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Bora 7 Tony Liang

I hated sleeping in a compact room with eight other guys. "Get up! Everybody up! Get into your battle stations!" Commander Dawkins screamed. Waking up at 5am in the morning, I felt my heart sink after just getting three hours of sleep. Cha-ching as all of us inserted ammo into our assault rifles and dressed up in our green and brown camouflage uniforms. I carefully checked my pistol to make sure it wasn't jammed before holstering it. I took a deep breath and mumbled a brief prayer for this was going to be a long day. My name is Turner and I'm an American Special Forces soldier. I first joined the army right after high school with my best friend Max. Max and I had been friends since kindergarten. Max was fragile, but respectful, warm-hearted, resembling a gallant teenager. We wanted to see what it was like in a war situation after growing up playing Call of Duty. Soon enough we realized it was not as fun as Call of Duty to see your squad mates get their head blown off. We were previously overseas in Afghanistan, but the real fighting started when the war began. It all started when Russia supposedly wanted to take over the world. Russia unleashed its deadly chemical weapon, Bora 7 on Mongolia, wiping out everyone that had come in contact with the gas. Following the massacre, Bora 7 was released on China. Provoked, China responded with a full scale attack on Russia. The war had not lasted 2 months and countless lives were lost. Bomb after bomb, the world watched without grief and support to any of the two countries.

The war was almost over; Russia had nearly taken out all of China. Thats when America had enough and intervened. Our nation couldnt stand on the sidelines and watch Russia annihilate one of our allies. Hence, we attacked them. They were no match for our power and we were about to end the war by invading their primary compound and capturing their leaders. We were the first battalion sent out into the war zone. We had 65 men, although we felt 1000 men strong. "Why does America have to stick it's nose into everybody's problems?' I asked. "Something about Russia gaining too much power. Those cowards are going to get it now." Max said with anger. "What?" I scratched my head. "If Russia takes over China, they will gain a lot of power and resources and they could possibly take over the world," Max pointed out. We were leaving in eight choppers filled with our battalion. The second battalion were huddled up in one big area, as we left. "They better have our backs." I exclaimed. "Okay guys, we will infiltrate the building from the east, other squads will surround the other sides. Once we get in the conference room, do not, I repeat do not kill anybody. " Dawkins informed us, "Our objective is to retrieve the gas Bora 7." So we headed for Moscow and our spy plane followed. That was helpful because it could tell us where everybody was. However, rumours were that the radio signal was poor in some parts of Moscow. As we flew above the city, the collapsed buildings, the bodies that lay on the ground looked like a mass suicide, and it gave me the chills. It resembled the disaster when

American troops entered Somalia in 1992. We were easily detected as heat-seeking rockets and gunfire headed our way like cats chasing mice. I watched in horror as the chopper beside us blew up. I could see limbs falling to the ground. Our miniguns went to work, chopping anybody in the way of the .90mm bullet. Thud, our chopper was hit and we were about to crash. We hung on tight to the ropes and grips. "Get ready to jump on three," Dawkins shouted, "Three!" As the chopper was about to crash, we all jumped just before it exploded. I dove to prone as my squad opened fire. I couldn't get out my assault rifle as a Russian soldier in a plain red uniform ran up to me holding a knife, I quickly pulled out my pistol and shot him. I turned on my radio but all I could hear was static. I found that odd since the spy plane was hovering on top of us like parents closely watching their kids. Loud gunfire, grenades going off and blood everywhere was all I saw as I ran to cover. My squad members were dying non-stop as I hopelessly fired my gun behind the stone wall, without aiming so I wouldn't get shot. Max was shot. I quickly ran to him and pulled him away. "Whoa, thank god for your vest," I said with a little relief as my best friend was uninjured. 'Yeah, thanks buddy, let's go!" Max exclaimed. I pulled out my M16 assault rifle and lifted the safety trigger and I went to work. The Russians in my crosshairs were being shredded, but there were too many. The Russians were surrounding us and I begged God for reinforcements or an airstrike. I had used up my last magazine when I saw a plane. I felt a sense of relief and joy. Followed the plane, were choppers with soldiers in gas masks. I looked on with great curiosity. Why would they be dressed in gas masks? I thought to myself. I opened my eyes in shock as men in green and brown camouflage uniforms, it was the second battalion. That's when several objects fell from the plane's rear.

Suddenly, everyone started coughing and moaning as a greenish gas appeared. It was Bora 7. We ran to the building just before we came in contact with the gas, drew our guns and captured the Russian leaders. One of the leaders spoke English and pleaded for his life. "Tell your boys that this war is over and to call off everyone," Dawkins commanded. The Russian explained to his troops to surrender on the microphone as we destroyed the last communication room following his surrender. "Where is Bora 7?" I asked. "We don't know what you're talking about!" The Russian said. As he begged he didn't know anything, we searched the building, but came up empty. Suddenly, the door was kicked down and American soldiers burst in with their guns. They slowly took off their masks and they were the guys from the second battalion. I wondered in suspicion as they pointed their weapons onto the Russians. "What are you doing? The objective is to capture them, not to kill!" Dawkins shouted. They shifted their guns at us and fired at will. I looked over to my left and I saw a big hole in Max and flesh coming pouring out of him like stuffing coming out of a pumpkin. Dawkins pulled out his pistol but was gunned down. Then I felt a chill as I looked to find a big hole in my stomach used to be. I saw a large figure above me. "Why are you doing this?" I asked. "It has just started. I'm so sorry that your battalion had to be the bait. We can't let anything get in the way of our superiority." His duplicity made me realize that the spy planes weren't for us, but for the second battalion to wipe us out after we discovered the secret. The American traitor pointed his gun at me and clicked the trigger. I couldn't feel anything and the last thing I saw was him holding a container labelled, Bora 7.