universe or, this part of the Universe. And so on, as infinitum, worlds within worlds, and universes within the cosmos. The scale of colors froni red up to violet that we can see Symbolize the grades and refirements of essences and speed of vibrations. The lowest we can see is the red, and below that is the irifra red. This represents the most crystallization of matter of physical materials (like ice is) The next up the scale in frequency is the orange and the yellow of a high rate and finer essence like water. The next upare the greens and blues , of yet higher vibs and finer composition like steam. Then up to the highest we can see of the violets, like air, beyond which is the ultra violet. Ultra violet light is so powerful that it can kill germs, but one must not look directly at it as it is hard on the eyes. Drab colored grey stones when placed under ultra violet light burst into brilliant rainbow colored hues of exquisite intensity! Oh infinite Creator how wondrous are Thy magnificent works! Oh the majesty of Thy constellations! Help us to use all our energies to spread Page 80 of 351

only beauty and idealism, to counteract all their opposites in ourselves and in the world, for Thy glory!

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Soul Development Walter DeVoe (1978)

The Creator is the Presence of Intelligence in every degree of nature; for all nature is His Nature, and every form is a portion of His Intelligence. We have senses which perceive His physical nature spread before us in inconceivable grandeur. For He is everywhere, in the sunset, in the rainbow, in beautiful people, in the mountains, in the seashores. We also have more or less developed spiritual perceptions, which as yet but dimly perceive His spiritual nature and its angelic inhabitants. All forms of His Nature are Good in His sight, even though apparently evil in our sight; because all are developing forms of His intelligence. Ignorance is but a negative form of Intelligence. Ignorance begets experience, and from experience comes wisdom. In all creation we see His Presence coming to consciousness and in the Spirit of Understanding, we see as the Creator sees, that All is Good. The great Consciousness of Jehovih is in your soul awaiting realization. Your intelligence is good. All your good feelings are of the Creator the Creator acting, loving, giving out through you. When you express good feelings constantly, you make those around you feel good, and awaken the Intelligence in them. Thus you arouse their divine nature and attract them to the good in you and into attunement with the Creator. The Creator is an inconceivable power in you now, in your thoughts and in your feelings; the very Power that enables you to will and to do. You live from the Omnipotent Power day and night, and by the right use of your thought and will, this creative Intelligence will come into expression through you. Think the truth that All is Good because all is the Creators nature, and He will vitalize your faith and manifest in your life and affairs. Feel Love for all and you will feel the very Life of your Creator blessing alt creation through you. Your thoughts are receptacles, living cups for Healing, for the Healing Spirit. When your thoughts are so pure that they Page 82 of 351

see no evil, they are luminous with Divine Intelligence, and enable you to see with the understanding of a God into Jehovihs purposes. How do you develop faith? You can develop faith hourly by affirming thoughts of Truth and generating feelings of Love. This is the hidden secret of how to regenerate your entire mind and body. The truth is that The Creator is in you, you can know His inspiration and you can voice His words of power. When you say I Am it is an affirmation and you speak the name and power of Divine Being. This should never be said unless something very positive follows it. Your present mind, body and affairs may have been generated from limited mortal thoughts and feelings and unless you are very high in grade indeed, this is so. Then you take the name of your Creator in vain when you affirm the limited beliefs of mortal thought and feeling if you say I Am, for example ~ Am sinful, weak, poor, sick, unsuccessful . According to this limited faith you have created limitations. Now you can re-generate or reform your mind, body, and affairs from the faith born of the Thought of Jehovih, the Creator. Your thought is your faith. Your faith has been as strong or as weak as your thoughts. All the possibilities of a new, strong faith are opened to you as you regenerate your mind by the development of positive thoughts of Truth. Do not separate feeling from thought, for it is the life of thought. You can know the Creator only through your own thought; only as you can conceive of the beauty of His ideas, and express their quality through your own nature. But you can know as much of Divine Love and Wisdom as you can generate through your thoughts and feelings. The possibilities, the potentialities of a God exist within you, and by daily study and practice you can build yourself a spiritual temple of thought which will reveal the Health, Beauty, and Perfection of a soul of Godlike grade. Soul development requires as much study and practice as the learning of any art or science. The student should consecrate part of his time daily to the cultivation of his soul nature. He should retire into a room Page 83 of 351

alone, or into the quietness of a secluded retreat close to nature and natures peace. Material work and plans, and all thought of material things, should be put aside, and the whole mind be given to deep study; not in extended reading, but to the application of the lessons and thoughts that strengthen the spiritual nature and give character and dominion. As your mind, by the exercise of praise, prayer, affirmation and blessings, is lifted from the negative to the positive state, from the mortal to the immortal range of feelings, you will become aware that you are communing with the angelic Beings who are the perfected Ideas of the Divine Mind. They will touch the inner springs of your soul life as only awakened souls can. They will hold your mind in the emanations of Divine Thought, and quick- en your soul to a new consciousness of its power as the expressed Image of Divine Wisdom. As you cultivate communion with Jehovihs Thoughts, and keep yourself positive with the faith and love of your Creator omnipresent and omnipotent Love, you will become one with the angelic Army of the Almighty, and grow in the Power to serve all humanity.

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On Oahspe Don G. Pickard (1979)

It is the most profound book in the English language. All the questions mortals find coming up from some unknown deep in themselves, find somewhere in Oahspe a guiding light that helps them rind the answers for themselves. Without in any way adopting the dogmatic confident tone of the preacher, who has convinced himself the whole of truth is contained in his Book of Books, Oabspe merely states the facts of the unseen worlds, the history of the past, and the things that prove all life is One life. Truth is suggested. All concLusions you are left to arrive at by letting the words make whatever impression they happen to do. The effect is to change things from within, gradually working outwards. Attitudes are changed, merely because they are etched on a wider background. Much peace of mind comes from real knowledge. You are not asked to have a blind faith in anybody or anything, buta faith that grows with the knowledge. For the mind may be likened unto a room in semi-darkness, with thick curtains preventing the sunlight from coming in. Oahspe lets the sunshine come in, by virtue of the power in all mortal minds to receive of the light. Indeed, there is no human mind so dark, it cannot receive of light. And the darkness is more caused by fixed notions of religious ideas, heaven and hell, paradise and purgatory, that ever by anything having substance in reality. The darkness we build whenever the mind closes itself to new ideas, new impressions. As we mature in years, so is our nature inclined to close this inner door of our own account. No one closes it we do it all ourselves. Let us think of Oahspe as a kindly friend; not as a stern judge sitting in judgement over us, but a true friend who says; Let me cast aside these heavy curtains, and allow the sunlight to come in. If we happen to think of ourselves at the same time, a realistic view Page 85 of 351

is that while such semi-darkness is in our minds, we become our own worst enemy. Thus much of the misery and heart-aches arose not so much by malice or deliberate intent by others; but because our own yardstick or perspective, is all adrift. We really do become as the blind who angrily say, "We are NOT blind. We can see!" And the mad effect of this is that the darkness remains. Perhaps personal illustrations may help in this. I came across Oahaspe quite by accident several years ago. A Rosicrucian writer branching out on his own, and giving away a few trade secrets, briefly mentioned a book in automatic writing "Oahspe" that had about a million words. Over the years, I had purchased, literally, hundreds of books all with a view of finding out whatever could be found out, of the esoteric hidden mysteries. And I read Oahspe, with the joy of a man who feels he has come to the end of a long search. I read it from beginning to end, in that order, six or seven times, so that my mind could always retain an overall picture, a comprehensive canvas on which was put much detail in depth. I read it this way, and the images within seemed to have a power of life all their own and over the years more and more detail was filled in. The words were burned deep in my memory, and the hidden power of life that is in all ideas which root themselves, gradually transformed all things. I saw exactly the same world as before, but I saw it in a different light. It was as if' the universe had expanded. In my own understanding it had, and as more and more powerful became this hidden life, so more and more peace profound came from a real knowledge. You see, in the twilight, or semi-darkness, we create our universe, or a world within, and because it has no firm base, it shifts with the changing moods, even the change in climatic conditions. And fears grow on this darkness within, are exaggerated, are blown out of all proportion, and heaven, hell, all things, are made to seem to have a power within that effects our daily life every day. But it is an unreal world we have created, based on shadows of the real thing, and not on anything substantial. Oahspe changes this. It helps Page 86 of 351

create in our minds that which is in tune with reality, because it describes to us people in the eternal worlds, their ways of seeing life, and it guides us to find out the real way life ought to go, for any of us, We become as the man who has previously wandered around in circles, getting nowhere, and an unseen friend has, without him knowing it, put his feet firmly in the right direction and pointed out to him the way to go. One of the greatest obstacles in religion during the 19th century was the bitter conflict between science and religion. Neither sought to reconcile differences. Both took up extreme positions, and in many instances, religion instead of uniting, divided, even made divisors wider, Oahspe reconciles all things proving there is no real difference at all, for all of life is One Universal life in which the living partake, no such divisions as are created in mortality exist in the real eternal worlds, becomes apparent. Irrespective of the creeds professed on earth, life continues just the same, and it does so for all of us. Very soon we see this wider comprehensive life embracing both great and small in a profound oneness that is beyond us to even grasp clearly this side of the veil. And the veil, as Oahspe shows us, is but a veil caused by a difference in vibrations. It is by no means an eternal veil, nor in the wider scheme of salvation is there a separation. This is the beauty in Oahspe, It takes everything into the universal family, seeks to bring it all into a loving harmonious fellowship, whereas religion as it hath been taught did in practice the very opposite of this. The most wonderful experience that comes our way, is the realization the star of the Creator is in every heart, and a line of light connects each one of us to the Great Father-Mother of all the living; so that we can ignore most of the false notions so far picked up, and rest happily in the knowledge we shall never go out of being, but will enjoy the wider more expansive life i.n a few years time because it is The Creators gift to each. Once you know this, know it in a very real way, all the fears and shadows lose their power, and you experience the untroubled peace most children have once they are sure of the presence and love of their own mother and father. The child that ever sensed this, was never unhappy. Page 87 of 351

This, which comforted, had mare real power in it than all the other power that sought to negate it, or make the child lose confidence. And Oahspe helps us to find such a loving Father and Mother who will become: more real to us, more to be trusted, than any doctrine found in any other book purporting to Say what the Father in Heaven is or is not like. For these books gave a slanted view, a conditional love, at best. They did not by any stretch of the imagination give you an unconditional love, it is this unconditional love Oahspe reveals to you. As you read Oahspe do not be put off by the comprehensive view given. Remember, those who dictated it, had the advantage of a wider experience in the school of life than any of us. And they wrote it most carefully, ever seeking to find the best means of illustrating heavenly truths, lest they ended up by confusing mortals instead of helping them. As you read, think of them as persons, just as persons we meet each day in life, but with the added advantage of having lived a few more years. And even so, in a few years time, most of us will find it is the simplicities of the universal life they have imparted to us, not the deepest mysteries. And when we have mastered a few of these subjects by virtue of a wider educations others will give us, then to us, much of what is in Oahspe will no more be to us difficult to fathom. We will probably rack our minds to find out why we found it so hard to master in the earth-life, but that is the way of life. Until we are taught, until we gain experience, real experience, rearby everything that is new, terrifies us. We either say I can't do that, or; I shall never compreherd this. But a day always comes, when we do the seemingly impossible, and do so with ease. Therefore, view your exploration into the profound wisdom in the pages of Oahspe in this tight, and you will find the same unseen friends who wrote those pages, will also help you to understand the meaning clearly. Beyond the Book, beyond its pages, is The Great Spirit whose "life" we see all around us at any given moment in time, And all the words are directed to point us to finding the Father for ourselves. It is like a man pointing the finger, saying "Friend, this is the way to go." That is the Page 88 of 351

general direction to the good you have in mind. And when the man has told us this, he leaves us to find it out ourselves. And no matter what our age in life happens to be, always in the end result, the same to repose in, to trust, to love, E-O-IH, the Creator, The Great Spirit. I have found all the spirit behind all law may be summarized in a few words: to love The Great Spirit utterly and completely, that is all. The other laws will fall into place of their own account. I doubt such a philosophy I could have arrived at without knowing Oahspe. I doubt it very much. In the end the whole meaning of life is put to us in Oahspe by the historical records, not in an academic way, but in a way that leaves the feeling we are dealing with real persons, real problems, and everythtng we find to be within the human heart and emotions, we find still in angelic hearts, but magnified to a wider perception. That which is true and beautiful here, that which is good is of the permanent order. It is all bound up in the individual lives of persons. Oahspe has a phrase The trials and tribulations of love, And once you have glimpsed an insight into how this worked out in the history of one little star world, our earth, you cannot but help feeling a sense of affinity with the living of the past, the present, and the living yet to enter life. No more will you tolerate narrow views of religion. No more the intolerance of racialism. No more the awful disparity between haves and have nots, We are no more individual selves struggling or opposing other selves. We are brothers and sisters forever in one vast universal family. Many views in life will change as a result of reading Oahspe with the view to finding a wider truth as to the profound meaning hidden in life. It can he to some as a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing, or it can be the growth in wisdom and love till we attain to become a God or Goddess. The second view shows a goal. thousands of years in the future that is well worth a lot of heartache and hard work to become worthy of. The former view is one that shows life to have neither sense nor purpose in it, and it degrades, because it is not worthy of you who are created with divinity stamped on you even in mortality. Beloved, the words I speak to you come easy to me because the Page 89 of 351

unseen loves speak through me, and delight to do so. For it is their desire we all come to know the truest love of all loves, each and everyone for ourselves. Oahspe will make it easier to find in this life. Without Oahspe, we WILL find it in Heaven, but by a harder way. May the words spoken here, help you to know the Beloved whose love is beyond our wildest imaginations, And the Peace of E-O-IH The Great Spirit that is the most precious spiritual gift any mortal may receive, go with these words and abide in your hearts who are so dearly loved by the Creator.

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Let There Be Light Ann Wigmore D.D. (1979)

The honey bee takes nectar from the flower and change s it to sweetness. The spider takes nectar from the flower and changes it to poison. This is how two minds can create differences. If we have fear in our hearts, it should be changed to faith. If we have hate in our hearts, let love replace it. If we harbor envy, lets change it to understanding. If we have anger in our hearts, lets change it to forgiveness. If we have greed in our hearts, lets change it to generosity. If we have grief in our hearts, let joy replace it. If we are disturbed, let patience reign. If we are guilty of gluttony, let us discipline ourselves. Such changes, mastery over impulse, will enable us to live happily and helpfully. Eventually our spirit will make itself manifest to those around us and create a better world in which to live. Soon we will take pleasure in reaping the good from what we sow. The Creator is manifested by life. The plants, the animals, and man reflect Him. He is Love, Kindness, and Compassion. Some people visualize the Creator as lightness and purity. Some see Him as the principles of Mother Natures laws. Others prefer a characterization of merely unlimited abundance. Some designate Him as the Creator of substance and order. The Creator is understood by some to be the exemplification of Truth. Therefore, when we utilize the principles of truth in our daily lives, we actually become God-like. An artist exemplifies the order of line, color and form. A musician uncovers the law of harmony. We help a neighbor with no ulterior motive of expecting something in return. This is what we mean by finding the Creator through each other and discovering Him in ourselves. We are created to express God by serving others. The Universal Creator is the Creative Spirit of all life, the Creative Spirit of our individual life. Our bodies are the instruments through which the Creator manifests His Nature as individualized forms of life. The unlimited potential of our individualized creative spirit is Page 91 of 351

progressively released and revealed as we develop proficiency in the use of the Creators Universal Life Directing Law. We develop this proficiency as we resourcefully direct and apply our skills, knowledge, judgment and possessions toward improving everything and every form of life around us, and in directing each of them toward perfecting and completing the Creators manifestation through us and through all other forms of life on this planet. The Creators Spirit within us is eternal. We disembody as we remove outworn clothes or discard useless machines. One body after another lie in graves, but the Spirit that used them is marching on, acquiring more and more creativeness and understanding and expanding proficiency in the use of the law and in manifesting the Creators Spiritual Nature as life forever. We are in amidst of the eternal surge of becoming creatively selfdependent, while also not hurting anything. Instead, we improve all things in form, in usefulness, in function, and in relation to the completion of the Universal Whole. Search for and create opportunities to test, to expand, and to refine your creative skills and understanding in the use of the Creators gifts. Thus resolved and engaged, our every moment becomes an edifice. We become true, we scorn trifles, and we embrace the Creators aims.

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Putting It All Together with The Reality Way Tom C. Lyle (1979)
(Evaluating every little incident in your daily experience to ferret out what role some emotion is playing so you can extinguish it and enjoy more inner freedom and power.) Making a practical application of the principles of the Reality Way requires a preliminary period of conditioning while you get the feel of the basic philosophy. Practical use of the concepts will be easier as you become mentally adjusted to non-reaction and free yourself from indulging emotions in any form whether they are regarded as negative or considered desirable or positive. The difficult mental adjustment to the Reality Way will be to accept the reality that all emotions are unreal and phony. You are happy or elated only to the degree you were prepared to be depressed. You cant indulge a thought or emotion except by acknowledging that you are indulging in the opposite also. The truly effective and productive life is spent in the golden mean, that contented and serene middle path in which you know, with the Power of Certainty, what is going on. One of the immediate benefits from this sort of mental conditioning program will be gained in your rest and sleep cycles. When you cant relax or sleep, it is always emotions as the cause. Without emotions, your whole body is free to relax, rest or steep, as your particular physical needs of the moment dictate. Sleep and relaxation are both vital to maintaining vitality and energy. This should be ample proof to you that the perfect and natural way of life is one in which you are not worried, fearful, excited, exalted, anxious or elated. They all interfere with your natural physical need for sleep. This is the scientific evidence that the Reality Way is valid, proof that all emotion is artificial and fraudulent. The key to natural sleep is mind control when you are lying in bed, all thinking is in the form of daydreaming. What you are thinking is not happening, it is completely an illusion. If you are thinking of things past, you Page 93 of 351

cannot change them. If you are thinking of tomorrow, it will never happen the way you are imagining. You are simply wasting time and energy thinking about what is not happening NOW, And you are losing out on the energy rebuilding sleep that you need in this NOW if you are going to contend with tomorrow at all, Tomorrows events will take place exactly in the manner you deal with them when they happen tomorrow! So the only thing you can do during the right before is to rebuild your mental and physical energy to deal with tomorrows circumstances. This often requires firm personal discipline. The little gremlins of thought that trigger emotional reactions have had you enslaved for years, and you cant completely rid yourself of them in an instant. You need to methodically counsel yourself about the illusion of idle thought. Brighten your mind to firm accountability now. When your mind drifts, brace it up again. Experience the tremendous difference in your conscious feeling. When you focus your awareness to NOW, you can physically feel every emotion drain away. Realize the complete freedom from all emotional bondage so evident in our daily experience. We can have this freedom only by abandoning all emotions. The immediate question raised is what you are to do with your mind if you suppress all thoughts. It will take some adjusting, but you will soon realize that a mind Free from all imaginings becomes a receptor of symbols. You can just lay there and observe what is screened for you. These designs or objects should prompt no emotional reaction. In time, the symbols being projected to you will become significant and meaningful as a source of personal guidance. But it is first important that all emotional reactions be eliminated. You neednt fear that your blanket rejection of all external controls and influences will leave you in a state of chaos. The fact that an emotionless mind drifts off into refreshing sleep is evidence that your true life style can be released only through that same approach. When you wipe away the chaotic life style in which you are now trying to exist, a truly serene and productive life experience will be a natural transformation. You will find Page 94 of 351

yourself being led and guided into the perfect pathway. What is most important, you will experience a Power of Certainty in which you will know it is right! Emotionless sleep is the doorway to complete and perfect health for your whole body. With all of its research and experimentation, medical science has discovered that more than 85 percent of all illness and disease is emotion-induced. Most of this illness cures itself when the victim is so emotionally exhausted that natural forces are able to take over and heal. Clear away all of the emotions in the first place, and your physiological system can correct itself of any debris, twist or obstructions. Your present world is a random crazy quilt with no design and no meaning. It is the result of your acceptance and indulging the impulses and emotional blunderings from all sources about you. You cant order others to change their chaotic living, as the power to change lies wholly within each individuals personal power to choose. But you can almost magically transform the world in which you are living by understanding the mess that emotions are creating and by methodically shutting them off from your experience. You neednt try to explain your new way of life or try to teach others about it. In a very short time your results are going to be so dramatic that Reality Way will make itself obvious to all who will observe. Dont worry about whether or not others will take advantage of what they can see to be a good thing. Wouldnt you? Once your mind is cleared of emotional rubbish, there will be no problem in recognizing the difference between illusion and reality. To condition your mind to keep your vision in this regard ever clear, just review the following few guidelines: I will not accept any feelings of loss, separation or rejection, as they have no power whatever except as I accept them. I will not accept limitation, restriction or judgment. I judge no one else and accept no ones judgment of me. I do not crave or desire anything or anyone, since the cost of such desires in loss of self-control through Page 95 of 351

manipulation by others. This new way of life can he applied to any situation or set of circumstances. Just refuse to react to impulse in any manner. You can rebuild your burned down house. You can recoup your financial losses. Emotions will never cure a hangnail, but they will quickly freeze you into a helpless and immobile state in which you can do absolutely nothing for yourself or for anyone else. Let your inner forces express the greatest potential of your life experience. Just dont interfere in the process by projecting unreal and absurd emotions to create a perversion of what your life is supposed to be. But you will never know what that perfect experience can be until you allow it to happen. But to know what that is, you must eliminate all the unreal rubbish of emotions. It is understandable that some circumstances make it very difficult to remain uninvolved emotionally such as practicing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation! However, resuscitation is a perfect example of why it is important to condition yourself to remain uninvolved, in every set of circumstances. The vital purpose off the resuscitation has nothing to do with your personal emotions. Your success depends to a considerable degree on completely separating the influence of your physical efforts and any vestige of inner personal emotions. The general concept is true of any of your efforts. Whatever you may set about to do, it will depend how free you are from emotional distraction as to how successful you may be in your endeavors. Emotions will always lead you astray, so it is important to observe and to understand this truth. Recognize how foolish and meaningless your daily experiences become as emotions operate to distort and confuse you. Observing this will make it easier for you to decide to abandon all emotions and to free your efforts to enjoy effective and meaningful living. Practicing the Reality Way becomes a very effective and satisfying way of life when you once make even a small start. You will be able to immediately see the changes take place and will welcome each small improvement. As you feel this change, you will be inspired to try harder. Page 96 of 351

Nothing inspires you to success more than being a winner. Proof is what you need, and the dramatic change which involvement will bring into your experience will charge and recharge your efforts in self-fulfillment. A system which proves itself needs no hard selling and the Reality Way is such a system. The more you try it, the more successful you will be and the more motivated you will become, You will be evaluating every little incident in your daily experience to ferret out what role some emotion is playing so you can extinguish it and enjoy more inner freedom and power. In every line of human activity you can make the same case for success through firm control of emotions. Even in the game of love certainly the emotional of activities those who are most ardently pursued are those showing the least interest and the least involvement. It is the emotionally charged pursuers who suffer nervous breakdowns, heartbreaks and general anguish. Success goes to those least involved emotionally. The secret power most ardently acclaimed by professional coaches and athletes is complete concentration. And just what is concentration but the complete banishment of emotions. It is the total and complete focusing of your attention and awareness on the instant of NOW, focused upon what IS just this moment. Remember that there is no reality whatever to anything else. The top professional tennis player today has been known to blow his performance completely when for one instant he allows a missed ball or close call arouse emotion within him. It is all over, and the match is lost. This is an extreme case, but to lesser degrees this truth governs your success in everything you will ever do. What happens when two great athletes both achieve perfect awareness in competition? If they are both perfectly AWAKE-AWARE throughout the match, it wont make any difference to either one off them! Why? Because neither of them will react, no matter how the match goes. Each of these perfect athletes will know that emotion is sickness, and that freedom from all emotional reaction is perfect inner health. Recent extensive studies by psychologist have confirmed that circumstances or events have no direct or inevitable response in feelings or in attitudes. Identical circumstances create different feelings in each Page 97 of 351

person. The conclusion reached by these studies is that each person individually chooses every feeling he has, and is therefore completely responsible for his own happiness, misery, frustration or contentment. This also confirms the truth of the Reality Way. If you choose every feeling, then all feelings or emotions are products of your thought patterns or imagination. You can invent any emotion you choose, so all emotions are proven to be imaginary and unreal. Athletes who set records do so under the power of a concentration completely void of all emotion. Anxious anticipation, fear of defeat or even desire to win, will drain away the very energy you critically need to succeed. Ironic as it seems, you can win only if you banish all mental concern about winning or losing. You can win only IF you dont really care one way or tine other. Your Power of Certainty will make you so completely confident that your performance is meaningful, that anyone elses evaluation is irrelevant. The Reality Way truth is that you will win when you decide that winning is your personal right, and that you are going to let victory happen to you in a completely natural manner. Dont be misled by the appearance of anxious emotions in people overcoming great obstacles. We can overcome anything with the Power of Certainty, but no man overcomes anything in the throes of emotional effort, no matter how it appears to be happening. He gets well from injury or illness or he recovers financial losses only at the end of all that emotional display. The perfect and balanced way of life for which you deeply hunger and pursue can be experienced only under the unemotional Power of Certainty. This vital inner force comes to the surface of your daily experience whenever you drain away every vestige of personal emotions. Victory or healing comes only after all of your emotions have been drained out when the only choice you have left is to let yourself get well. In gambling, the anxious loser continues to lose. The fearful cancer patient watches as his deepest rears grow and overwhelm him. The man who fears for his job hastens the date on which he will lose that job. The scriptural advice to be not concerned about what you eat, what Page 98 of 351

you wear, etc., is based on the Reality Way. This is no advocacy for poverty. Those who teach the virtue off poverty are all liars. Understanding the Reality Way, one can see that this spiritual revelation is telling you that abundance, victory and perfect personal health is attainable only alter you lose all desire and concern about them. Accept these things as the natural life style to which you are entitled. Evangelists and faith healers pan up great emotional Flames with their impassioned rantings, and they generate response from thousands at a time to he saved from sin or healed of their diseases or physical disabilities. Miracle healings do take place and some of them happen at revivals. But the healing transformation can take place only after emotions are drained. All emotions are unreal, so nothing real can happen until those emotions are gone. It is all just that simple. A constant question raised by students is, What should I do in fulfilling the Reality Way? In the absence of emotions, inactivity is anticipated. But there is no need to accept this. A perfect life style will involve a contented interaction with others, with each contributing the efforts of his personal talents and receiving all needed benefits from others as they are able and led to perform. For now, simply carry on your part. In the absence of many distorting emotions, your Power of Certainty will present you with opportunities and circumstances to perform. Just do whatever comes your way to be done, without emotion or personal concern. You can choose not to let others hurt you. Thinking affects feelings more than external circumstances. We cause our own feelings by our reactions to others. The same circumstances may upset one person and leave someone else quite undisturbed. We give others the power to make us feel bad, to hurt us, to upset us. If you refuse to give others that power, then you will not feel these emotions. We also need to get over any idea that we can hurt or upset anyone else. They can get upset only when they choose to be upset. It has nothing to do with you directly, nor is it the direct result of anything you may say or do to them. Page 99 of 351

The Reality Way in your life cannot be described here. Each person will experience it differently. All I can do is urge you to eliminate all emotional responses as completely as you can. Immediately, you will experience improvement. The more completely you banish emotion, the more progress you will make. This is the proof of the system. As you try it, you will see how effectively it will work for you. Without emotions, we would have no disease, no violence, no crime, no poverty, no competition, no defeats, no accidents and no sins. The new life style will be that of complete personal contentment, ample abundance, inner peace and total satisfaction. Ideally, everyone will follow the Reality Way to make this earth a true paradise, but in the meantime, you can transform your own life and experience a personal paradise in your daily life. It is not necessary for you to change everyone else, and actually you cannot directly do so. You have the power within yourself to choose the Reality Way and so does everyone else. This will be released when you shut out the chaotic emotional world around you, and each parson must make that personal decision or himself. If at first you slip and react emotionally to some external event, never condemn yourself or feel guilty. This reaction simply makes things all the more difficult for you. Turn your mistake into a gain by noting how useless. This emotion really is, and thereby make it easier for you to avoid such reaction the next time a similar occasion arises. Emotions are truly silly imaginary diversions, and your power over them increases as you learn to see just how silly and meaningless every emotion really is. Find satisfaction each time by rising to resist the temptation to react emotionally to anything. All emotions are silly and you appear silly expressing them! Study the Scriptures and you will recognize that the essence of Divine Love for all people is the Power of Certainty. It is a love with no lust, no possessiveness, dependence or manipulation. It is perhaps complete personal freedom for self-expression, fulfillment and effectiveness. When you let the Power of Certainty function in your daily life, you will be eager to let that power also function in the lives of all the other people around you. It Page 100 of 351

fulfills itself! In the total absence of emotions, the Power of Certainty directs your activities safely and with positive effectiveness. Your present emotion charged thought pattern is triggering and creating chaotic and unpleasant confusion in your life. Only you can change that. Expressing any emotion demonstrates a variance from your personal pattern of perfection. Emotions separate you from what you should BE. Only complete elimination of emotions can restore your right destiny. With emotions gone~ the Power of Certainty is in charge. Without emotions, you can feel no doubt or anxiety. Your decisions and actions prevail and dominate in oil affairs. Assorted pieces are drawn together in a jib saw puzzle. Your choices are right because no emotions mislead or confuse you. There can be no peace until you become ONE at peace with yourself within. All emotion is inner strife, so eliminating all emotion leaves you in a calm inner peace with the world. It is vital that you not try to get rid of the emotions by suppressing them. This only results in deeper infections. Emotions are without any meaning or substance, and must be seen from that point of view. Each emotion must be eliminated as you erase any written error, totally and with no spot left to indicate it ever existed. Since over ninety percent of all diseases are emotion based, the Reality Way makes all illness non-existent. Even accidental injuries are emotion caused, so the Power of Certainty which takes over in the total absence of emotions will eliminate accidents. Decisions in financial or career matters are infallible so long as no emotion disrupts, confuses or clouds your mind. The Power of Certainty automatically directs every move, choice and action in a very accurate and effective manner. The immediate results you will experience as the Power of Certainty takes over will quickly convince you, and as your power grows in every facet of living you will be encouraged in your effort. This process requires no rite or ritual to make it work. All such religious dressings just work up Page 101 of 351

emotions to the point of complete exhaustion, and then only after this can effective things can begin to happen! The dramatic intellectual and technological progress in recent years has directly produced an increased rate in mental depressions, divorces, suicides, violent crimes and emotional illnesses. The great promise of a better life is farther away today than ever, and is still drifting away. Whatever the quality of an advancement, the people who should benefit are even worse off. This is true because they react to everything! Reaction is emotional. Therefore progress to a better life is forever blocked by emotions and reactions. Your future survival depends on emotional control, and will be enhanced by being joined by others understanding the Reality Way. You received this treatise because someone found value. In this teaching and wanted you to also benefit from it. Each person who can be released from emotional bonds will improve the quality of your own daily experience. From a personal basis, your own progress will benefit if others close to you are also Reality Way People. This can best be realized by your placing a copy of this treatise in their hands. The spread of Reality Way teachings can be most effectively promoted by just such a personal approach.

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The Green Fruit Anonymous (1980)

Recently have I myself experienced the depth of this principle. The range of insight in the command Know Thyself can be further brought from obscurity in the following analogy. Try to imagine a person who has never developed inner awareness of his true self. Through the years he has been influenced and molded by the ideas and conceptions of those around him at first by his parents and relatives, and later through the various means of society. Of course, each one of us has been so influenced since childhood. However, this particular person, lacking in inner awareness, may seldom if ever question the influences operating in his life, He accepts other peoples views of the world. He has finally formed a living internal personality in accordance with the external training of his parental and society conditioning. Whenever a stimulus from the external world is perceived, he will respond like a machine, the correct response being determined by his social conditioning. When he is asked about his thoughts and feelings concerning the diversified thing of life, he will merely regurgitate what has been fed him. He fears that any questioning of the accepted projections of society will meet with punishment and reprimand: such declaration will be considered a malfunction and will be dealt with in the appropriate manner. Lets say that at some point in his life, the barrier between his objective self and inner self disintegrates and the subconscious comes raging through Perhaps this is brought on by a sudden crisis, or a great change in his Lifestyle Within him there is an inner world, a repressed one, full of emotions and perceptions and it can no longer be denied out of existence. In panic he tries in vain to suppress the ragging current but it is overpowering. in utter futility he tries to define the undefinable within the limited objective conditioning of the world, Any attempt at manifesting these subconscious emotions and impressions is met with Firm and unrelenting Page 103 of 351

opposition by the externally conditioned material self. There are then two elements at war within. Needless to say, without help, further understanding, or a seeking for answers, the ultimate outcome of this condition will be great inner suffering and severe depression possibly leading to mental disturbance and or self-imposed death. It is necessary to rid the cove of earth from these impurities. At first only a handful purify; later the whole of earth. Meanwhile, evil inspirations obtain power to the extent that mortals and spirits act upon them. To many mortals, it is easier to give-in, then shut the shame feeling through alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. This prescription, being temporary in effect, aggravates the situation as spirit rockets to the extremes. Here on earth, many of these people will break down, longing for that place of no pain. It is at this point the self-sacrifice of todays Faithist reveals its glory. In time to come, more and more of these broken people will find Jehovihs earthly fraternities already established by those who suffered Satans torments without succumbing. These torment us why? Because man errs, man suffers the bitterness of his own fruit. Because mans forbears erred, man suffers the stings of retribution according to his surroundings and own make up. Yet who can blame ones parents for did they not also desire the love and peace? Had they not their own inherited patterns to deal with? Surely our children will have to work on mending our errors. To find the best way, is this not Kosmon? It is well known that one reassuring caress can erase a childs frightful terror. Jehovih granted man the ability to lift the heavy concerns from the minds of his younger brothers and sisters; to divert them into more, productive channels. Conversely, the young are created to rejoice at wending the errors of their elders. When the problem is solved, the young are blessed with greater harmony and the elder are blessed with rest because someone helped them with their abundance of work. When someone is helped, fresh love is created, and this is the true food that all need. This is it from which everything else springs. With new love, one gets a different look at life. Page 104 of 351

This new insight means more comprehensive understanding of life. Wisdom is the fruit of more comprehensive understanding. Moving wisely, then, results in growth of power. More power means a greater ability to help more people, which results in more fresh, pure love. Love-Wisdom-Power. The cycle repeats eternally. From this it is easy to see why the first heirloom of the God of this earth and her heavens is the sacred triangle, and why in the book Oahspe, the Love, Wisdom, and Power concept is so often used by Gods, Goddesses, and other high people. With this understanding,

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The Kingdom Within Anonymous (1980)

To March even to a monotonous sound is better than not to march at all for it brings order out of that which was void. To Build even toward a very loose association of aspiring people is better than not to build at all for it brings the beginnings of affiliation where there was nothing before. To Work even a small part of the time to improve the condition of others is better than to work for self alone for from, such work others are inspired to begin to lift themselves. To Develop even the slightest new talent is better than not to learn anything new for as you grow you improve the condition of all mankind. To Live even the smallest step closer to your ideal is better than to rest on past accomplishments for you are drawing closer to your Creator. To Grow even though it be for only a minute of one day cut of an entire year is better than not to grow at all for all growth in spirit once gained is never entirely lost. To Give even though it be but a single word of encouragement to the soul of another is better than not to give at all - for in the giving your own soul grows. To Worship even though it he only the faintest prayer is better than not to worship at all for it raises you above that which surrounds you to a realization of a power greater than yourself. To March To Build To Work To Develop To Live To Grow To Give To Worship These are small things in themselves yet given thousands of years you could change the face of the earth even if only by moving one grain of sand at a time. And you have not thousands of years, but thousands of millions of years ahead of you. Wouldnt it be more satisfying to build on a larger scale than with a single grain of sand. By yourself you can do only so much Isnt it more fun, and isnt Page 106 of 351

more accomplished when you work with others for a common purpose? Only a short time ago in the history of this country such a thing was common knowledge canning bees, quilting bees, barn raisings, house raisings, cooperative threshing. Too often we have looked for the Fathers Kingdom where it will be and what day, month, and year it will occur but theres a simple reason why we cannot seem to find it. It is within ourselves that it will be established. No matter where we are and it will be when we get together and forget about building for ourselves but start building toward the resurrection of the entire world. Not just for our generation but for all the generations to follow.

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Meditation The Eloists (1980)

We would generate feelings that are on the side of love and faith, and not on the dark side, O Creator. There is much in our daily lives and personal affairs that can be upsetting. Part of our job is to so adjust or control our thinking, our attitudes and opinions, that they do not keep us in a negative and disturbed state of mind. There is no doubt some connection between our natures and the world work which can make us feel disturbed; and therefore disturbances are not always an individual matter. But we can always relate them to some of our self attitudes, opinions or propensities, it seems. And if we try to treat a disturbance as an individual matter even though it may not be treat it as something we can get under control by taking the right stand, we find that we have a greater capability for rising above it, We affirm the soul, and Thy Presence in the soul, and give forth Thy love to bless everyone we can reach, We say to people, silently: You are divine and beautiful souls, one with your Creator. Love all things. Love to love. Give thanks for the power to love. Feel compassion for all who do not know that they are one with Universal Love. Love is the vitality of the Creators Presence, and the joy of living and creating. What better inspiration can we give them from Thee, O Creator for their encouragement and upliftment? Generate faith and love with purpose to serve Jehovih above all else. Give praise and thanks for the blessing of being alive in Him. Go forth to serve the highest good of all the world, to help bring the light of the etherean angels to mankind. Cultivate awareness of oneness with the All-Person, practice attunement throughout every day; generate faith, give love, lose self in service. This is the way of escaping the darkness of the world and creating a new order of peace and goodwill on earth.

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World Peace Coptic Fellowship International (1980)

World peace and brotherhood begins with us. This is about a daily meditation for the earth and the fact that we can do something! We ask you to assist in the formation of an invisible INTERNATIONAL MEDITATION PYRAMID in cooperation with Individuals comprising 6,000 World-wide participating groups projecting LOVE and LIGHT energy at the SAME TIME every evening (11:00 P.M. EST to 8:00 P.M. PST). Our collective spiritual visualization can be alive, strong and powerful its aggregate action can serve invaluable assistance in counteracting present negation on earth. By 6,000 groups of well-intentioned individuals meditating at the same approximate time every day, a Universal chain of positive visualization and affirmation can be created. Our daily meditative procedure symbolizes an active and constructive extension of the Universal master-mind principle If two or more among you gather in harmony and share a common benevolent purpose, it shall be done. We come together in peace; for peace, for the healing of the races, for the healing of the nations, for the uniting of diverse paths sharing in unison and seeking in a united endeavor toward Light and Love that blends all things into spiritual Oneness. It is truly the time for all of us to work harmoniously in close cooperation and amalgamate Universal Goodwill and the world-wide assimilation of Light and Love into the mass consciousness. How we can meditate for the benefit of the planet: create an image of a large pyramid of Light over planet Earth. Inside the pyramid, envision World Leaders of all nations, religions and philosophies; economic, financial and energy officials, sitting in a large circle holding hands (symbolizing Unity and Goodwill for all peoples). After affirming Unification with all other people participating in the Meditation Pyramid, repeat this affirmation: All decisions reached by World Leaders will be made out of Love and Light and in accordance with divine will. Clearly visualize all World Leaders and all peoples everywhere in the world joining hands in a Page 109 of 351

great circle of Humanity, in this spirit of true understanding, peace and sister/brotherhood; each man, woman and child sending Light, Love and Spirit to everyone and everything on earth. Let each person and Light group form a Light pyramid for themselves and consider our individual pyramids as facets of an earth-covering pyramid of LIGHT. Just as the great pyramid of Gizeh has many chambers, let our individual meditation units serve as many chambers within a large pyramid that covers the entire planet and acts as a focus of Light for Universal energies. ENVISION ALL EXISTING INHARMONIOUS CONDITIONS AS BEING IRRADIATED AND LOVE-FILLED AND ALL CONFLICTING NEGATIVE ENERGIES DISSOLVED BY OUR CONCERTED PROJECTIONS OF LIGHT AND LOVE. Please encourage your friends, relatives and members of your religion and philosophical group to also meditate every evening with us and link together our symbolic pyramids and further strengthen the bonds of friendship and goodwill world-wide. BLESS ALL! Darkness is simply the absence of Light. So, that which is of the darkness disappears when sufficient Light is generated and sent forth. Remember the first fiat of creation, Let there be Light. NOW is the time for that proclamation from every Light Bearer of this planet. Stand firm in the realization of the bright LIGHT that comes to you and be in the vanguard of projecting that new Light. Love enfolds you and the plan IS being fulfilled! Rest assured that upliftment of human consciousness comes as surely as the dawn! In the spirit of Universal Unity and Sister/Brotherhood, all peoples dedicated to the Spiritual Unity of Nations

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Religious Fanaticism: The Mark of a False Religion Don G. Pickard (1980)

We do not point your attention to the familiar words in your own sacred books that illustrate this as it was in the life of the last iesu, Joshu of Palestine. We bring you more up to date, showing that the spirit in other religions is no different. Religious fanaticism, unchecked, negates all that is best in that religion. One president, remembering that the one whose head the zealots demanded, befriended him in his hour of need, acts out his highest religious beliefs and gives the former autocrat a home, and the prospect of living his remaining days in comparative peace. And when death comes to each, the noblest spirits in heaven who lived by that faith to their highest light, will welcome them, because love, tolerance, and forgiveness was the thing that counted. Death will come to the leaders who incite others to extend religious beliefs by war, and before them will rise in spirit the slain who died to no purpose; these will cry cut: you who were our leaders, hell shall be your portion, for you deceived us. Nor will any power in heaven prevent this descent into darkness. Some will question the justice of heaven. Why should the autocrat go free? See how many of our brothers his secret police tortured and put to death! But the autocrat will not be free of judgment, no more than they will be. It will be weighed on the scales, the good he sought to do, the questionable means used to bring a feudal state into the twentieth century, his fear of communism, and the one will be weighed against the other in his own spirit-judgment. Many spirit eyes will regard him with hatred. Many will be not so hateful. Some will remember the good he sought to do, and be glad they did not have his responsibility thrust on them. Some will love him. All these factors will be weighed up in his judgment, and he himself, and not another Page 111 of 351

will work out in heaven his own compensation ere his heart and soul can know deep peace. Nor will those who demand his sacrifice now, achieve anything, because the hatred generated by religious zealots will not rest, but will then look elsewhere for some other enemy to hate. Nor will they perceive that this will but increase the same judgment on them in a few years hence. The wisest will cry halt before it is too late. The unwise will bring their religion into contempt in the eyes of those whom they regard as the infidel. The president of your country considers the options available, and his advisers all have different solutions they advocate. All these options are cast about, but no man can see the effects and causes many jumps ahead, so it is all speculative, depending on causes and effects working out as supposed. In none of these deliberations will men recognize a need to turn to powers beyond them, or admit that of themselves they are helpless as to really know what to do. They see not, nor believe in, the spirits all around who labor to negate darkness wherever it is, and promote the good. In this position, any mortal would succumb to the temptation to do something, to have some action put in hand rather than this waiting with almost beyond human forbearance. Yet if you will but cast your thoughts into the great powerful vortex of prayer, asking help and guidance of your friends unseen, and invoke the sacred name of E-O-IH, The Great Spirit, many things would take a different turn. Do you not see, only the powers unseen, have real potency to impress thoughts so they register on leaders and statesmen and all who have authority? And should not the obvious dilemma of impasse lead you to consider the unseen powers, when it is proved to you that a problem faces you that has consequences of the highest magnitude. Fear not any authorities amongst men. Real power is not with them. You think it otherwise, keeping a wary eye on the bear in the East who seems bent on conquering all by force of arms. Page 112 of 351

Again we say, he may foolishly believe his position mighty, and even rejoice in your discomfort yet remember, as he was raised for a purpose, so will his power diminish when that purpose is fulfilled. Nor forget not the mighty power of Spirit within the young. It can only be halted for a time. In the end it will burst all barriers, and only we in Spirit can direct the history of the world in which you live, to an end and purpose beyond the understanding of mortals. The only danger for you lies in being provoked to retaliation on the grounds of using force to overcome force, which will only be counterproductive; because the reason that seemed to justify it would soon be lost, and you would be at war against a whole religion, to whom any evil under the sun would be justified under the guise of a holy crusade. Therefore be not provoked whatever evil seems poised to strike at you, Ask yourself, in reading the history the history of the past; what good ever came of holy crusades? And as no good came of it when Kristes soldiers fought the unbelievers or in Kriste in the middle ages, so no good will come of hatred in any age. History proveth both the good and the foolish actions of mortals. Of what advantage to record it all, unless you have the spiritual capacity to wisely discern and profit thereby? Whoso amongst your nations best men will turn their thoughts in the direction we have suggested, will of themselves not only create a vortex of light above your land, but link it to higher powers for good who will be greatly more powerful because you had faith in them, and believed they had power to handle a matter beyond your powers to solve. Nor have you lost face anywhere or been made to feel humiliated by such a procedure, even though to the zealots it will seem a puzzling thing which you do. Is it not written that if you approach in the Nor will Islam, for all its senselessness at the moment, ever recover. Its own faith will be shattered as people perceive that the voice of the zealot only turn them away from seeing their own economic weakness in which the zealot, for a time, always seemed able to provide a suitable scapegoat. In time, all the accepted faiths will die, and with them will die the Page 113 of 351

power of the fanatic to stir up passions and compel mortals to betray their own higher selves, the god-to-be that is in them. Nor is this period a long way off in history. In no religion is real spirit power to achieve lasting good, yet the essence of the good lies somewhere in all of them. Of a greater faith than any of these do we speak, when the word Religion is said, and it abounds throughout the universe. Therefore, for wisdom to know what to do, turn your thoughts to The One greater than all your sacred and established names, for it is only the Power of the Great Spirit that molds history on any world such as yours. And you will surely be answered. But remember, wisdom in the SpiritWorlds, is not by any means, that which seems wisdom in the understanding of mortals. Be wise, my friends. Be not provoked. Only in this, can evil anywhere be overcome. If you cut off its head in one place, it will sprout a new head in another place. Be wise, because only wisdom triumphs over evil. The Peace of the Great Spirit E-O-IH be with you in your hour of need, and be your consultation always.

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Letter from Alfred Holmes (1980)

Dear Kasandra and John: A couple of weeks ago, I wrote the following in my notebook: I believe the statement in Oahspe that says spirits have engrafted themselves upon all mortals. I am determined that the spirits with me shall follow my lead. I am the soul, the rightful occupier of this body. I am a Faithist in Jehovih, devoted to doing His will; therefore, I am in control. The spirits with me are now willing to lose self, willing to leave the earth, willing to rise to higher heavens and serve the Creator. They are aware of their divine potentialities. They want to express peace, love and the joy of being. They want to follow the light of the hosts of the Almighty. Their souls are strengthened and enriched by their association with me and the Eloist group. I think that any Faithist who wants, badly enough, to rid himself of psychic pressures can help himself by adopting this kind of attitude. But I know it isnt easy. In the beginning, reactions can be very severe. As time goes on, however, they grow weaker and weaker until they disappear altogether. This is true of any stand taken against the psychic forces. Best of love from all of us. Alfred Holmes

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Prayer for Moral Strength Belle B. Sundgren (1980)

Father, Thou host created me; Thou host fashioned my body and its powers. Thou host also given me the gift of Thy Spirit by which I am moved to use these powers in ways that are good and right in Thine eyes. May I remember this at all times and in the presence of every temptation. For wayward fancies and base passions often tempt me to seek a passing pleasure at the expense of my enduring happiness and divert me from the purpose to perform Thy Will. Give me the strength to banish thoughts and desires which I know to be wrong. May I do nothing that can bring dishonor on myself, on those I love or on any human being. May I not degrade the physical, mental and emotional powers that Thou host given me by dissipating them in intemperate and self-indulgent behavior. Create in me a clean heart, my Creator, and renew a steadfast spirit within me that I may be worthy of those blessings which flow from a clear conscience and a pure love of Thee and of Thy children. Amen.

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Use Your Will Wisely Dr. Ron Anjard (1980)

Many people know that change is needed for the proper building of their tomorrow. Most would agree about the need to change their habits of critical words and thoughts toward others. Yet the task of self-discipline is lacking and often little is accomplished. The Creator within you does work through the physical-spiritual Center called the will. Certain mental thoughts and words release the energy within this Center. Through this center the soul finds release and accomplishment. Meditation and disciplined effort opens the door of the will. Through the Center of the Will you are able to release energy into various thought forms for constructive results. Through the will you rightly begin to unfold your higher potential. Through this part of your make up you are able to release spiritual power. One of the secrets of esoteric healing is that renewing energy flows through the Will for the healing of the spiritual body and in turn the physical receives help and assistance. The Divine Will in operation through selfmastery releases the current to attract better conditions to yourself. The Divine Will, the God Power, the Cosmic Consciousness, working through your will knows no limitations nor boundaries. You may feel that your own will is strong and yet still be dissatisfied with certain conditions of your life. There is no doubt that your will is always working to bring about the current conditions of your life, but the question is whether your will is working in full cooperation with the Creator. If you are dissatisfied with yourself today, then you can develop the will not only in in its strength to achieve but in its attunement to God, and so improve the conditions for yourself, and indirectly, for others in your life as well. Communication with the Divine Will, will result by your own efforts. Releasing the energy of the will, of the Divine Will in your will, is accomplished by wiling, choosing, and living according to the highest Page 117 of 351

spiritual revelations and inspiration you have received. Working with the plan for your soul can take place whenever you consult these aspects of yourself in Meditation.

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Sky Writing: a Game for Children Lovie Gasteiner (1980)

You may ask, Just what is sky writing, and what will it do for me? What benefit is it? If we practice sky writing faithfully, lovingly and joyously, we can soon begin to feel and know great changes are taking place within us the power of imagination, concentration, vision and memory Increase. Negative, destructive thought and feeling such as anger, hate, fear and ill will leave us. In their stead we cultivate sustaining power of peace, love and good will toward all people. To do sky writing, we use seven colors, rays or lights white, blue, rose, gold, green, lavender and orange. Memorize and use these in order given, and think of them as vivid, radiant, sparkling life energies. Use whole arm movements from the shoulders. Keep arms straight. Do not bend elbows or move fingers or wrist in limited motion. We write letters, words, numbers and sentences but lets begin with this sentence: I desire to feel peace, love and good will toward all people. Write once or twice in white, using the left arm. Next in blue with the right arm. Then in rose again, the left arm, gold with right arm. Green with the left arm, lavender with the right arm and orange with the left arm. Use this method with anything that you skywrite. If possible get out under the sky and feet its vastness, infinity. Speak the words aloud once or twice or three times, then sing them, and most Important, hum them. Make your own tune, but hum and hum. This humming is soothing, peace giving, harmonizing every atom, cell organ of the body in a unified whole. In sky writing, use any good thought. You will make amazing progress. Before you begin, see yourself as living light in any one of the seven lights. See the radiant white going out from your arm writing in the sky. Make letters very large, and after writing visualize the whole sentence, letter by letter. Out under the sky, vision a circle of moons around you, in seven Page 119 of 351

lights, very large moons. People your sky with angels, great beings that you know are real and see them in the seven lights.

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The Label Was Missing Julie Watts (1980)

Many years ago, maybe sixty, I took a course in psychology that claimed all power came from within. By developing this power, all things were possible. Today, as I read OAHSPE, I find that we have limitless power due to HIS PRESENCE within. Had I known sixty years ago, that the source of all power was the CREATOR, how wonderful and effective that knowledge would have been. I could have accomplished so much more I was taught that the world within was governed by the mind subconscious mind - and that all solutions for all problems could be found. IF I HAD KNOWN the SOURCE of all power was the CREATOR, I would have believed it and allowed miracles to take place. No doubt I developed a positive attitude and so profited greatly due to my studies. But if only I had known and grasped the significance of it all, how wonderful it could have been. And now, if I were to stand on a hilltop and proclaim loudly the MIRACLE of HIS PRESENCE and power within, who would stop and listen? How could I say that the result of lack and limitation, discord and disharmony, Is the result of wrong thinking? That harmonious and desirable conditions are obtained by right thinking? That the SOURCE of all power is the CREATOR within. WHO WOULD LISTEN?

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The Loving Creator John Harden (1980)

Evening shadows gently fall, Loving voices softly call; All creation, full and free, Singing praises unto Thee Softly blows the evening breeze, Over hills and verdant lens; Over all Thy hand will bless, Like a loved ones sweet caress. Darkness falls at Thy behest, Heaven is touching earth with rest; Happy those who understand The marvels of Thy mighty hand, Skies alight with evening glow, Beauteous tones around us flaw; All Thy works Thy wonders tell, Listen to their tidings, All is well. When, at last, our work is done, Well behold lifes setting sun; Upward to new worlds above, There to share Thy matchless love.

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Alone Richard E. Byrd (1980)

The day was dying, the night being born but with great peace. Here were the imponderable processes and forces of the cosmos, harmonious and soundless. Harmony that was it! That was what came out of the silence a gentle rhythm, the strain of a perfect chord, the music of the spheres, perhaps. It was enough to catch that rhythm, momentarily to be myself a part of it. In that instant I could feel no doubt of mans oneness with the universe. The conviction cane that that rhythm was too orderly, too harmonious, too perfect to be a product of blind chance that, therefore there must be purpose in the whole and that man was port of that whole and not an accidental offshoot. It was a feeling that transcended reason; that went to the heart of mans despair and found it groundless. The universe was a cosmos, not a chaos; man was as rightfully a part of that cosmos as were the day and night.

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Meditation Alfred Holmes (1981)

Hast Thou still a purpose in our writing, O Creator? What is that purpose? Our original idea was to exercise and cultivate the habit of daily communion with Thee. It is part of our awareness and attunement. We have learned much through asking questions of Thee; and we would continue the practice in order to bring forth whatever further light is needed in our world. We are trying to hold to the theme that we are here to serve Thee, and for no other purpose. But the habit of self thinking is hard to break. We find ourselves falling into the old ways whenever we are not alert, and positive in purpose, and often, when we have practiced our attunement faithfully for a while, reactions set in, and we have to relax, and let go, and try to be nothing, neither angels nor devils. As a patient before an operation must try to relax, trusting completely all his doctors, so must we trust in Thee and Thy angels, knowing that the diseased parts are being removed successfully, and that we will soon be back at work, normal and healthy again. There are times when we are touching neither an extreme of angelic feelings nor an extreme of self feelings, when it is wonderful just to be normal, just enjoying the ordinary things of life. We thank Thee for such moments of peace and relaxation. We know it is not necessary to have special luxuries and special entertainments in order to be happy. The greatest joy of living is in the awareness of oneness with Thee, and in serving Thee, and being attuned to that special wavelength which is in harmony with Thy heavenly states, and with Thy All-Pervading Will, Wisdom and Love.

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One Life Alfred Holmes (1981)

One Life is everywhere. It is breathing you. It is the reigning power of the universe. It is in every living creature. It is the Great Spirit. Rejoice in Life and give it your love, The Presence of Life in mankind carries the all-highest light. Here, it is most creative, most sacred, most beautiful Be kind to one another. In loving kindness can be found the healing of All human ills. Practice peace and goodwill, and be a co-creator with the Almighty for building a better world.

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Our Oneness with Our Creator Julie Watts (1981)

I have often thought of my relationship with my Creator! THE LEAST, me, can communicate with the GREATEST, OUR FATHER! As I meditate on this profound mystery, I am deeply moved. I am so filled with reverence that I am hardly aware of my own existence. HE is my very LIFE! But He Is letting me develop to the point that I realize the meaning of ONENESS. It Is such a SACRED realization that HIS LIFE is the life that functions within me. He has given me the REINS, so that I may guide myself to the awesome realization of His Presence. His Nearness, and eventually to the total awareness of ONENESS with the CREATOR OF ALL! I realize that He didnt STOOP to inhabit this body, but that I have to RAISE myself to discover His Glorious Presence! To meditate on this great truth is deeply disturbing. HE IS ALL, and I am nothing without HIS LIFE AND PRESENCE. I have started on a long Journey where I have to realize that WE ARE ALL ONE, because of His Presence. My sacred duty is to accept this ONENESS, and to strive to purify myself, so that I may truly express HIM in ALL I do: every word I utter, every action I perform, and most important, EVERY THOUGHT I THINK! I have taken up the reins, and I am on my way to prove HIS PRESENCE within me, and within ALL HIS CREATIONS! ALL LIFE IS HIS! ALL GLORY IS HIS! ALL PRAISE TO HIM! OUR LOVING FATHER AND CREATOR!

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A Fully Materialized Spirit Speaks to Her Daughter

Anonymous (1981)

When she stood before her daughter, in a fully materialized form, she said: The flesh-body is but a shell, or a house, in which our OWN PERSONAL SPIRIT temporarily lives. Dear Mary, I want you to realize that I am with you many times, and I can read your thoughts, and know your desires and your deep love for me. O do not grieve for me, I am very happy in my new way of life here in this wonderful spirit world, in the heavens surrounding the earth. I can clothe myself in the garments of earth to enable me to appear here before you. I also can partake of the essence-substance of fruit and other earthly foods, I can handle flowers and smell their perfume. I am as fond of these things now, as when I was with you. I am the same SPIRIT with the same likes and dislikes. So-called DEATH has not changed these feelings. But I am growing into a Higher Light of Wisdom and Understanding of Lifes eternal Progression. I am gradually being taught greater knowledge of the higher spiritual laws of life, and of the CREATORs Infinite Love for all of HIS Creations, and of His spiritual laws under which I now live. Death of the flesh-body does not change the Spirit. When the Spirit returns and takes on again the materialized of its former flesh-body, IT IS THE SAME SPIRIT THAT LEFT IT.

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What Is Reality? Alfred Holmes


When youre having a bad dream, it can sometimes get so bad that you can willfully open your eyes and become awake to the reality of your physical self and the safety and security of your home. Humanity as a whole is having a bad dream. We need to wake up to the Reality of the Creators Presence with us, and know that His Love, wisdom and power are available for our use. Every individual is living in his own bad dream which is part of the whole nightmare humanity is experiencing. Our dreams are getting so bad that a lot of people are opening their eyes to Reality. How about me? Are you and I willing to accept the reality of light, and fight the pull of world darkness? Yes, it has its attractions, but we pay a big price for this. The price is bondage, sickness, pain, and possibly despair or insanity. We need to wake up to Reality now, before it is too late Reality, with a capital R, means, the presence of the Creators love, wisdom and power. We only need to affirm it, to believe it and to train ourselves to live in attunement with it. Also we need to grasp a most important principal of life: namely, that we reap as we sow; and then we must adapt ourselves to it, knowing that we cannot have a heaven on earth unless we express heavenly qualities. Many examples may come to mind of selfish, corrupt people who seem to reap great benefits. Dont believe it. They are losers. In the end, they find themselves in a hell of their own making. You and I can come out of our own bad dream by opening our eyes to the Reality of the Creators Presence. It is within ourselves, waiting to be given an exit. The Almighty has created a beautiful universe to which we have been blind. We can find it, and live in it, if we will try to be beautiful ourselves. Rather than wait until our dream is so bad we cant take it anymore, lets start now.

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Meditation Alfred Holmes (1981)

What can we do for Thee, Jehovih? This is our oft repeated question. We are here to serve Thee, and for no other reason. Of ourselves, we dont know what to do, so we need Thy inspiration if we are to do Thy will. Thou art the All Person. Thou art everywhere. Let a person in the depths of hell call out to Thee, and Thou wilt hear him; and according to Thy judgment, looking to his soul development, Thou wilt answer. We do not pretend to any great wisdom. Although we have written much that might be called inspirational, it is from Thy Presence under certain favorable conditions. Wisdom is in the way we live, in the decisions we make, in the way we act and speak and create from moment to moment every day. We are nothing without Thee, Jehovih. We see the wisdom of cultivating awareness of Thy Presence, and attunement with Thy purpose; we see that Thou art the One Supreme Authority, the Ever Present Intelligence, and All inclusive Love Creator of all the living, and all that exists in the universe. We see the wisdom of praising and thanking Thee and seeking to serve Thee. We see that Thou hast a plan of upliftment for the people of earth in this day, and that we can hear Thy Voice in respect to it if we will listen. We see that all things perish but the soul which is the immortal divine individual, the everlasting reality of our being. This is the extent of our enlightenment in basic truths. As minds we are always trying to create the best possible philosophy to live by. What we find may help us, even though it is only a degree of light. There is no one form of wisdom suitable for everybody. It comes to us by degrees according to our needs. We seek perfection in all things, and never quite make it; and our frustrations drive us to seek ever further until we are finally living from Thy direct inspiration, having purified ourselves of all self-seeking. Getting back to the original question: What can we do for Thee? Perhaps this is the best philosophy of life, to be forever questioning, trying to become more perfectly attuned with Thee. In trying to help others, perhaps the best we can say to others is The Page 129 of 351

Creator is present with you, and if you will seek His inspiration, desiring to serve Him, He will respond; and you will be shown the remedy for your ills, and for all the ills of the world.

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Meditation Alfred Holmes (1981)

What is awareness, O Creator? We shall try to answer our own question, and will know that Thou art giving us inspiration according to our capacity to receive it. Awareness is the consciousness of one-ness with Thee. It is the opposite of the state of separateness in which we formerly lived, which is the condition of most of mankind on earth. It is a sense of kinship with all life, and a way of inwardly communicating with Thee and with every living thing. It is harmony, and goodwill, and willing helpfulness. There are no barriers in awareness, no clouds; everything is clear, clean and beautiful. It is a calmness; and a feeling of strength and control in unity with Thy Hosts. One feels that Thy inspiration is direct and unfailing for the fulfilling of Thy purpose of upliftment. In trying to imagine the ideal state of attunement with Thee, we get a picture of what our awareness can be. Of course, there are degrees of awareness. We mortals do not expect to experience the state of consciousness Thy angels know, except perhaps in occasional flashes of extraordinary realization. Awareness of Thy Presence and Power, Jehovih, is what mankind most needs. Cultivating awareness is the greatest practice for development of a happier life and a better world. Some mortals may be very humane, charitable, kind, compassionate and selfless; yet, without awareness of Thy Presence and Power, their accomplishments are comparatively small. Without recognition of Thee as the All-Life and One Source, there are insurmountable barriers to the kind of soul attunement and expression needed for the building of Thy kingdom on earth. Such people live from a kind of exalted self-consciousness. Conscious oneness with Thee is necessary to the mastery of self and the casting off of limiting concepts which, unknownst to mortals, bind than to the rulers of the darkness of the world. The cultivation and development of awareness opens channels to the inspiration, support and protection of the Higher Beings, Thy angels, and makes the mortal individual one with a Host. The protection of the Higher Beings is necessary to mortals who Page 131 of 351

would break away from conventional, church doctrines, from any form of orthodoxy and traditional ways of life which stultify the soul. Otherwise, the battle is lost before it is begun. That is why conscious awareness and attunement is so necessary. It enables a person to accomplish the seemingly impossible through affiliation with Thy legions of the All-Highest Will, Wisdom and Love.

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The Truth about Obsession Josephine Possi (1981)

As Jehovihs channels of light impregnate the consciousness of man at this time of earth living, we find a more receptive attitude towards the things of spirit. Man must know the truth: that the physical and spiritual worlds are united as one, that is that the lower heavens, which revolve with the Earth, are part of the Earth. In the dawn of Kosmon greater illumination pertaining to the realities of life is necessary in order to cope with new conditions. One of them is humanities indifference to the necessity of spiritual enlightenment while living in the physical body. Fortunately to offset this we have Oahspe. But this book is such that in the main, it can but reach intellectuals in this age. Many others will also feel the impact of the Light that is a part of the dawn of the Kosmon Age. The influx of spiritual force is stimulating the psychic, or soul centers in man, and with the conjunction of the two planes, spirit and matter, much discord is taking place because few are prepared mentally, emotionally and physically. Many persons are becoming mediumistic due to these highly charged elements that are in the atmosphere. They are opened up and receptive to the influx of spiritual communication from around themselves, and they do not know it. Some are becoming obsessed. It calls for attention. We should give it some thought because unless we do, it can be a very sad story for many families for in those families are those who have mediumistic tendencies and do not know how to use them. In this time of reckoning, many on Earth are being touched by the conflagration of souls that are earthbound, seeking to give ideas and projecting strong thoughts and desires into the consciousness of man. The atmosphere of Earth is loaded with these discarnate entities. Some may be called good they lead man upward, lead him into wider awareness, lead him toward the Creator and toward becoming better, wiser, Page 133 of 351

more unselfish and better educated in every way that ultimately matters. Some may be called bad they lead man down, into ignorance, sensuality, selfishness, cruelty, war and away from the Creator. Some are extremely vicious. They remain in the aura of the Earth because their desires when they lived an Earth life were principally physical and physical appetites and after passing on, they continue to seek further gratification of those appetites. Not knowing how to get out of the Earths atmosphere, they attach themselves to those with whom they associated in the physical life, with those they liked or those they disliked, (to gratify their feelings of revenge), and even move about in the same houses and localities. These spirits do not seek light or deliverance from their deplorable state but are glad to bring confusion into the minds of all those that are touched by them. We know that in the spirit planes it is necessary to desire help before one can receive it. In passing through the threshold of death, we find ourselves in a spirit counterpart of the physical body we have just left. This might be called our body of desires. Now the free will we exercised on Earth is no longer at our command. Those who failed to control and refine their spirit or emotional body while they had the opportunity on Earth, will find that they are slaves to their baser instincts when they function on the spirit plane, until the process of purification can take place. Therefore we are creators of our own heaven or hell. Naturally those souls who have vicious desires will try to gratify these desires through the body of anyone who will permit them to stay in his aura. This is what accounts for drink, smoke and sex obsessions and contributes enormously to cruelty, intense anger, jealousy, suicide, insanity, and many other failings that humans of Earth are heir to. Many times ones sense of physical exhaustion is due to nothing else but a discarnate entity, a druj in ones aura, following one around and absorbing ones vital energy in order to survive. Many Earth-bound spirits are pathetic cases. Most people do not Page 134 of 351

realize that after passing on, souls who were sick, crippled or diseased in the mortal body often retain that idea in the mind when they are Earthbound, thus manifesting the same infirmity in their astral bodies. In such a pitiful state they remain earth bound through their own ignorance and become aimless wanderers in the vicinity of their earthly haunts, some completely helpless in a semiconscious state. These spirits are lonely but seldom malicious. They fail to respond to help by spirit missionary workers because they cannot discern them manifesting on a lower grade. Whether on the battlefield or otherwise a great many people who have died are unaware of the fact that they have passed on, and the effort to prove to them that they are what mortals call dead often assumes a pathetic, and sometimes amusing aspect. They often resort to a stupid and nonsensical argument, through the instrumentality of an entranced medium, or through the obsessed person himself, to prove that they are not dead. They ignore the suggestion to will to see some departed relative or friend or a spirit helper who can assist them into higher conditions. Usually they are not aware of the harm they have caused the one whom they are obsessing. It is only after enlightened guidance and persuasion by those on Earth who have been trained to work with these entities that they finally awaken to their true condition. There may be legions of helpful spirits standing by, but the desire for help must emanate from the soul in distress, the earnest cry from the heart must go out before freedom and elevation can take place. In this manner the unripe spirit raises the direction of its grade to communication with Jehovih and His channels of light, some of whom it can then behold. Then it can be assisted by Missionaries of Light into a higher plane where it is taught the ways and laws of spiritual light. If all the lower discarnate entities could be taken from the atmosphere of Earth a great burden would be lifted from humanitys shoulders and many of mankinds troubles would be solved permitting peace and harmony to reign throughout the world. How do we attract entities? NOW let us turn our attention from the Page 135 of 351

plight of the earth-bound spirits to the manner in which sensitive people become affected by these retarded souls. Before a discarnate entity impinges on the aura of a mortal, it is sometimes attracted by a magnetic light emanating from that person. This psychic light is especially attractive to ignorant spirits because of the semi darkness which enshrouds them. It is comparable to the attraction of a light burning at night for moths and other insects. In persons with a greater degree of psychic sensitivity, the attraction is augmented because of the increased brightness of the light. It is the sensitive person who is unconscious of mediumistic faculties that usually becomes the victim of obsession because ignorant of psychic and spiritual facts, yet with the psychic centers of his soul open and unguarded, he permits these invisible intruders to enter in. How many of us are aware that most of us are sensitive to a degree? We are all potential mediums. Ill people, especially when delirious, or those overworked or on the verge of a nervous breakdown, are easily obsessed. Victims of obsession are sometimes entirely robbed of their normal mentality and are classed as insane. Nevertheless their own soul mentality is there, and the fight for complete possession of the body ensues, causing external reactions and symptoms which those unaware of these psychic undercurrents termed `insanity. How unfortunate then, when a psychiatrist on learning there are 2, 3 or more personalities fighting for possession of the body uses his time, education and will to help the best personality take possession of the body, instead of the rightful owner. Not only are there many forms of insanity, but epileptic attacks and similar conditions are widely due to obsession. Removing the obsessions, removing the spirits possessing one, promotes the cure and gives palpable proof of the fact of life after death and of the dominance of spirit over the corporeal, to the beholder. Even when a complete healing is not brought about by this work of extraction of the intruding spirit, at least it removes the underlying cause and leaves the way open for medical procedure to complete the way back Page 136 of 351

to better health. The greatest number of obsessions are found to be with drunkards and drug addicts who attracts entities of a similar type, and grade. Lacking will power they are unable to repulse those entities whose sole desire is to satisfy their burning appetites through the bodies of their earthly companions. On the other hand a large percentage of the insane come from the ranks of religious fanatics. During the time of meditation and devotional prayer, their psychic centers open. When this takes place, unless the person is well-balanced and is living a high moral life and spiritual life, there are bound to be repercussions in the form of obsessions spirits hanging around who intrude. Quite often, their loved ones are at a loss to understand why such a kind, religious soul should suddenly become insane.

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The Power of Love Eva Bell Werber (1981)

As you blend with the power which is Mine, lifting it to the altar in the throne room of your heart, it will go forth as a penetrating light to help those who need the love it carries. The great love thus engendered, is such power as removed mountains, either within your own consciousness, or mountains of difficulty from without. It will overcome any barrier, for love is the key to every problem of life. As you breathe in the breath of life, transmuting all that is negative into love for the world, you will be working with the most powerful force in the universe. Love is indeed the atomic energy of the soul. As you bring this love force into activity, you will take on something of the likeness of the Father and will radiate a light from this great love generated within you. When you out-breathe love, you radiate rays of light over whose pathways come messengers from the Father Who is Love. They surround you with their glory and sing for you celestial music of beauty beyond any of earth. Its harmonies will fill your innermost being, though the outer ear be unaware of it. These messengers also bring you wisdom and guidance and their presence guards your path. You will learn to serve those with whom you are in contact by the power of unselfish love. Let me repeat: As you work with love, you are using the energy of the Creator of all. No impassable barrier will obstruct your way. Those with whom you work and live will sense your power through love and you will share its power and beauty with all who are able to receive it.

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Voice of The Great Spirit Adapted from the Dead Sea Scrolls by Rick Cafero (1981)
I am the source and wellspring of all power and wisdom, saith Jehovih. I stretch out the heavens and command My hosts to do My will. I created the spirit of man to last throughout all time, for ages infinite. And I assigned tasks to mens spirits, moment by moment, throughout their generations, season by season, age after age. Shapen of clay and kneaded with water created I man. And with a spirit, and with judgment. And I gave man knowledge to do works of righteousness and tell forth the glory and secrets of My Truth. To those who arise and stand upright before Me, there is no deceit nor delusion, for they are pleasing to Me and walk in the way of My presence. To them I have fortified to stand against affliction; for they are stayed by My grace, and illumined by My Light. All who have faith in Me I have set firm in heart My deep truths. As they have pledged themselves to Me, so have I sheltered them against all distress of soul and bitterness of spirit. My angels minister unto them and lead them naturally, and they walk eager in the ways of right-doing. And when they come before Me in Covenant and prayer, My angels bear witness for them and their righteousness, and I see their good deeds written in their bodies, and in their spirits, and I bless their souls and they rejoice in heart. I am the River of Life that flows without ceasing in the Infinite Garden of My Creation, All who invoke me I preserve forever. All who delight in Me I raise upward forever, to higher and higher worlds Give ear unto Me, O ye of the earth and the heavens, for I have opened the way for My Voice upon the souls of the faithful for all generations. Let the righteous proclaim Me for I am even now on My way to pass judgment on all deeds.

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My blessing is upon all people who give heed to My counsel and. walk not in the way of the ungodly. My countenance is upon the righteous who walk in the path of life; for they, in My presence, find the fullness of joy and their souls see not corruption. I AM the light and the salvation, saith Jehovih. Rejoice in My name, forget not My commandments, for My word is right; and all My works are done in truth.

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The Voices of Spirit Friends Speak Thus Don G. Pickard (1981)

With words of gentleness we come to you, full of encouragement. The spirit of the world ever presses upon you, from all sides this influence that ever negates The Great Spirit and prevents your thoughts dwelling, on us, is most powerful. Therefore the tone of voice we present, which may by some be considered sentimental or weakness is not so; it is the voice of wisdom, suggesting that which is profitable to consider and then leaving the choice with each to make, as seemeth right to them. From the view of things seen by us, each little group of followers seeking more of light, is to us as a rare and precious diadem. It radiates a light. The auras reveal colour blending and these are indeed beautiful because they spell out to us the word harmony. Though in the near future words of harmony, peace and good-will will be sung by many people; you will have to take our word for the fact not much of it is of the quality that endures, but will evaporate as the morning mist a few days after your festivities are ended. It is of the quality of things that endure we wish to be concerned with in our labors with you, because if we were to labor for things of the passing hour shall we say, you would not thank us when you crossed over and became acquainted face to face with those who taught and guided you. Our words come with the wisdom of The Great Spirit because the policies that we seek to lead you towards accepting, have indeed been tested and proven over the course of thousands of years. Therefore not as the preacher who hammers the converted do we come to you, but as the spirit of The Eternal Mother, to whom each one is loved in something after this manner. We come with gentle words, words that encourage, words that are kind and thoughtful, because we have a view of life more expansive than that the mortal possesses. As you grow older, times will come when the thought will register with Page 141 of 351

you: these our friends are saying the same thing over and over again to us. Why do they constantly reiterate that which they told me twenty years ago? And the answer comes down to the fact the deadly spirit of the world will ever strive to wean you away from the things of the spirit, and so we counter this in the way described: gentle words, eyes of pity, reluctance to judge sins and errors on the part of anyone, and ever hoping, ever keeping fingers crossed, knowing we have to surround and guard and protect you all through your life if the labor is to expand outwards and bless others who are also earnestly seeking for the light. Many brothers and sisters meet in circle or in fellowship, and we doubt if any actually realize just how valuable, how important, is each one of you in the sight of the many loves who guide and overshadow you. And the reason is this: Thought Spirit, as such, is potent and all-powerful, that power needs be channeled through the proper avenues, and that is, through persons, those mortals living now in the earth-body. Imagine therefore a line of light stretching into the distance, and is then lost sight of. In that chain of spiritual light will always be hundreds sometimes thousands, unseen loves ascending and descending on the sons and daughters of mortals, ever seeking to impress and guide them to go in such and such a direction, or to do thus and thus, with liberty open to any to ignore it all and go or do something entirely different, even opposite if they so choose. Therefore it will be obvious that the hopes, fears, shall we say, of many in our worlds will rise or fall on this factor how strong the bond that exists between us and our mortal protgs at the corporeal end of that chain of light. And you have to imagine in your mind that thousands of these chains of light all criss-cross, in many countries all over the world. To great extent you remain strangers even to others on the path of life, and again part of the labor is to cement the bonds in every age so that gradually the strangers become brothers and sisters. Once you see as we see, the labor in hand appears as a thing of gigantic proportions, so that you pray often to The Great Spirit for more labors, both in Es and in corpor, to come and help you with it, lest you sink Page 142 of 351

under the load of heavy responsibility. So the gentle words come as a result of a true evaluation of the worth of each individual person who shows the slightest interest in this labor for a harvest they may well never live to see, come to much in the earth life. Behold, then, the folly of hammering the converted, saying in effect, you are against evil, and saying so as if they too needed to be convinced, to think the same kind of thoughts. And the possibility is that, coming into our presence, needing strength and comfort, they heard a type of sermon that left them unsatisfied, they would not come again. In many years hence that would be laid on our doorstep, if it were indeed that our type of preaching ended with this disastrous result. Therefore dear spiritualist brothers and sisters, observe in your dealings with all mortals that to be able to truly comfort and give solace, you need a heart that is soft and pliable as well as head that is clear to read into the soul of things. Blend these within yourself and many indeed shall be blessed and comforted, uplifted beyond measure.

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Prayer Steve Conniff (1981)

May the light in your mind raise you above all worries and doubts, material conditions below; for as the spirit of truth and love grows, heavens abundant supply of the eternal fills in all the emptiness and sorrow that for so long held us captive. From that light, which takes us from the old natural being to the inner angelic being, cones a destiny that swells the heart and the will with a determination and force that must create that peace that passeth all understanding; a new world order to replace the old, a heaven here on earth and the little children shall lead them. This is the place that will soon be the throne in all hearts.

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Jehovih the Creator Vernoica Halley (1982)

Who or what created things seen and unseen? Who other than Jehovih the Creator who has always been. His Power moves in both great and small; His Precious Life is in each and all, No matter what is our call His life exists in each and all. Be ye black, white, short, or tall, Jehovihs Source exists in each and all. In man, beasts, birds, and trees, The earth, the sky, or the seas; Whatever is seen or unseen, Jehovih is the Architect of all and has always been.

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Brotherhood of Man K. Emmons (1982)

If you are looking for a religion that will bring about the brotherhood of man, you should read OAHSPE, which has 8OO pages of the most advanced teachings ever given to man. Just as our Heavenly Father gave new teachings to man 2,000 years ago so has He now given man new teachings to guide him through the coming generations and the bringing about of His Kingdom on earth. OAHSPE, among so many other things, explains the difference between our Heavenly Father and a God or Lord or Savior. It explains how angels from other planets came here to guide man in his early stages when there were no angels in the heavens of the earth to guide him. It explains how there are heavens above heavens each more glorious for us to go to as life is eternal. It explains how our parents are always our parents and go ahead of us to each new plane of life to prepare a place for us. It speaks out against war, poverty, unemployment, welfare, big government, big ownership etc., as well as explaining science pronects for the future. OAHSPE will give you a universal consciousness as you will understand how each part is a part Of the complete whole. One of the messages the Great Creator is trying to get across is that He is just as busy today creating as He has been in the past. Just as each separate part of us is us, part of the Great Creator Jehovih and are Him as Re is the sum total of all His parts. All the action going on around us is him in action. The fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs are Him expressing Himself through these substances. My Father in heaven is thy Father also; all men and women are my brothers and sisters. To magnify ones soul so are to realize this brotherhood is a great virtue. No matter what name He hath, there is, neveitheless but one Creator, and all people are His children.

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Let Us Share Our Thoughts with You Don G. Pickard (1982)

How to begin? How to explain such a fact as a medium who hears not words as his friend would speak to him in corpor (the earth life), yet hears the words just the same, devoid of utterance. How to justify the workings? How to explain the man does not simply imagine he hears and then colors it all with the aid of a vivid imagination. How to explain the reality of thoughts not your own that come at times unasked for by you or anyone? These words are our introduction, to let you see our thought processes and judgments as to what is reasonable or perhaps, an affront to common-sense, carry on just the same beyond the grave. Let us at least leave with you the idea you are dealing with people exactly the same as yourselves. Well, not literally, not exactly, but the words we have penned will do. What would you expect of us in a short address, on any subject, seen of course, from the supposed other side? What about the many in your world to whom prayer is something having no reality in it, who cannot pray, who sometimes, if cornered, might confess I would at times like to pray, but to whom shall I pray? Does He hear? How to be sure? And we tell you, hundreds of millions are there who walk the earth-life knowing nothing, nothing at all, of what is to all too soon come upon them. And would you not therefore say, if you were seeing the world of mortals from the side of the immortals would you not say- Beloved, let us think of those who cannot pray, who know not what it is, what it means. How can we help them to find the secret that is not a secret once the heart has grasped the essential simplicity in it? To teach a man to speak to a part in himself that is immortal, and ignore the voices coming up from some well of darkness within himself that suggest he is but talking to himself, how shall we do this? How shall we, without him bowing His guardian angels face to face, put him on course so Page 147 of 351

he finds real happiness in life, rather than endlessly suffering illusions that are constantly dropping him in the mire? Let us do a simple thing. Let us make a list. On it we put the names of many who come to mind, irrespective as to whether 'family' or not. Then shall we 'image' that person, that living soul for a few fleeting seconds as we read each name aloud; for the etheric waves that course the universe shall carry these names to those in our worlds and you will have to take our word for the fact no thought ever dispatched by mortals into the 'ethe' ever returns void, with mission unaccomplished. Each loving thought reaches that one intended for it. And not only this; they know. Love is all-powerful. You call it love. Love answers. Simple is it not? And once this has dawned on the heart, is not disbelieved or thought to be rather far-fetched, then you soon grasp what prayer is all about. Love will respond to love; thousands of millions of little ethe-waves will ripple outward and onward and not one will ever find its atomic counterpart shall fail in any way whatsoever. And from your worldly scene, suppose you desire to give your loves in the worlds unseen happiness, what shall you do? Shall you rush hither and thither dealing with a multiplicity of projects? No! You shall sit quietly, in the evening, when the busyness is over for that day, and let these pictures pass across your mind's inner eye. Yes, dear friends, in this will you, create happiness in heaven more than anything else in the way of literally 'doing'. Your loves come to its and sometimes a cloud also comes across their own world of inner thoughts. They need not put it into words. We can read the thoughts better than all the eloquence in words. And the thought is this: So many years have passed. Am I still remembered by those in the earthbody? Do I still live in their thoughts? And because the whole basis of heaven is not as it is on earth, others come and explain that only by giving off love to others, can or do we ever really answer that cry in the heart. Beloved, in the higher heavens there is no such thing as separateness. No isolation. No lonely Lives. No lives lived out as if others did not matter. We perceive the bond that binds us all. Easy to say this, yet it hath not entered the mind of man as to exactly what this is. Page 148 of 351

Again we say to you, so there shall be no mistaking the importance of the truth expressed there is no such thing as separateness in the higher etherean spheres of the Great Spirit. All the living are indeed, members of one family, the Universal family, impossible to ever count. The individual person remains with all the traits of personality. That is not lost. But something added to the earth-experience makes us aware of ties that bind us so comprehensively we truly do feel for each other. And this can only be spelt out to you in life itself. Our words at best can only give a rough picture. It hath not entered the thought-forms of mortals to know what is conveyed by this word `oneness'. It cannot be said. All that can be achieved are a few steps in the right direction. That is all any man or woman can do is the whole of a life-time in corpor. A man prays for his friend. It is good. But to also include in his prayer those he has no direct acquaintance with, and to really feel deep down the desire to serve their own best and highest interests, that is to feel as the angels of The Great Spirit feel. Do you not see, when all art one, this is how you will feel, more deep, more intense than you ever guessed to be possible? And thus, the highest best man on earth, in this matter, is but no more than one who had advanced a few steps forward in the right direction. This is not to detract from the good he has done, or to in any way mark down. It is to put it in perspective, so it is seen for what it is by those who judge all things from a higher light than mortals. To pray for those of similar belief to us, what merit lies in that? But to burst the bonds of limitations within ourselves, this is, dear friends, to go yet a few more steps in the right direction. And when things are seen from the universal point of view, then even former notions of God and Lord are seen as insufficient. By trial and error does a mortal usually gravitate to true ideas of The Great Spirit E-O-IH. Rarely do these come suddenly, overnight. We are therefore all children on the endless path of life. Let us help each other. You do not see us, not as you see your friends, yet nonetheless Page 149 of 351

our hands are everlastingly reaching down to bless you, to inspire you with thoughts such as the ones briefly touched upon in this address. Let no man err in this. It is by and through cultivation of an understanding as to exactly what is prayer that the universe opens out in a mortals' world of inner thoughts. Devoid of prayer, the man or woman is tossed helplessly about in the earth-life and for a time, the same happens in the heavenly life. Is it not sad to reflect upon what might or what might not have been? Because a simple truth was not seen, because a new thoughts were not cast out from the heart, or help asked for, the tribulations of love carried a soul through an era of darkness. Repeat this many times, in many lives and you have an idea of the endless labor before us, that can never ever be completed, because more is always being added unto it. On the subject of prayer much has been written and spoken through the ages. Yet is there not in each one, a light; a part within, that surely knows really knows, without another having to spell it out? Let us leave you with a few words that may help you build your own base in this. He that hath faith in Me alone, is surely thrice blessed, All I want to do is to do the good. Why will ye not let me do it? To have faith in Me. above all else and all other persons, this is the highest truth for any son of man." O Great Spirit E-O-lH. Thou, My Creator. Thou alone art that bright and shining star within each person. Beyond all sacred names, beyond the Gods and Lords, Thou, O Jehovih. Thou art the star that shines in each soul forever.

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To Comfort the Bereaved Don G. Pickard (1982)

And to every living person on the earth cometh the moment when someone dearly loved passes beyond the limitations of the corporeal world; and they depart from us. The chair they sat in is vacant. We try to recall their characteristics and the words they say, the smile, the particular tone in which certain words are said; and after the passing of time the vivid pictures still come up. Nothing can blot out the memory of those who have gone before us; and we often say, in the quietness of the evening O God! Where has the spirit of my loved one gone? Will I see him again? Win I see her again? Will they be unto me the same person that I knew before, that I will recognize as that person and not someone who is a stranger to me? These, and many others, are some of the thoughts that come to mind. And it is natural that there should be grief. It is also natural that as life, the flow of life, continues, and the things of corpor that press upon us demanding our attention cannot be postponed but have to be dealt with, it is right we attend to these things. For in so doing, time itself will be found to be on our side; to take away the sharpness of that initial pain, as if the spirit itself had been wounded. And the world of Spirit is very kind. For the world of Spirit will do everything possible to bind up, what seemeth to you, a deep wound within the spirit, that you cannot of yourself either comprehend or heal. But time carries us all remorselessly forward. Sometimes we try to visualize our loved ones as we knew them. But it is not like that, that we shall see them face to face. For the passing of the years in the Spirit-worlds will more spiritualize the features into something resembling eternal manhood or eternal womanhood than anything that could be achieved by the spirit continuing to inhabit, or to dwell, within the body of corpor, because as the span of years increase so becomes it more difficult for Spirit to competently use the vehicle of expression that it has at hand. The vehicle becomes unwieldy, incompetent; and in the end, no longer usable in that form. And therefore Spirit will quit this body that it Page 151 of 351

cannot anymore use; and this, beloved friends, has nothing to do with sin or saviors or anything preached in the dogma of theology. It is just the most natural thing that there is, for the spirit to quit it, and then, to be free. For only once, does the spirit, the immortal spirit, inhabit this earthly form; and the loving kindness of The Great Spirit hath created what you call death in order that the spirit can do this i.e., to quit the mortal body and then, to dwell in the worlds that are the immortal worlds the worlds of Spirit in which death is not. And the more you give thought to what we say and simply ponder these worth, the more it seemeth to you that all things fall within the category of wise provisions, created by a most wise and loving Creator; seeing contingencies a long time ahead, opening doors, as it were, almost in advance, almost as it were, putting down a carpet for a very important person to walk upon. Yes, preparing and paying great care and attention to a thousand and one details involved in the creation of a living soul and its progress through eternity. Often we say: O, that He had not taken my loved one away! Or we muse: if only the Status quo could have continued another couple of years. If only the pattern and the system of our well-ordered lives could have gone rolling onward, undisturbed, please God for a couple of years at least. These are the thoughts that pass through your mind. And no one need be ashamed of admitting such thoughts. They are easy to read. They declare themselves. They speak to us of what we call the human touch. But The Great Spirit is very loving and wise, and will not answer such prayers as these, because when you look into your own heart, there is an element of selfishness in any reluctance to let the loved one depart this life of corpor and go to a world in which there are no troubles as to the faculties of hearing, or seeing; where all things open out anew with a greater glory than ever the glory that you behold in the life on earth. But when you analyze your thoughts and are true in your thinking, you will say to The Creator O Creator O, Great Spirit, it is but a selfish love, this desire that makes me want to cling to those who supported me all my life. Yes, in a way, it is a selfish love, this reluctance to let the spirit finally quit associations with the concerns of earth and our personal concerns. The Page 152 of 351

cords of love yes they bind us together. But once the spirit has quit the body of corpor, the interests of that person must of necessity be different to the interests of those who have not as yet crossed the narrow line that divides one from the other. Therefore, a true loving heart after a time, will send out thoughts as these into the spirit-worlds: O, Beloved Great Spirit, guide Thou and protect the one I love. Let neither harm nor evil come to them in the spiritworlds. Clothe them, O, Father, with light of Thy Light, ethe of Thy ethe and Thy knowledge and understanding and an awareness of Thy Presence that abideth with them always. Let them go their way in life, with our blessings and best wishes. Beloved, there is a time for mourning, in these proceedings, of the quiet tear, of the personal prayer to The Creator and the prayer that is sometimes the cry of a child baffled somewhat by the mystery of death. O, yes, there is a time for these things these emotions these things of the heart and the mind and the spirit within, that are common to all of us and we should not hold them back. But there is also a time for sober realization of the truth of certain words in Oahspe in Bons Book of praise. I take them not back to the things of the past, to trials and tribulations. But I open the veil, and I show the spirit the great provisions I have made, and these open before the spirit as one that is constantly surprised, by the provisions which I have created for the spirits of the dead. You see, long before any of us were quickened into life, Life was, and Life had always been. And Life always prepared for the contingency ahead. Long before we came into Life, it had all been well thought out. The governments and the systems, and the authorities of heaven, all had been thought out; and they work today as wonderfully as they did millions of years ago, in the different echelons of heaven. Let us just rest in the fact that with all these well thought out provisions, there is no need for any of us to be anxious, or even to say to the One beyond the Gods, the kind of words that do, on such occasions, so readily fall from our lips. For The Great Spirit hath taken care of all things, and made provision accordingly. And for the spirit of the dead there is always a better future in the Summerland and the planes beyond than ever could possibly be by the Page 153 of 351

anticipation of a return to the former things. Let your heads rest in this knowledge, and be not afraid.

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Meditation Alfred Holmes (1982)

Divine love is your greatest possession. And it is inexhaustible. The more you give it away, the more of it you possess. It wants nothing, because it is everything. It is the happiness of celestial beings. It is your happiness too, the only real and lasting happiness. It survives all troubles, pains and sorrows. It lives through youth, old age and death. Nothing can defeat it. lt is what is left of you when everything else is gone. It is your security above that of all material things. It is more enduring than gold or diamonds, more enduring than the earth itself. It is eternal. It is the ruling power of the universe. It is the Creator. Learn how to cultivate it. Make it your most persistent study, effort and purpose. You will be inspired as never before. You will have the help of mighty angelic beings. Bringing forth the divine love from within starts when you try to be harmonious, not combative, not argumentative, not competitive, not opinionated. You will have to come apart from the world, to some extent, to live like this. But if you have to live and work in the world, if you are not able to get out of it, you can cultivate divine love in private. In your silent prayers to Jehovih, make it your chiefest aim and purpose, your most cherished dream. Somehow the way will open for you to achieve it. You are touching heavenly spheres of exalted beings, attracting their support, their inspiration and guidance. Divine love is what you ARE. You have found yourself when you begin to express divine love. This is the sweetest feeling, the greatest pleasure. It is creative. It is beautiful. Once you have felt the thrill of divine love, you will cease wanting things, you will cease acquiring things. You will not need things. You will be secure and fulfilled in your own divine self.

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Meditation Alfred Holmes (1982)

Thou art the Whole, Jehovih, the All, the One Eternal Being, EverPresent and All-Powerful. There are a thousand names or figures worshipped as gods in the world, but only One sustains life and guides the galaxies in space. Only One Supreme Intelligence rules the destiny of man. No man comprehends Thee in Thy completeness. Even the highest of human beings, souls of hundreds of thousands of years of experience, look upon Thee with awe and wonder. We mortals need more than anything else to recognize Thee, and attune ourselves to Thy will, wisdom and love. There are some who will come awake, and work with Thee, and begin to build a new order, patterned after Thy heavenly kingdoms. They will not try to persuade mankind to a new way of life, but will go to work, and build an example of the perfect type of society in which there will be no war, crime, poverty and disease. To become builders and workers with Thee, Jehovih, What must we do? We are but partially, awake and attuned; like little children who have grown to the point where they will not do any wrong, but still are not able to do any great good. We are trying to see the way more clearly, and attune ourselves more perfectly. Thy heavenly kingdoms are not places of idleness and ease. The inhabitants are progressive, and eager to work and learn. They are not free of problems; but they are free of tension, fear, hatred, jealousy, greed, lust, egoism, and all the propensities that make beasts of men. We mortals need to work to free ourselves from these hidden causes of disharmony and suffering. We dont want to be critics of the world or reformers. We just want to help heal its ills. But if we cant heal our own ills, where do we stand? We know Thou art planning for the worlds regeneration, O Creator. Somehow, we can be part of Thy plan. Let it be whatever is in accordance with Thy will. Alone, we can do nothing; so we must tune ourselves to the highest possible inspiration and source of power. Thou hast said in Oahspe; I have given Thee Thyself, O man. But we would give ourselves back to Thee. We do not want to own anything, Page 156 of 351

even ourselves, but to give all to Thee, lose the lesser self, and express all our talents and powers in Thy service, for Thy glory and the good of all.

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Meditation Alfred Holmes (1982)

There are days when we are uninspired, when we feel just like an ordinary separate self. When we try to commune with Thee, O Creator, our mind is a blank. We feel nothing, neither praise nor thanks, nor any kind of good feeling. We know that love, purpose and awareness have not died within us; but nothing is getting through to the outer consciousness. What is the reason for this? Is it our own fault, or is it caused by some influence or circumstance beyond our control? We know we sometimes fail Thee, not because we purposely turn away, but because of lack of good judgment, and failure to see the pitfalls; perhaps too, because of weakness of will when the pressures are great. But we are still Thy instruments, raised up to serve Thee. And it is our purpose to serve Thee more and more perfectly, and rid ourselves completely of everything that tries to shut out Thy light. The writing of a daily prayer has become a habit which we do not wish to give up. We form lots of habits in a lifetime, most of which are of the lesser self, and need breaking; but if we ever formed a good habit, this is it; and it will be the last to be discarded. We are trying to uncover and express certain good qualities which we know are within, but which keep eluding us. The soul that we are is gentle, loving, kind; strong in purpose, yet lighthearted and joyful. We feel we are too much on the serious side to be wellbalanced, not radiant with the joy and goodwill of our fullest possible awareness. The true self, the soul, rejoices in its existence. It is overflowing with love and faith. It gives of itself continually. It pours forth. It is beautiful. It shines like a sun. Each of us can say, I am that. I am kind and loving to all, giving blessings to everyone.

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I Am Never Alone Harold Sherman (1982)

I am never alone. God, the Father, is always with me. My soul, my identity that something which says, I am I to me is an eternal gift from God, the Great Intelligence. I can never lose myself because this self is a part of God. I am a part of God, and God has a great purpose in life for me which He is revealing day by day as I grow in strength of body, mind and spirit. I am well and strong. I have the power to overcome all things within me. In Gods care, no harm can befall me. I now give myself over to Gods protection and I will follow His guidance day by day.

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Meditation Alfred Holmes (1982)

We would be positive in awareness of Thy Presence, O Creator, so that we override all that is negative in and around us. We would transmit our positiveness to others who are striving, and help them sustain their awareness and faith. We are a host. We have the Power of Thy Angels expressing with and through us. We affirm our unity and oneness with Thy Hosts. We are part of a great organization of Benevolence. It is Thy Will, O Creator, Thy Presence and Power, which is functioning here on earth for the upliftment of all its people. It is Thy Light in our souls, which breaks down the barriers and shines through us to touch and awaken other souls. Thou art doing it! We give our faith to Thee, to Thy Angels, to Thy Presence in every soul. We sing a song of praise to Thee in our hearts every moment of the day. Thou art blessing the world! And we are part of that blessing. We are Thy instruments, and we are thankful, and humble, and full of rejoicing that Thy time has come on earth, and all will be made new.

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Meditation Alfred Holmes (1982)

To praise Thee, O Creator, is the highest wisdom; to serve Thee, the greatest joy. This thought keeps returning to our consciousness. It is a most helpful affirmation. We would do well to ponder it, and use it often. And try to put it into practice as objectively and as fully as we can. Man habitually praises the wonders of nature and the universe as he sees them. But he fails to recognize, publicly at least, that Thy Presence is the All-Supreme Intelligence, that Thou art the All-Person, creating and inspiring all forms of life, that there is a singleness of purpose uniting all, and that love for all is the one foundation upon which he would do well to base his own existence. All of us fall short of recognizing the truth of Thy Presence, Thy Power and Thy All-ness. We need to cultivate greater and greater awareness. This is the most important thing we can do. This is the Light of the New Era upon this world. When man does this in sufficient numbers and applies himself in consecrated affiliation to practicing Thy Inspiration, he can wipe away the causes of all human misery.

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Kosmon Newsletter Gus Cahill (1982)

Dear Friends: In what way can the Faithist Fellowship and the teachings of Oahspe profit you? What is the Faithist Fellowship? The Faithist Fellowship is the association in spirit of all who worship their Creator and who endeavor to harmonize their own lives to His purpose. For you were not created by chance. You are designed as an instrument of the Divine Being essential to the plan of His Universe. At present you are serving your novitiate. You are undergoing a period of training and trial. Your progress will depend entirely upon yourself. Nevertheless you will at all times be under the guidance and control of supremely devoted and capable angelic mentors, so long as you are one with the Faithist Fellowship. Which is no small organization. Indeed, it is the largest and most powerful organization in the universe. The Master Soul or God in control of this planet is a humble member, for instance. So are all who work under his direction in the affairs of heaven and earth. Notice there was no capital letter for the his in the last bit? Our God here is our elder brother, not our Creator. He desires not to be worshipped. In time to come you will pass through successive planes of eternal life into positions of infinite knowledge and tremendous power. Power over yourself, power to control and shape the world around you. Power in the service of the Almighty. On a dark night, far away from city lights, out on the wild or in a ship at sea, gaze upwards into the galaxy in which our sun has its being. In that mighty concourse of a hundred-thousand-million stars there is work awaiting you that will keep you occupied for quite a time. There are also just as many unseen, etherean worlds wherein the immortal soul has its being, and where too there is great work to be done, vast responsibilities to be Page 162 of 351

shouldered, as well as beguiling delights to be shared and endless beauty to contemplate. When you have finished with the affairs of this galaxy, a hundred thousand million more await your leisure. Perhaps you will yourself partake in the labor of creating new ones. Physical planes of being on this planet and others like it are the seedbeds of the immortal soul. The moment of conception is the moment of the creation of a new being in the universe. Every human soul born now is capable of eternal life. Every soul can attain to eternal life by his own will and desire and effort. The road to eternal death is not a pleasant one. Perhaps the best aid to success is through prayer. By this means guidance is given and strength obtained to overcome the frightful problems and to carry the crushing burdens and to face the darkness of our human lot. By faith and prayer these problems are indeed solved, our burdens lightened, our darkness illuminated. Those who separate themselves from the Fellowship of Faith are they who bring frightful suffering and wickedness into human life. Beloved Brethren, it is given unto us to seek the Heavenly Fathers aid at all times, that we may he equipped on the path of our unfoldment; nurtured by His Immortal Love; strengthened by His Grace, and aided by those who watch and minister from the heavenly worlds beyond. So reads the Faithist missal. Be sure that you will live after death. The question of deep concern is, in what state will you find yourself? There are planes of spiritual darkness as well as planes of light, for even the wicked live after death, if only for a season. But the angelic forces of the Fellowship of Faith are ever prepared to help you now and always to surmount weaknesses and conquer temptations, to control the darker self and to set an example to others to do the same. If only you could realize how decisive your own quiet example could be to the world around you! You have a tremendous destiny to fulfill, a destiny that begins now on this planet and unfolds eternally into an infinity of heaven worlds above. You cannot fulfill this destiny however without Gods fullest help and guidance. So whenever you may he in need of Divine aid, form in mental image and in Page 163 of 351

golden light, the Sign of the Sacred Name, thus: (Eoihs Symbol) Fraternally yours,

Gus Cahill

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Thoughts About Love Alfred Holmes (1982)

Love is the most beautiful word in any language. Love gives meaning to life. It is the reason for our existence. Cultivate the seed of love in your soul as Gods most wonderful gift. Of all the seeds He has planted in the souls of men and women, this is the most glorious. It is the perfection of His Voice which speaks in every human being. The love of Thy Being, O Creator, is the highest love. The love that we feel for our fellowmen is the love of Thy Being. Thou art the true object of the love we feel. Teach me how to love, O Creator. Inspire me with Thy all-inclusive love. I want to make the giving of love from Thee the chiefest aim of my life. I want to cultivate this beautiful feeling which is Thy love within me, O Creator. I want to express it for all people I know and meet. I want to help others all I can, with a deep and intense desire to awaken them to Thy Sweet Presence within themselves.

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You Have What It Takes Mary L. Kupferle (1982)

If your life seems at times to be too much for you to handle, remember, dear friend, you have what it takes. You have what it takes to be patient and steadfast, to see your direction and know the road to travel, to regain your well-being and strength and be staunch in faith and to trust Jehovih. You have what it takes to be successful, happy and fulfilled, to feel the peace that passes understanding within your heart, to live courageously and victoriously, facing every situation and condition with an overcoming attitude no matter what. At one time in my life when demands made upon me seemed overwhelming, when the many decisions needed were difficult to make, it seemed impossible to relax and let go. Thoughts crowded faster than I could make affirmations and there seemed to be no let up to the pressure of events. Then, when kept awake at night by doubts and questions, I found that a most healing thought was, I have what it takes to relax and let go. I have what it takes to trust Jehovih. Knowing this, I was able to relax and go to sleep quickly. During the day when the demands seemed relentless, again I found it helpful to remember, Whatever wisdom I need, I have it; I have what it takes. This thought sustained me and gave me assurance that saw me through crisis, changes, and challenges. I found I did have what it takes, and as a result all things resolved themselves, good came forth, and I was better in every way as a result of the experience. You too, dear friend have what it takes. You have what it takes to face every task, every demand and to know that through the Ever-Present Spirit of the Almighty in you, you are with Him, are equal in every way to anything you have to go through. You have what it takes to face all before you, knowing that through the Page 166 of 351

spirit of Jehovih within you, through you, you can accomplish all things with ease, wisdom and success. You have what it takes to know that the only presence and power is The Ever-Present, the Creator. Your mind has what it takes to be divinely illumined. Your soul has what it takes to be poised, relaxed and free. When you think you do not have the patience and await the answer to your prayer, you have the strength and all it takes to know the answer will come in due time, When you think you do not have another ounce of strength to see a situation through to the right conclusion, you have what it takes; the added strength is there at hand. When you feel that you can never again be happy, you have what it takes to refuse to believe this and to know that a new door of life and happiness is opening to you. Yes, dear friend, you have what it takes to relax and let go, to give the burden, all burdens to the Almighty. You have what it takes to respond to the Great Spirits healing power, to demonstrate prosperity, abundance, to trust in the Ever Present and let His plan unfold in your life and in everyones. You have what it takes to face change and upheaval with faith and serenity. You have what it takes because built into the depth of your soul is the ability to handle victoriously every challenge of your life.

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Meditation The Eloists (1985)

I want no teaching, nor faith nor religion, given me by another person or church, which is for the purpose of helping me, as a separate self, to success, prosperity, good health or happiness. I recognize that mankind is in darkness, that his combative instincts and systems of competition breed hatred and separateness, extreme wealth and poverty, greed and crime and warfare and disease and every kind of tragedy and misery imaginable. I recognize that I am a part of humanitys darkness, and that my first steps should be in the direction of self-purification, not seeking to GET something, but to lose something. I recognize that there is no separate salvation, no separate achievement of any kind; and that I trust only to identify myself with Thee, my Creator, to unite consciously with Thy hosts, and work for world change and upliftment, losing my ego, forgetting self-desires and ambitions, becoming nothing that Thou mayest be all through me. I must conquer the self that is my mortal heritage, and uncover Thy inspiration within my soul; not accepting all suggestions that enter the mind but discriminating carefully, judging every thought and idea as to whom it serve, self, or Thee; and steadfastly casting away all things not in tune with Thy Will. I will accept nothing from men nor gods nor spirits nor angels, without consideration. I will judge all things, making sure that I follow only that which is from the inspiration of Thy Presence.

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Thoughts about Love The Eloists


You may think you cannot give love unless you feel love. But you ARE love in a sense. If you affirm love, you are its instrument, even though you are not feeling it. By affirmation, you are giving faith to the Creators Presence, and He is doing the work. Do not, in your mind, exalt love-for-all as something beyond your capacity. In its first stages, it is nothing more than common goodwill. Respect is akin to love. If you cannot love all people, you can at least give them respect, remembering that the Creator made you equal, not superior, to your fellowmen. Remember too, the potential beauty and perfection of the soul within. Like a plant that thrives on sunshine, so the soul needs love for growth. No one needs to be without love. Many lonely old people suffer because they believe no one cares about them. Is it because they have always expected love to come to them from others? Is it too late for them, O Creator, to awaken to Thy Presence and start bringing love forth from their souls? Universal love wants to use you for the upliftment of humanity. Even though it may seem absurd, affirm: I am Love, going forth to bless everyone in my world. Try not to be a leader or teacher. Be love! Remember how you felt as a little child when you knew only beauty and goodness. Radiate love through every cell of your being. You ARE Universal Love! The truest and best healing method: to praise the Creator and all creation, and to radiate love to everybody. In a search for truth, the mind wanders into many fields, but it always comes back to the practice of love as the basic means of understanding and enjoying life. The ability to bless people with the Creators love under all circumstances should be cultivated. It is the great easer of tension. It soothes and smoothes and heals. The substance of our being is love. Love is what were made of. If we Page 169 of 351

knew the whole truth about love, fear, pain and grief would be eliminated from our lives. All there is, is the Creator, and He is love. Therefore, I am love. I will affirm nothing that denies it. Love is all I want to be, love guided by the all highest light. If you cannot see love expressing anywhere in the world, you can at least discover it in yourself. Whenever you are annoyed by someone, silently affirm from the higher self, I give you love. Affirm it over and over until the annoyed feelings are dissipated. This simple declaration can work wonders, All of nature responds to the love we express from the Creators Presence within us. I do believe that Love is the ruling power of the universe, that Love can heal all ills, that Love redeems or releases mankind from darkness.

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The Inspiration of Angels Don G. Pickard


I have not been in the heavens very long. How long, as to earth years I cannot say, because time and the way time goes by, cannot properly be com- pared to earth time. It is one of many things so difficult to speak about, other than to say it is not as it is with you. Some things are like they are on earth and these we can explain so you understand. Other things are different. And the cat is staring at me with a puzzled expression as if he is thinking, What is the problem? I can at times read your thoughts as if you spoke words aloud. Why cant he? (referring to me). Oh never mind that cat. He is just being difficult. Go to sleep, you! Did you have pets on earth? They do say the spirits of these pets recognize you when you cross over. Crossing over, I must tell you about that. It was like coming out of a mist. Some people describe it as being a kind of long funnel, or tunnel, and they have the feeling of lightness, floating, like a piece of driftwood on the waves. I only had feelings of impressions in between gaps, far as I remembered. But everyone was so kind. They all seemed to have a job to do, and everyone knew what it is they had to do. I think I woke at times like a baby and then fell asleep. I remember someone saying: We cut the cord, and later I found out what was meant. But it really was in some respects same as the other birth. Faces, then smiles. It was hard for me to accept the fact I had died. I had always said: - When youre dead, youre dead. How to explain to earth people that when youre dead you are more alive than ever before? They suggested I go back to school. I laughed. Why? To learn again how to read, how to write words, I was told. It is a bit harder on this side to do it because you cannot let your thoughts wander from what you are doing or the letters go all over the place. Nor can you go and catch them. It requires concentration and thoughts must be more controlled. A bit annoying, my dear, at first, he said, but after a while youll get used to the Page 171 of 351

new way. And then you can go in any of the libraries and read a book. We have copies of all the books on earth that have been published. Does this surprise you? I said, So far, its all been one big surprise. Do you think if I told them back on earth they would believe? A few might, but the many would laugh, or put it down to fantasies. And this factor creeps into conversations many times. If I told them thus and thus, would they believe? Let us inquire of others as to what they were told when they crossed over! Excuse me but when you died to the earth life, what did they tell you on arrival? They had a record of my earth life, and seemed to know everything about me. One man asked if I knew where I was and I told him I think I am in the heavens. He looked at the records and knew I was a plain down to earth working man, so he did not ask me a lot of difficult awkward questions. The angel with the records in his hand smiled encouragingly. We have wonderful libraries here, he said. All the works of the masters are in the libraries, and I think you will be fascinated at how much one can learn in this. The color range exceeds that of earth, and the tints and overlays can be multiplied greatly in various combinations. I spoke to my father a few months after he had passed on and asked, What are you doing at the moment, Dad? Drawing, he replied, and a few days later my friends found him doing some sketching, they said, in a large library. Later on he was shown around the hospitals that had been established by those who love the Great Spirit and Dads eyes were opened. Another man we inquired of seemed a silent type and spoke in a slow and measured way. I have kept my eyes open and learned, he said. Theres such a lot to learn here. The poor, what I suppose you would call the ordinary working class, who had a hard time of it most of their lives, come here and find it truly is all they hoped heaven would be. I have spoken to quite a few, and all are agreed, never would they want to return to the old conditions. Some do go back to see how things are, but after a Page 172 of 351

while many of them lose interest in the concerns of mortals, except those who have people who know about our world, who keep in contact. But as regards those who had it cushy on earth, he continued, with people to wait on them, these are the ones who get the surprise of their lives here for it seems to them that everything is topsy turvy. Some get angry and feel there is no justice. Then along comes someone who knows how to handle these people and tells them that most certainly there is justice in heaven. And they whip them off to schools of education. They have television that reels of I pictures of their own memories. How they do it I dont know. They are always working on electronics, here in heaven. At any rate, those who had it cushy on earth take a longer time to adjust in heaven. It isnt that they are bad people in themselves. They just got a philosophy of life that is all haywire. Excuse my butting in, said a nearby spirit, but I was in electronics in the earth life and I think we, that is a gang of us, are working along the right lines in this subject. The present method of contact via the clairvoyant and the clairaudient is too restricted, too limited to reach out to the many and make a deep impression on them. The medium can do much good, but only on a small limited scale. Without going into technical detail too much, the problem is one of adjustment to two variables in rhythmic vibrations, and finding a method of toning down ours to their rate of vibrations and sort of speeding up theirs to be adjusted to our higher frequency. We are, he continued, and have been working on this for some time, but our own progress has to tie up not only with the date of our solving this problem, but their own development and understanding of the two kinds of spheres of manifestation, theirs and ours. We are handicapped in this from the start. Most of our own people have a blind spot when it comes to imagining the simple fact that their colleagues carry on investigating into electronics when they cross over. And it is not just a matter of technical invention, but of bridging gaps in comprehension. You probably know the pitch of each voice is of different frequency. If you tabulate ranges of frequencies, determine the pitch of each voice, register it as in a central exchange, then you can operate after the comparative way of a complex Page 173 of 351

telephone central exchange. Simply exchange the notion of dialing a number to the notion of the pitch of a voice, and a method of adjustment to line up the variables in frequencies between spirit world and earth world. Some of our friends think when we cross over our skills go overboard and we become simpletons. The old funnel shaped thing in the center of an arena, with a complex invention to set up before we could do voice recording direct, may be likened to television in the early days, where you had a picture that was only clear and sharp in focus at times. Today we are in a similar position. We attended a lecture in a nearby college of higher education. A special teacher from planes higher than us had come to our area by invitation of those who organized things. He spoke of cycles or ages, and said, `In one age you can preach till you are weary of trying to explain things, and in another period you say but a few words and the multitudes flock to hear you. You have to take into consideration as to whether the time of your labor ties up with the heavenly pressures falling on mortals. For example in one age, they will desire all passion and earthly desires. In another age, the opposite. They will neglect the matters of earth and give all their energies to spiritual matters. Your inspiration you direct upon mortals and the type of inspiration must bear these factors in mind. Could I say success or failure of your venture, hinges on a thorough understanding of this. I suggest you coordinate your labor with those beyond, and they will give you guidance for they can draw on the records going back thou- sands of years. Much later it occurred to us that our work was known in the regions beyond ours and that it had received blessing. We were told the Father spoke of this to his son God of Paradise, and had promised that as it was a good labor we had in hand, the chain of light would connect us to higher worlds. The most persistent of all angelic inspiration comes to you from those who are your guardian spirits, who change the watch as the changing of the guard on the days of the moon, but never leave any of you devoid of heavenly guidance. The guidance is imperceptible, themselves kept strictly Page 174 of 351

in the background for they must not make themselves known to mortals. Persistent pressure, yes, but the mortal operates with freedom to do as he wishes. Heaven is most adamant that mortal freedom shall be a true freedom. We cannot do anything that could be judged as an infringement of this liberty. But we read mortal thoughts. And here is reflected the wisdom of the earth. Our labor is one of gentle persuasion, to walk the straight and narrow way. It leads to your greatest happiness eventually, although on a short term basis you may think it a restriction. It is the wisdom of the earth that speaks in the question asked, because the man knows not that, left to himself, he would be pulled down by the adverse influences surrounding him, and would gravitate into a darkness that would be the very opposite of the light his soul would have had by virtue of treading the straight and narrow. All earthly wisdom takes the short term view of things. Dont forget to say a few words about spirit healing, will you? says a spirit. Many earthly institutions are still suspicious of any form of healing that is outside their own knowledge. And when we do, when good spirit operations shrivel up a cyst or a growth, they just scratch their heads and mutter that nature restored the balance. Anything but attribute it to the source it came from. But I mustnt bellyache; what does it matter who heals, as long as a person is restored to health again? Spirit healing is not distinct, or should not be, from the orthodox as you can medicine and surgery, but the two ought to be working partners. If you go to root causes of things the best form of healing is to have conditions of harmony in your life so that sickness cannot get a hold in the first place. Do this, and more good will come to the many than thousands of patch and repair operations they do each year. But I do not suppose they are ready to hear us. I asked further details. What is there about spirit healing that is better than surgery, do you think? Welt, to start with, we do not always have to cut a person open and peer inside and do a messy job and hope it comes alright by the natural body healing tendencies. We can see clairvoyantly better than the X-ray photograph. We see the actions of the living tissue, the effects being Page 175 of 351

produced by the cause that is out of harmony with the other parts. Then we can take the ethe, that is a hundred times more subtle than the coarse electricity and concentrate specific dosages to a given area. In this way a growth can be shriveled up without any messing around with cutting operations inside the patients body. And another thing, because there is not such a shock to the sys- tern in our approach, the healing tendency inbuilt into the system gets off to a flying start. You see, we can direct all this power around us by compounds as you make up compounds on earth, and then directing them by the will power of many in agreement, and although the principle is different to the earth way, nothing of the orthodox approach is wasted or of no use when we cross over. It is simply a base upon which we extend our skills and knowledge. We pursued further inquiries into this subject and found that others had already been laboring immensely in this field for there were about twenty five hospitals in the Summerland under the control of the higher ones, and these were specifically designed to meet special needs of the mortals who came over before living a full life, some needing to be healed of habits and drugs that had taken a hold and injured their spirit body. Many are ardent believers in Jesus and come here expecting to see a throne with Peter and James sat either side of the master. They also expect the more horrid scenes of revelations enacted before their eyes. And patiently we try to explain that God had nothing to do with that. He is love, etc. But while they admit He is love, there is a part in them that also believes He is hate. Some have their favorite hymns, and the 23rd Psalm is one, but if you read the words carefully, how can God be love and also find joy in the discomfiture of supposed enemies? Many of these ardent religious types have a rigid form of heaven in their minds and expect to find a heaven in reality somewhere along the same lines. It takes a lot of patience and years of training to push these nonsensical ideas out of the mind and lead them, with the carrot and string approach, to- wards wider views of the universe. And it is not only the Christian who is adamant about his convictions and faith. All the others are the same. They live in separate localities for a Page 176 of 351

long season in heaven. For you see, as they never integrated on earth, they are not likely to in heaven. So the reality of life here declares that before our eyes, so provision is made in this to reduce friction on religious grounds to a minimum. After a few years the mind gets accustomed to the fact that it is different here from the views they had when they crossed over. No one forces them to get shut of these untrue beliefs. They just drop off on their own accord in time. And then, when they ask questions wider in range of vision we take them to the libraries and colleges where they become acquainted with true factual historical records of their world over thousands of years and work from that basis. In the end they all come to embrace wider views of tile. You cannot tell them much about the Great Spirit at first because it runs counter to their belief in Jesus. So they live with that faith for a season. But in time the questions come. They rise up from the soul within, ever asking questions, just as children do. So we bide our time. No point in putting pressure on them. In the end they all get to see it as it is, but alas, for some, that may be even hundreds of years into the future, although many make the transition more easily than we would have thought possible a few years ago. So you see, my friend, not only mortals have blinkers on but angels also as concerns the beliefs they picked up on earth. But Heaven and the Person of The Great Spirit, is much bigger than anything put forth in their supposed sacred books. Another said, Boyo! Thats what he called me Boyo. He looked me straight in the face and said, Dont underrate yourself. Everybodys got talents. Job is to spot them and encourage them to send out shoots. You know, Boyo, like it is in the country. Me, he continued, I make em laugh. When I see some looking a bit miserable or lost in their own thoughts, I deliberately set out to say something to make em laugh. Humor. That was what they gave me when talents were handed out. And it took me a long time to find why they gave me that and nothing else. Mo, Boyo, I deliberately, set out to make myself look daft. I know it sounds daft to even say this, but I got a motive for doing it. If I can set about lifting them out of the doldrums, you know, Boyo, like it Page 177 of 351

do in nature, well, then, Ive used the talent given me. I havent any time for people who say things about standing on your dignity. I am happy in life just being my natural self. But I cant quite see if `what I told you is inspiring you anyway. Still you might remember Liter on, Boyo, what I said. Dont matter if the others reckon Im daft. The Creator who gave me this one talent, He knew what Life was doing. Drop the seeds you have gathered. Most of us fulfill the task of the sower going forth to sow, but dont eagerly wait for a harvest. You will, at best, see but a few seeds sprouting and showing signs of growth. Be patient. I know many of your own teachers counsel patience and its one of the hardest of all virtues to acquire. Remember, the mortal likes to have results quickly, but you cannot do labor in Spirit with that view in mind. Your work does not cease when you have succeeded in planting your thoughts in the mind of the medium. You have to watch how the work progresses, when it is all finished and copies in circulation. Then you have to discover the mortals to whom the work would be most profitable, that is to say, from the viewpoint of their own unfoldment in spiritual knowledge. Then you have to inspire them with the desire to first of all, gather in knowledge of the world of Spirit, then you have to make certain they read and understand in the way intended. These are my thoughts, dear friends. I see you have much hope, plenty of enthusiasm. But please remember, projects for the Father are going on all over the world. Much of it is labor put forth in hope and with prayers for Spirit power to bless it. But the lasting worth is not in quick returns, but in patient, methodical work, and hearts and minds prepared to plod on for many a long year, just expecting that a harvest WILL come of it sometime in the future. If you have this, and faith in the Father, and the merit of the work, then you should not fear or become discouraged. All will be well. Now I must continue on my way.

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An Act of Worship Don G. Pickard (1986)

Prayer of Invocation Jehovih, who rulest in heaven and earth, hallowed by Thy Name, and reverent amongst men. Sufficient unto me is my bread; and, as much as Forgive those that trespass against me, so make thou me steadfast to shun temptation; for all honor and glory are Thine, worlds without end. Amen. Chief We have invoked the name of the Great Spirit in the Words of Joshu. We have made the sign of the sacred name E-O-IH. It is the password unto the worlds of Es. The angels of the Lords of Wisdom gather in our midst, to elevate our hearts and minds. It is better we rise to them than desire to bring the spirits down to our level. In all that we do together, let our first thought ever be the Praise and Glory of the Great Spirit. Unto none other shall we bow in reverence. Let us therefore confess before our unseen friends the Faith that is beyond the range of time itself to measure. The Faithist Declaration I Declare unto Thee, Jehovih, in the presence of the Faithists here assembled, that henceforth I will worship none but Thee, Thou All Highest Creator, Who art variously named by mortals, Jehovih, The Great Spirit, The Almighty, The Eternal Father, The I Am, The All Light, Eolin, Ormazd, The Architect of the Universe, Ever Present in all, and yet above all, unto Whom none can attain forever. I declare that I will henceforth turn from evil and strive to do good, that I may come into at-one-ment with Thee, Thou All Father, Life of all Life and Soul of all souls, Who art to the understanding of all the living even as the sun is to the light of day. I promise to abnegate self and dwell in harmony with my brother and sister Faithists; also to respect the authority of the Chief of the Community. I promise to put aside the uncharitable tongue and not to perceive evil Page 179 of 351

in any man, woman or child, but only in the limitations of their birth and surroundings. In Thee, O Jehovih is my trust. Amen. Prayers O Star of Infinite Light within each soul, we come with thankful hearts for that light which casts its rays of many colors into the darkness of the past, to be today a perfect lamp unto our footsteps. Inasmuch as this star within has manifested its own mysterious glory to our understanding, we acknowledge this light thy priceless gift, and not the words we ourselves have done. Kindle Thou, O Father this sacred light that for Thy glory it shall shine. O infinite Love, transcending human thought, of Thy Loveliness shall our souls perceive, and with Thy vision of truth and beauty we too may see the hidden beauty even in the apparently unbeautiful. Tune to our hearts and minds to see the soul of things to the end others shall catch in us a glimpse of that which is truly inexpressible, yet is called Infinite Love. O voice within the silence, thou speakest in the gentle breeze, the tender love of the Mother Infinite. Attune our hearts to feel this all embracing consideration unto all, that in our blending of hearts and mind and soul we may be at one with Him who is Mother and Father in One. Hymn Let us spend these moments in silence in which the private thoughts of each shall ascend to Him unto who is All Light. For it is not right and meet to speak all prayer in public, and those from the deep of the heart are often nearest the Heart of the Beloved One. Meditative Silence (Spoken quietly) O Peace Profound, whose angels of light stand ever ready to bless and impart this peace, forgive thy children who have stood before the Light of Higher Judgment and judged themselves. May this Light that seeth all hidden recesses of the soul, leave its Peace in thy childrens Page 180 of 351

hearts. For they have in all sincerity called upon Thy Holy Name. Beloved Children of the One Great Spirit, receive the Peace of Him who dwells within each soul. Let none rob you or disturb the thoughts by anxious tear or doubt. For this Peace is most potent to heal every wound inflicted on the soul. Receive this Peace and be at Peace with all. Reading from Oahspe Hymn of Consecration Prayer of Consecration. Deepen Thou, O Great and Mighty Spirit of Eternity, the desire to do Thy Will, that the love of doing Thy Will shalt become a mighty oak from such a small beginning. For in this do we see the way Thy Kingdom is to be founded, in the consecrated laborers who shall bring to pass the ancient prayer. So may Thy Kingdom come, O Great Jehovih, established in the hearts of many, till come a time when all shall know the name that is above all other names, O Great and Mighty E-O-IH. O Lords of Wisdom through whose mighty power the spoken word surpasses the potency of the sword, grant us the wisdom to comprehend beyond all words the Living Spirit and the sense of truth conveyed. Address. Closing Hymn Benediction of Peace and Farewell to Angels

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Land of Shalam Marjorie White (1986)

One of the strangest colonies ever founded in America was the Land of Shalam, established in 1884, in the Mesilla Valley, a few miles north of Las Cruces, New Mexico, by a group of spiritualists called Faithists. The colony, according to its promoters, was intended to start a new world and new civilization with orphaned infants, raised apart from the evils of mankind, who would serve as progenitors of a better world order. It was incorporated as the First Church of Tae in articles filed with the secretary of the New Mexico Territory, December 12, 1885. Foundling babies of all races were to be brought up on a strict vegetarian diet, taught useful trades and occupations and given religious training in Faithists principles. Through group living they would learn to be helpful, cooperative, and loving toward one another. Why was this spot chosen for the location? Nobody knows. The Faithist Bible, OAHSPE, outlined plans for the colony to he set up along a river, which was called Shalam, According to reliable sources, Dr. John Newbrough, leader of the colony and founder of the Faithist movement, came to Las Cruces in the summer of 1884. After consulting with brother Masons about available land for the colony, he purchased 1200 acres in a scenic bend of the historic Rio Grand for $4,500. In October, 1884, Dr. Newbrough and twenty followers encamped in tents on the land until laborers from the nearby Spanish-American village of Dona Ana could build the structure called the Fraternum, which was to house them all, meanwhile, receiving homes were set up in New Orleans, Kansas City, Chicago and Philadelphia, where unwanted babies could be left, no questions asked. The first ten children came to Shalam in 1887 and more came at intervals during the succeeding years. They were cared for first in the Fraternum, then moved in 1890 to a separate two story brick childrens home. All records of previous identity were destroyed and the children were given new names taken from the Faithist Bible Thourilayah, Whaga, Fiatisi, for example. Each child was deeded a share in the colony. Shalams Page 182 of 351

physical setup was elaborate, when it was completed around 1891. The largest building was the Fraternum which housed the adults, nurses and teachers for the children. It had forty apartments opening onto a courtyard, lavish with trees and flowers, and was furnished with such luxuries as a library and a steam laundry, operated by a Chinese servant. In addition to their separate home, the children had a schoolhouse with a bubbling fountain in the courtyard. There was a circular Temple of Worship with a blue star studded ceiling. This building collapsed mysteriously in 1900, surrounding the buildings were acres of vineyards, orchards and gardens, watered by an extensive irrigation system. More than a half million dollars was dissipated in the project, which lasted until 1907 (23 years). Each child had his own nurse and his own teacher, and a private porcelain bathtub! The vegetarian diet was relaxed to permit milk for children under five years of age. All residents of the colony dressed alike in white, sack like garments and sandals, hats were taboo. The men wore beards and let their hair grow long. The children had a gymnasium and plenty of pets, birds, dogs, ponies. Faithist New Years was celebrated like Christmas with presents of toys ordered from eastern stores. Ads in Faithist papers and periodicals attracted many converts during the years of the colonys existence. Some were sincere, some fanatic, some mentally defective, others emotionally disturbed. Those who came in good faith were often discouraged by the rigors of ascetic life and the hard work of caring for children and maintaining the farm land. Several disgruntled colonists instituted suits in the New S Mexico Territorial Courts in the 1900s to recover investments which they had made in the project. The Territorial Supreme Court ruled that the litigants were of normal intelligence and went into the deal with their eyes wide open. Dr. John Newbrough founder of Shalam, has often been called a charlatan and a mountebank. He was none the less a remarkable man for his time. Born in 1828, near Springfield, Ohio, he was educated in medicine and dentistry, but deserted both professions to follow the gold rush to California in 1849. From there, he went on to Australia, still in quest of gold. Back in the United States, he practiced dentistry in New York. A wealthy Page 183 of 351

man, he was also charitable. He helped many struggling young dentists, and invented a cheaper substance to make false teeth. The New York Supreme Court reversed a lower courts decision against him in a case brought by the Goodyear Company which owned the patent on the material then used for making false teeth. In the `70s, Dr. Newbrough became interested in the wave of spiritualism that was sweeping the country and found that he possessed unusual psychic powers. He became a lecturer and founded several colonies of fellow believers in the East. The voices of the spirit world commanded him to buy a typewriter and then dictated a fantastic history of world religions, called OAHSPE, which was to become a Faithist Bible. Three thousand copies of this book, called the worlds most extraordinary example of automatic writing, were published in 1882, a second edition in 1831. The name, according to Mr. Newbrough, is Paneric, meaning earth, sky, and spirit. Paneric, he said, is a dead language, known only in the spirit world. It originated on the continent of Pan which once lay between Japan and North America, extending from Australia to the Bering Sea. Pan was submerged by floods 24,000 years ago, he said. Many sections of OAHSPE are written in Paneric and the entire hook shows a strong Oriental influence. OAHSPE prescribes a vegetarian diet, recognizes one supreme Creator, Jehovih, urges world citizenship, eternal peace, and equal sharing of wealth. There would then be no need for government, laws, leaders or preachers. Dr. Newbrough and several of the children died in a flu epidemic which hit the Shalam colony in 1891. Andrew Howland, a well to do wool merchant, formerly a Quaker, had been associated with Dr. Newbrough in the founding of the colony, he had been commuting between New Mexico and his New Bedford, Massachusetts home and business On news of the doctors death, he gave up his secure, comfortable New England existence and took over active management of the Shalam colony. Dr. Newbrough was a handsome man, six feet, four inches tall, weighing 27) pounds, a forceful speaker, who had attracted converts by his dynamic, almost hypnotic personality. Andrew Howland was not so dynamic, but was even more sincerely dedicated to the project. So long as he had it, he spared neither his money nor his Page 184 of 351

physical energy for Shalams success. Howland build a huge reservoir and irrigation system, powered by eight windmills. ted more orchards and gardens, imported a purebred dairy herd from Wisconsin, and bought a flock of several thousand chickens, he sold butter, eggs, and milk (pasteurized in Shalams own plant) in the neighboring cities of Las Cruces and El Paso. When he found that laborers were being charged high prices for commodities, he put in a community store where food and clothing were sold at cost. For families who wanted to live together, he built an adobe village, which he called Levitica, allotting, with each house, land for cultivation. Levitica was one of Howlands first mistakes. The colonist quarreled and refused to help themselves. They let 1,000 chickens freeze in one night. Some of the livestock were stolen. Precious water leaked out of cracks in the wooden irrigation ditches. Orchards and gardens withered and died from lack of water and care. Howland eventually sent them away with prepaid railroad fares and spending money. Before long, the school had to be dosed for lack of help; and the children, sent to public schools, enjoyed the freer life of the outside world. A couple of the older girls eloped. Other youngsters rebelled against the yard work and strange rites of the colony in 1901, after arranging for the legal return of the property to himself, Howland placed twenty one of the twenty five children under fourteen years of age then at Shalam, in orphanages and private homes. Booker T Washington is said to have taken one bright Negro boy. Howland peddled dairy products, vegetable foods, cookies and potato chips in Las Cruces to keep the home going for the four remaining children. On November 30, 1907, he gave up, locked the doors of Shalam, and moved away. There was a woman behind the Shalam colony too. Mrs. Frances Vand de Water Sweet, a young divorcee, came with the founding group in 1884, bringing with her an eight months old daughter, Justine. She married Dr. Newbrough in Faithist rites, September 28, 1887, and then married Andrew Howland, June 25, 1893, after Valley residents had spread much gossip about free love in the colony. She was the one constant influence in the colony and is known as the Mother of Shalam. The Shalam lands were sold in 1908 for $60,000. Page 185 of 351

The Howlands went to California for a couple of years but returned to make their home in El Paso, where Mr. I-lowland died in 1917, at the age of eighty three. Mrs. Howland died in 1922. Justine, using the pen name of Jane Howlind wrote for an El Paso newspaper. Now eighty, she is reported to be living in Los Angeles and is grandmother to eight or nine offspring of her three children. When Shalam was closed, Justine moved the body of her stepfather, Dr. Newbrough, from the plot on the colony grounds which had been used as a burial place, to the Masonic Cemetery in Las Cruces. In 1952, a group of Faithists placed a granite monument on the grave, honoring him. All that remains today are the childrens home, recently used to house farm laborers, and the schoolhouse which was remodeled for a barn. The bell from the Temple of Tae was donated to Our Lady of Purification Church in Dona Ana and now calls Catholics to worship. Residents of Dona Ana recall that the Shalam grounds were used for concerts, dances and picnics for several years after the Howlands vacated the colony. Gradually, through disuse and vandalism, the buildings fell into ruins. Fire ravaged the beautiful Fraternum and it was razed about fifteen years ago. The original acreage of 1,200 shrank to 900 after floods from the Rio Grande in the early l900s washed away land along the shores. The Howlands sold it in 1908 to an agricultural syndicate. Since then, the land has passed through a succession of owners, being gradually cut up into smaller farms. Now then, in deep plowing the fields, present day owners dig up pieces of the pipes that carried water from the Shalam reservoir to the buildings. With irrigation from Elephant Buttle Dam, the site of the unusual Shalam experiment now grows some of the finest cotton and alfalfa in the Mesilla Valley. Dr. Newbrough prophesied eighty years ago that it would someday blossom like the rose. Shalam is a memory, but the Faithists live on among scattered groups in various parts of the world, in England, South Africa, Japan, and in numerous states in America. Faithists communicate with each other through a newsletter. They follow a vegetarian diet and the precepts of OAHSPE, knowing that someday their beliefs will he universally accepted, when the existing religions of the world are but myths. Page 186 of 351

There are two sorts of people in the world, who with equal degrees of health and wealth, become the one happy, and the other miserable. This arises very much from the different views in which they consider things, persons and events; and the effect of those different views upon their own minds. Franklin.

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Meditation The Eloists (1986)

Thanks to Thee, O Creator, that we are able to sustain an awareness of Thy Presence and Rulership. And that we are able to find good in all things; and not be overcome by the deceptive appearances of failure. We could easily believe that darkness rules the world, and that the majority of humans are depraved and unregenerate. But, we have faith in Thy Presence in every human soul; and in the great truth that the soul of man is destined to be triumphant over all evil and darkness. Once, we were at the point of despair, seeing no good in anything, ready to give up the battle. But Thy Voice spoke within us, led us to a place of inspiration, and revealed to us the truth of Thy Presence in every soul. We were shown how to work with Thee and for Thee, how to develop our own higher self and help others do the same. Since then, there have been many changes for the better in our lives, both inner and outer. We are thankful. We rejoice because to the good we can do, and the good we can see ahead for all people as Thy Plan unfolds.

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Meditation The Eloists (1986)

If a man feels that he should not be ruled or possessed by others, he should feel also that he should not try to rule or possess others. In reality, man can own nothing, not friends, nor loved ones, nor wealth nor status, nor power, nor even his own physical body. All these things can desert him, or be taken away by a higher authority. It happens in this world that most men are not even in possession of their own souls. What exists, then, with which man can identify himself, and find his reason for living? Only his Creator, Jehovih, Who is Ever-Present and All-Powerful. A man can always say within himself, I have Thee, O Creator; and Thou hast me, and know that He is in the realm of truth. Do you know, O mortal man and earthbound spirit, that since the earth began countless millions of her children have grown to become gods and goddesses, servants of the Creator, living and working in perfect unity in this realm of truth where you may find your identity? Though you lose everything, and seem completely deserted and forsaken, you are never alone. The Almighty and His Angel Hosts are your close companions in love, strength, light, faith and purpose of benevolence.

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Meditation The Eloists (1986)

Thou art showing us, O Creator, how to be courageous, how to endure without fear, how to be thankful for the bard experiences as well as for our blessings. We have been affirming that Thou art the All-Doer, doing all for the good of all. If we truly believe and live this, we will never complain against anything that happens, but will always be strong in faith and willingness to serve; and will see the good in every experience. Thou dost not stand as a judge over man, dealing out rewards and afflictions to individuals according to their good or had deeds. Yet Thou art the inmost, first Cause and Origin. Thou art back of all things, working over long ages for the development of the whole body of humanity. And Thou art the Essence and Substance of all being, the Intelligence, the Energy, the Will, the Order, the Beauty, the Love. Thou art the inspiration of every living creature EverPresent. In reality, Thou art experiencing with us all things that we experience, for we are one and inseparable. Both light and darkness are experienced by every soul. We will go on serving Thee persistently, the best we know how, and take our experiences as they come, and make the most of them, for Thy sake and the good of all.

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Meditation The Eloists


We become self-centered at times, O Creator, and concentrate upon our aches and pains, trials and tribulations, and feel that we are most unfortunate, without realizing that we are tuning to a very low condition of mind, and are not being faithful to Thee. We say, Oh, if only I didnt feel so awful! If it werent for my ills and troubles, I could bless people and do some good in the world. Are we not intensifying our difficulties by the attention we give them? Are we not cutting Thee off? Compared to the great mass of underprivileged people in the world, we are most fortunate. Why do we not give thanks for our blessings and benefits, and feel compassion for those who are denied them? Compassion is so much more worthy a feeling than is self-pity. The spirit of thankfulness dissipates it completely. Praise is like sunshine, warming, healing and uplifting. Recognition of Thy Presence is the beginning of love for all, and is the starting point for the building of a new order of peace and goodwill. No matter what the old self is feeling, we will ignore it, and give Thee praise and thanks, O Creator, and be a blessing for all in our world.

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Meditation The Eloists


Millions of angels are blessing millions of souls on earth. Millions of earth bound spirits are being uplifted. Thy Hosts, O Creator, are working in unison. All are attuned to One Keynote which is, Thy Supreme Intelligence, Authority and Love. Or, to use a single term, Thy Supreme Being. We are part of Thy Work, one with Thy Hosts. We have the responsibility and obligation to be loyal to them and to Thee. We are determining to be loyal; and to continue trying to see how we can be better instruments for thee, so that a greater and greater work can he accomplished through us. How wonderful it is that we are learning to rise above discouragement and depression and to overcome moods of darkness! Now, we need but to affirm Thy Presence and the magnitude of Thy Works, and our oneness with Thee, to dissipate the clouds and stand in the Light with Thee. This is no personal achievement for personal glory. This is the power and glory of Thy Being coming into expression through many souls in this Day for the establishment of a new order of peace and goodwill on earth.
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Meditation The Eloists (1986)

Thou art showing us, O Creator, how to be courageous, how to endure without fear, how to be thankful for the bard experiences as well as for our blessings. We have been affirming that Thou art the All-Doer, doing all for the good of all. If we truly believe and live this, we will never complain against anything that happens, but will always be strong in faith and willingness to serve; and will see the good in every experience. Thou dost not stand as a judge over man, dealing out rewards and afflictions to individuals according to their good or had deeds. Yet Thou art the inmost, first Cause and Origin. Thou art back of all things, working over long ages for the development of the whole body of humanity. And Thou art the Essence and Substance of all being, the Intelligence, the Energy, the Will, the Order, the Beauty, the Love. Thou art the inspiration of every living creature Ever Present. In reality, Thou are experiencing with us all things that we experience, for we are one and inseparable. Both light and darkness are experienced by every soul. We will go on serving Thee persistently, the best we know how, and take our experiences as they come, and make the most of them, for Thy sake and the good of all. Our blessings and benefits, and feel compassion for those who are denied them? Compassion is so much more worthy a feeling than is selfpity. The spirit of thankfulness dissipates it completely. Praise is like sunshine, warming, healing and uplifting. Recognition of Thy Presence is the beginning of love for all, and is the starting point for the building of a new order of peace and goodwill. No matter what the old self is feeling, we will ignore it, and give Thee praise and thanks, O Creator, and be a blessing for all in our world.

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Toward Solving the Problems in Our Lives Kasandra Kares (1986)

The pressures of living in an evil society can get to us. But there is much to hope for in the midst of apparent hopelessness. Lifes crises and injuries happen to us all, the loss of security, of the support and closeness of someone important, of a career or job with scant chance of replacement, the difficulties of rearing tempted teenagers in light, the loss of a marriage and breakup of a borne and its disorientation, the loss of health, being bedridden. These and other things can strain the human spirit and affect our ability to be cheerful, optimistic and courageous about life. But we are never alone. Jehovih is ever present, there and available for constant communication, hearing our every prayer and we know it when, amazed, we see how fast our prayers are answered. He is loving and merciful and His loving caring angels do intervene in our lives. He can lift us from despair and hopeless situations with His unseen power to change circumstances in our lives. Each day, no matter how difficult, holds the possibility of some help, some change, some breakthrough, a change of direction, a new approach, and some light on the matter, maybe a new attitude. We are not alone in going through difficult times in the world the world is going through the difficult time of early Kosmon when those in darkness react to unaccustomed light. Each day brings the world closer to the end of mans darkness and false god inspired ways of war, of dictation, of self-motivated greed and arrogance. There will come a time when precisely what you wish were world conditions will be the true world conditions but here we are living in the present. At least we are fortunate not to have been born into the times of witch hunts or the Christian Inquisitions where Faithists were thrown to the lions or worse. The awareness that better limes are forthcoming can put strength into us as we continue on with our lives and we are determinedly cheerfully courageous against adversity until changes do come. Our example of living in light will gain due reward in time so let us continue to be charitable though what we Page 194 of 351

practice is unseen, unsung and appears to be unappreciated by those around us but not unappreciated by the Creator. We can trust that in time those choosing to live in their highest light will be rewarded. There are tunes when for prolonged periods we seem to struggle by ourselves and we reach and pass through times when we can hardly bear to live and we feel the depths of despair and discouragement. But because we not only believe in the Creator but act according to His wishes we are Faithists in Him and therefore survivors one way or the other. There are times when all we seem to get for our labor is opposition and hardship. Then, to go through what we must suffer, we must become pretty good at picking ourselves up after beatings that sometimes bring is close to death. Why is this a part of lift? What do we go through this? Because to learn what we are here to learn we have to experience both the depths of despair and the heights of joy, to rebound back to cheerful courage and faith enough times to sustain courage and faith and strength through it all!. So there are times when it seems that the Creator lets us struggle alone and other times when His angels personally intervene and lift our spirits. Arent we fortunate to be able to expect the Creator to directly intervene in our lives? Because anything is possible to the Creator and to His God, things that to us mortals are not possible are possible after all and easy and of no great consequence so we can entertain high hopes. We will not be deserted by the Almighty so consequently we will be attended by His Angel Hosts and we may attract inspired mortals and be a chain in all this ourselves and perhaps therefore our painful experiences make us better fit to understand and help others. Each day brings us closer to a time when the seeming hopelessness of today will be past. Keep cheerful and smile on your awareness of the Almighty Power of the Creator. All the cheerful courage you get to face the challenges of these tough times comes from Him.

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Jehovih The Creator Veronica Halley (1986)

Who or what created things seen and unseen? Who other than Jehovih the Creator who has always been? His Power moves in both great and small; His Precious Life is in each and all No matter what is our call His life exists in each and all. Be ye black, white, short, or tall, Jehovihs Source exists in each and all. In man, beasts, birds, and trees, the earth, the sky, or the seas; whatever is seen or unseen, Jehovih is the Architect of all and has always been.

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Meditation The Eloists


Thoughts and feelings of a selfish nature are constantly playing upon our consciousness. They belong to the darkness of the world. Earth bound spirits impinged upon our natures want us to keep tuned with world darkness, for this is their delight. When we attune ourselves with the higher beings, to serve the Almighty, the spirits are disturbed and miserable; and this is the source of our misery. In order to save ourselves from these disturbing reactions, we try to avoid certain efforts of a mental nature which directly oppose the thoughts and feelings of the impingements. We feel that we can concentrate upon awareness, on breathing, without thought and without bringing our wills to bear, and this will be effective in the work of the Almighty. Shalt we use our willing and reasoning faculties more than we do? Shall we use words more? Shall we affirm more? And not be afraid of reactions? Shall we directly oppose the spirits each one within himself with greater force of will and reason? Answer: Use every possible means of opening the door to higher inspiration, but let each one decide for himself. Let no one impose his will or opinion on others. The mental faculties are given to us to be used. Thinking is as much a part of life as feeling. The soul must eventually get complete control of the brain. Let the soul begin now in the degree that it is able, to use all faculties of will, wisdom and love. Let the soul be the thinker. Let the soul ponder, reason, meditate, question, and probe into the deepest recesses of the mortal consciousness. If the soul doesnt act in these areas of the brain, they remain under the control of the self; that is, the psychic world of mortals. Let the soul bring its will and purpose into expression through the brain areas where spirits have lodged themselves in order to control mortals. Use affirmations wherever, whenever and however you can, creating new ones constantly. Have faith that the Almighty is handling and controlling the reactions of spirits. Use meditative prayer. Ask yourselves Page 197 of 351

questions and get your own answers from within yourselves. Feel that you are talking directly to your Creator. Stand before him in complete candor, honesty and sincerity of selfless purpose, willing to lose all in order to serve the good of all. You, as divine souls, now have the ability to use your own brain faculties of the will and intellect. You can grow in knowledge through reason. The research scientist thinks and thinks and searches deeper and deeper, learns by trial and error, until finally he comes up with the answer he is seeking. When you reason on the level of the All Highest Good, your attunement is with the All Highest, and your answers will be from the All and Soul of all souls, Who art to the understanding of all the living even as the sun is to the light of day.

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Meditation The Eloists (1986)

We become self-centred at times, O Creator, and concentrate upon our aches and pains, trials and tribulations, and feel that we are most unfortunate, without realizing that we are tuning to a very low condition of mind, and are not being faithful to Thee. We say, Oh, if only I didnt feel so awful! If it werent for my ills and troubles, I could bless people and do some good in the world. Are we not intensifying our difficulties by the attention we give them? Are we not cutting Thee off? Compared to the great mass of underprivileged people in the world, we are most fortunate. Why do we not give thanks for our blessings and benefits, and feel compassion for those who are denied them? Compassion is so much more worthy a feeling than is self-pity. The spirit of thankfulness dissipates it completely. Praise is like sunshine, warming, healing and uplifting. Recognition of Thy Presence is the beginning of love for all, and is the starting point for the building of a new order of peace and goodwill. No matter what the old self is feeling, we will ignore it, and give Thee praise and thanks, O Creator, and be a blessing for all in our world.

Meditation The Eloists


If a person is critical of us, O Creator, acting superior, and demonstrating a lack of faith in us, shall we defend ourselves? What should our attitude be? It seems that we must react in such a way as to awaken in him a higher feeling. We must try to get a response from Thy Presence in him. How can we best do this? By demonstrating faith in him. But not speaking resentfully, argumentatively or defensively. By being light hearted and humorous, not serious, by showing willingness to take criticism. Have Page 199 of 351

we not ourselves criticized others at times? Do we not at times feel superior to others? If we are serving Thee, O Creator, we will serve Thy Presence in the other person, not ourselves. We do not want to make another feel inferior or in error. We want to delight the other person, raise him up, make him feel more divine, more close to Thee. We do not want to exalt ourselves in anyones eyes, but to help them awaken to Thy Presence within. Yet we do not want to appear merely to be flattering them or currying favour. We look for Thy guidance, O Jehovih.

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Thought Walter DeVoe (1986)

Thought may be one of the most significant, yet least understood factors in human spiritual growth. The process of thought is generally believed to be a purely private matter having a momentary bearing on themselves alone. Actually, because high spirits work to raise those under them on every level, thoughts come from without. The great majority of people have formed the habit of listless thinking, which makes them incapable of holding onto any subject until it is thoroughly mastered. Although thoughts which flit through the mind may be good, bad, or indifferent, mostly the latter, the mind does not usually hold on to any one of them sufficiently long to learn its nature. Thought control is often very difficult to attain. Once attained, however, the possessor holds within his hand the success in whatever line he may be engaged. Thought force is the most powerful means of obtaining knowledge. If it is concentrated upon a subject, it will burn its way through any obstacle and solve the problem. If the requisite amount of thought force is brought to bear there is nothing that is beyond the power of human comprehension. So long as we scatter it, thought force is of little use to us but as soon as we are prepared to take the trouble necessary to harness it, all knowledge is ours. Many people contend that we have a right to think what we will, and that wicked thoughts, if not translated into wicked deeds, are not harmful. This is far from true, and the power of wicked thoughts, just as the power of good and beneficent thoughts, is great indeed. Through the course of centuries, for instance mans evil thoughts of fear and hatred crystallize into what we know as bacilli. The bacilli of infectious disease are particularly the embodiments of fear and hate, and therefore, they are also vanquished by the opposite force, courage. If we enter the presence of a person infected with contagious disease in fear and trembling, we must assuredly draw to ourselves the poisonous microbes. If on the other hand, we approach that Page 201 of 351

person in a perfectly fearless attitude, we shall escape the infection, particularly if we are prompted by love. If a tuning fork is struck and another tuning fork of the same pitch is in the vicinity, the second one will ring in concert with the first. Likewise, when we think a thought and another person in our environment has been thinking along the same line, our thoughts coalesce with his and strengthen him for good or evil, according to the nature of the thought. When we go into a jury box and see the criminal, we behold only the act; we have no cognizance of the thought which prompted it. If we have been in the habit of thinking evil, malicious thoughts against someone, these thoughts may have been attractive to that criminal. On the principle that a saturated solution of salt will require only a single crystal to make it solidify, so also, if a man has saturated his brains with thoughts of murder, the thought of murder that another person sends out may prove to be the last straw and destroy that last barrier which would have kept the murderer from committing his evil act. Therefore our thoughts are of vastly more importance than our acts. If we always think right, we shall always act right. No man can think love to his fellow men or can scheme about how to hold them spiritually, mentally or physically without also acting out these thoughts. If we cultivate such thoughts, we shall soon find sunshine spreading around us; we shall find that people will meet us in the same spirit we send out. If then we see meanness and smallness in the people whom we meet, it would be well to ascertain if we ourselves are not causing such qualities to emanate from us. The man who is mean and small himself radiates these qualities and whomever he meets will appear mean to him because his thoughts will have caused something of identical pitch in the other person to vibrate. If on the other hand, if we cultivate a serene attitude and thoughts that are free from covetousness and are frankly honest and helpful, we shall call out the best in other people. Therefore let us realize that it is not until we have cultivated the better qualities in ourselves that we can expect to find them in others. We are thus most certainly responsible for our thoughts. We Page 202 of 351

are indeed our brothers keepers, for as we think when we meet them, so do we appear to them and they reflect our attitude. If we want to obtain help to cultivate better qualities then let us seek the company of people who are already good, for their attitude of mind will be of immense help to us in calling forth our own finer qualities. It does not always appear easy to rid ourselves of evil thoughts, and most of us cannot help but encounter people or situations which call forth negative thinking, try as we will to fight it. But there is a simple way of dismissing such unwanted thoughts which does not involve fighting them at all. Both like and dislike tend to attract a thought or an idea to us, and the added thought force which we send out to fight evil thoughts will keep them alive and bring them to our mind oftener, in the same way that quarrelling may cause a person we dislike to waylay us for spite. Instead of fighting, therefore, let us adopt the tactics of indifference. If we turn our heads the other way when we meet a person we dislike, he will soon grow tired of following us. On the same principle if we but turn away with indifference when thoughts of evil come into our minds, and apply our minds to something that is good and ideal, we shall find in a short time that we are rid of the evil thoughts and have only the good thoughts we desire to entertain. Only when mankind comes to an understanding of the true nature and proper use of this divine force can humanity free itself from the fetters of materiality and continue the upward path towards becoming a selfconscious Creative Being.

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Sleep The Eloists (1986)

According to Oahspe, we are spoken to in our sleep for a very good reason. That reason is that, Ashars have the job of teaching mortals the way. Do you find it difficult to sleep through the night, and toss and turn? As a result, do you awaken tired instead of refreshed? If instead of allowing thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow to harass you, you make your awake time, a time for meditation and read or think positive messages, prayers or etc., you will gain as much from such time awake as you would from sleeping time. Sleep takes up about a third of our time on earth. It can be useful time. What stops us from realizing our objectives is our failure to feel that we are already what we strive and wish to be, we already have that which we seek so much. Our subconscious gives form to our strong desires only when we feel our wishes fulfilled. We draw conditions to us. We draw out of the atmosphere not what we wish so hard for but that which we are and we are what we feel ourselves to be.

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An Argument in Favor of Soul-Mates Belle Brand Sundgren (1986)

One day while wondering how I could explain soul-mates so that it would make sense, I heard an Etherean speak. Our conversation went like this: Etherean: Why are you troubled? B: I just need a better way to explain soul-mates so that it will be believable. E: Who created you? B: The Creator Father of us all. E: Is the Creator all male? B: No, the Creator would have to be male and female E: And how does the Creator create souls? B: As I understand it, he gives of himself. We are a part of him. E: And that self is what? B: (Beginning to see the light) Both male and female! E: Exactly so that the soul has to be both, being from the Creator male and female. B: And then what? E: The loois must find physical bodies for this male and female soul and so they are separated and these physical bodies are found. It matters not when each is born but you will find that their likes and dislikes are the same and that their lives will parallel each other. Eventually they are destined to meet. Either here or there. B: But what happens to the part which is being held back? E: It is in abeyance and is absorbing. That is what makes geniuses of some of those held for any length of time. B: Mozart for instance. F: Oh, yes. Whether you buy this or not is up to you but I did. I think its just great and makes a great deal of sense. Our Creator is loving and kind. He knows, Page 205 of 351

left to our own free will, there are many mismatches and unhappiness because of it. So He gives us this to which we can look forward. Oranothon once said, Without soul-mates there would be no peace in the heavens. And who should know better?

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Meditation The Eloists (1986)

In affirming Thy Presence, O Creator, we are not trying to make something happen, but are trying to keep ourselves awake to what is happening. In answering our critics, we do not want to explain or defend ourselves, or talk about ourselves for any reason, though we may do so at times. It is not our purpose to be examples to others of superior soul expression, but to help awaken others to Thy Presence in themselves, to help them see how they can conquer their fears, and become happier, healthier human beings; doing this not for the sake of the self but for Thy sake, O Creator, and the betterment of humanity as a whole. As long as we think about ourselves, talk about ourselves, and plan for ourselves, we are not striking the right keynote. Our effort must be to constantly think and talk about Thee, our Creator, to build up our awareness so that we are able to see Thy Presence in all people and all things, being willing to accept whatever comes our way and make the best of it. We affirm for everyone that Thou art with them, speaking in their souls; that Thou art victorious in them now and forever.

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Meditation The Eloists (1986)

We cannot tell people, O Creator, what Thy angels are trying or planning to do, but we can tell them what we are trying to do. Would it not be right to say that we are trying to learn how to love our fellowmen rather than hate them, to praise rather than criticize them, to uplift rather than burden them, to practice good works toward them rather than be forever competing, and to replace our fears with faith? In the matter of worship, why can we not say we worship the Creator of all, and try to serve Him in our daily lives? And say that we feel in our efforts that we are contributing something worthwhile to all humanity? We can say, perhaps, that we are not ambitious to be recognized, to make a big splash in the world, or to get anything from the world but the necessities of life; and that the success of our efforts depends more upon privacy than publicity. It is undercover work, is it not? A sort of secret service? To tell the world all about it would be to invite opposition and court disaster. Only Thou knowest, O Creator! We feel we have Thee on our side, for we are on Thy side. Praise and thanks to Thee for the work Thou hast given us.

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Praise The Eloists (1986)

Praise to Thee Jehovih! We rejoice in Thy Presence in us. We give our faith and devotion to Thy Presence in every soul. We know Thou art present every moment, that Thou art the All-Doer in and through us. Yet, we need to make an effort to express Thee, to help conquer the darkness of the world. We need to exercise our talents and faculties. Dark thoughts and feelings rise up in us, and we must bring our will, thought and feeling to bear to counteract or dispel the darkness. There are no two people alike, and we will each work somewhat differently, but the purpose is the same to help lift the darkness of the world. Sometimes we use words; sometimes no words, but motion or action; sometimes both; and sometimes neither words nor motion, but stillness. All this is to help purify us spiritually and to develop a new consciousness, the awareness of Thy Presence and Rulership. We are serving one another physically as well, helping one another in every needful way. This is part of Thy work, too, in which we find development of our natural abilities for creating and serving, and help to make our world better. Thou art the true Doer, accomplishing through us, O Creator. All praise to Thee.

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Prayer The Eloists (1986)

How can we help relieve pain in another, O Creator? All we know is to give faith, love and strength to Thy Presence in him. We can affirm Thy Rulership in his body, his mind and his soul. Express for him the same as we would, were we ourselves in pain, not pitying self, but proclaiming Thy Presence and Dominion. We do not see all the causes of pain, but Thy angels do; and we can generate the kind of atmosphere in which they can work. The causes are long standing and deep rooted. The individual is a victim of age old darkness, and is not to be blamed, though he does have the ability to help heal himself and free himself. We know only one course of action, O Creator and that is to praise and rejoice in Thy Presence, to love Thee and serve Thee, to try to emulate Thee and to act as Thy instrument of upliftment for all in our world. We feel we are helping all; yet at times a single person close to us may need individual treatment. This is what we question. How best can treatment be given? To cure a specific ailment? We have faith that Thou wilt direct us wisely.

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Prayer The Eloists (1986)

Many a man has felt, O Creator, that his words are deathless, that his messages ought to be written in the skies for all to see. But they never are. There are great books of wisdom and truth in the world today but they are ignored by mankind. For, with Thee, it is not words, but deeds which count the most. It is the action people take, not their words, which will transform the world, or wreck it. So we ask that we may be moved to action, not foolishly or impulsively, but to do whatever it is we are capable of doing. We see our limitations, and we know that unless we are purified and transformed, we cannot accomplish very much. All we can do is hold our ideal and purpose before us, and keep working toward it, having faith that Thou wilt use us according to our capabilities. We do not want to be leaders. We only want to do our best, not for selfs sake, but to glorify thee. The possible value of words is that they can inspire people to action. They can awaken inspiration that is latent. They can strengthen purpose. So we will continue using words until we know how to do better in other ways. But as for it being a fundamental axiom, it is nothing of the sort. There never as a beginning and there never will be an end. The life of Jehovih always was. Man thinks in his heart that death is something diabolical and he links it with an imaginary Satan in his thinking perceiving not that it is an act of love and wisdom on the part of the Creator who created death so that he may enter, in Spirit the worlds of immortality. And if man would use the Divine faculty of reason within his own thoughts, he would eventually come to this conclusion for in no other way can the spirit of man enter the world of endless duration but through the door of death that marks all things of the corporeal dimension. I am The Life, the One Life of all, the Great Spirit JEHOVIH said. Because I am Life, My children shall live in My life and forever will I sustain them, who am the Life of all forms of life. O Man! What is a thought? Is it subjective? Or objective? Is it of the tangible? Or is it of the intangible? Thou knowest not. Wilt thou guess? Then let us say unto Page 211 of 351

you, it is of the tangible and is of the real. It is dropped as a seed into the ground and seems to die and then sprout into life. So with thoughts. And by the power of thoughts are things both created and uncreated; and of all things in the universe, most powerful of all is this:-thought! Thoughts expressed create a thing of beauty. What man has achieved or created anything but first he thought and conceived it in his mind? Without thought he could not conceive nor create, and life as he knows it would be without expression or comprehension or meaning at all. Therefore thought is the substance whereby all things in manifestation come into being. O Man, thy capacity to think thoughts if of Me, and in itself is proof of My being and My Person.

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Prayer for The Divine Link, For The Uplifting Enfoldment of All Rosemary ODea (1986)
O OM, Divine Mother, Mother of all Life everywhere, the only source of all pure love and perfection, we Thy children turn to thee, that thou mayst fill our hearts and minds with Thy eternal love for all Thy children in all creation. Our Father, Who in Thy wisdom, hast created and shall create all that is and ever shall be, with foresight and loving Concern for all, anchor Thy Light of wisdom within us, that we may become co-creators of Good with Thee. Help us co-ordinate Thy Light, on the spiritual, mental and physical planes, harmoniously, to fulfill Thy Holy Will on all levels of consciousness. Make us conscious, of the meaning of Thy Cycles and our Times and of the Times to come, so that knowingly we may co-work with Thy masters of the cycles, thus understanding and accepting the ever increasing changes in and around us and fulfilling our places in the plan of redemption of Earth, happily and gladly. Being aware of the ever new creating rhythm of the universe and gladly turning ourselves to become a harmonious part of it all. Liberated from mental limitations, no longer laboring under the wrong impressions of others, nor wishing to be rewarded by others, for our labors for them, in any sense or form, sublimely dedicated to the sacred cause of Uplifting Enfoldment of All, of which Thou alone art the Limitless Source. When material things exert their influences upon us, remind us, O Eternal Wisdom and Love that there is no reality in material things alone, and by doing the spiritual, the material will automatically fall into its rightful and orderly place. When we feel the needs of Thy children, yet unable to go to their aid, physically, let us not suffer in needless frustration, but through Thy endless Love, unite us with our enlightened brothers and sisters of the white ray, Page 213 of 351

whose Love so like Thine, descends to all levels of need, uniting our powers with theirs, bring solace and spiritually based new beginning to them. Then they shall hear Thy golden voice of silence and in Thy Peace, understand Thy assurance of eternal Love and Care for them. Help us to accept willingly all positions in life where Thou has placed us, unquestioningly accomplishing that which shall be for the greater good of all. Fill us with true Humility and Spiritual Strength, knowing whatever the outward appearance of the opposing forces may be, thou art within them also, though hidden to all visible means, yet ever clear to the True Vision of the Soul. Being aware of Thee within all, including ourselves, the sweet music of Harmony shall increase through earth, and earth shall sing with Thy Glory. Amen.

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Voices from The Spirit World Don G. Pickard (1986)

To do good because it is right to do is good. It brings its own prize to us in the awareness that we have lived to our best and highest light, and the satisfaction of knowing that is greater than any other reward that could come our way. It is sufficient that we hear the Voice of the Father within us saying, well done My son, My daughter. All the prayers that rise to the Father are answered to the extent the prayer thinks in, acts in, lives in light. Prayers are answered immediately, prayers are answered sometime later, some are yet to be answered. Every prayer and request for wisdom and guidance is answered and none forgotten. Sometimes the answer is not the kind of answer we expect to get. The end result of it all may be to redirect our footsteps in another way. But just as a father and mother give deep thought and concern to the problems their own children bring them, so the Great Spirit, the Father of all the living, gives the same care and attention to mortal prayers. The weapons men use in wars on earth are well known to all of you. But the weapons used in spiritual battles are these: pity, gentleness and examples of tenderness. This is the difference between the earth armory and the armory of the holy angels of the Great Spirit in the higher worlds. The true beginning of wisdom, for man, is to desire that wisdom and to prize it highly. First comes desire for it, then the growth from the root system in the soul. This shall spring up and give of its blossoms eternally. This springs initially from the desire to become wise. The foolish man says, I am wise. The wise man says, I am beginning to understand what wisdom is. There is a wisdom of the earth and there is a wisdom of the heavens, and the two are not the same. The source of all wisdom is of the Creator, the Great Spirit. A man hath but to become as a child, and ask for wisdom. This is the easiest of all paths to take and the most sure and certain as to its results. The wisdom of the earth would be but the blind leading the blind, were it not for the work of heaven. The wisdom of the heavens is the wisdom of those with true sight. Each mortal has two Page 215 of 351

birthdays. One is the date of birth, your entry into mortal life, and the other day is the date of your death in mortality. To us who watch these proceedings, that second birthday is also cause for much rejoicing, forever onward your birthday will be the second date. Great is the rejoicing when you hear the mortal child give vent to a cry or a shout soon as the air comes into the lungs. But as for it being a fundamental axiom, it is nothing of the sort. There never as a beginning and there never will be an end. The life of Jehovih always was. Man thinks in his heart that death is something diabolical and he links it with an imaginary Satan in his thinking perceiving not that it is an act of love and wisdom on the part of the Creator who created death so that he may enter, in Spirit the worlds of immortality. And if man would use the Divine faculty of reason within his own thoughts, he would eventually come to this conclusion for in no other way can the spirit of man enter the world of endless duration but through the door of death that marks all things of the corporeal dimension. I am The Life, the One Life of all, the Great Spirit JEHOVIH said. Because I am Life, My children shall live in My life and forever will I sustain them, who am the Life of all forms of life. O Man! What is a thought? Is it subjective? Or objective? Is it of the tangible? Or is it of the intangible? Thou knowest not. Wilt thou guess? Then let us say unto you, it is of the tangible and is of the real. It is dropped as a seed into the ground and seems to die and then sprout into life. So with thoughts. And by the power of thoughts are things both created and uncreated; and of all things in the universe, most powerful of all is this: thought! Thoughts expressed create a thing of beauty. What man has achieved or created anything but first he thought and conceived it in his mind? Without thought he could not conceive nor create, and life as he knows it would be without expression or comprehension or meaning at all. Therefore thought is the substance whereby all things in manifestation come into being. O Man, thy capacity to think thoughts if of Me, and in itself is proof of My being and My Person. But on the second birthday you hang around, full of grief, and at a loss, not knowing exactly what to do. But the same scenes of love repeat Page 216 of 351

themselves in a different setting as the spirit is born through the top of the head and carried lovingly away to homes of rest and peace, while the adjustment is gradually made to acclimatize the spirit to the life of spirit. And in many respects there is this similarity in the same helpless state for the first birth. So likewise is often the second birth, but to most mortals the moment of our rejoicing is the moment of their sorrow and deep grief. Even so, it is good for This reality to be proclaimed to you, so that in the hour of your mourning the loss of a loved one, you may also catch a glimpse in the mind, of the rejoicing there is in the spirit worlds. in the early days I gave My angels charge over you so that whether you fail forward on the face or backward, or sideways, they will be there to help you stand upright and learn to walk; and when you cross over into the life of Spirit, these same loving angels will continue this ministry of love, which they do in My name unto each soul I create and bring into life. Only those who choose to be alone in life shall be so. Those who long for fellowship and affiliation to them it shall be, according to their desire. No man, no woman, no child, shall ever be long unto themselves, other than by choice. Words are but coins of speech and are approximations to truth and reality. For example you use the words, in the beginning but we say: What do you mean by this terminology? What beginning? For the Life always was! There was no beginning. There is no end. And in your thinking, any reference to a beginning can never be other than an approximation to a reality beyond the finite mind to comprehend. Providing this is understood this qualification observed, it is in order to use this particular coin of exchange as to ideas.

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Meditation The Eloists (1987)

Praise to Thee, O Jehovih, Creator and Sustainer in Whom we live, move and have our being! Thou hast given us many faculties through which Thou canst inspire us, both corporeal and spiritual. When we think and reason, search and question, meditate and pray, we are inspired by Thee. When we are loving and sympathetic, kind, generous, friendly, cheerful and faithful, Thou art inspiring us. When we are strong and purposeful, persistent, courageous, willing and determined, Thou art inspiring us. Through the five corporeal senses, Thou are inspiring us every waking moment. And there are spiritual counterparts, and faculties within faculties, yet to be developed. In our present knowledge, we are touching only the surface of things. According to our attunement and development, art Thou inspiring us. We ask for selfs sake, and we are answered from the self worlds. We ask for Thy sake, and we receive from Thy angelic worlds. Thou art the All-Doer, doing all for the good of all.

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Prophecy Fred Almquist (1988)

This world has seen many prophets and holy men since the beginning of its time. Few of us are acquainted with more than the few which follow the lineage from Abram through Moses. There were two other holy men contemporaneous with Moses. One was called Capilya, a lawgiver, and he restored the worship of the One Great Spirit. He was a native of India. The other holy mans name was Chine, after whom his native country was named, China. He was a lawgiver, and restored the name of the Creator, Jehovih. The actual presence of these holy men may be confirmed by anyone through a search of ancient history. The presence of these men on earth is a fact, but the greater import is the conviction that the Great Spirit who created us, has always, and will be always developing His creations. We find this Spirit present everywhere, at all ages, and at all times. It is not limited to one certain person, or one certain organization, or one certain nation, nor even to one certain world. It is universal and yet personal. The realization of this boundless extension, should remind us of our own puny position. Our earth is only a tiny pinpoint speck in our solar system. As we go beyond the solar system, the earth would become invisible. Try to imagine yourself as a certain part of this earth. You cant do it actually. When you get only a mile high, the people become invisible, and this earth is 25,000 miles in circumference. But we know the Spirit is here with us because we can experience it. A prophet or a holy man is like any other person, but he has discovered a secret and by using it, he becomes stronger in Spirit. The man or woman in Spirit will develop more of their natural ability than the ordinary person does. This condition is also expressed as being in tune with yourself. Truly, if a person could realize all that he had ever learned, in a moments time, he or she would be wise indeed. And this condition is yours Page 219 of 351

if you want There is a very definite pattern for this development, and a worthy goal to aim for. If one desires to go beyond the ordinary, he must first be in tune with himself. Such must be your wisdom. Second, you must be in tune with your immediate surroundings. This second condition involves inspiration, and cannot be properly executed until you are fully established in the first condition. (constitutional) Third, you must extend yourself beyond the earth and even beyond the solar system. You must comprehend the magnitude of creation. Fourth, you must be in tune with Jehovih, so that you move, act, and comprehend Him in harmony. This is at-one-ment with the Almighty. Every prophet or holy man knew and kept these four rules. Without them, no matter what you have accomplished, you are nothing more than any ordinary person. You have every faculty you need right now. All you need to do is give in. Stop right where you are. Close your eyes. Relax. Look into the light, gather up all the courage and determination you are capable of, and offer yourself body and soul to the Fathers service. Give all. Dont hold back anything. And when the Spirit manifests, keep it with you as long as you can. To him who attains this development, things past and things to come are as an open book. You might even look back to your beginning in the world, or even beyond. We can become so saturated with Spirit, that no matter where we look, we can see and hear even as if the matter were here and now. No matter how many books or sermons we have contemplated or read, never before has this matter been placed before us so clearly and understandably. We have been told many times, that we should become one with God, but what good is that advice to a person who is blind or wandering around in the dark? Man consists of two bodies and the two are one person or personality, the material body and the spirit body. The twain are married. To live in harmony with yourself, you must give equal consideration to your spirit body, which must have nourishment else it will not grow. The physical body must be nourished or it will not grow or be sustained. They are one body Page 220 of 351

and are interdependent.

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When a man and a woman get married, they set up a joint partnership, and create what is called a home or a family. Every person has his or her own private thoughts, desires, habits, loves, personality etc. If one of them becomes abusive or overbearing, the harmony between them is destroyed, and the home becomes a place of discord, abuse, hatred, bitterness, hostility and destruction. These conditions are so common among us, we might wonder why so many of us fail to profit by the examples. Our mind is the controlling agent over our behavior and if we neglect to form the habit of discipline and control, we will not have peace and happiness in our home or within ourselves. Self-control should be our first and most cherished habit. This is the key to wisdom, peace, patience, harmony and perfection. Self-control must be mastered. When we first start practicing relaxation, we usually find that we must make a special effort for each operation, in order to overcome the needless strains we may have been using. We may overcome this excessive straining habit in a few days or a few weeks. Then again, it may take some of us months or even years to realize the full benefit of relaxing. But no matter how long it takes, it must be accomplished. This is co-ordination of the physical body. Some religionists believe they must abuse the body, in order to be holy. Such a theory must be the product of a mind in darkness. If you are one of those who holds this theory of self torture, then please, please, make a double effort to find the light. In the light there is no misery, torture or abuse. You dont have to be poor and ragged in order to be holy. You dont have to be poor or ragged for any reason under the sun. Many true prophets were lawgivers and they were members of the elect families. They had everything that money and position could offer. Moses abdicated the throne of Egypt. Confucius abdicated the throne in China. We could go on and on quoting these incidents as they occurred among the ancients but the only way we can get any real good out of this knowledge is by testing and testing. A body that is above its normal heat, also cannot function properly. Watch what you do to your body. Watch your Page 222 of 351

food. Watch your disposition. Practice love. Love everybody. Love everything. Love your work. But dont take on the animal nature and try to imitate the dog or the hog. If you do this, you must take the consequences. We are what we are because we want to be that way. But any time we become dissatisfied with what we are, we can change ourselves into some other condition. But first, you must be in tune with yourself. Your body and thoughts must be synchronized (in tune) with the Spirit within you. Second, you must be in tune with your associates which has to do with your spiritual influence upon others. Third, you must extend yourself beyond the finite. Having some knowledge of the relation and influence of substance upon and between all substances. Fourth, you must be in tune with Jehovih. This is a positive recognition of the Spirit of Creation. To know that the Spirit within you is Jehovih. In the final analysis, all four of these rules are one condition. Love is the greatest and most cherished asset among all people. It is a cure for all pain and misery when we learn its full extent. We do not need to grow long whiskers or carry a long face to be a good man or a good woman. Neither do we have to tell fortunes or predict the future. When we give ourselves unconditionally into this project, the Spirit will guide us wherever we desire to go, and we will know the good or evil outcome of our theories even before we put them to a test. Be alert and listen for that small still voice. This guiding Spirit does not always manifest in the same way. Sometimes it is an inner feeling, sometimes a vision or a dream. Sometimes you may hear a voice, or you may be led to read a book. A line in a newspaper or magazine might give you the thought you need. But all messages should be proven before they are fully accepted as true. When we receive a true message we know it, by the feeling of assurance we get with it. The sheep recognize the voice of the shepherd. If this assurance is not with your message, its origin is doubtful. Always be on the alert. A person with alcohol, dope or animal urine (uric acid in meat) or animal fever in his system cannot function property in Spirit. It takes a sensitive body and a properly sensitized mind, to conceive these spiritual Page 223 of 351

functions when they occur. These are not supernatural phenomena, as many are lead to believe. They are perfectly natural for every person born into this world. But the people who dwell in darkness, cannot see nor hear. That is the difference between a prophet and a new spiritual aspirant, a true and false God and so on. Physical death does not change our accumulated knowledge, wisdom or personality. Physical death is transition, nothing more or less. If we have good habits, we carry them with us, but bad habits go along also. Many spirit people learn to communicate with their kinfolks and friends. We must know the origin of all inspiration. This is important. Keep up your relaxing exercise. Look for the light. Expect to feel the presence to the Spirit. Dont just wish for it. It is always with you. Feel its presence. Bathe yourself in the light. Keep it flowing through your whole body. Everyone has this ability. Do this often. Breathe deeply and pray. Expect your request to be answered and your prayers cannot fail.

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Prayers in Concert Rosemary ODea (1988)

Glory be to THEE, Thou ALL Light! Because Thou hast created me alive; I will strive with all my might to he upright before Thee; I have faith Thou created me wisely: And I know Thou wilt show me the right way. Make my eyes sharper to see into my own soul than all else in the world. I will discover its dark spots and wash them clean. Seal Thou up my eyes from the sins of others, but magnify their goodness unto me, that I may be ashamed of my unworthiness before Thee. This day will I run quickly to the distressed and helpless, and give them joy by some deed or word. Seal up my tongue against slandering any man, or woman, or child, for they are of Thy own creation, and of Thy own handiwork What Thou feedeth me with, sufficient is it for the day thereof. Complaint shall not escape from my mouth. Quicken me all day. O Jehovih, with this, my prayer, that I may become a glory in Thy works. Amen. These gradually cool and harden and continue to orbit around their central sun. The planets provide souls with places to learn and grow. Human souls thus find paths for winning their way to higher levels of existence to their place in the sun. The various planes of consciousness up through the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual realms are symbolized in this painting by wavy lines. Their vibratory rates and intensity increase as they rise. Colors are used to indicate this progressive change from red at the lowest level, to violet at the highest visible frequency. The soul is provided with the path for unfolding innate capabilities forever fuller development of talents and virtues and saintliness. This is the purpose of earthly incarnation and it occurs as a natural outgrowth of the development of suns and souls. Thou hast brought us together, O Creator, in an environment which is conducive to spiritual growth and soul expression. We are brothers for one another, and dependent upon one another. Without the power generated through Page 225 of 351

affiliation we could not express our progress as we are doing. Put us, separately, in a worldly environment, and we would retrogress rapidly; and would become victims of our surroundings, serving the darkness of the world. We see that the obsessions with which we were born are still with is, but are being kept under control here where the right conditions are made. If we were left alone, and not guided and protected by Thy Angels, we could only express what we are as mortals. Thy Angels are inducing us to follow a higher way. They have convinced us of the need and value of losing self, and consecrating our lives to Thee, our Creator. We are not noble in what we are doing. We are merely blessed with enlightenment because it is part of Thy Plan for world upliftment. We are not superior in any way to our fellowmen, just very, very fortunate. Great ruling Spirit of the Universe! Praise to Thee! We acknowledge Thy dominion, and Thy Alt ness and we give ourselves to Thee in service. Our hearts and minds are open to the inflow and outflow of Thy inspiration. We might be mistaken in some of our concepts of this work we are in, but we are not mistaken when we praise Thee, and affirm Thy Presence and Power. We might be mistaken in the advice we give, and in our personal opinions and philosophies, but we are not mistaken when we give forth love and faith from Thy Presence in us to Thy Presence in others. We might be in error in some of our methods, but we are not far off when our effort and purpose is solely to glorify Thee, and help uplift our fellowman. Praise to Thee, Jehovih! Thou art functioning through us here and now. We know this is true because we have cast away our self desires, and made this our only reason for being here. We know Thou art using us in everything we do, for we have made it our purpose to serve Thee in everything we

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Praise to Thee, O Creator! Thanks for life and all its gifts. We are forever asking questions as though understanding were everything. We want to know everything there is to know. Supposing Thy angels revealed all to us, answered all our questions explicitly, let us look into the spiritual and soul worlds without hindrance? Would we then be better human beings, more loving and more willing to serve Thee? Would we be less selfish, less egotistic, and freer from the darkness of our corporeal natures? The ability to feel compassion for our fellowmen, the faculties of love and faith and charity, have been neglected. We seem to want to advise, teach and preach more than we want to practice good works, or

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Meditation The Eloists (1988)

As we see it now, O Creator, it is our job to, no matter what the appearances, or how we are feeling, stay in attunement; to hold to our awareness, affirming and proclaiming Thy Presence and Power though everything about us denies it; praising Thee, giving thanks for our blessings, rejoicing in life, even while aware of the miseries which afflict us and all humanity. To do this, we need to build up our consciousness that we are in essence imperishable, divine souls, co-creators with Thee, that our potentialities are unlimited, and that we are destined to grow forever, unfolding ever-greater beauty and perfection. We are continually searching, analyzing, questioning, knowing Thou wilt give us the intelligence we seek. We know we are not going to be raised up above others, or gain any personal acclaim. We are part of humanity. And it is in the upliftment of the whole that we will be uplifted. If we are seeking personal benefits, we are not Thy servants. Thou art using us as we are, and in this we are content.

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Infantry Anonymous (1988)

One day as my body lay resting quietly on its bed, I decided to plunge into hada, the lower atmospherean heavens of the Earth. I closed my eyes, visualized the soles of my feet until they started to tingle; then I felt the tingling creep up my ankles, lower legs, thighs and torso. The tingling picked up on my fingertips and crept up my forearms to the elbow, then to the shoulders and finally to the top of my head. Meditating on this a while, I heard (or felt) a loud buzzing sensation in my head and suddenly I was outside, looking back at my reclining, corporeal form. I floated through the bedroom walls to the outside and soon found myself wandering amongst the teeming billions of departed earthlings who inhabit that region closest to the Earth and to all they have loved. I talked with many of them as I wandered, and found that their aims, aspirations and beliefs were little different than those of the people one might meet at the county fair. Many expressed disappointment in not having been taken to The Saviour and all were preoccupied with finding a more or less permanent place to reside. (The crowding of this region is somewhat like Manhattan Island multiplied by many thousands of times). As I elbowed my way through the dense crowds, I came eventually to a large open valley. The ground of this valley was covered with boxes, baskets piles of straw and similar things, each of which contained the astral form of a tiny infant. Each infant was wrapped in a blanket. The scene extended for as far as the eye could see, clear to the horizon of this region over the North American continent. There were millions of tiny infants, placed in little groups of about a dozen, with walkways cleared between the groups. Up and down along these walkways strolled a few dozen sad, tired, middle aged looking ladies, each wearing a grey tabard with a rope belt, and each busily trying to take care of the immediate needs of several hundred of the infants. Needless to say, I was quite curious about this Page 229 of 351

scene, and could not resist inquiring what it was all about. Where did all these children come from? I inquired of the nearest lady. One of these babies is mine, she responded, but I dont know which one, because I never saw it; I dont even know, whether it is a boy or a girl. I do know that if it has blue, grey or green eyes, it very probably isnt my own, because I and my lover both had brown eyes. And the new ones arriving, of course, are not mine, either, but they all need to be taken care of; they all need a mother but they only have us few. How did it happen, I asked, `that you never saw your own child? It was an abortion, she sadly replied, I was ashamed to let my folks find out that I was pregnant so I went to this so-called doctor who ripped it out and left me unconscious from shock and, incidentally, with all sorts of germs in the torn spots and I came over here shortly afterward as the result of a serious infection. All of these kids were aborted, and every day we get several thousand more, so we press into service every woman who comes here looking for her child. Still, as you can see, there are not nearly enough ladies to take care of all of them properly. She continued, They all need to be bathed more often than they are. There are so many of them and we have such meager facilities for it, and so few people to help with it; thats why the stench is so bad. I dont really mind it myself but it is so offensive to the others that they always bring them here and just drop them. She added, Most of their mothers wouldnt care enough about them to help, even if they were over here on this side; they were just glad to be rid of them. As for their fathers, I seriously doubt that many of them even believe that they have children here. I looked out across the tremendous field with miles and miles of little bundles, all dirty, hungry, crying and squirming with loneliness and discontent. I thought to myself, If only every young girl who plans to get rid of her kid could come over here and see this! I wanted to help, but knew that I lacked the skill and experience to even get started; also, I knew that I had to return to my body, so what little I was able to do was just a token, like dipping out the ocean with a teaspoon. Page 230 of 351

I wondered quietly whether the lower heavens over the other continents of the Earth had tremendous foundling fields like this one. I knew that heredity is the main factor in whether one continues after death of the body, so to a certain extent, survival of bodily death comes to most as a corollary to the gift of life itself. Its a little like beauty; one gets it chiefly by choosing the right parents. If survival of bodily death was due to faith or to good works or piety, none of these little ones would be here. If it was a universal gift to every animal thing, the lower heavens would be a raging, howling zoo filled with creatures of every description still trying to do the things they did in corporeal life. As such it would hardly be called heaven. I wondered at the poor physical condition of many of the babies. There were cripples of every kind, deformed bodies, missing members, Siamese twins, dwarfs, blind, deaf and partly paralyzed children. There were representatives of every, race and ethnic group on the North American continent, but the ratios didnt seem the same as in the corporeal real world. I suppose that some ethnic groups place a higher value on life and on children than they do on daughters reputation. Certainly, the childs religion could hardly have any effect upon its survival, particularly at the ripe old age of minus four or five months. As I strolled through these thousands of acres of outdoor nursery, looking at the millions upon millions of abandoned children who had been prematurely cast into heaven, I marveled at the size of the task before any woman who had the courage to volunteer to help. I also wondered at the folly of our people in letting this thing happen to us. I realized that the Puritan Ethics, the antiquated concept of marriage and the consequent quaint ideas about honor and disgrace related to the reproductive process must carry much of the blame for this wholesale slaughter of innocents. I remembered hearing that in the United States of America, it is estimated that over two million such deaths at the hands of dear mother occur every year. The U.S.A. only lost somewhat over fifty thousand young men each year during the ten years of the Vietnam fiasco. Eventually, I tired of this nightmare and was overwhelmed by a feeling of helplessness and Page 231 of 351

sadness. As I so mused, one of the ladies came up and placed her hand on my shoulder in sympathy. Its a hell of a job; aint it? I guess that about sizes it up, I responded; What did you do when you were on the other side? Army!, she replied. Whatcha do in the army?, I inquired. Dont laugh!, she chuckled. O.K. I was attached to the infantry!

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Editorial Kasandra Kares / Bob Reisner (1989)

Greetings, with faith in The Great Spirit! Let us pose a question to you. Do you think that the actions of the Almighty should always be all good? Do you think it is blasphemy to attribute some catastrophe or natural disaster to the design of the Almighty? On the other hand, do you conclude that the Almighty is not the author or manager of our disasters and is not involved in them or that the Almighty is far too loving and peaceful and joyous to engage in what might seem like nefarious schemes? Can we look far enough ahead of our own time and far enough behind us to know what is good and what is bad for people? Do we take not only mortals into consideration but the advanced spiritual growth of spirits who precede us into the heavens by a long time? And what about those who follow us? Would it so shock and demoralize us as to shake our faith to think that the Almighty might practice a kind of selective prayer-answering or might countenance humans cowering in fear, wincing and contorting with pain and suffering in agonizing throes as part of a larger picture in which even the sufferer, in the long run, has much to gain? Do we regard the Almighty as necessarily all loving and so much so that He would not allow even a sparrow to perish in a disaster when He could save it? Would He spare one person and let another die in an accident or of a disease when He has the power to keep both alive and well? If we claim that, if He has the power to save everybody, then He ought to exercise that option, is a mortal lifetime of observation and wisdom enough for us to know heavens to Hada. They were stationed in order of rank with two Orian Chiefs at either end. Before the ships a transit tube, filled with Earths air, was used to deliver drujas and fetals who had been attached to the mortals who were perishing in the submergence. (V 17, Ch 3, P 73, Bk of Aph). We know that a thousand of the Almightys angels were delegated to Page 233 of 351

guard George Washington (who was bred to be above grade 80; see V4-5, Ch 13, p 762, Book of Es, I) of 3 and who was raised by the loois to do the job of establishing the foundation of Jehovihs Kingdom with mortals) (See V 5, Ch 13, p 762, Book of Es, V. 3). Certainly this is an example of special treatment for though Washington was shot at and in many ways sought alter for destruction, angels saved him, even catching in their hands the bullets that were fired at him. (V 28, Ch. 13, p 763, Book of Es, V 3) and history is replete with many more examples. If Washington was raised up for a job that would benefit posterity then we can see that the saving of him was no personal whim on the part of the Almighty. It was part of the strategy of doing the job involved and we see only in a very limited way, if at all, what happened and will happen as a result of what Washington did. Mortal history books tell about Washington having commanded the rebel army in the Revolutionary war. Heavenly history records that a thousand angels were detailed to guard Washington, day and night. The Revolutionary war was started by a spirit impostor, Looeamong, a false god, who pretended to be Jehovih, the Creator (and Jesus the Kriste) in order to overthrow the doctrines of Thomas Paine, at a time when Paines doctrines were those of the Great Spirit and when North America (North Guatama) was circumscribed land, where the Creators Kingdom was to be. (V 22, Ch 13, p 762, Bk of Es, V 3) All these factors are but a drop in the bucket in the correct judgment of the Almightys motives in what some folks might call unfair selectivity. It is alright to judge people and spirits and even the Great Spirit but if one says the Great Spirit sends a rain storm to destroy the harvest or sends fevers to a dirty city, one lacks discretion in words and judgment. It is poor judgment to hold the Great Spirit responsible for everything; because, man is part of creation and must do a part of the work himself. The Almighty is not a wrathful God punishing mortals with disasters, and saving favorites on impulse. The distribution of injuries, casualties and damages would defy known logic less if more mortals judging would judge in better knowledge of the First Cause and reserve final judgment pending the input of more of the factors involved. Page 234 of 351

Love and trust Our Creator! Warmest Best Wishes, to you all.

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The Growth of Love A. Crane (1989)

More and more people are coming into the understanding of what love is and finding it more and more a close and intimate friend. And it may be that someday it will lead mankind to perfect knowledge and perfect oneness with all light. It takes steadfastness to love, it takes courage. Love is a part of the immortal part of man. It is also an experience. Men do not try to establish by logic that it is real and effective. They tell their experience. They tell it to each other as one tells of a glorious event, or as one whispers the secret that a new and dear friend is found. When one experiences it, one feels as if it were a sympathetic being touching one completely; as if such being were one which was loved and trusted absolutely. And when anyone once is touched by this kind of consciousness his life is changed. Life is very sure that he has help to conquer the confusion and the evil within and without. And it gives him inward courage and lasting happiness. In fact love comes in a wave of courage itself. It brings unity between people. It brings a change to the mind first and then the body. Until this change comes, no language can make you understand love. When it comes you know it forevermore for the fire has been kindled in your heart and the sun has risen to your sight. Those who so know it are ever increasing. It has a rejuvenating influence. It is always beginning and never ending; it looks forward to the future; it is youth itself. To be able to love anyone requires the courage to turn away from self long enough to do it. And once they do, love gives them the power to keep doing so. Love points away from self toward the ideal of life. It helps us face the unknown chaos of the future and the sudden snares of Life for two people who share love form a battery. It gives confidence that it leads us to a great Page 236 of 351

victory. All that we have belongs When the heart is touched by love, when the great heart of central Love touches one, then one becomes a knight in its services. One then takes sides in the world against any breaches of order or of justice, or of good faith and one becomes the servant and champion in the world of all principles that are loving. Perfect love casteth out fear. And it wars against every side of the old self. It will conquer all enemies, all misunderstanding, all baseness, all ineffectiveness, and it will finally conquer death in every form. Love is gaining ground in the affairs of men every day. And it means not only that Love is acknowledged in the affairs of the world but it will be everywhere served. Every act by us, its servants, will be done as under Love, and the very smallest act may be done with purpose single to the purpose of Love the purpose of the development of ourselves and the race. This treatment will soon be spreading around the world. There are now a thousand streamlets that will soon join in a mighty current. Love will come to the world with a mighty rush. Then it will lead us out of the black confusion of war into the brotherhood of Unity. One who has come in touch with this treatment continues his work in the world but not as before. All waste will be eliminated. All effort that formerly was futile will become effective, for Love casts out all ineffectiveness. Money or worldly fame ceases to be the inducement of effort. Every effort is directed to the service of Love, and in that service will the whole world, some sweet day be joined. For whether mans aim be science, or philosophy, or art, or business where he is inspired by Love, it prospers far more than it could have prospered before. A change takes place in the spirit of the work, a fresh zeal and enthusiasm is felt and Loves will is done. No one is excluded from this treatment by reason of his constitution or heredity or fundamental nature. All are capable sooner or later, of completely turning away from self. Yet some seem far, far away, and it may be long before they accept this generation. They seem to glory in their meanness and wickedness. Yet Page 237 of 351

there are many paths that lead to humiliation and heart searchings, and it may be that some base, vile, cruel, hardhearted being on two legs called a man, is nearer the realization which comes from experiencing the futility of self, than some other who is considered a respectable citizen. Some wish for love and, not noticing any magic results, conclude that they are incapable of experiencing the wonderful regeneration of love. But they are receptive to love without surrendering self. If they set self on the throne and they desire love only in the service of self. Yet even they will one day feel themselves turning away from self and then they will experience the unity of Love which casts out every ill. Love will unite mankind in a common enemy. Would two brothers continue their fighting if they were attacked by a bear? So mankind, when awakened to the fact that self is an enemy and that only by Love can it be overthrown, will cease quarreling among themselves and unite against the common foe. And after the victory over self, the bonds of love binding us to each other will never loosen and we will come into our heritage of oneness with all Light. We will calmly look to the future in perfect trust that the world will continually grow into greater spiritual love. More and more and more the illumination takes possession of us and we become more and more kind to all. All history is nothing in comparison to the great possibilities of man. The union of hearts heals wounds and effaces the scars of our discouragements. Man becomes sure, once and for all, that he will be taken care of, with a reliance so overwhelming that all former hopes and fears are swallowed up. For love cannot enter into your life on any other terms but that you give up self entirely. You will belong to Love wholly or not at all. It comes to the rich and poor alike; to whomsoever will turn from self.

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If your intellect be the expression of the Love force, you become a genius, if your muscles a giant of strength. But the greatest benefit of all is the awakening of the real spiritual perception. Muscular strength and intelligence are only what you had before, only now in greater measure. But spiritual perception comes like a revelation and an experience totally unlike any former one. Therefore when you love you radiate something new and wonderful and others recognize a change in you, as if you were suddenly elevated to a place above them.

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Adaptations from Marcus Aurelius Alfred Holmes (1989)

Whatever the time may be when I shall near my departure; I shall respect only my ruling faculty and express the divinity within me, neglecting everything else. I shall not be afraid because I must cease to live in corpor; for I know I have the power to live according to the nature of the Supreme Being wherever I shall be. My principles can become dead only if I extinguish the thoughts which correspond to them. It is in my power to fan these thoughts into flame. It is in my power to have no opinion about a thing, and not to be disturbed in my soul; for things themselves have no natural power to form my judgment. If I am constantly observing what is in the minds of others, I am very apt to be unhappy. But if I observe the movements of my own mind with an eye to improvement, I will be uncovering within myself a happier state of being. I see that if I am vexed at anything that happens, I am separating myself from the Creator. I wish never to be disturbed by anything He may put upon me. If I am pained by any external thing, I know it is not this thing that disturbs me, but my own judgment about it; and it is in my power to wipe out this judgment promptly. I will exercise the power of reviewing and reflecting upon my own conduct that I may know how it can be improved. I will exercise the power of contemplation which strives to acquire knowledge of the divine and human, and their relationship. I will exercise the power to perceive beauty, even in those things formed by nature which are said to be ugly. Since I have reason, and the animals have none, I will treat them with a generous and liberal spirit. As to humans, since they have reason, I shall Page 240 of 351

behave in a social spirit, and on all occasions call on the Creator, and not trouble myself about the demands made upon my time and energy. If the Creator has determined my fate, He must have determined that it be good, for why should He have any desire to do me harm? If, however, the Creator determines about none of these things which concern me, I am able to determine about myself, and make myself conformable to my own constitution, and to my highest light. I wish never to do anything which would be an annoyance to anyone, or hurt them in any way. But should anyone annoy or hurt me, I will not be vexed or offended, suspicious or critical, but will give recognition to the Divine Presence within that person.

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Editorial Kasandra Kares / Bob Reisner (1989)

Many factors in life are a balance of two opposites. One such situation is that two conditions belong to all, belief and unbelief. Both are like seeds planted in the minds of unborn babies, to grow later. Belief makes for peace of mind and rigid stability with some consequent happiness; unbelief causes people to question, investigate, inquire of the Great Spirit through experiments and search after truth. There are negative and positive sides to both. Belief can lead to stupidity and unbelief can lead to selfishness, wickedness and cruelty. The medium path is the better one to follow; this is easier said than done. Individually you may have some control over the extent to which you let yourself veer from one condition to another but collectively there are usually overwhelming factors at work. Even individually, who your ancestors were, where they came from, what century you live in and what location in the world you occupy influence degrees of belief and skepticism and it is only in part a matter of your individual choice. There has been, down through the ages, continuous inspiration and guidance given to the children of earth, for the most part without their being conscious of the fact that they were/are being led by spiritual workers on the unseen side. Some of what passes for dire affliction and seeming reward are situations deliberately and wisely contrived by our elder brothers and sisters in the heavens of and beyond the earth who work in light under the guidance of the Great Spirit in order to raise up mortals. People are impressed by the angels with better ways of doing and thinking about things in order to advance technology and the arts and bring about happier, better lives for mankind. Wars have existed on many worlds (and maybe all of them), and the heavenly hosts guide man through conflict to eventual peace over the eons. In one age we are doing well if we can peacefully coexist with folks much like ourselves who live comparatively near us. It has not been so terribly Page 242 of 351

long ago that right in this country the government of one part of the country took unfair advantage of the people of another section and murderous, horrible war ensued, whereas when we look into the future we can look with high hope toward a time when, at long last, there will be free intermingling between the peoples of all nations, the creatures of two or more worlds, among the creatures of many worlds and, ultimately, among all intelligent creatures everywhere in the Great Spirits universes. Mortal man does not grow in light by himself. He reached the peak of his unbelief and physical development about the time the pyramids were built. It is important to the angels in leading man to cause him to breed for the best possible future race in order that physical strength, beauty, intelligence and longevity can be achieved. But, it is development of the spirit that makes man capable of the best of everlasting life. As the soul grows toward light or darkness some personify the attributes of good and others are an expression of evil. With guidance and breeding and reason and choice one affiliates with one or the other. If one aligns with good, one becomes a channel and agent of the Creator. If one affiliates with evil, one increases power of evil. Good has always been and will always be immensely stronger than evil, and evil exists in the long run to enhance good (Without darkness, who could comprehend the light?). The achievement of good demands the development of the spiritual side, the first step toward which is the aspiration toward the teachings of spirituality (for example, the motivation to actually read Oahspe and other scriptures). Walk in peace, faith and love.

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Explanation of Terms Patricia, Shirley and Elizabeth Kemp (1989)

In Oahspe, CHRIST is the ancient Ahemic word for KNOWLEDGE. CORPOR means the seen world, as against the unseen worlds, and includes all physical life and things on Earth. ATMOSPHEREA the name for the Heaven world immediately surrounding the Earth (and traveling with it) to which all mortals go on death and remain for some time. ETHEREA is the name for the higher Heaven worlds outside the Earths atmosphere to which mortals can aspire after overcoming all earthly desires through much training and service in Atmospherea. KOSMON is the New Age of the Creators Kingdom on Earth which began quietly in 1848 and will take hundreds of years to come into full fruition. Oahspe purports to have been written at the command of God, Who states that He is not the Creator but is simply Chief Executive Officer (similar to the President or Prime Minister of a country) for our Planet Earth. It explains who The Creator is (called by many names but chiefly JEHOVIH, or I AM) and also makes clear the difference between Lord, Lord God, God and The Creator. In the Kosmon Era, The Creator expects Man to save himself rather than rely on Saviours whom He allowed in the past as Man had not developed sufficiently.

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No Two Leaves Anonymous (1989)

Jehovih: no two leaves, no two fruits, no two feathers, has he created identical; each is like its brother; yet each is an individual work of Gitchee Manitous art. I AM JEHOVIH, the Source of all Energy and Power Throughout you all, every moment and hour. I AM the Doorway by that name on earth to My emancipated Heavens. I AM known by infinite names throughout My Universes seven. And even as you have managers of branches in a department store, To serve your every need and all controlled by your law, I AM known by My Shining Gods and Goddesses who manage each spiritual realm and world; They are rising ever upward in Light, Love, and Power as my banners are unfurled. Through systems, galaxies, sectors and each super-universe I run My Grand Universe. Throughout trillions of corporeal worlds and other realms, through the tiny seed in action, in spirit, and all matter is of Me, shall grow in Light, Love and Power to a mighty tree. For even I can only grow if you will have it so. I AM your Ship of Life, I AM at all helms. THE CREATOR OF ALL, JEHOVIH. If you pray to Me as though I am afar, Away above in space as you see that star, Your prayer may be weak in its travel long And your faith grow faint for a prayer so long gone.

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One Marriage? Belle Brand Sundgren (1990)

The subject of one marriage for Faithists has been a contentious one for a long while. And those who hold tight to the meaning, as they understand it, in OAHSPE, are very strong in their belief. I do not hold to that belief for a number of reasons. Nowhere in the OAHSPE did the Father Jehovih say so. This declaration has always been stated by a God of that time. An angel, speaking through Po made that statement, as did Zarathustra. Remember that long ago men were taking on many wives at one time. In order to stop this practice, one marriage was taught and emphasized as taking the will of God. The Commandments, as given to Moses, had nothing to do with one marriage but dealt with adultery. Binding ones self to an unhappy marriage usually leads to adultery. Surely the Father, our Creator, does not want His children to be unhappy or to commit adultery. I once asked an old scholar, a very, very wise man, Why divorce? He answered, Man (or woman) searches for the part of him which has been separated from him. He sees a woman he thinks may be the one and he marries with her. Finding out she is not the one he sought, he has no recourse but to divorce, be miserable or commit adultery; but he is compelled to look further. He must find his true mate to find happiness. I asked him whether he meant the eternal search for ones soul mate. He said, Exactly. I believe that the one marriage meant to ones soul mate and this is what I asked Oranothon. The one marriage, he told me, is in the heavens above far above. I asked if I wrote an article on the subject would he read it and comment. He promised he would. In the green OAHSPE, Book of Eskra, Chapter 36, #26 (page 715) Kayu says, I divorced my wife because I discovered she could not bring forth heirs to belief or faith. No man should be bound to a woman whose desires lay in the corporeal self. And women should have the same Page 246 of 351

privilege. Kayu was an iesu so certainly he was not speaking only for himself. What Kayu said makes a lot more sense than some poor, unhappy soul trying to raise up his wife, yet too weak to do so and, in the end, sinking to her level. You know very well what todays woman would say. Dont preach to me. If you cant accept me as I am, Ill find someone who will. And if he doesnt want to lose her, thats the end of the argument. So much for trying to raise up someone TODAY. Times have changed. I believe the concept of one marriage (on the earth) is no longer valid. It was given in its time for reasons known to the Gods. How often, when I worked in the heavens, did I meet poor souls who were still with their earth wives although they had found someone they preferred? Upon checking, we would often find the other woman as the soul mate. When I explained this, the man said he felt this to be true but he could not leave his wife. What would she do? So I would speak to the wife. If we found her soul mate, would she object to divorcing her husband? Object! good heavens no!! Weve been together much too long. I would tell them that it was not really necessary to divorce since the marriage vows said, till death do us part and they were both dead. They usually laughed about this and went their separate ways but always, always they asked to be really married to their soul mates.

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Faithist Friends Principles Lloyd Kinder (1990)

Vision We hope to envision and help create on earth a world of peace, plenty, freedom, harmony and happiness for all, wherein all people can freely develop their God given gifts and talents to the utmost and for the good of all, as Gods love would seem to advise. Faithist Friends We may suppose that skepticism may cause us to search for truth and knowledge, but that too much of it can lead to cruelty; and we may suppose that faith causes us to find happiness, but that too much of it can lead to ignorance and gullibility. We may say Faithist to mean one, who seeks to keep these two opposing talents, skepticism and faith, evenly balanced for exploring the unknown. We may say Friend to mean friend of God, humanity and nature. See Oahspe index under Belief and Unbelief. God and Belief If truth to us can only be what becomes known to us, we seek to believe nothing but what becomes known, with the exception of God, whom we suppose is beyond our knowing, not limited by time, place, form, imagination, or law, Who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and allloving, and Who alone can provide anyone with true meaning and purpose. Gods power and knowing may be simply forms of Gods love. Gods Will and 12 Steps We suppose Gods will is always superior to and more rewarding than self-will for producing personal and world peace that we envision; so we hope personally and often to learn and do Gods will and give up individual and collective selfishness as well as we can and to help each other do this non-coercively. We hope to use something like A.A.s 12 Steps to reduce selfishness effectively. Cooperate We suppose God would want Friends to cooperate fairly, lovingly and unselfishly with each other to try to do the most possible good for all creation, so we hope to live cooperatively by Friends methods. Homage We hope to honor God each week together with praise, music, singing and/or other talents. Page 248 of 351

Love We hope to use love, not force or derision, in all relations with the needy, dependents, Friends and others. We hope to give up and avoid supporting violence, killing and all unwholesome practices and influences, seeking positive surroundings, influences and practices instead. Immortality We hope for unselfish spiritual immortality and to bolster this hope, because such hope seems necessary for lasting motivation to improve ourselves.

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Meditation Alfred Holmes (1990)

Thou hast a purpose to fulfill in the world, O Creator, and Thou hast raised up people who will act as Thy instruments in the tearing down of the old order and the building of the new. As we see it, it is not necessary that all Thy instruments be of a high order, carrying light and upliftment to their fellowmen. There is work for all kinds of people. A person may live his whole life denying Thee, and mostly serving self, yet without knowing it he may be serving Thy purpose in some particular way. Is it not our part, then, to have faith in Thee; and not let others actions disturb us, however wrong they may seem to be? And not let ourselves be deceived into thinking things are out of Thy control? The buzzing of a fly can disturb me if I let it; but if I am one with Thee in consciousness, and I have faith in Thy Presence with the fly I am channeling peace and goodwill, and I am not disturbed. There are two kinds of people, then, who are taking part in Thy plan of world regeneration; namely, those who acknowledge Thee, have faith in Thee and try to serve Thee, and those who do not. Therefore we cannot very well know who is accomplishing Thy will, nor by what means it is being accomplished. The awakened ones are not completely right, nor are the unawakened completely wrong. The only way that we can know we are on the right road is by always giving our recognition and faith to Thy Presence; praising and loving Thee, contributing whatever service we can to the good of our fellows, and following our highest light in all we do. Thou art the energy by which we live; and Thou didst create the earth we walk upon and the bodies we inhabit; and Thou hast given us every good thing we have and enjoy. Knowing this, we must give ourselves completely to serving Thee, and to continuous search for a more complete understanding of Thy purpose in our lives.

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Meditation Alfred Holmes (1990)

Thank Thee, O Creator, that we are able to sustain an awareness of Thy Presence and Rulership. And that we are able to find good in all things; and not be overcome by the deceptive appearances of failure. We could easily believe that darkness rules the world, and that the majority of humans are depraved and unregenerate. But, we have faith in Thy Presence in every human soul; and in the great truth that the soul of man is destined to be triumphant over all evil and darkness. Once, we were at the point of despair, seeing no good in anything, ready to give up the battle. But Thy Voice spoke within us, led us to a place of inspiration, and revealed to us the truth of Thy Presence in every soul. We were shown how to work with Thee and for Thee, how to develop our own higher self and help others do the same. Since then, there have been many changes for the better in our lives, both inner and outer. We are thankful. We rejoice because of the good we can do, and the good we can see ahead for all people as Thy Plan unfolds.

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Meditation The Eloists (1990)

We thank Thee, O Creator, for the protection and inspiration of the guardian angels. They serve us and Thee without revealing themselves to us, without desiring to be identified, and without asking for praise, thanks or any profit for themselves. They are content to be anonymous, and to proclaim Thee as the One Source of all good, to Whom every soul may reach within himself, toward Whom every soul may aspire, with Whom every soul may achieve, and the awareness of Whose Presence is every souls peace, happiness and security. We would serve others in our world with the same selflessness as that of Thy angels, seeking no recognition or praise, wanting only that Thy Presence be recognized and praised. We would refrain from talking about our work and efforts when such speech tends only to draw attention to the self. We would say to all others, through our manner and actions, We are only such as you, children of the Creator, babes in experience, limited in wisdom and strength, capable only as you are capable in the effort to uncover the souls true beauty and power.

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Meditation The Eloists (1990)

We feel, O Creator that there is some great truth right close to us which we have not grasped, to which we have failed to awaken. Or that we are not using what we know correctly. Or that the awareness we seek is here, but we are not handling it right, or striking the right keynote. Do our desires head more toward what we want to accomplish than toward what Thou wantest? Is it that we want to feel and express something ourselves more than we want the other fellow to feel and express it? Do we see something in ourselves that we do not see in others? And, as a result, do we feel superior to others, and not loving, not giving faith? How often do we affirm for others: You have the awareness! You are love, wisdom and truth! You do feel the Creators Presence and hear His Voice! You can express the All-Highest! How often do we sing Thy praises, O Jehovih, and give Thee thanks for the blessings we already possess. We dont really need to know any more than we already know, or feel any more; than we already feel. We just need to practice more, to see and proclaim Thy Presence in one another, so that we eliminate all darkness and negativity from our consciousness.

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Meditation The Eloists (1990)

In this world O Creator, we are alternately happy and sad. Such happiness as we find does not last, but neither does our grief. It seems that in facing Thee, as we must at times with complete honesty, that it is best to say, Use me all the time, whatever Im feeling. I want neither to be happy nor to be sad, but I will accept whatever Thou puttest upon me. There is an awareness of oneness with Thee which is above these moods, where we create good from everything. We learn to accept the fact that things will not always go as we would like them to; and that our friends and loved ones will sometimes act in ways which to us are senseless. We learn that it is not things which are valuable, but experience. What is the big lesson we are learning from our experiences? Is it that Thou art in command? That there is but One Supreme Authority and Ruler with whom we must learn to attune ourselves? That if we act on our own, without Thee, we are bound to get into trouble sooner or later? We must learn to question everything, and ask, What is right from Thy point of view?

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The Heavens between the Winds Agnes Castle (1990)

In some 469 typewritten and hand drawn pages, this well-known and brilliant Faithist author has presented conclusive proof of OAHSPEs authenticity her book is the equivalent of a doctoral dissertation in effort and depth of research. She has analyzed the correlations of OAHSPE with the various other scriptures, archaeology, anthropology, geology, astronomy, UFO-ology, mythology of various cultures, world history and philosophical literature. If you ever had any doubts about the veracity of our scriptures, this book wilt dispel them as well as entertaining you with its lively and plain-talking narrative of how we came to be what we are; children of the One Great Spirit, Jehovah. We dont expect to be able to print this book for a couple of years, but can offer you immediately a clear, readable, unbound photocopy of the entire manuscript, just as the author typed it for $49.95 plus~ $5.00 postage. (Now available, free, from January, 2009 at: Page 255 of 351


Will You Become A Messenger For The Light? Gus Cahill (1990)
We are not asking you to go forth and proclaim this message from the house-tops of the wayside. You can preach the silent sermon because very often the silent word is as potent as the spoken. You know the secret of thought transference positive thoughts can pass from mind to mind. If your mind is radiating thoughts of this New Age, people with whom you come into contact will be strangely quickened by this power. That is the silent sermon, and everyone in Kosmon Unity can preach it. In meditation you can come into communion with the angelic light, then as you go forth into the world, the light will be radiating from you continuously. Often your teacher from the higher spheres is with you, and he sees the spirits who are associated with the people you meet, and they see him, and they immediately find a link with him, because his mind is normally stronger than theirs. These spirits overshadowing the people you meet will feel a reflex, even though they know nothing at all about higher things. This is one of the means by which angels are working today. They are finding the different points of contact through those who are associating themselves with the light of the New Age. Will you keep the door closed to those who desire to help and bless you and have gone before you into the heavens and still love you? Could the thread be severed by death? Perhaps there is someone who, during earth life, did you a great wrong. Then try hard to forgive. Perhaps it is that very wrong that is holding him down. Your forgiveness will help to set him free at last so that he may begin to climb the heights. If only we could forgive others their trespasses it would even help us to receive greater joy and blessings. Behold the rainbow in the sky. It shines there when the sun has made Page 256 of 351

a rift in the clouds, and tells of the departing of the storm. The rainbow is a symbol of hope, the Etherean presence. Gradually as the rainbow in the sky manifests, so are the Ethereans coming to this earth. Long years ago they walked the physical path, just as you do now. They lived either on this planet or perhaps a planet in some other system. But they understand, they know your needs, and the needs of all mankind; and they desire to spread the Light of the New Age. What is more, they want to weave a shining garment which you shall wear, and it shall be the color of your aspirations, your highest ideas, your hopes. They will invest you with that robe, and your soul shall be attuned to the Infinite Illumination. What a wonderful thing it will be to fear no more, but to go in silence and during meditation to feel the incoming of that peaceful aura, the ray of the ineffable. Calm over the storm, calming every fractious particle, putting it into its right place within you. Will it not be a wonderful feeling to feel the presence of the angelic light, and to know that during the hours of sleep, the consciousness shall awake on the spiritual planes? You will be able to join those who have gone on before you, or to speak to them face to face, and to ask them all about the things of their higher lives. How stirring it will be look on the Earth with other eyes, and be able to say. The life of spirit is a higher calling. I bear the heat and burden of the day, but someday I shall be in this fuller and larger life, to take up the threads of my destiny anew , entering upon ever greater spheres of glory, knowing that as I go on, we enter more and more into the experience of Jehovih. I shall see his glories as they manifest through His creations. I shall know the great Peace, and fear no more. So, beloved brethren, let this be your religion, let this be your life: Faith in the Great Spirit Who is Ever-Present and Who does His will through His angels. His inspiration is ever with you until you become a transformed being. His presence within you gives you complete freedom, and yet gives you the joy of service to your fellow man. This brotherhood to which you belong is the earthly focus of a vast brotherhood in the spiritual spheres working for the Light. Together we are dedicated unto the best endeavor to found the reign of Light on Earth, for Page 257 of 351

unless spiritual means are taken to found the Fathers Kingdom, all other efforts will fail. So let us go to together in service towards the eternal Dawn.

Who Is The Creator? Joan Kares (1991)

Every religion makes an attempt to explain the creation of all we see about us. Each describes a Supreme Being who brings this about. If all religions stopped at this point there would be no conflict among the various faiths. It is only when mankind attempts to improve on the concept of The Creator that trouble begins. Our Creator exists! One has only to look about to be convinced of this fact. The miracle of life and birth, the growth of huge trees in perfection from tiny seeds, the perfection and order of the movement of the planets and the universe all testify to the existence of One Supreme Being containing all perfection. Unless you are blind, no one need interpret for you the beauty of a sunrise or sunset or the perfection of a flower. Unless you are deaf, no one need interpret for you the clarity and praise in a birds song, the majestic power of the ocean surf, the innocent joy of discovery in a childs laugh, the incredible sweetness of a wild strawberry, the wondrous flavor of a tree ripened peach, the innocent pranks and romping of newborn animals, the grace and beauty of deer and antelope or the humor of kittens stalking prey. All are gifts from our Creator. What intermediary is needed on a hot summer afternoon betwixt you and a cold slice of watermelon or a tart-sweet glass of lemonade? What savior need stand between you and a roaring fireplace on a cold winters day after coming in from work or a romp in the snow? Our Creators gifts are so simple and so beautiful and so direct, so perfectly suited to our needs. Who can possibly doubt His presence, His love, His wisdom? In the preamble to the constitution are the words, We hold these truths to be selfevident, that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights... How can it be stated in a clearer form? Mankind is created. Mankind is created equal. Mankind is endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights. There is no intermediary, no intercession Page 258 of 351

needed. Just as no one is needed to taste the sweetness of fruit for you, no intermediary or intercession is needed to taste the freedom of equality or exercise for you your Creator given rights. The Creator gave you the capacity to enjoy beauty, freedom to love and be loved, to learn of the many mysteries in the universe, to experience all creation first hand. The Creator placed you on this earth, like most of His many other creations, to learn to live in harmony and balance with all other parts of His creation. He gave you the gift of life and responsibility to all other lives. He gave you the gift of choice, to choose for yourself, so long as you do not restrict the freedom of choice of others, and the responsibility for the consequences of that choice. Who is the Creator? It is your Creators presence which gives you the breath of life, which keeps your heart beating, asleep or awake. Who is the Creator? The most loving mother, the most caring father, the most tender lover, the most perfect teacher, the most generous provider, the most just judge, the light of all wisdom, the source of all life, the Ever Present, the One Supreme Being.

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The Universe Joan Kares (1991)

There are three things in all the universe; ethe, corpor and spirit Since Jehovih is the All of all things, He is, therefore, in this sense three in one; yet He is but one person. Ethe is the space which pervades between the planets and is boundless in extent. It is the most rarefied of all substances and has the power to penetrate and exist within all things. Corpor is that which can be seen with the mortal eye; it is the substance of all corporeal worlds, planets or stars; it is ethe comprised by the power of the vortex. Spirit is the unseen power which motivates all things. It is life. It is potent and supreme above all things. The Creator created a whirlwind in space. The atoms, of which all things are made, are, by the power of the vortex, driven to the center of this world wind. This central mass is at first molten; after a millions of years, it gradually has cooled off and becomes solid. Thus a world is made. The universe has no boundary. If you traveled in a straight line at a million miles an hour for a million years you would be no nearer the boundary, as there is none. There are spirit worlds and corpor worlds. The corpor worlds are the birth-places of all created creatures. The spirit worlds are the abode of spirits. Our earth is called the Red Star by the heavenly people. This earth we live on has an atmospherean heaven which travels with the earth. It extends outward from the earth to a distance of thirty diameters of the earth. Its diameter is 8,000 miles x 30 which is 40,000 miles. The diameter of the earths vortex is 240,000 x 2 plus 8,000 which is 8,000 miles. The moon travels within the earths heavens in a smaller vortex of its own.

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Corporeal worlds, like our earth, have a set time of existence; birth, maturity, old age and death. Our world has about ninety and one half-million years behind it and about as many ahead of it. Our world is held in space by the power of the vortex, so, when the time arrives for this earth to end, the vortex will burst and explode our world back to its original elements. There is no need to worry about this; the end is a long way off.

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Happiness Meditation Alfred Homes (1991)

It comes to this, O Creator, that to find answers to problems, to find the All-Highest Wisdom by which to live, each one of us must make a compact with Thee within our self, interiorly and without fanfare, a pact of oneness, of self-discipline, and highest purpose. We learn to talk with Thee, to praise Thee, to see the good in all things, to rejoice and be thankful; and never to complain, or be critical of life or of others; or to shirk my responsibility; or to seek pleasure, wealth, power or prestige for self alone. This is a matter between the individual and Thee, Jehovih, and no other can know the degree of consecration, or how great the success or failure. Happiness, then is a matter of being truth to Thee within ones self. Becoming one of Thy instruments for the founding of Thy Kingdom on Earth is a matter of holding to ones inner covenant, day in and day out, over a period of years, until the self is sufficiently cleansed away. World problems will be on the way to attrition when a number of purified instruments have come together as a unit to build with Thee outwardly. Then Thy Purpose will manifest through them to demonstrate Thy way of peace, health and prosperity for all the world to see.

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Meditation The Eloists (1991)

The desire to accomplish something, and to be somebody, is universal, O Creator. How can we be sure that these desires are of Thee? Are they not about ninety percent self? How much of our ambition is free from self, and is to serve Thee only? We want to do so many things; and we call ourselves that our purpose is to serve Thee only. But when we examine our feelings closely, we see that self-pride and self-satisfaction are part of the motivation. Self has a way of creeping into everything; inserting its own ideas, exerting its own influence. This clouds our minds, and makes our thinking unreliable and fallible. Sometimes, when we are sick, or in pain, we let go of everything. We stand before Thee in complete surrender, with no desire to have anything or be anything, or to accomplish anything just awaiting Thy action and Thy inspiration, knowing we are in and of Thee, being willing to accept whatever is Thy Will. This, we feel, is our closest approach to selflessness, and our greatest awareness of Thy Rulership. To be able to do this all the time seems most desirable. We need not fear that we wont be active, and wont use our creative abilities; for Thou wilt inspire us; and we will accomplish in Thy Name and for Thy Glory.

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Meditation The Eloists (1992)

It is so easy to find things wrong with the world, O Creator! It is in a bad state, or rather, an unripe state. Its evils, imperfections and miseries are all too obvious. But if we concentrate on the wrong, the darkness and limitations, describing them, bemoaning them, we put ourselves on the same level and are of no help in uplifting the world. Something in us recognizes wrong, recognizes darkness, and gives us aspiration for a higher way of life. That something is Thy Presence. If we learn to concentrate on Thy Presence, try to see Thy Purpose and Thy Light which is supporting and saving the world, we will lift ourselves above the darkness and be able to serve Thee in the building of a new order. Thou art the Keynote! Thy Presence is the Keynote. The world has many good people who are positive thinkers, crusaders and workers for the betterment of mankind. But their influence is very limited. The good they do is swallowed up and lost in the mass darkness. The Keynote of Thy Presence is what these people most need awareness of and attunement with Thy Will, Wisdom and Love. Then, instead of working for a multitude of different causes, in separateness, they will be united under Thy Inspiration for the single purpose of liberating mankind from the psychic causes of war, crime, poverty and diseases. The supreme good of mankind is in the building of a new order, not in trying to correct the evils of the old order. This requires a higher type of individual than the world is now producing. But there is a Divine potential in every newborn babe. Discovering how to bring forth this potential for the creating of a new race and a new world is the all highest quest for enlightened souls today.

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Meditation The Eloists (1992)

The desire to accomplish something, and to be somebody, is universal, O Creator. How can we be sure that these desires are of Thee? Are they not about ninety percent self? How much of our ambition is free from self, and is to serve Thee only? We want to do so many things; and we tell ourselves that our purpose is to serve Thee only. But when we examine our feelings closely, we see that self-pride and self-satisfaction are part of the motivation. Self has a way of creeping into everything; inserting its own ideas, exerting its own influence. This clouds our minds, and makes our thinking unreliable and fallible. Sometimes, when we are sick, or in pain, we let go of everything. We stand before Thee in complete surrender, with no desire to have anything or be anything, or to accomplish anything just awaiting Thy action and Thy inspiration, knowing we are in and of Thee, being willing to accept whatever is Thy Will. This, we feel, is our closest approach to self -mastery, and our greatest awareness of Thy Rulership. To be able to do this all the time seems most desirable. We need not fear that we wont be active, and wont use our creative abilities; for Thou wilt inspire us; and we will accomplish in Thy Name and for Thy Glory.

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Meditation The Eloists (1992)

We often make statements without meaning them to be categorical. To Thee, O Creator, nothing that we can put into words is absolute. We have stated, for example, that womans joy is to be beautiful, and that mans joy is his accomplishment. This is a mortal paint of view and has in it a modicum of truth. But from Thy point of view, the true joy of both men and women is in the good that they can do for humanity. It is in their awareness of Thy Presence and Rulership, and their oneness with Thee. It is in getting rid of the self part which wants to be beautiful or wants to accomplish something. We confuse ourselves by not distinguishing between what the self wants and what the Almighty wants. It is not considered sinful for a man to want to accomplish, or for a woman to want to be beautiful. But, those desires can shut out Thy inspiration, and limit the souls expression and `growth. The false gods and goddesses of history were great self-wills. In the end they had to surrender their own wills to Thy WILL Then they found peace, joy and security.

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The Zend Avesta of Zarathustra Zarathustra (1993)

PRAYER OF WORSHIP: First, O Great Creator! Thou didst create the Cosmic Powers And Thou didst reveal the Cosmic Laws. Thou gavest unto us understanding from Thine Own Mind! And Thou madest our bodily life. Thou didst determine all our actions by Thy Power. Thine, O Jehovih! Was the Power, when Thou didst order A Path for each of us and all And this teaching was the First of all rules To regulate our actions. He is most helpful and vigorous Who serves with every Power, preserving and nurturing Thy Cosmic Order Through the fulfillment of Deeds. O Thou Almighty Father! Demonstrate Spiritual Truth through thy Cosmic Order. O Creator of Love! Reveal the Best Words Through Thy Good Mind Living within us.

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Editorial Kasandra Kares / Bob Reisner (1993)

Greetings to all of our readers, with faith in the One Great Spirit, Creator Of Worlds Without End, by whatever the Name. What can Faithists in the Great Spirit do in these turbulent and seemingly worsening times to stay on the right spiritual track? We know that there is a constant spiritual pressure either up or down; we know it is almost impossible to stay still and we know that to some extend we have some will in the matter; yet we are also aware of strong trends that influence even spirits much stronger than we are. We can watch, listen, read and be aware of the widespread human conflict and seeming tide of human declension and keep a strong will to surmount it, not descend with it. We can be aware of conflicts, thought forms and other elements that eventually result in earthquakes, epidemics, famines, cyclones, floods, hurricanes, etc. The Force works for good and evil alike, and we see the Great Spirits Hand in it all. We can see the worst such as violence and disease as temporary and necessary consequences of what has occurred before. And these factors, we trust, will lead, in due time, to the better days of tomorrow. We know that the Great Spirit with His holy angels has brought people and worlds through worse times. If we can help others, fine, but if it is a matter of meddling, we can attend to our own work, studies, music, hobbies and prayers and keep apart from the trends toward destruction and backsliding, guarding our strength in the face of opposition. We can act on our educated inspirations to protect ourselves and those in our care by various ways now and later as times get harder. Anothers inspirations may not be appropriate for us. Lets pray for those appropriate for us and ours. Lets keep from getting pulled down in the thick, unspiritual depression everywhere with whatever talents and loves and appreciations the Creator has planted in our souls and, despite the wholesale darkness around us, nurture and attain that light, as best we know how. After that, lets bide our time with trust in the Great Spirit and a little needed flexibility and the Page 268 of 351

realization that we are being guided. Above all, to your own self be true and keep the faith in your Creator.

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How to Live Julie Waits (1993)

THESE are my arrows and spears and war clubs: PITY, GENTLE WORDS and the example of TENDERNESS. Soon or late, these shall triumph over all things in heaven and on earth. We are told to always speak gently instead of harshly, to feel pity and sympathy instead of condemnation, to be an example of tenderness and understanding instead of employing criticism and resentment. It all seems so simple until you start checking and analyzing your thoughts and attitudes. It is easy to resent words or actions of others. They may be unfair towards your expressions or actions, but you have to ignore this, and try to feel only tenderness and love, for you are to recognize no enemies, only HIS CHILDREN at different levels of development. Every minute is a challenge that has to be met POSITIVELY and LOVINGLY. Wouldnt it be wonderful if we were to remember ALWAYS that every individual is HIS CHILD and that the SAME LIFE that allows ALL to function on this plane is HIS LIFE! I have sincerely been trying to meet this challenge and somehow LIVING has become more meaningful and enjoyable. A new strength sustains me. Why bicker and want to win all arguments, when it is SO much better to express HIS LOVE and HIS LIGHT? How encouraging it is to remember that every BREATH we take is a true SYMBOL of His Presence and His sharing with ALL His children. A TRUE SYMBOL OF ONENESS.

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An Appeal to All Souls The Eloists (1996)

Awake to the reality of the Presence of Love within you! Love that can lift the spirits of the people around you. Love that wants only to shine like a sun. Love that can heal the world. It is the true you, the eternal you. At whatever cost to self, let it shine! This selfless love the love divine Lies hidden in every human soul. There is nothing more beautiful in all of life! Awake to the reality of the Beautiful Presence within you!

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Meditation The Eloists (1998)

Our friends and relatives who question our way of life are people who are part of the good, middle class way of life of the U.S., probably the most fortunate class of people in the world materially. They have no reason to want to change themselves, or to search for a higher way. It is useless to try to convince them of the greater value of education in spiritual things over the standard, materialistic education they are getting and giving to their children. Any normally intelligent person of this world can argue with good reason and logic against the spiritual principles and concepts we could give them. They do not remember that over two-thirds of the worlds population is underprivileged, and that war, crime, poverty and disease are rampant among them. These people are seeking a solution to their problems, and will fight for any change that promises them relief. Sooner or later, the complacency of the U.S. middle class will be upset. And only when it is, O Creator, will they be ready to listen to Thy revelations of the Kosmon Era. These are far above the highest, best concepts of selfless service preached in the world today. Most adults are too set in their ways to respond to them favorably. But there are some whom Thou hast prepared who will not argue or fight against them. These are the builders of a New Order of peace, prosperity and goodwill for all.

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Spirit and Matter Anonymous (2001)

Our infinite Creator created all matter through and in which are tiny vibrating, breathing, etheric vortices. Photons of light travel through the whole universe in even direction like a whirlpool in a moving stream. They are called "Cosmic Rays" and they come in on all directions upon all celestial bodies. Everything is whirling around in vortices from the atoms in man's body to the solar systems and galaxies. Our Creator's creative power permeates everything, from matter on up (spiritually speaking as well) up to the Great Grand Central Sun's vortex. Any vehicle or object that is not being driven along under its own motive power or is drawn by gravity starts turning over and over in mid space because of the whirling action of spatial ether everywhere. Every bit of matter that is not already crystallized into some kind of body or in some stage en route from being dissolved and suspended in spatial ether, is still in the Creator's mind as an idea, to be materialized later. That old saying, "Love makes the world go round," takes in a lot more territory than just this world.

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Life with the Spirits Kasandra Kares (2001)

When you are alone, when you are walking along, when you are doing almost anything and you are fairly passive do you often experience a reasonable, uplifting conversation-like situation in which one part is your own conscious mind? The thoughts of kind, caring spirit folks who want to guide and protect you and others to do the right thing is not uncommon and can be experienced almost anytime. If it happens when you are asleep you call it a dream. If it happens when you are awake you might consider it an unimportant daydream or a meditation, but you can be counted on to profit by it, to learn by it and let it influence your actions. If this were not so, then The Great Spirits Holy Angels would not waste their time coming to you. As long as you respond, your spirit companions will hold conversations with you. They will consult and contend with you and if you were to talk aloud they would use your organs to make you seem to talk both sides. Writers experience a lot of this and often what they write is practically dictated to them. Shakespeare was attended by a vast number of spirits and they even spoke their parts when they came close enough to enter within his aura. You might call this inspiration. The difference between this and insanity is vast. In insanity, many low grade spirits seek to get possession of a person and in some cases there is both a diseased organism and evil spirits. As we know, evil spirits do come back to haunt the living. We should probably look upon them with sympathy. They don't know, really, what happened, or where they belong, or how to rise to anything better. If they are really evil you won't want them around you and will do and think things that will bore them enough that they will leave you. If they are poor ignorant drujas, you might try reading Oahspe aloud to them. When we pray for inspiration, we can pray for good and pure spirits to come to us, and to drive hence those which are evil. Page 274 of 351

What do evil spirits want anyway? They are like thieves wanting your strength, your spirit food, your sustenance. The best way to get rid of them is to keep on with your disciplined life and you will bore them enough that they will leave you, for something more exciting to them. What is going on when one mortal lives in fraud and rascality and riches, having amassed a pretty good fortune and not being very honest about it while an honest person lives in poverty and struggles by all his life? One is laying up treasures in heaven and the other treasures on earth. Some rich people are honest and help many people with their resources. Even in your prayers, pray for what will hurt no man.

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Spirit Obsession in Everyday Life Kasandra Kares (2001)

When you look you can see spirit obsession behind the scenes at work all around you, and in most of the movies on television, you might ask just what happens to allow a disembodied spirit to take control of a mortal person? Sometimes when a person becomes unstable, gets suicidal, has frequent uncontrollable rages, a dark spirit is on board. It may be a strong malevolent spirit, or even have an entourage of fifty or a hundred more spirits. Many spirits are earthbound because before they died they were not very spiritual, and now they are still spirits of high intelligence but of low morality, troublemakers who even use cleverness to get mortals under their control. There are many homes with several earthbound spirits in residence. Some spirits love violence and will drive the mortals around them to commit whatever the mortals will go along with. To keep them away from you, watch carefully how you feel about people. Do you catch yourself being critical of them? Are you annoyed by anything you see or hear from them? Supposing you broaden your viewpoint. Put yourself in their places. If you find yourself criticizing people for their imperfect treatment of you, be on guard for thoughts about getting even. You are smarter and in a better position than these spirits. You can suggest attitudes for them that they may accept. Visualize a place or an activity for the spirit that could do some good. You can run a tape and if you have pretty good hearing, can hear them talking on it. You can get them to go somewhere else. One very foolish way to pick up a spirit is to invite the spirit voluntarily to enter your mind and body. It's not a lark. It is all too easy to pick up one, and become possessed in seconds. Page 276 of 351

If a child has been good natured and suddenly becomes disruptive, he may have become possessed and maybe by a relative who wants to be with the child. A good way to become intruded upon by alcoholic spirits is to frequent public places where liquor is served. Such an intruding spirit can drive the host to drink, to suicide, to murder. When feelings are over-expressed negative energy is discharged. Negative thought forms may be in the making. Negative entities can be drawn to such expressions and caused to commit regrettable acts. A pendulum can detect such negative energies. Imagining a cleansing torrential rain over such places can help clean them.

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As a Ray of Light Ken Mills (2002)

I would like to consider the quote above, which is a part of a quotation from Oahspe, the book we are concerned with here tonight. The full quote is Thou are as the end of a ray of light from My Person The whole of my thinking in regard to this Universe we abide in and the many questions that this Life pose are tied to the one statement that all Life is made up of Thought and so the above quote is very relevant as I can then except quite readily that I am a part of this whole process and therefore should do my best to advance its course into the glory set before me. There are, as you know many questions that come to mind and each possible answer will raise more questions so that we will never it seems come to a final conclusion. I ask should there be a final answer and I have to say no, as then life would have no purpose in continuing its journey into a future, and I am positive that without a future life would be meaningless. Now as I have travelled this journey for some 80 years and at the stage when like most in my golden years feel they at least have some foundation to base at least a part answer to a few of the questions we ask of this life. One question that is always prominent is that of Re-Incarnation, the same life continuing into another person on and on until some state of pure light is reached. There are many cases on record that are hard to refute, yet the thought that there is need for such a system is abhorrent to many and I refuse to indulge in such a thought as its main purpose is to give some feeling of importance when otherwise the person may feel less worthy. Never the less there is a reasonable explanation to this idea, apart from the idea being used many years ago to give some satisfaction to those unfortunates being used to create wealth of one kind or another for the few which in part continues today in India that made them feel as though they were at least on the road to greater things in a future life. Page 278 of 351

Be that as it may I am sure the better view would be to advance by service to others and just as importantly service to ones own personal Light, ones own possibilities. I am sure like every flower and shrub we too have a blossom to produce if cared for and fed properly by both nourishment and right thought. My other encouragement in this life is that we are as the quote said an extension of the Ray of Light from the original Source whatever the form might be. To hold this thought gives one strength not only the feeling of being a part of the whole and therefore have a place no matter how small in this Universal plan, it also enables a communication between the cells of all living things, just think of that for a moment, it opens up all manner of creative possibilities and potential to each of us. Of course a few have used this for their own good and caused great harm for which they must surely have to repay at some stage, and yes life does continue but not I fear in the same condition as here on this Earth life but in a more subtle form. This is where the suggestion that all life whatever form it may take is no more than Thought Vibrations just as the Light is self, which we are an extension of a brain cell in a Universal mind. Blessings, Ken Mills.

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You Asked About the Invisible World Eugene Maurey (2002)

Dear Friend, As you know, I am a dowser and handy with a pendulum, and you asked if I could answer some of your questions about those things apparently few of us can see. This letter will be in three parts. First of all, let's talk about people who become spirits without bodies. The space about us is rarely free of them. For instance, there were seven in your school, all of whom have been asked to vacate. When I was there, I cleared the building of them. Why seven more, one may ask? They may have been attracted to the place or come with one of the students and then decided to stay there. The real problem arises when all too often these characters become attracted to a person and get close to him, possibly in his aura. As the disembodied spirits (we are all spirits) usually feel lost, frustrated and negative, they telepathically project their thoughts to the living person. The person reacts accordingly. Unbeknown, this is a frequent occurrence for many people. How does one identify the proximity of an invisible spirit? First of all, the person must know himself, how he normally feels. When a negative feeling comes over him, and when there is no known reason for it, he can suspect there is a spirit character too close nearby. What can one do about it? Simple, he can go into a room where nobody can hear him, and in no uncertain terms, tell the spirit person to get lost! Immediately the negative thoughts disappear and the person feels his old self again. Some may feel this is not a generous attitude toward an errant spirit, but if a spirit makes a nuisance of himself and is causing trouble, one must deal sternly with him. When checking you again using the pendulum, I found no possessing spirit within your mind but found five following you around. They left. You probably attracted them by talking about the spirit world as you often do and they were interested in your ideas. This often happens to me when I Page 280 of 351

lecture on the subject of exorcism. I don't see spirits but an occasional clairvoyant in my audience will call my attention to one or two who are standing nearby. I recall an amusing incident when a cameraman suggested I move to one side as two spirits were causing interference with the picture. Instead of moving, I turned around and asked the spirits if they would step aside. That's better! exclaimed the cameraman. The next subject is about the 'dream' that was written to you by your friend. He described a place where he saw many grey clad human beings following one after the other and apparently being directed by a powerful negative entity. He went on to say that he tried to communicate with one young person but failed. I don't think it was a dream but a pure out-of-body experience into a world very few people know exist. Peace Pilgrim, the mystic, who traveled consciously every night, warned me that there was such a place and to stay far away from it. The Faithists also describe such a place and the difficulty of trying to rescue a soul from there. In one of their texts they tell how difficult it is to get the attention of a soul there. One can readily understand why a hellish place such as this exist. When on this earth place, we create the kind of life we will find when we cast off the physical body. There are living people so negative and so positively believing that there is no afterlife but darkness of the hole of the grave, that they create such a scenario when they die. During their lifetime, such people usually were not the best company to have around. The negativity of these souls could conceivably endanger someone trying to retrieve them. For myself, I have contemplated attempting to rescue people in that level, but I have never felt strong enough to make the effort. I suggest that you caution your friend to avoid that area. Let's talk about another energy that is invisible to most of us. Did you ever go into a room and felt uncomfortable there? For myself, I can't walk through a gambling casino without feeling the heaviness of the negativity that exists there. The atmosphere of such places seems to be full of negative energies and a sensitive person feels it. I have identified this kind of energy in such places, as caused by arguments, heated discussions, Page 281 of 351

physical strife, anxieties and by other negative activities. Since we know that energy cannot be destroyed but can be converted, we can change psychic energy using the mind into some other kind of energy. Using visualization, I change the negative energy I discover with the pendulum, either at a location or within a person's body, into the energy of love. The Law of Visualization states: If you can visualize an event or an object, with belief, it becomes a reality. My method is to visualize a pinpoint of light as love expanding and changing all the negative energy into love. I discovered about twenty-five such energies within you which hopefully have been removed. Hardly any adult has less than seventy-five. Clairvoyants often see negative energies or thought forms as dark areas, streaks of light or in a form more readily identifiable such as an ugly creature or even as a demon complete with horns. Again the Law applies: the mind created it, the mind can neutralize it. Removing negative energies has a practical side. When a restaurant is cleared of such garbage, business picks up as people seem to like to be there. Also, you and your guests will feel better in your home. There is also a good possibility that ridding yourself of negative energies will lead to better health. I send you positive thoughts for your wellbeing.

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Meditation The Eloists (2002)

The state of mind of the moment, O Creator, is one of dullness and apathy. But Thy Intelligence tells us this is not the whole picture, that it is but a section - one of the dark corners. We do not need to concentrate in that direction, and thus give it our support. There is much that is alive and bright in most other areas. In attempting a description of the whole picture, we see many people in various stages of growth, all with the bright spark of Thy Presence in their souls. Their thoughts and emotions run the gamut from depths to heights. They are active in many different ways, creating either greater freedom or further bondage. Over all shines the Glory of Thy Hosts; and shafts of light penetrate from them into the darkest places to reach and support striving souls. The over-all picture is bright and encouraging. A mortal needs only to affirm Thy Presence and Power, to offer himself in service, and to keep searching for the all-highest inspiration, and he is safe ashore as from a stormy sea. He can play a part in helping to bring the light into the dark corners, knowing that Thy Angels are backing him. Whenever we find ourselves in one of the dark corners, O Creator, we will affirm Thy Presence and Power, breathe with Thee, give our faith and love, praise Thee, thank Thy Angels, and rejoice that we are able to be Thy instruments. Page 283 of 351

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Meditation The Eloists (2002)

What is our need in the present times, O Creator? What kind of light do we mortals need for our awakening and development? What kind of experience? Is our world so evil that only catastrophe will cleanse and uplift it? We do have a degree of order and sanity, of kindliness, of charitableness and righteousness. Many are trying to help create a better world. Man is not without hope and vision and aspiration. Both darkness and light are manifesting. They seem to be about evenly balanced. We are dedicated to trying to help tip the scales in favor of light. Some of us see the need of self-purification, and are striving along this line. Others are inspired in different ways, equally important in Thy plan. We feel that cultivating awareness of Thy Presence and Power is all important; at least, for the furtherance of Thy work in our group. We want to give all the love and faith we can to Thy Presence to the soul, the true selfin every individual we can reach. We want to exemplify all the qualities of the ideal, god-like human being, to practice and develop them, and become more and more perfect instruments of Thy will, wisdom and love. (Originally written, October 26, 1964)

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The Spiritual Dress Ken Mills (2003)

The Mantle I understand that our spirit friends clothe themselves or wear a mantle to distinguish themselves not only is this a covering of fine cloth but it is also colorful to the degree that one is advanced in the knowledge of spiritual consciousness. To be sure the knowledge would be of a different hue to what we are used to on this material and denser world. Oahspe tells us that Music and Colour are used not only to build those great ships as well as to drive them across millions of miles in that vast space around us. So to what degree does color and music have on our earthly lives, should we become accustomed to these units of power? Now to carry this further as to the Creator or God of this universe? Is God a fantasy? Well I can accept with all my heart that when man came forth and the process of thought emerged into language then these thoughts also were enclosed if you like in color or as the scientist would say electrical impulses, these in turn are gathered in a Super consciousness that all thought springs from as would the water from a well. It also receives all thought from where ever no matter what the language. We have to think? In a different form of maybe Light, we know it travels but we cannot see it, thoughts are the same So yes we can Sow seeds of thought as in prayer, receive them in meditation, they are Things and so we can witness in spiritual psychic form people and or their thoughts over great distance, in fact just as this (GOD consciousness) is as close as breath so is everything else in this universe. Hope that will clarify my outlook and understanding on this important topic.

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Meditation The Eloists (2003)

To make nothing of the self, O Creator, this is the most difficult thing to do. In the past we built up the self. Now we must tear it down. We have the

feeling of ownership toward many things; yet, all things are Thine, to give or take away. Thou sayest, injure not, kill not, but be kind and loving, seeing the good in all people and all things. Seek no retaliation for wrongs done. Shall a man not protect his family from harm? If a man lifts himself and his family up out of darkness and becomes one with Thee, there will be no need to protect them from harm, for no harm will come upon then. Thou art the Protector, O Creator. It seems to be a matter of relinquishing ownership, and giving one's self completely to Thee. We must place ourselves entirely in Thy Hands, being Thy servants, knowing Thou art in command, keeping aware of the reality of the soul and the eternity of its growth. We overvalue the things of earth, and cling to them. We must develop an entirely new consciousness. Then we will see more clearly how man has gotten himself in the position of thinking it is right to kill or injure another to protect his own, or to get something he desires. awakened! It is all a bad dream! We want to be

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Channels of Light Vernon Wobschall (2003)

As Faithists, we are aware that we work with the angels to help dissolve the darkness on earth and in atmospherea. What are some of the many ways we can do this? And how best can we inspire both mortals and angels of low grade to turn to the Light, and not only this, but to become workers to further Jehovih's Kingdom? Firstly, this combined aspiration of both mortals and angels requires us to become affiliated with a group or organization who have pledged themselves to this purpose, rather than to work alone. We need to affiliate for maximum power. Many times the Creator has appropriated those who have suffered greatly on earth and in the heavens, as armies of Light (like those of the Inquisition spoken of in Oahspe) to disperse the darkness. So even in our humble daily lives, Love, Compassion and Good Works' hold the greatest power for whenever we let go of "self," great miracles can happenfor we then become shining examples of His love and draw others closer to Him. Having felt His attributes through us, this heals those afflicted with darkness and they in turn become more like the Creator in many ways. Thus does the Light grow and become more powerful, spreading across the world and into atmospherea as the angels channel the Light through us. We are each of us angels on a mission and should never lose sight of this goal, far it is our destiny to fulfill our mission. By embracing each other in the Light, the Light of Kosmon will grow stronger with every day. No matter what befalls us from day to daykeep the Faith. So let us fill our hearts and homes with songs of joy and praise. Remember"A house without a song is like a tree without a bird."

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Meditation The Eloists (2003)

It is most desirable to be cheerful and radiant with goodwill all the time, and certainly we should fry to be to the best of our ability. But there are times for some of us when it is not possible, when pain of mind or body dominates our consciousness, and darkness seems to take over. Instead of adding to our woes by holding a sense of failure or condemnation, or by acting mean or irritable, we need only realize that Thou art present and in command, Jehovih, and give Thee praise and faith. We can surrender ourselves, just as we are, to Thee, not resisting, not fighting, and not letting ourselves be thrown off balance. We can take the attitude of acceptance of the condition, knowing Thy work continues through it, being glad and thankful in our deeper selves for the privilege of being Thy instruments. It is possible, now, to sustain the higher consciousness while the lower is going through its pains and discomforts. We do not wish to make health and happiness our first objectives in this work, or to think that they are prerequisites to doing a good job. It is quite possible that Thy best work is done, and that greatest progress is made, during these times of darkness. We need only to never cease giving Thee our faith, praise and devotion. Just as Thy work goes on unceasingly in our lives, so must we learn to practice our awareness and attunement unceasingly through every experience, every waking moment.

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The Book, Oahspe John Kares (2004)

The book, Oahspe, (meaning Earth, Sky, Spirit) is a guide to a way of life, a way of life at once very new and very old. This book, written under inspiration in 1880 is one of the most remarkable in the English language. Just how remarkable is not apparent upon first reading, and perhaps even after several readings. New truths are unraveled. New keys to understanding are found. New tools of thought are uncovered. New levels of comprehension come about. It is a long book, over 900 pages. Yet considering what it contains, it is surprising that it is not even larger. Because of its size many people become discouraged and fail to complete reading the book, thus fail to give themselves one of the most powerful and useful experiences imaginable. There Is a saying, "You can't cheat an honest man." The truly honest person reading Oahspe is enriched beyond measure, beyond the comprehension of one who measures worth in goods or possessions. Oahspe teaches a simple truth, one which has been buried under religious dogma, priest craft and expediency by mankind for thousands of years. Yet if our world is to survive as a living, beautiful part of creation, this truth cannot continue to be buried. Over the face of the Earth, so called primitive people have kept the living reality of this hidden truth alive, in a world which has worshipped the false gods of technology and of religions that teach false ideals for the sake of material wealth. How can one look up to a people who live in poverty, without even the simplest conveniences? Why are our children rejecting the values we live by and have been taught in our culture, to sit at the feet of another culture to pursue so-called wisdom? Do not mistake our meaning. Not all primitive beliefs are worthy of reverence. Not all cultures have the key. Oahspe teaches each person, who approaches it with Page 290 of 351

perseverance, a set of values by which it is possible to judge truth or falsehood in any doctrine, in any political system, in any moral, ethical, economic, or philosophical religious structure and it helps one to see in clear terms whether it contributes to the survival of humanity or its downfall, and this precisely is the criterion upon which to measure and to judge anything.

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Letter Ken Mills (2004)

To: Aart Bosman Vision Here it is, do what you wish with it. Ken. Liked your man thing. It has always intrigued me how a name of a place or person can invoke memories, our heart and minds can be changed in an instance and so I wish to report this story of mine a short but vivid state of mind this morning. I awoke this morning very early yet wide-awake and an impulse to get up and sit before my simple alter and receive whatever but sure there was something in the wind. The sun was up and a wonderful day beckoned. I had not been in my meditation long or so it seemed when I was surrounded with a multi colour cloud and lifted up slowly and gentle and also along a ray like a roadway of electric Blue a most beautiful colour that made me feel attuned to all that was around be. I seemed to travel some distance to a scene where there were various paths leading into a haze and with the feeling that I had to choose my path, funny when I think of this as I have been searching for my path for years and each time have been directed to another after a time. Anyway I chose the path that was lined with tall trees I think they were Norfolk Pine and always feel at peace when in their strong trunks. After some distance a huge door appeared, when I say huge I mean beyond comprehension and it too looked solid and above all sense of proportion when compared with the giant trees I had travelled through so my mind was at a loss to fathom this scene with my mortal intelligence. As this cloud that I am still enveloped in drifted to this door it started to open, ever so slowly and beyond was this hall of equal proportion to the door. I began to wonder what other surprises lay before me. Along this hall on both side appeared what was like a moving film of people. All of them I recognized well some of them as those who had been great Musicians, Scientist, Doctors, Authors, Artist and those who had created inventions and other matters that had helped mankind. I did not see any faces of those who had done mortal Page 292 of 351

harm. The ceiling that was of great height seemed to be a revolving range of the Big White Fluffy Clouds that inhabit the New Zealand Skies and from where the name Land of the Long White Cloud arose. Here and there without any special sequence there appeared streaks of the electric Blue I had seen earlier. As I moved slowly along the hall I had the feeling that at some point I would meet or see something that would change my life, though why I should be chosen to view this beautiful and strange scene I could not at the time bother to think about in fact was not even conscious of any earthly impressions other than wonderment. After a while the hall narrowed and several other more normal doors began to line the walls, each seem to have a number though I could not see what. Outside each door was an Angel at least that is the only way I can describe the figure of beauty. I began to wonder which door I might be entering, so after some fifty or more doors the cloud that surrounded me dropped away as if I had taken my coat of, before me the number on the door was 000. I could not help but think of its meaning, at least to me with my understanding of Numerology. The Angel opened the door and away in the corner stood a large desk and a man of large size sat with a pen in hand and a book before him. I suddenly felt the first pain of fear and yet I could also feel the flow of love and friendship flowing from this man. I was offered a chair and then after pause the man asked who I thought he was, well apart from my father who I have always hoped to meet again someday I had only one other man who had stayed in my thoughts for many years and I said Mr. Newbrough. There was a period of silence and then a hand was offered to me which took and felt a strange energy run through my body. As I write this I have to wonder what this may mean to others, but for me it is a turning point and the energy is I know the drive I needed to do what I have to do without any feelings of remorse, resentment or other feelings we tend to get when embarking on something we feel the urge to do. Dr. Newbrough asked if I felt the need to cry, I could not fully understand why he asked that other than it might release some hidden feeling, but I said no I would rather Page 293 of 351

laugh as I had not been doing much of that of late. He then explained that I might inform others that while many had strange thoughts about parts of Oahspe, it was a natural response and no one should worry about that but that we would be better to concern ourselves in the continued promotion of Oahspe in any way possible and that its keys would be turned in an even stranger way than the book itself. I felt a deep sense of love coming from his voice and also privileged to have this experience, but could and still cannot understand why me. I would like to say more about this but at the moment that is all I can recall, as there was no fancy exit, just after I bade farewell and passed through the door I found myself in a daze and feeling very tired. In My sight The latest writing of Waynes ended with a question, Is the Creator forever to be in Disguise I find this an interesting question to put ones mind to, yes an invaluable item in this old body is the mind as without it, life would certainly be empty. My thoughts on this is that I have always seen the Creator in all the beautiful things, like the Butterfly, the Bee and the flowers they serve each in the own way. The Sun Set and the Sun Rise each become more beautiful and wonderful each day. The rolling serf down at the beach indicating the power of the unseen yet potent force. The smile from my neighbor who is slowly but surely dying from Cancer but has mind to live. The many people who give their time to help others with little or no reward other than Love. Those who offer to help in times of need when all is lost in the many disasters we face around the world. Yes I can see the Creator in so many things if one cares to look and forget those dreadful words in the old bibles of a hard and vengeful God, those writers saw only the negative aspects that anyone can see in all things if they choose. At this moment in our history we need more and more of the positive sightings of a loving Creator. Blessings Ken Page 294 of 351

Anthem of Shalam Leslee Alexander (2005)

The world CAN be uplifted. Yet Man himself is learning how very difficult it is. In partnership with Righteous Angels, Man, both aware and unaware of their heavenly assistance, is doing much to help his fellows and himself. The social conditions upon the Earth run a spectrum wide and vast. Grave and serious is the task, and stark contrasts and discrepancies exist. Yet even so I ask that My Faithists seek, men and women who have in common the Noble Will to Peace. Throughout the world, across the cultures, spanning nations, are men and women, whose acts and aspirations bespeak this Inner Will to Peace. Page 295 of 351

Yes, even in the midst of violence. Seek out, then, thy sisters and thy brethren, irrespective of professed religion, yet who aspire to True Pacifism. They are here and everywhere, in scattered numbers, though their voices are less dramatic, than they who call for vengeful "justice" and cause the world such pain traumatic. These, My Quiet Ones, My Peacemakers Sincere, can now, more than ever, make History that's Sacred by banding in solidarity and speaking out in Unity with Me. Indeed, `tis time, and an undertaking worthy. O Pacifists of Mine, fear not that in speaking out the world might turn any worse, or that by such formal protest, world violence increase. Though the Cry for Peace is Labor painful of this am I not unmindful such is the birth of New Age Powerful. Page 296 of 351

Soon or late it is inevitable, this arriving at Non-Violence Institutional, Peace in Practice Actual. Peace that is now in infancy, is, ere long, to reach maturity, with each and every voice required to reach around the world in choir, singing in the Souls of Nations the "Anthem of Shalam." O, My People Faithist, seek out thy brothers and thy sisters, and together sing the Song of Righteousness, certain of the godliness, in genuine conviction toward Non-violence. My Faithists, how little ye knowest. thine own power which ye carriest. Be not ashamed of it, nor embarrassed by it; seek thy fellows, speak up, and practice it. Kosmon doth require it.

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Reincarnation Rick Cafero (2005)

Such angels (spirits) as engraft themselves on mortals, becoming as a twin spirit in the one corporeal body, are known as reincarnated spirits. But where such spirits usurp the corporeal body, as of an infant, growing up in the corporeal body, and holding the native spirit in abeyance, such spirits we called damon (demons). These spirits have lost all sight of any higher heavens than to dwell on the earth. And they watch about when children are born, and obsess them, driving hence the natural spirit, and growing up in the now body of the newborn, calling themselves reincarnated. Not all of these spirits drive away the natural spirit, but many merely engraft themselves on the same body; and whilst such persons live, these spirits live with them and dwell with them day and night; not knowing more than their modal companion, And when such person dies, behold, the druja will go and engraft itself on another child, and live and dwell with It in the same way, and thus continuing generation after generation. Spirits of the newly dead, who are without knowledge of heaven, will lead mortals in their own way. For they dwell together and sleep together, and in dreams and visions mortals judge themselves to be wise, not knowing they are obsessed in sleep. And as one spirit returns and fastens itself on a mortal, so will another and another, till hundreds and thousands of spirits dwell in one corporeal body, oft driving hence the natural spirit Jehovih gave in the time of conception. As it was in the olden time, so it is today. Drujas teach that the spirits of the dead go into trees and flowers, and inhabit them; and into swine, and cattle, and birds. And into women, and are born over again in mortal form. For the spirits of the tower heavens, like mortals, have multitudes of doctrines: and, for the most part, they know nothing of the higher heavens, Nirvana. Page 298 of 351

Nor is the testimony of a spirit more valuable to you than the testimony of a mortal. Three doctrines have been on the earth: they are, first, the Faithists, who know the All Person, Ever Present: second, the idol worshippers, who make the Creator into a man in heaven, and not present but by proxy of certain laws; and last, infidels, who believe in nothing they cannot take up in the hand, and weigh.

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We Believe The Eloists (2006)

That there is One worshipful Being in all the universe Who is all there is in all of life. Whose Will, Wisdom and Love are present, at least in seed form, in the souls of all the Creator's children on this and millions of other worlds, corporeal and spiritual. Who has created us for continual progression in higher and higher worlds forever. Who makes the All One's children into instruments for their own development and the management of the worlds they live in. We believe that we become aware of and attuned with our Creator by losing self, which means separateness. That self-purification is the first step for all to take in the pathway of light, truth and freedomphysically, mentally and spiritually. That mortals are misled and their souls suppressed by the influence of millions of spirits of the dead who have not progressed away from earth; and who perpetuate the darkness which produces so much misery, hatred and disorder in the world. We believe that higher Beings, the Angel Hosts, are trying to awaken mortals, and working to free humanity from its age-old bondage and limitations. We believe that mortals can cooperate with the Higher Beings by practicing peace and brotherhood, and by giving their devotion and service to their Creator for the establishment of a new order of benevolence on earth.

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Positioning the Plates in Oahspe Robert Bayer (2006)

It would be safe to assume that the plates of the images found in Oahspe have nearly always struck its readers as quite mysterious. Some of course are quite clear, for example, showing what the asu race looked like, how the Temple of Baugh-ghan-ghad appeared 11,000 years ago, or which Panic symbols are used for the Tablet of Semoin. Yet so many of the others seem very difficult to understand, such as Panic, Yihaic, Vedic, Hebraic, and Sanscrit Primaries (a non-English language), Orachnebuahgalah (very complex ideas) or Mathematical Problems (very complex ideas, AND in a non-English language). Consequently, many first-time readers of Oahspe may glance over these images, but any puzzlement seemed best to ignore in order to seek and understand inspiration from the truly profound spiritual meaning within its text. The preparation for, channelling, and completion of Oahspe is one of the great contributions of spiritual light ever made to our world. Therefore, John Newbrough deserves much appreciation for his extensive efforts. Yet when Mr. Newbrough completed the editing of Oahspe for its initial publication, less than perfection was achieved in regard to the 90-some plate images which were included within its pages. Perhaps this was even desirable in the eyes of the angels because such imperfections would help keep Oahspe from becoming divine and worshipful to its readers and followers. Not immaculate is this Book, Oahspe; but to teach mortals how to attain to hear the Creator's voice, and to see His heavens, in full consciousness, whilst still living on the earth; and to know of a truth the place and condition awaiting them after death. (Oahspe Oahspe: 24)

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The issue before the more modern readers such as ourselves, however, is can we revise some of the errors in editing which Newbrough was not able to finish in time prior to Oahspes initial publication? Concerning the image plates, the answer should be affirmative. Some typical errors included the unnecessary duplication of plates (see plates 8, 9, and 12), missing plate numbers, and the hodgepodge combining of plates (see plates 53 to 55). Nevertheless, the most important need in connection to the plates is the repositioning of them so that the image is referenced by a corresponding text. In other words, the plates and text which go together most closely in meaning, should go together in position as well. I recall first seeing the The Signature, which was originally placed at the end of the Book of Fragapatti, and concluded that this image was the signature of Fragapatti himself. What other reasonable conclusion was there, since no text anywhere near this plate made the slightest reference to what was shown in it? My thinking now is that this conclusion is wrong. It seems fairly obvious that around half of the plates in Oahspe are placed randomly throughout it. In fact, this might not be so troubling if there were no text which made reference to these images anyway, however, this is not the case. There exists text throughout Oahspe which can make some clarifying reference to virtually every plate. The angels are said to have placed Newbrough in charge of the editing of Oahspe. It follows that John Newbrough was naturally anxious to publish Oahspe, the most amazing book of this age, as soon as possible. Without a computer, it could have taken at least several years of hard study to have determined the locations. So Newbrough did the best he could and those he could not locate were placed throughout the book in a somewhat random fashion. But now we are blessed with the researching power of computers. A solution is possible. The problem with having images with no corresponding text nearby is that Oahspe will thus be more difficult to understand than it needs to be. In fact, if the text and plates do not match, some doubt is cast upon the meaning of the text and often a fair degree of confusion can be associated with those plates themselves. Conversely, Page 302 of 351

placing images adjacent to their related text passages should help to further explain both text and image, as each will provide meaningful context for the other. The end result should be that Oahspe will become more comprehensible to its readers. This study of the plates involved looking for matching ideas or terms between the text of Oahspe and the plates image, its title, and / or its caption. The guiding principles of my research in determining the best adjacent position for the plates was to discover text which: most fully described the image, title, or captions, (1) defined a new spiritual concept at the earliest point, (2) was made more comprehensible itself through the study of the image, or (3) was the only existing text with at least some referencing connections between itself and the plates. If no corresponding text could be found, such as in The Signature, then the plates position remained where it was. Until a suitable translation of this plate is discovered or accomplished, no further action can be taken. It is conceivable that Mai (61) of Semoin (a kings signature) is the referring text but what I can translate on my own of this plate points away from this location. My hunch now is that it may also have been meant to be placed just before the very first verse of Oahspe, as some characters could be interpreted as referring to the spiritual light which reveals truth to mankind on earth. This was the only plate to which I could find no clear reference. I would be grateful if someone could point me to a translation of it already written up in a past Faithist publication such as The Faithist Journal, Kosmon Voice I or Kosmon Unity. I think you will see in the concluding below that both the text and plate image make more sense when placed adjacent to one another. The complete results of this research can be viewed at this website address in the files section: or Page 303 of 351 I welcome all suggestions and analysis on this project. If only we could have been there in the early 1880s! Still, we can only be very grateful and determined to live out the universal truths which the Creator shares with us through not only Oahspe, but through the cosmos, and especially within ourselves. Lastly are provided 6 examples of plates placed more meaningfully alongside a passage of Oahspe. None of these examples previous had any referencing text near them. The arrow [ ] indicates that the plate image is positioned after the cited text. Proposed Placement: Jehovih III:6 For each and every corporeal world created I a vortex first, and by its rotation and by the Primary Vortex. places in the firmament whither it The power that maketh planets. traveleth, caused I the vortex to Original Placement: conceive the corporeal world. Ben II: 18 Proposed Placement: Cycles I: 25-26Now will I bring the earth into a'jiyan fields and forests for a long season; for I shall again reproduce the I'huans; and the time of a generation shall be thirty-three years. For my harvests shall be of fruit that is mature and full of ripeness. And Jehovih brought the earth into new regions in the etherean worlds, and covered it over with a'ji, east and west and north and south. Page 304 of 351

The Earth (white spot) in A'ji. Original Placement: Ben V: 11

Proposed Placement: Jehovih IV: 9-11 As I cause water to rise upward as vapor, and take a place in the air above, let it Earth and her Plateaux. be a sign and testimony of other When Jehovih condensed the places in atmospherea whereon earth, and it became firm and dwell the spirits of the lower crusted over, there rose up heaven. from the earth heat and As I made a limit to the ascent of moisture, which continue to this the clouds, so made I a limit to the day. But Jehovih limited the places of the different kinds of ascent of the substances going substances in atmospherea; the upward, and the boundary of more subtle and potent to the the limit of moisture was as the extreme, and the more dense and clouds that float in the air; and impotent nearer to the earth. the heat was of like ascent. And According to the condition of whilst the moisture and heat these different plateaux in rise upward, they are met by atmospherea, whether they be the etheric substance of the near the earth or high above, so vortex of the earth, (from shall the spirit of man take its caption of plate) place in the first heaven; according to his diet and desires and behavior Original Placement: so shall he dwell in spirit on the Ben VIII: 20 plateau to which he hath adapted himself during his earth life. Proposed Placement: Sethantes II: 27-28God said: To each of you have I given a great division of the earth, and each division shall be named after you, each in its place. Outline Map Showing the This, then, was the rank assigned: Locality of Pan. Waga (Pan); Jud (Asia); Thouri Page 305 of 351

Original Placement: Cosmogony XI:14

(America); Vohu (Africa); and Dis (Europe). And the lands were Called after the names of the Lords and so entered in the books of heaven in Hored, by command of God in the name of Jehovih.

Proposed Placement: Thor I:2-3In the Holy Council of Gods and Goddesses in Don'ga, the voice of Jehovih came to Thor, saying: My Son, behold the red star, the earth; she courseth from Mos to Dae, and now draggeth in the swamps of Asath. Behold, thou shalt deliver her through thy dominions, three thousand two-hundred years. Even now approacheth the dawn Travel of the great serpent of Ghan. during the creation. SEVENTH nine-thousand years after mans creation. Original Placement: Cosmogony I:15 Proposed Placement: Cosmogony I:33 The earth's vortex is a sub-vortex, existing within the sun's vortex: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and so on, are corporeal worlds, and each and all of them within sub-vortices, and the combination of all these vortices within the TowSang. Original Placement: sun's vortex are known by the Page 306 of 351

Ben IX:8

names great serpent, or solar phalanx. For which reason the sun's vortex was called the Master, or TowSang, by the ancient prophets.

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This table is intended to illustrate as accurately as possible which plates were not placed near the actual text which refers to them. Concerning each text reference notation, arrows indicate whether the image goes before [ ] the text, after [ ], or within [ ] the lines of text to which are being referred. Oahspe Plate Original Placement The Voice of Jehovih Sign of the Creator Primary Vortex Earth and her Plateaux Semuan Firmament The Earth in Se'mu Asu, the First Race Etherean Worlds and Roadways for SunPhalanxes X'sar'jis Cevorkum, Roadway of the Solar Phalanx for 25,000 Years Outline Map Showing the Locality of Pan, the Submerged Continent Dissection of the Great Serpent Earth, Lower Heaven, and Etherean Hosts Descending Types of Races The Earth in Ji'ay Oahspe Plate Jehovih I:1 Jehovih I:7 Ben II: 18 Ben VIII: 20 Lords 4th IV:1515 Ben VIII:8 AhShong IX: 10 Ben II: 24 Thor VI: 16 Aph I: 3 Cosmogony XI:14 Ben IX:10 Sethantes XIX: 2430 SAME SAME Jehovih III:6 Jehovih IV:9-11 Jehovih IV:13-16 Jehovih V:3-14 Jehovih VI:11 Jehovih VI:13 Jehovih VII:5 Jehovih VIII:1-2 Sethantes II:2728 Sethantes VII:8 Sethantes XIX:12-14 Proposed Placement

AhShong IX: 20 Ben III: 25 Original Placement

1st Lords 1st IV:8 Osiris XIII:6 Proposed Placement

The Earth and the Lower and Higher Heavens around it

Cycles: III: 20

AhShong I:20

Page 308 of 351

Ethereans Visiting the Earth Travels of the Solar Phalanx Travels of the Solar Phalanx (2) Travels of the Solar Phalanx (3) Travels of the Solar Phalanx (4) The Earth in A'ji Travels of the Solar Phalanx (5) Spiral Nebula Travels of the Solar Phalanx (6) Travels of the Solar Phalanx (7) Star Worshipers The Earth in the Cross-Roads of Horub Etherea, Atmospherea, and the Earth Outline Map Showing the Original Names and Divisions of the Earth Oahspe Plate

AhShong III: 6 Cosmogony 11 Cosmogony 11 Cosmogony 11 Cosmogony 11 Ben V: 11 Cosmogony I:15 Cosmogony I:15 Cosmogony I:15 Cosmogony I:15 Saphah - Semoin 115 Lika XV:2 Fragapatti V: 10 Cosmogony XI:14

AhShong II:1-2 Cycles I:9-12 Cycles I:13-15 Cycles I:16-18 Cycles I:28-30 Cycles I:25 Cycles I:31-33 Cycles III:3 Aph I:1-3 Thor I:2-3 Lords 5th VI:3-13 Fragapatti III:1 Fragapatti III: 16IV:1 Fragapatti VIII:2-6

Proposed Placement Original Placement

The Signature Zarathustra Ug-sa The Earth in Ocgokuk Anoad Ji'niquin Swamp, in Etherea Po Abram Brahma and Yutiv Eah-wah-tah

Fragapatti XLIII: 31 NONE Gods Word XIX:19 Lika XII: 28 Ben VIII: 9 Ben VI: 4 NONE NONE NONE NONE

Oahspe I:1 Gods Word I:1 Gods Word XVI: 10-11 Divinity XIII:1-3 Cpenta-Armij I:1-2 Cpenta-Armij 2:18 1st God II:1 1st God VIII:1 1st God XIV:1 1st God XXIV:1 Page 309 of 351

Took-Shein Che-Guh The Earth in Kaskak Prophetic Numbers Isis The False Osiris Tablet of Osiris The Great Pyramid Thotma The Building of the Pyramid The Earth in the Arc of Bon Capilya Moses Chine The Nine Entities Oahspe Plate

1ST God XXVII: 4444 1ST God XXVII: 4848 Lika XII: 31 Ben VIII: 5 Saphah - Vede 61 Saphah -Faithist History:14 Saphah - Osiris (58) NONE NONE NONE Lika XV: 4 NONE NONE NONE Ben I:1 Original Placement

1ST God XXVII: 34 1ST God XXVII: 34 Wars XI:1-3 Wars XXXIX:6 Wars XLVII:9 Wars XLVII:9 Wars XLVII:13-17 Wars XLVIII:13 Wars XLVIII:14-15 Wars XLIX:16-19 Arc of Bon I:1 Arc of Bon I:1 Arc of Bon XIII:1 Arc of Bon XXI:1 SAME Proposed Placement

Etherea Earth and her Atmospherea Organic Wark (or Vork) Shattered Wark Hyarti, the Earth in Nebulae The Serpents Orbit Fireballs (Meteors) as Observed Through a Telescope Travels of the Solar Phalanx (8) The Cyclic Coil 1 ,2 ,3 Resurrections Photospheres TowSang Cevorkum, Roadway

Ben I:2 Fragapatti V: 10 Ben III: 21 Ben V: 7 Ben VI: 1 Ben VII: 9 Cosmogony I:15 Cosmogony I:15 Ben IX: 101 Cosmogony I:15 Ben VIII: 34 Ben IX: 8 Cosmogony I:15

Ben I:16 Ben I:27 Ben III: 28 Ben III: 29 Ben V: 1 Knowledge IV:4 Knowledge IV:8 Knowledge IV:19 Ben X: 8-9 Knowledge VIII:1-2 Cosmogony VI: 13-15 Cosmogony I:33 Knowledge IV:23 Page 310 of 351

of the Solar Phalanx Planets Light from Vortexya Secondary Vortex Third Age of Vortex Fourth Age of Vortex Phases of the Moon Magnets

Cosmogony I:15 Ben VIII: 34 Ben II: 25 Ben II: 25 Ben III: 1 Cosmogony I:15 Cosmogony I:15

Cosmogony I:34 Cosmogony I:35 Cosmogony III:25 Cosmogony III:13 Cosmogony III:26 Cosmogony I:45 Cosmogony I:46

Page 311 of 351

Oahspe Plate Original Placement The Eccentric Travel of Comets Comets Concave Lens of Worlds and Suns Illustrated The Earth and its Vortexian Lens and Comparative Size Solar Eclipse Mathematical Problems Sha'mael Star Clusters Vortexian Currents Snow-flakes Vortexometer Serpent of the Solar Phalanx Orachnebuahgalah Cosmogony I:15

Proposed Placement

Cosmogony II:7

Cosmogony I:15 Cosmogony I:15

Cosmogony II:9 Cosmogony III:1-2

Cosmogony I:15

Cosmogony III:3

Cosmogony I:15 Cosmogony I:15

Cosmogony III:10 Cosmogony III: 16-19 Cosmogony III:22 Cosmogony III:23 Cosmogony III:25 Cosmogony IV:5-6 Cosmogony IV: 12-13 Cosmogony VI: 8-11 SAME

Ben VIII:18 Cosmogony I:15 Cosmogony I:15 Ben VIII:34 Cosmogony I:15 Ben VII:2020 Cosmogony VII: 17-18

Page 312 of 351

Oahspe Plate Original Placement Panic, Yihaic, Vedic, Hebraic, and Sanscrit Primaries Tree of Languages Semoin Onk, or Zodiac Aries Tau Tablet of Vede Tablet of Biene Tablet of Kii Tablet of Empagatu Tablet of Iz and Zerl Tablet of Zerl The Divine Seal Tablet of Fonece Tablet of Ihin Saphah Semoin: I:1 Saphah Semoin: 2626 Saphah Semoin: 1010 Saphah Semoin: 40 Saphah KII: 5353 Saphah Semoin: 7276 Saphah Vede: 1010 Saphah BIENE: 1010 Saphah KII: 1717 Saphah KII: 77 Saphah Zerl: 33 Saphah Tablet of Kii: 77 Divinity XVIII: 25 Saphah Quadeth Iz: 55 Saphah Fonence 4343

Proposed Placement

Saphah Saphah! I:2 Saphah Saphah! I:1 Saphah Semoin: 1 Saphah Semoin: 49 Saphah Semoin: 50 Saphah Semoin: 54 Saphah Vede: 15 Saphah Biene: 1 Saphah Kii: 1 Saphah Empagatu: 1 Saphah Zerl: 1 Saphah Zerl: 10 Saphah Qadeth Iz: 1 Saphah Fonece: 1 Saphah Ihin: 1

Page 313 of 351

Oahspe Plate Original Placement Aribania'hiayaustoyi Tablet of Hy'yi Ceremonies in Sun Degree Tablet of the Kii Initiation Ceremony Tablet of Port-Pan Algonquin Anubis and the Haunted Chamber Tablet of the MoundBuiliders Tablet of Baugh-ghanghad Distant View of the Temple of Baughghan-ghad Saphah Aribaniahiayaustoyi:9 Saphah Aribaniahiayaustoyi:11 Saphah Chine Zerl: 12 Saphah KII: 1717 Saphah Port-Pan-Algonquin: 39 Saphah Anubis: 2434 Saphah Agoquim 77 Saphah Baugh-GhanHad: 1818 Saphah Baugh-Ghan-Had: 1313

Proposed Placement

Saphah Aribaniahiayaustoyi: 1 Saphah Ho'ed 1 Saphah Chine Zerl: 1 Saphah KII: 1 Saphah Port-Pan-Algonquin: 1 Saphah Anubis: 1 Saphah Agoquim:1 Saphah BaughGhan-Had: 1 Saphah Baugh-Ghan-Had: 10-12

Page 314 of 351

Oahspe Plate Original Placement Sectional View of Golgotha Temple Tablet of Emethavah Ceremony of Holy Mass (Moon) Tablet of AhIodZan Deviation of the Line of the Solar Vortex The Earth in A'ji'an Forest of Aghanodis Sakaya Kay-yu Loiask, the Position of the Earth that Led to the Building of the Chinese Wall The Great Wall of China Joshua Arc of Kosmon Rates Grades Gall Illustrations of Corporeal Worlds Saphah Baugh-Ghan-Had: 1818 Saphah Emethachavah10 Saphah Mhak:119 Wars LV: 4 Saphah Semoin: 9494 NONE NONE NONE Ben VI:24 VII:15

Proposed Placement

Saphah Baugh-Ghan-Had: 48-50 Saphah Emethachavah: 1 Saphah Mhak: 122 Praise I:1 Eskra III:5 Eskra XI:1 Eskra XXIV:1 Eskra XXXI:1 Eskra XL:23-28

NONE NONE ES I:15 Judgment XXXII:19 Judgment XXXIV:6 Judgment XXXII:3 Cosmogony I:15

Eskra XL:23 Eskra XLII:1 ES I:1-2 Judgment XXV:2 Judgment XXV:2 Judgment XXXII:8 Kingdom XVI: 9-10

Page 315 of 351

Oahspe Plate Original Placement Travels of Solar Phalanx (Future 9,000 Years) The Unfolding Universe The Tree of Light Cosmogony I:15

Proposed Placement

Kingdom XXVI:24


Jehovih I:2 BEN I:5

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Blameless Rick Cafaro (2006)

In the Dead Sea Scrolls reference is made to the requirements to be a member of the Essene community. The children of the light are those who keep all the commandments and walk blamelessly before men and angels. To be blameless can be a tall order. To be such a person is not what you believe yourself to be but what others perceive you as. They can see what is written upon your soul. In the conflicts that arise between people, usually one or both parties try earnestly to make themselves out to be innocent of all accusations, or only slightly responsible. Such a disposition is from the first resurrection. Oahspes Book of Discipline states of the first resurrection: Let me justify myself in what I have done; behold, I am falsely accused. And further in the text, I will not consider my shortcoming, lest I be dejected in spirit. And then also again, What might the world say? Ah! My reputation is at stake! Being blameless is not covering up and hiding the truth. But rather, taking responsibility for any or the least part of any dispute or misunderstanding and then making full restitution to repair for any wrongdoing in actions or words. I have often found that the person who talks the loudest about his or her innocence, claiming with much fervor that they are in no way responsible, are usually good liars. They so often have an excuse for everything. Why they were late, why they didnt get this thing done, their problems that so often arise inhibiting them from completing their job., or finishing this or doing that. They lie to their friends, they lie to themselves, taking little thought that the angels of Jehovih can see right through them.

Page 317 of 351

To walk blamelessly before men and angels is indeed a tall order. The first requirement is total honesty, a willingness to admit your faults, which requires humility. The second requirement is a wholehearted determination to make things right, by doing right, thinking and speaking right. In the Book of Discipline it is stated, of the second resurrection: Teach me, O Father, to look into my every act, word and thought, to purify myself in Thy sight! Be your own judge, Oahspe teaches us how. No one is perfect. No one can truly be completely blameless. But in the context of what the Essenes meant it is very possible. It requires dedication and constant monitoring. And this is part of what it is to be a good Faithist. Not to make excuses, not to abet conflicts, not to find fault, but rather standing tall and firm in the light, taking full responsibility, avoiding conflicts and seeing the good in all, being a child of light. And in turn you too may be called blameless by the angels of Jehovih.

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We Believe The Eloists (2007)

We are called upon from time to time to make decisions which are difficult because they involve so many different factors and points of view. The intelligence of our lesser natures is not sufficient, it seems, to give us the right answers. Even when we make a decision, we are not always sure that we have done right. We have consecrated our lives to serving thee, Jehovih, and are trying to live from Thy inspiration, and not by rules alone. Some matters lie outside the field which can be governed by rules. So we try to uncover the highest light possible which is of the soul and from Thy Presence. This involves our faith in Thee, and in the fact that Thou art overshadowing our lives for the purpose of world betterment. Inspiration from a higher source than that of mortal intelligence is necessary to our success. If we forget that we are living to serve Thee, or lose our awareness and attunement at times through reverting to self, we cut off Thy inspiration; and if problems come up at such times, we are unable to handle them wisely. But if we are doing our best to stay tuned, we can have faith that Thou wilt inspire us in the right way. Our Creator! Ever-Present and powerful, and All-Wise! We want and need Thy inspiration above all things. The whole world needs Thy inspiration. It is our purpose to so conduct and rule ourselves that we are open every moment to an understanding of Thy Will.

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The Tree of Life Ken Mills. (2007)

The Cabbala or Kabbalah the origin would be hard to really define as like most teachings it contains both the past and the Ray of Light of the Day, but the word Kabbalah was established at least in the traditions that were handed down by word of mouth: as distinct from written scripture: it is harder still to date the time when secret or mystical knowledge was established as such. We do know that the group known as Essenes were around long before Jewish lore as we know it, and others and I feel a great respect for this group in passing on much of the higher knowledge. They were responsible for the Dead Sea Scrolls found in 1948, which shows secret lore, as some of us know it as. At any rate in the 2nd century; the MISHNA a Rabbinic collection of religious lore attests the existence of two subjects that should not be taught in public and were therefore considered esoteric disciplines for initiates only: The subjects were: The work of Creation from Genesis, chapter 1. The Work of the Creation and the mystery of the Divine Throne from Ezekiel chapter 1. It was because of the dangers the soul encountered on the ascent that the secret lore came into being: The Tree is composed of ten numbers placed in compartments each containing aspects of the Creator which in turn are within each of us to different degrees, That is how we use Numerology and how to some extent Astrology is also shaped from this theory. The tree grows downwards and we see three parts on the left the female, on the right the male. The middle mediates between them to harmonize these aspects and make up the Godhead, which in spite of its complexities is essentially one. We can see the balance that we would all like with these separate powers by the joining lines. The earlier Gnostic system consisted of hundreds of such aspects but I feel ten is enough for us to contend with and it is up to the individual to let his own consciousness expand as it can to reach out into this ever Page 320 of 351

increasing knowledge of this cosmos or universe, this after all is the purpose of the symbol, as with all symbols it is unrestricting and unlimiting. Unlike our orthodox teachings that tell us when where and how we can find God in a confined path. The system is concerned with mans soul journey towards heaven through the cosmic spheres. It requires individual discipline to develop the powers to forge through a passage into the higher elements of consciousness. All reality is composed of letters and numbers this came from Merkabahr (The Throne of Glory) 32 elements of the universe, the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet and the first ten numbers. Not by chance we have 22 Trumps Major in the Tarot Cards. The unknowable God was called En Sof the Infinite. In effect this God does not exist, for the God spoken of in the Bible is manifest revealed, which is impossible in the case of God Infinite. The Kabbalah teaches emanation rather than creation, emanation is something, which has flowed out from its source, as distinct from something, which has been created or made by a maker. The universe is after all the creator and therefore cannot become individualized. Ken Mills The Tree begins with the supreme Crown of God. No 1 Kether each Sefiroth has of course considerable range of symbolism and imagery, some are more important than others. Number 5 is a case in point as it is the centre of the ten numbers or compartments, it is all things and yet is nothing, it contains all that is in 2 and 3, which brings it to the centre, like Lee, the heart of things. Yet it is also the middle of everything and needs to relate to all the other numbers to be good. Without them it can be totally negative. The number 6 is beauty and compassion of God. It is the building number the centre between the human and the divine. We can also divide the tree into four Elements, which in turn can be enlarged of courser but in the cabalistic cosmology, these are Asiluth the Divine world Beriah the Sub-Divine world Yesirah the world of Heavenly spheres down to the moon. Asiyyah the sub-lunar universe. And so like a book we can open it up and read at any level in any context, according to our individual Page 321 of 351

degree of enlightenment at any given time. Unlike a book its power to increase knowledge and understanding is unlimited. The sixth Sefirah Tifereth (Beauty) is the central Sefirah. It functions as the hub and pivot of the whole system. In the dynamic exchange in the give and take of power, the six receives the power and influx of the higher potentsies and harmonises them, and passes them on to the lower ones. Standing at the lower end of the symbol is the number 10 Malkhuth Kingdom like a receptive womb becoming the bride, Moon and Queen. As it acquires the active creative ruling characteristics in harmony, it also becomes the Mother, much as we say Mother Earth, which receives its energies and substance from above. We have two paths to the understanding of God. One is to accept in blind faith, and to spend ones life in worry if such a God exists when he fails us or to set out and discover God Manifest in all things and to really understand his many moods and aspects. Many of you will have made a study of Yoga and the Chakras, mostly keeping to seven chakras, like the Tree of Life, there are many more. Just the same it is with enlightenment and understanding that we can learn to accept more as we go along and each of these centres while being a part of the whole, is a centre, which has its own part to play. It is the duty of the Yoga practice to bring all of these charkas into harmony and into the state known as Samadhi Nirvana, Liberation, an experience of the I AM. Now the question will be raised by many, thats all very well, but how do we know when we have this experience of reality. Well my friends, the I AM Consciousness is very clear in its expression, for at the back of all and any experience is the act of feeling. There is nothing that takes the place in our lives, which does not have a sense of feeling. It is the degree of feeling that mediums sense that drives them on to express what they see hear or feel or just plain sense which is more often the case. When we read a book hear a lecture see a film or any other experience with our senses, physical or psychic there is always a degree of feeling as to how you feel about it. So my friends it is this gut feeling this heart feeling, or head feeling, no Page 322 of 351

matter where it takes place remember you are an individual and must find your own way of connecting into the vast cosmic computer through which you will find answers to your many questions and learn to trust it and to keep it switched on at all times. It has been my experience that symbols, nature, prose, music, and paintings act as keys to different parts of cosmic knowledge, which awaits us if we care to seek it out. So let me once again list for you the following: There is a great mystery in the fact that your personality is exclusively different from that of any other human being. That your I-AM consciousness of identity is exactly the same. You are really one in consciousness with all human beings and with all self-conscious creatures who have ever lived, or who will live in and on all inhabitable worlds, within this great universe. You must realize the inner voice is saying I, AM I to every living selfconscious being in the cosmos. Pretty hard to take I guess but if we believe in the Godhead of the great divine force then as per our acceptance of that idea so shall we become aware of this cosmos. Do unto others as you would they would do unto you takes on a greater meaning for you would be injuring your own self or Divine Soul. The deeper the feeling, the closer the communion and then a closer under-standing of each other. You see you have feelings about what you see, hear and feel, moved or unmoved by what you hear or taste and you feel repulsed by what you touch or smell, you feel drawn to or driven away by the ordure. Feeling is the universal language and when we learn to rely more upon our feelings we will have greatly extended our awareness of this beautiful universe we are destined to live on for eternity. Thank you.

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Open Letter Tom Gabriel (2007)

Dear Editors: Several months ago I came across a book on an American Indian, Black Elk at B. Dalton Bookseller. On 9/19/92 I was drawn to this same bookstore. I was frantically looking through all sorts of books. I didnt understand why. Then I found what I was looking for on the top shelf just where it was several months ago. The title is Black Elk Speaks as told through John C. Nethardt. Evidently John Neihardt wrote a great deal about the American Indians. Black Elk had a great vision as told in chapter III, The Great Vision. This vision was about the Oahspe symbol, the circle, the cross and the (tree) leaf of life as you see on the cover of the Faithist Journal. His interpretation of this symbol is as though it came right out of the Oahspe. The horizontal line (corpor) was black and the vertical line was red. The horizontal line is the black road of war, death and confusion that man must travel. The vertical line is the red road of joy. When the American Indian was crushed by white man the circle was destroyed, and the tree of life died. In its place at the center of the circle is a healing herb. This appears to be the present. Then in his vision Black Elk sees the tree of life growing again, and there are many circles everywhere. Since reading, Black Elk Speaks, I have been having dreams about the Oahspe symbol every night. I would see beautiful colors everywhere, going counterclockwise around the circle, left to right or west to east, on the horizontal line, below to up or South to North on the vertical line and the colors in the tree of life kept getting brighter. These colors kept going faster and faster until all the colors began to move in unison as one, continuous, flowing motion. Right then, I understood everything.

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Immediately after I understood the kaleidoscope of colors, I was transferred into a classroom. I was talking to American Indian students from the book of SAPHAH, plate of SEMOIN. Night after night I was having the same dream over and over. Then on the last night of the dream, Monday, Sept. 28th as I was talking before the Indian students, I drew a black cross on the blackboard. Then the cross got bigger and bigger. It was dark and ominous, black, both horizontal and vertical. As I looked again there was a man on this black cross, as I continue to look, he becomes black all over, dark all over, just like the cross. As it continues to get bigger and bigger, there at the bottom of the cross a book opens and all the words fall out onto the ground, which is also dark and ominous. The words are dead and they are in a big pile like garbage. While I continued to dream I understood that religion was dead as it is nothing but a bunch of words and more words in a big pile beneath this black cross like stinking garbage. I turn to these American Indian students and tell them this black cross has no circle (hoop) of power around it, and the center has only death and no tree of life. I said to them choose the religion of death or the circle and tree of life. Also I told them since the American Indian has maintained faith in the Great Spirit white man will have to come back to the Indian for the sacred knowledge of the Great Spirit.

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The Dangerous Road Eugene Maurey (2007)

The article, Its a Matter of Life and Death, which appeared in the May-June 1987 issue of The Faithist Journal, coincides in many respects with my experiences as an exorcist. But first let me briefly explain how I do an exorcism. We know that, when a person passes into the spirit world (dies) he/she carries across all the emotions, memories, desires, and strong or weak personality as the person had when living. At first there may be some confusion, disorientation, but the person is his same old self. Let us imagine that a person we know let us call her Margarita led a useful life always trying to be of help to others. She dies. What will she do now? Margarita, now in the afterlife, has not changed in her thinking and will continue to do what she has always done, to help others and be a useful citizen in the society in which she now finds herself. Let us examine what happens to another individual (we will call him Diago). Diago in this life was full of intrigue, hateful purposes and was a heavy drinker. He dies. He also does not change. He strongly desires to continue his power play role, his drinking habits and his utter disregard for others. But how can he do it? The only way is through a living person. He waits, looking for his opportunity. Now comes John, a likable guy, happily married to Angela, an understanding and loving wife. John likes to socialize with the men from the factory where he works and they occasionally go out to the local tavern to put one on. On one drinking session John forgets to count his drinks and almost passes out. John is drained of energy, loses his natural protection and Diago, who has been waiting for his opportunity, takes over. John goes home. His wife, not suspecting anything is wrong, senses a change in him. Soon John, goes to the tavern more frequently and when he returns home intoxicated, he is nasty and sometimes physically brutal to his loving and understanding wife. Angela doesnt know it but the drunken man is not her Page 326 of 351

husband; it Diago. Diago doesnt like Angela and has determined to drive her away so that he can have John all to himself, to do with him as he pleases. We have now the typical scenario of the alcoholic who causes havoc with his family. What is to be done? All thoughts are instantly transmitted between spirits or between spirits and living persons. We, on this side, can communicate with any spirit (dead person) when we concentrate on him / her. Also, for those who are familiar with using the pendulum, questions can be asked that can be answered with a yes or no. The question is asked, Is John possessed? The pendulum will swing yes. Questions are then asked to ascertain the personalities of the possessing spirits, and to count the number which may be present. When this information is known, the exorcist is ready to go to work. My method is to contact a spirit helper and to instruct him (George) what is to be done. I ask George to explain to the erring spirits that they are dead, are causing trouble both to themselves and to their victim and that they must leave. They are then introduced to a friendly and trusted spirit on their side whom they see. Most will go with such a friend to meet their loved ones who have preceded them in death. Those who are reluctant to leave are dealt with in another manner. In any event, they all go. When Diago is sent on his way, Angela rediscovers the same old loving John. Furthermore, surprisingly, John has but faint memories that he was nasty or in any way mean to his wife. All is done with a loving attitude. I believe that the mischief-making spirits are basically good; however, they are simply misguided. Show them the direction of their greater good or give them a shove and they will cause no more trouble to the living. Most spirits who are earthbound tied to our earth but not of this earth are confused, homeless and friendless. They know not where to turn for help. They usually do not know they are dead, possibly because of a sudden accidental death or because of a strong attraction to something on this earth such as alcohol, drugs, sex or even a treasure. They may wander for hundreds of years in the astral world that nebulous space surrounding the earth before someone, either a living person or a friendly Page 327 of 351

spirit, will guide them in a more productive direction. All too often a malevolent spirit will cause untold harm to many living persons before he is sent off to be educated and guided by a loving spirit teacher. The Faithist Article gives a ratio of 8 to 1 spirits to the living, that was prevalent thousands of ago, particularly in ancient Egypt. My finding differs little. When a person has been possessed for 5 to 20 years, I frequently find 3 to 6 spirits who have entered and are controlling his mind and a host of 25 to 50 who are nearby looking for an opportunity to enter. A final word to the wise or should it be to the foolish? Be extremely careful when exploring the psychic world. If you must do it, seek a competent teacher. Be wary of who contacts you on that other side. Do not play around with the ouija board you dont know with whom you are talking. A Master, St. Francis or Joshu (Jesus) do not have the time to play games with you. More than likely, it is someone who would like you to believe he / she is a great and wise person. Fall for that line and you are ready to have your whole life crumble about you. For assistance and further information write Rev. Eugene Maurey, 4555 W. 60th St., Chicago, IL 60629.

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Symbols Joan Greer (2007)

There are a number of things that studies such as Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, I Ching, and Kabala have in common. One of these is the use of symbols to help us understand abstract ideas. To me this is one of the truly profound aspects of such study, for the human mind needs training in working with and understanding symbols. We are told in OAHSPE that the first teaching that the angels aim was to give to mortals a group of symbols to help them in their spiritual studies. This group of symbols is present in OAHSPE as the Tablet of Semoin in the Book of Saphah. One of the things I learned in the study of Astrology and Tarot was that there are a number of levels of understanding from which the student may view any particular symbol. I understand this to mean that as we grow spiritually, we express a higher and higher spiritual understanding, and this understanding appears in our lives in a deeper spiritual wisdom about life. As we grow and mature spiritually, we sometimes see new meanings in symbols, things we had not seen or understood before. Astrology teaches that there is a lower side of our nature and a higher side of our nature, and that our own spiritual growth express this higher or lower nature depending upon our own understanding. One example of understanding different meanings of a symbol can be seen in contemplating the diamond. Plate 81, TABLET OF HYYI shows a diamond which is to be pondered In association with the eye and the sun. Page 329 of 351

From the text, which is used to study this tablet; called HOED, we find this.. Yea,, the diamond binds me not, the highest shining corporeal thing. As I pondered this, I realized that the diamond does not shine in the darkness, and so for our study in this tablet, the diamond is grouped with the sun and the eye. The diamond here represents a corporeal thing, and there is no abstract meaning involved, except that we do understand that without the corporeal sun (symbol of the Creator), the diamond would not flash its beautiful and varied colors. So light is necessary for the diamond to be the shiniest corporeal thing, the diamond does not shine on its own. The diamond shines because of the light which strikes it. It also shines because of the way it is cut, and the inner perfection which exists within it. A diamond with flaws does not have the same sparkle as a diamond that is flawless, but only a trained eye can truly tell the difference. In another tablet of Saphah, Plate 80, Tablet of Ancient Egypt, another aspect of the diamond is found in verse 6 of the accompanying text called ARIBANIAHIAYAUSTOYI we find that we are to think of ourselves as more precious than the diamond. The text reads: Thou hast made me above the diamond and above all precious stones. The text goes on to say that the men of darkness seeks diamonds because he does not realize that we (the Fathers children) are more precious, and that if we: Run quickly to lift up others they shall be gems for our raiment; they shall become a glory in Thy sight So in this understanding of the channel, it is to symbolize that we choose to help others, knowing they are more precious than any gem stone. Through the contemplation of these of these two verses in different tablets, we also come to understand that we can become shining as a diamond, flashing the brilliant colors of the Creator by placing ourselves in the spiritual light that is to say, by allowing the light of Jehovih to shine Page 330 of 351

upon us, and to shine from within us.

In the Book of Saphah, tablet or in there is a symbol called OM. In the text, which is verse 10, we are told that OM is the negative, the female of Jehovih. If we wish to receive spiritually we are to ask of OM, so if we seek spiritual blessings or healing we receive those from OM All spiritual gifts come to us by waiting in supplication. NA is the opposite of Old, and may be thought of as the positive or male Spiritual power comes by going forth. In this same verse it explains that when we go forth to labor for others, we go forth in NA.

Nevertheless, we are told that the ALL ONE is ONE, but that the ALL ONE has these two attributes. NA and OM the positive and the negative. The same verse also tells us that each individual is both NA and OM In the Book of Divinity, Footnote I, we are told that OM is female for Jehovih, and that Bride- grooms marry Old, and Brides marry Jehovih. This symbolism of the positive and the negative is repeated in different ways in OAHSPE. For example, in the Book of Saphah, There is one Almighty Creator, matchless in wisdom, power, unity of purpose and the Creator of all on this Earth and all other worlds seen and unseen. Mans soul is immortal and will attain peace and joy in the heavens of the Almighty. According to a mans good or evil deeds, words, thoughts, he will inherit joy or unhappiness in heaven. All the world is every mans country. To do good with all ones wisdom and strength is the highest religion. Man has a natural right to serve the Creator in his own way. This is Page 331 of 351

an age of reason in which all men should be inspired to read and think and judge with their own judgment and not through priest, or church or Savior. The doctrine of the savior is unjust and no honest man should accept another mans dying for him. The so-called sacred books are not the writings of the Creator and their many defects prove them to have been made by corruptible authors. In practice those sacred books are used by unprincipled priests to promote wars, inquisition, tyranny and destruction. Man should rise up in his might to embrace his Creator, by the practice of good works, and by promoting brotherly love toward all men; and by charity and independence elicit the protection, the pride and the glory of the Almighty.

This is the lhin seal which relates to inner dimensions. The weather is mild in this Comox valley at the toot of Mt. Washington ski area. Sometimes snow in the winter covers the land chasing the birds into hiding. Most of the year the Comox glacier is mantled in white. It looks like mother earth. On its flat area some Indians claim that one of the ships from Pan landed there and left a large arrow in the rock pointing down. Local psychics have seen this area covered with grass in the near future. At night the stars come out and we feel very close to the Infinite Source. To image ones self out in space, like an astronaut, with the 6 directions, with stars stretching far and still farther, into infinity brings one into touching with Him. This exercise is called leis as one approaches as close to Infinity as possible for a mortal. To do this exercise while in the Sacred Crescent aids psychic development.

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It is in this valley that the new age psychic power seems to affect one much more readily. Special psychic awareness centers in the body are awakened. Even the children speak of having some suis happening (Suispsychic). In the Sacred Crescent there appears to be a constant growth of the Light. Ethe has become finer and finer. It does not dance as before. Working with the plants during the day aids patterns of light -Ethe Journal, a square of Light in the crescent.

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What is a Faithist? Kasandra Kares (2007)

A Faithist worships the Creator who is the beginning and source of all things, the Ever Present, not in the shape of a man, Jehovih, the Almighty. WHY? The Creator is the ultimate source of all life and by His presence within us do we live and breathe. HOW LONG HAS THE WORSHIP OF THE CREATOR SEEN GOING ON? For many thousands of years. Ever since man was brought forth on this planet, Faithists have worshipped Jehovih. WHY DONT MORE PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THIS? Faithists have been persecuted for their belief in and worship of the Creator by those who worshipped man-made deities. The Faithists have been kept secret from the main portion of humanity until the present. WHY ARE PEOPLE HEARING MORE ABOUT FAITHISTS NOW? This is a new age for mankind, an age of spiritual responsibility. Men must learn to live in brotherhood or die out on this planet, destroying the planet in the process. HOW CAN PEOPLE LIVE IN BROTHERHOOD CONSIDERING ALL THE DIFFERENT RACES, RELIGIONS, AND POLITICAL SYSTEMS, THE GREED, VIOLENCE AND WARS? It can be done if people will turn to their Creator. The Creator made us all and is present within each one of us. He has beer, called the still small voice of conscience. That Voice does not have to be small. It can be made strong by cultivation and the practice of each individuals highest inspiration. When each person is attuned to the Creator, each becomes attuned to every other person on this planet. By doing so we all truly become brothers and sisters under the fatherhood of Jehovih. ARE FAITHISTS FOR PEACE? Yes! Faithists believe that all life is given by the Creator; all life is sacred. A Faithist will not kill needlessly anything which breathes the breath of life, not even for food, nor will a Faithist eat that which others have killed. Page 334 of 351

WHAT ABOUT CHRIST? The religion based On the worship of Christ is scarcely 2,000 years old. How old is the earth? The best estimate given in the encyclopedia is between 3,500,000,000 years and 5,500,000,000 years. Do you think the Creator would do such a Door job as to wait for 3,499,998,000 years to provide a Savior who in 2,000 years could not bring about unity among his followers nor produce one single community anywhere on earth where there was no poverty, crime or inequality? WHY HAVENT THE FAITHISTS BROUGHT PEACE? Faithists do not seek to convert others. Throughout history they have always been an extremely small minority. The majority take part in war for the temporary advantage which it brings to the victor. If they did not, war would not exist. Unless a person truly desires peace and brotherhood to the extent of actively working for them in common cause with others, he or she is not a Faithist. The false religions have gained their converts by preaching that only belief is necessary, or that calling on the name of this God or that Savior will guarantee a place in heaven. A Faithist knows that only by personally doing good for others and constantly sitting in judgment on his own actions can he provide for his spiritual growth on earth, and after death a continued progress in heaven. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN, CONTINUED PROGRESS IN HEAVEN? Just what it says. Each soul is immortal and survives death, carrying with it the individuality and personality plus whatever spiritual values and aptitudes it has attained during life. It continues learning and growing with increasing responsibilities and commensurate rewards. Just dying doesnt automatically make one any better. WHAT ABOUT HEAVEN AND HELL, WHAT ABOUT THE JUDGMENT DAY? Everyone creates his own heaven or hell by his own actions. Like is drawn to like. If a person is selfish and grasping, indifferent to others needs, he will find himself in the company of others just like himself after death. The person who is considerate, doing for others those things which make for harmony and happiness is in the process of creating his own heaven, for his companions after death will be like himself. Each individual Page 335 of 351

sits in judgment on himself and where he has failed to do good for others with all his ability and wisdom he must make restitution. What could be fairer than asking one to set his own punishment? WHAT ARE THE GOALS OF THE FAITHISTS? First, to worship only the Ever Present Creator, Jehovih. Second, to practice peace in brotherhood with all people, reverence for all life, and to five in communities doing useful work. Third, to care for and raise abandoned, orphaned or castaway babies to be peaceful, productive and useful members of society. Fourth, to take no part in war, nor aid nor abet war in any manner whatsoever. Fifth, to take no part in government, nor to establish any form of government. Jehovih proclaims liberty, more liberty and still more liberty far all men. Sixth, to add to the sum total of human knowledge in all fields which will benefit mankind. Seventh, to show by example that Jehovih is the All Highest, that any man, woman or child may hear His voice directly, without an intermediary God, Lord or Saviour; that He is Ever Present with every human soul dwelling on the earth and in the heavens of the earth; that by attuning ourselves to our Creator we can in truth establish His Kingdom. .

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The Birth of Jehovihs Kingdom on The Earth Jahazerah, Son of Jehovih (2007)
The birth of Jehovihs Kingdom on earth is here; The mid-servants are gathered round. The Ethereans make the way open. The Atmosphereans ready themselves for a new phase upon the earth. The remains of the old order are reformed. The carcass of the beast decays and fades in the light of the Kosmon day. The Matchless Voice has been heard. The Faithists have made their covenant openly. The light of High Noon is upon the chosen. They go forth to birth the Kingdom! The Love, Wisdom and Power flourishes. The fruit has grown ripe upon the vine. The distaste for war increases throughout the world like the taste of poison to the lips. The spirit of cooperation is set in motion. The joy of brotherhood takes hold like a parents strong loving embrace. The birth of Jehovihs Kingdom in the flesh of the earth is here. The spirit is set loose from its cage in the heart of humankind and spreads its wings over the dominions of the earth like a beautiful white dove. The people go forth to affiliate like new lover. The sore and broken begins recovery being made whole by Jehovihs Hand. The pollution is being driven from the skies and beaten from our waters. The flame of hope has been light within the childrens hearts and its light can be seen growing in their eyes, the glory of the Almighty unfolds like a giant pinwheel of jeweled colors. The lasting romance has begun. The hands are lifted in celebration The kingdom child is coming forth. The colonization of the earth by Jehovihs chosen is soon to be underway. The signals have been sent. The signals have been received. The signals have been understood. The ships are docked. The boats are going out about the earth to do their labor. The corporeal birth blankets have been set down. The lines of light have been fastened to their anchorage. The doctors wash their hands. The nurses prepare the interments of birth. The earth womb is full and ready. The musicians are tuning up. The dancers stretch. The singers work the scales. The withering on the vine of the chosen is no more. The Gods and Page 337 of 351

Goddesses rejoice for the chosen are coming forth in strength and wholeness. The birth, on earth of Jehovihs kingdom is here. The God of earth and her heavens will soon sit on Jehovihs throne sigh with great relief as a father who hears his child has been born quite safe and sound. The windows have been cleaned. The drapes have been drawn and tied back. The light pours in like a flood upon a desert. The earth Ma pushes and moans all attending her perform their parts in divine excellence. They do as if one harmonious symphony of delight. The Kingdom has come and wails its first breath of life. The limbs are whole. The mind is bright. The trunk is firm. The chest is strong and glowing with great Naomas love and life

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The Faithist Brotherhood of Light: The Beginning: The Faithist Lodge

Joan Greer

When OAHSPE was published in 1882, Newbrough realized that the people who read this amazing book would want to get together with others and try to put into practice its vision of the future as presented in Jehovihs Kingdom on Earth. Almost immediately a lodge was formed in New York City. The letters Newbrough wrote to Andrew Bates in the Boston area have been the source of much we know about the various lodges that subsequently were formed. These Faithist Lodges met weekly, worked the Degrees similar to those in the Rites of Emethachavah in the Book of Saphah, and members became known as First, Second or Third Degree Members. It appears that Newbrough would be asked to come to a city and meet with those who wished to form a lodge. He would ask people he already knew in that city to read through the Prelude and First Degree in Book of Saphah to become familiar with it. When Newbrough arrived in the city, those wishing to become Lodge members would meet and discuss the Rites, and then the Prelude and First Degree would be performed. Thus the new lodge would be considered open. Newbrough traveled to a number of cities on the East coast establishing lodges, and we know that in addition to New York City, lodges were active in many cities including Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago and Denver. We know that there were those who were Rabbahs of each lodge, and through whom inspiration flowed. These lodges practiced tithing, and money from the lodges was sent to Shalam while it was in operation. When Newbrough passed on, the lodges continued to function. In Denver, Colorado, a new Lodge organized calling themselves The Brotherhood of Light. They eventually had to change their name, as another group calling themselves the Brotherhood of Light formed in Denver shortly after the Faithist Lodge organized. This second group is still in operation and has Los Angeles as its headquarters. I have spoken to the Archivist for Page 339 of 351

that group and we both were amazed at the similarity of the early history of these two Brotherhoods of Light, not only in the date they formed, but also in the date of their move to Los Angeles. The dates are so close, the Archivist though they might actually be the same group. To avoid confusion we shall call the group that studied OAHSPE the Faithist Brotherhood of Light. It appears that there was confusion among students of OAHSPE about these two groups at the time, for in papers of those studying spiritual matters during the 20s and 30s we find literature from this other Brotherhood of Light, which for clarity we will call the Egyptian Brotherhood of Light. In our brief talk, the archivist and I found two major differences: one, the Faithist Brotherhood was dedicated to caring for children, and there is no mention of children in the literature of the Egyptian Brotherhood of Light; and the second difference was that Reincarnation is one of the teachings of the Egyptian Brotherhood of Light. The Egyptian Brotherhood formed in Denver a few months after the Faithist Brotherhood, and the Egyptian Brotherhood moved to Los Angeles a few months after the Faithist Brotherhood made their move. One of the things mentioned from time to time in inspiration of the Faithist Brotherhood is that there was a powerful movement against their work from dark forces in the lower heavens. The Faithist Brotherhood was composed of an Inner Council and an Outer Council. This is the structure that Newbrough outlined as the structure of the lodges he opened. The Inner Council was composed of those members who lived at the Childrens Home. The Outer Council was composed of all the groups who wished to affiliate with the Faithist Brotherhood of Light. The records of the Faithist Brotherhood indicate that established Faithist Lodges around the country applied to the Secretary of the Outer Council, Nelson Standart, to affiliate with the Faithist Brotherhood of Light. These lodges sent money and goods to the childrens home in Colorado. There is a letter among the papers of the Faithist Brotherhood from a European man who traveled to Shalam, only to find the doors had been closed and the children sent to orphanages. This letter says that Andrew Howland, still living at Shalam, suggested that the man contact the Faithist Page 340 of 351

Brotherhood of Light and visit them. A copy of their reply is also among their papers indicating that visitors were not welcome by the Faithist Brotherhood. From their first months of operation they cared for a number of children, and worked hard to make their farm self-supporting. They felt they did not have facilities for visitors. The Faithist Brotherhood of Light was formed before the children at Shalam were sent to orphanages. In their records they indicate that they would only take infants. This statement appears around the time that the Howlands were seeking places for the children remaining at Shalam. The Faithist Brotherhood did make one exception to this rule of only taking infants, as they took a 5 year old girl who was sent to them through a trance medium. She adjusted well to the group. The Denver Faithist Brotherhood of Light immediately secured property and children began to arrive from all over the United States and Canada. From their records it appears that established Faithist Lodges in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago, gathered in children in the early months of the operation of the new organization, and took them to Colorado. As the Faithist Brotherhood of Light established itself, various Lodges around the United States applied for membership. An Outer Council soon had stationary with the letterhead indicating that there were Faithist Lodges in all major cities in the United States. There were two or three Faithist Lodges in the Los Angeles area, one of them started by Nellie Jones Watson and her husband James Watson in La Cresenta, California. They had met at Shalam. From the written records we know there was a group called the Believers in Jehovih (we do not know if this was the same group as La Cresenta), and an active Lodge in Los Angeles (Wing Anderson was a member) that functioned into the 1930s. Colorado had at least two lodges in Denver, and possibly one lodge in Colorado Springs, after the Faithist Brotherhood moved to California. In addition there were groups of two or three adults raising a small group of children in various locations around the country. No records have as yet been found giving the names of all the children and adults who were at Shalam. We do find in the records of the Page 341 of 351

Faithist Brotherhood of Light references to individuals with a comment, remembered from Shalam leading the reader to conclude that many associated with this group had been at Shalam or Levitica. It is sad to observe that there are no records indicating that any of the children raised by these early Faithist groups even carried on the work of helping other orphans. The Faithist Brotherhood survived the upset of WWl, but the depression and WW2 seem to mark the end of their work. Upcoming issues of KV2 will have articles with more of the story of this successful endeavor.

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Editorial Kasandra Kares (2008)

Greetings brothers and sisters, in the Ever-Present Spirit. In the United States, it is pre-voting time, and each side says he can be President best. As time goes on they take turns impressing, the public most and either one of them could do the job. When they started, McCain was asked when an infant has any rights at all and just when life begins. McCain promptly answered, At the moment of conception. He also said its better not to have too much government. One compares intelligence, and capacity for peace and light. We know theyre all rascals. We know that mortal intelligence and strategy and leadership can keep a country out of war. We also know that that is secondary to the presence of the Ashars, because when Ashars are taken away, it typically leaves a place for the drujas at which point a country can be plunged immediately into riots. Followers of the Creator who think they should purify the government or leaven the whole mass, are told by Ashars to leave it all alone, to just come out of Uz and be clean, to leave, and let whoever has more faith in Uz than he has in the Creator, to stay in Uz. The believer in the Almighty best gets himself into one of the Almightys kingdoms. Whats wrong with government today is that people support their law makers, who trade in projects and schemes for their own profit and glory. The kind of government God judges against in Kosmon is the kind where liberty is not provided to the people. There is good government but man gets it wrong. A good government is as a father over people and not as a separate matter against them. Today people are servants supporting their law makers, who trade in projects and schemes for their own profit and glory. God judges against government in Kosmon where liberty is not provided to the people. The bad type of government in Kosmon is the kind where people are servants supporting their law makers who trade in projects and schemes for their own profit and glory, the kind that neglects to provide means for development of talents created with all. Page 343 of 351

Better one where there is wisdom between governments, and people make themselves reciprocal toward one another and its an unselfish government, with affiliation to bring about reciprocal brotherhoods. Remember that earth affairs, legislations, laws and treaties of mortal governments, are not of interest only to mortals and that things governmental in accomplishment are known and recorded in the heavens of the Earth. Look to the past, because laws and governments did better and shaped mans judgment toward perfecting selves. What is not good for a person is not good for a nation. Prophecy: What will happen In American politics is that the righteous will be drawn away gradually. Only rogues will eventually accept great office.

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Oahspe, The Quiet Leader Rick Cafaro (2009)

In a time when philosophies reach out for recognition and applause, while preachers loudly cry out and cheer for followers and converts, Oahspe quietly waits for the world to discover and realize Jehovih in their own hearts and minds, in their own time and way. As they put on their great shows of gaudy pageantry, the quiet leader wishes that they come to know the Creator within, where great wonders and discoveries are there to greet them. The thirsty heart and mind can then embrace the revelations of Oahspe. Not with a loud clamour, or trumpet blast, or a startling shout, not with a plea of emotion or sentiment or with arms waving, not with the promise of glory or the threat of hell fire. Instead, Oahspe is a quiet speaker, the quiet teacher, who asks for little recognition. Pointing the path to the Great Spirit, saying: Cheer in your heart for the love of the Ever Present, Almighty Father. Praise and worship Him by keeping His Commandments in every moment of your life. Love your Father by caring for your neighbors, brothers, and sisters. Honor Him by revering all life, cherishing every living thing. Making the action of doing good the work and practice of your entire life, where there is no philosophy greater than the All One, where the Father and His creatures is all there is. Trusting in His inspiration, to know Him and discover His truths. To never stop feeding that desire to Jehovih's glories and learn the talents that He created. To every person Jehovih speaks. Every living thing IS an expression of His Person. The universe is His written speech. Put away all philosophy and embrace the All Person. Put away selfishness and embrace the All Self. And give every other person the right to the same, of their own will, in their own way.

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Science and Religion John Newbrough (2010)

The following letter was written to his wife in the year 1889 by Dr. John B. Newbrough, through whom Oahspe, the New Bible was given the English speaking world in the year 1881. At the time the letter was written, Dr. Newbrough was living in Shalam, the Essenean community near Las Cruces, New Mexico founded by Dr. Newbrough in 1884. Shalam, the first Essene colony founded on the North American Continent since the time of Ea-wa-tah, the great Indian prophet, was dissolved about 1910.

New Orleans, La. June 17, 1889.

The other night I dreamed I went to milk a cow and she was almost dry. She turned to hook me, and I came away, and then she went to get out of the lot which was a high plateau. She slid down under the gate and fell into the valley down below. Then she made believe she was a bull, and she stood on her hind feet and went toward the rich fields, and the people came by thousands and some said, "Stop that bull, it is under sentence of death." Then a tiger came out behind the tens of thousands of people, and he went slowly for that bull. And on his sides was painted the word "science." The bull turned away from him and fled into the forest and the tiger followed after. Then came a sign down out of the sky and it said, "The tiger has slain the bull but the tiger will never die. Look out for him. He will return in a later period. He is the most untamable of all beasts. "

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So when I woke, I told Ross what I had dreamed. Ross said it seemed to have significance. The next night I dreamed a man came to interpret the dream. He said the cow represented the Christian churches and had been milked dry. Then when she tried to play bull it was but to deceive the world, and that science alone would demolish him (the church). After he had finished interpreting, I saw on the same field, which I had seen the night before, a vast concourse of people and a sign was written on the sky saying: "Fence the field in, for the tiger will surely come again." But they laughed saying: "We are wise enough now. We can manage our matters to suit ourselves. If Jehovih will let the tiger come it is His matter, not ours. "Presently the tiger came and brought with her a lot of tiger kittens, very numerous, and she said to her young ones: "Behold these are Esseneans. Fall upon them, and eat what you like!" So the little tigers commenced to go for the people, and they scattered and fled in all directions. But the tiger made a speech saying: "I am that that feeds for self alone. Ye would not build a fence and keep me out, so I came. As long as man lives upon the earth, I, too, will live." While he was talking, a fence was being built around the place, and on it was written the words: "Law. Law. Law. " But the tiger said: "You are the unwisest of mortals. You build a fence now whilst my kittens are already in the field." And he pulled off the word "Science " from his sides and put thereon the word: "ANTI-RELIGION." And he fell to eating, and he and his kittens ate up all the people who were left, and then went off into the forest. I stood on the bridge, wondering what would come next when the words came on the sky: "TO THE UNLEARNED, I GAVE THE SWORD THAT THEY HIGHT DEFEND THEMSELVES. TO THE SECLUD ED, I GAVE THE CHINESE WALL. TO THE MODERN, I GAVE LAW."

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That is the way I fill up nights, dreaming: and dreaming. I wondered what it all meant and finally concluded we are not to do as the Esseneans did, but use scientific rules as to a proper method of protecting ourselves. But it may be it is the result of too good a digestion that I dream these things. (This ends his dream. A few personal remarks and messages to me, and he signed it.) The new universal religion that will soon sweep the world, replacing present Christianity, Buddhism, Brahmaism and Mohammedism, will be monotheism or worship of the Creator only, whom the Oahspean Bible names Jehovih. Abraham, Moses and Joshu of Palestine, who was born and raised in the Essene community on the shores of the Dead Sea were all Essenes or FAITHISTS in Jehovih. Evidently again and again, in future centuries the Essenes will have to be on their guard against materialistic scientists. The only protection the Essenes will have will be the law. The foregoing letter was given to Wing Anderson by Dr. Newbrough's daughter.

Note: I would like to share my interpretation which is that any Faithist Communities of the Kosmon Age are being advised to take steps to protect themselves using science and common sense, whether this means literally building strong and tall walls and fences around themselves, placing these communities in safer areas, or other defensive means which are protective while yet excluding weapons. The law cannot refer very likely to governmental ones since these are destined to fail. Or course, we should also not infer that every dream by John Newbrough always has relevant prophetic or spiritual meaning for the future of Faithist Communities, but it seems to me, that in this case, there is. (Signed Robert Bayer)

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Describing a Firmament Bob Reissner (2010)

Dictionaries are compiled so people can acquire an understanding of a given word's definition. Then ideally, everyone should be able to ponder that word's definition and use it to effectively communicate with each other, discover truth, and solve life's mysteries. However, not everybody always understands a given word in exactly the same way. Take the word "Firmament" for example: One dictionary describes firmament as 'the vault or arch of the sky.' Such a definition raises questions concerning the actual merit of that definition and this could be why Jehovah's Witnesses, when developing their New World Translation of the Christian Bible, abandoned the word 'firmament' and substituted the word 'expanse' which is defined in the dictionaries as: a great extent of something spread out; an uninterrupted space or area; a wide extent of anything. None of these definitions adequately describes where something like a universe is, or can be located. The dictionaries' lack of a better definition for the word firmament happens because those who compile dictionaries have only been thinking in three-dimensional terms, and the world's religious leaders are little help when it comes to understanding and interpreting the word 'firmament' because their spirituality and understanding of matters beyond the physical's three-dimensions is generally that of someone who is on the outside looking in at the doers who have actual experience with matters that exceed the physical three-dimensional regions of the Cosmos. A firmament has fascinating characteristics that can be understood if a person stops trying to understand and explain things by using a physical three-dimensional format.

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A firmament is like an empty container that can be filled with anything and everything even though that which is being used to fill it is as huge as a universe, or even if that which is being used to fill it is another firmament. It is possible for a firmament to exist within another firmament because each firmament has its own frequency-density combination and the number of frequency-density combinations that can be created is infinite. Regardless of who creates it, a firmament can contain all the elements such as rocks, gasses, water, metals, minerals, etc. that are needed to construct stars and planets. The elements, mentioned here, exist within the firmament but they are in solution, dormant, and undetectable until they are condensed and used to build physical things such as stars and planets in a planned universe. Numerous firmaments exist within the Master Firmament, and Oahspe's authors give us a clue as to who can create a firmament and what it can then be used for, where it is stated in the Book of Lika: "Neither let any man fear that his talents may become to exalted for the work I have provided; for until he hath created a firmament, and created suns and stars to fill it, he hath not half fulfilled his destiny. " In Oahspe it is also stated: "Jehovih had said: Behold, I create man with the possibility of becoming a creator under Me. From these clues we go on to understand that at the moment of their conception mortals acquire a mind and a personal existence that is their very own forever. That mind is actually a firmament, which the mortal begins to develop. That mortal's mind has infinite capacity and can be forever filled with whatever the mortal wishes to place into it. This explains the statements previously made in Oahspe where a mortal has the possibility of being a sub creator who can create a firmament and fill it with suns and stars. Page 350 of 351

The writings in the book Oahspe inform us that our Creator has provided an interesting future and destiny for mortals that is far different from what mortals' religious leaders have been preaching to them about their being miserable nobodies because they inherited original sin from their first parents and therefore are in danger of being doomed to eternal torment, or even annihilation, unless they unquestionably believe everything that has been recorded in ancient writings which have since been proven to be erroneous.

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