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Cheese scoops are used for scooping small cubes of cheese. Cheese scoops resemble a sugar spoon with a longer handle.

Cheese Scoop Our Piece Code: CHESC (5-8 in length)

Cheese Server Our Piece Code: CHESV (6-8 in length)

Cheese servers resemble a cake or pie server. This piece can be used to cut and serve slices of cheese.

Chipped Beef Fork Our Piece Code: CBF (7-8 in length) Cocktail Fork Our Piece Code: CF (5-6 in length)

Chipped beef forks are used to serve chipped beef, a smoke-dried beef that has been sliced very thinly. The chipped beef fork has tines that point outward for the piercing and holding of the slice of meat. Cocktail forks are individual forks used with the five-piece place setting. Their primary purpose is for eating appetizers and shrimp dishes. Generally, this piece has three short tines. Cracker spoons are used for the scooping and serving of crackers. The oversized bowl resembles an ice scoop.

Cracker Spoon Our Piece Code: CRS (8-10 in length) Cranberry servers are like large casserole spoons that are used for the scooping and serving of whole berries, like cranberries or strawberries.

Cranberry Server Our Piece Code: CRAS (8-9 in length)

Crumb Knife Our Piece Code: CK

Crumb knives are generally used by the person actually serving and clearing the table. The straight edge is scraped across the table and is meant for the moving of crumbs.

Egg servers resemble tomato servers and are used for the lifting and serving of eggs that

Egg Server Our Piece Code: EGSI (6-8 in length)

have been fried.

Entree Server Our Piece Code: ENT Escargot Fork Our Piece Code: ESF Filet Knife Our Piece Code: FILK

Entre servers, much like casserole spoons, can be used for meats, vegetables, or casseroles that are served as entrees.

Escargot forks are small, two-pronged forks used for the eating of escargot. Generally, this piece is used with the 5-piece place setting. Filet knives are used in the de-boning of fish. The very thin blade is meant for the removing of the bone without destroying the aesthetic of the fish itself. Fish forks resemble salad forks and are used for the eating of fish. Generally, this piece is used with the 5-piece place setting and/or the fish knife.

Fish Fork Our Piece Code: FF (7-8 in length)


Creamer Our Piece Code: VVT Creamers are used for serving cream and flavored syrups for cups of coffee and tea. These pieces are a great addition to your tableware, dessert, or tea service.

Cup & Saucer Our Piece Code: CCS Cup & saucers are are typically used for serving tea or coffee. The height and the style of the cup varies greatly from one manufacturer to another. Fruit Bowl Our Piece Code: CFR Fruit Bowls are generally 4" to 6 in diameter and can be used to serve individual portions of fruit, nuts, and ice cream.

Pitcher Our Piece Code: CPIT Pitchers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The pitcher is great for serving water, iced tea, and other frozen and iced beverages. Relish or Celery Our Piece Code: CREL Relish or celery trays are used to serve savory condiments or appetizers, such as chutney, pickles, or olives.

Salt & Pepper Set Our Piece Code: SAP Salt & pepper sets also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many people collect these unique serving pieces. Generally, the salt shaker has fewer holes than a pepper shaker.

Sugar Bowl Our Piece Code: CSUWL Sugar bowls are used for serving sugar and sweeteners.

Torte Plate Our Piece Code: CTOP Torte plates are used to serve torte desserts and cakes. Torte cakes are made with very little flour and are garnished with nuts. These cakes are generally very rich and dense.

Tumbler (Footed) Our Piece Code: TFT Footed tumblers feature a stem and a small foot. This piece can be used to serve fruit juices, teas, soft drinks, and other chilled beverages.

Wine Hock Our Piece Code: WHOC Wine hocks feature a tall stem and are used to serve wines that are produced along the Rhine River in Germany.


1. Disposable Plates

Disposable plates are quite acceptable for serving large crowds and they are the most affordable. When dining is outdoors, they are the most practical plate option. They also offer the quickest, easiest clean-up. However, most paper plates are not the best for serving hot foods and are better for cold cuts, salads and desserts.

2. Melamine Dishes and Serving Trays

Melamine offers practical and easy-care serving with reusable plastic plates, serving trays or bowls. There's a good variety of melamine dishes and many have beautiful vivid patterns and colors. At first glance, it can be difficult to tell whether a melamine dish is plastic or ceramic the quality has improved that much in the last decade. This kind of dinnerware is ideal for outdoor serving or camping and it's very affordable. However, it does carry some minor health risks that you should be aware of. Microwave heating in melamine is also not recommended, nor is it a good dish option for children or infants.

3. Fiesta Dinnerware - Durable Ceramic by Homer Laughlin China Co.

Popular Fiesta dinnerware is a good choice for any table from the casual meal to the formal dinner party. It's durable, colorful - new releases every year) and affordable. You can buy a set or grow your place settings slowly and even mix match colors for a cheery showpiece of your personality. Learn more about Fiesta dinnerware, why it's so popular and the company behind this ceramic dinnerware.

4. Corelle or Unbreakable Dinneware and Plates

If you have a young family, you may want to opt for sturdy, durable and mostly unbreakable Corelle dinnerware. The affordable practical choice for a growing family, they're easy to stack or carry and take less cabinet space than stoneware. Though we tend to think of these plates as unbreakable, they do suffer chips and cracks, but only after several years of hard use. And there's lots of patterns and colors available in Corelle dinnerware. Just as practical and durable is Corelle's line of Hearthstone dishes with dark colors and stylish shapes.

5. Durable Stoneware Dinneware and Plates

Stoneware dinnerware is the most durable compared to ceramic or porcelain and the most resistant to chips of the breakable dinnerware lines. It's an affordable tableware choice for every day, yet it's elegant enough for serving a dinner party. There's lots of choice of brands, colors and patterns available in stoneware plates and tableware. Many brands offer stoneware sets with mix and match appeal, as well as open stock so you grow your set to meet your needs.

6. Ceramic or Porcelain Dinnerware

Ceramic or porcelain dishes bring another option to the table. While there are dinnerware sets made of ceramic, most are serving dishes. This style of dish is not as durable as stoneware though some porcelain pieces are more durable than others, it really depends on the firing process and construction. This information is not usually readily available. Ceramic or porcelain dishes require a little more care to prevent chips and cracks and prices vary depending on the brand and pattern.

7. Bone China Dinnerware and Serving Pieces

The best choice if your budget can handle it, is bone china for a formal dinner setting. Bone china is elegant in style and tends to leave a strong impression with dinner guests, but it is more suited to a formal seated dinner and not as practical for a buffet-served meal, unless the dinner party is small.

8. Festive Dinnerware or Serving Pieces

Festive dinnerware or individual serving pieces can add elegance and set the mood at your table. Their motifs also inspire conversation and complete the home's holiday theme. While a full dinnerware set is nice to have, even a few pieces can transform a plain table to a festive event. At the very least, a festive centerpiece can make a tabletop statement.

9. Storing Your Occasional or Festive Tableware and Stemware

If your cabinets are overflowing, the safest storage option for festive dinnerware, stemware or formal china is specially designed storage containers that protect your tableware from breakage and keep it clean and safe. Once filled, these containers can be stored on a shelf in the pantry, in the basement or other area. If you plan on using shipping cartons for storage or a family move in expected, learn how to properly pack your dishes in boxes.

Soup bowls have a simple function of containing hot or cold soup. Molded or thrown on a potter's wheel, soup bowls are made from glass, plastic, stoneware, porcelain and other materials. Sold individually or in sets, modern soup bowls can match dishware or double as cooking vessels. Although they are traditionally round with an open top, contemporary restaurants and design stores feature asymmetrical and geometric soup bowls with rectangular shapes.


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