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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Marino Geanina-Florina Date: 11.01.2012 Grade: 7th A No. of students: 20 School: coala General Clasele I-VIII Ghe. Asachi Time of lesson: from 10 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. Textbook: Hotline Intermediate Unit 6: Faraway Places Lesson 3: Australia (Limba modern 2, anul 4 de studiu)

Lesson aims/ objectives: 1. To raise Ss awareness of the English language 2. To practice scanning 3. To deduce from the context the meaning of some new words 4. To answer the questions related to the text 5. To learn about Australia 6. To make a list of false friends 7. To identify and compare linguistic aspects between English and Romanian Materials: Textbook Blackboard Skills involved: reading, speaking, and writing Class management: whole class activity ACTIVITY 1 Warm up Aim: To raise studentss awareness of the foreign words in the English language To get students involved into the topic Procedure: 1. Informal conversation, greetings 2. Check if there are students which are absent 3. Homework check (They had to solve ex. 2 at page 59 (done during that lesson).) ACTIVITY 2 Reading + Speaking Aim: To practice scanning To deduce from the context the meaning of some new words To learn about Australia Procedure: 1. Teacher names a student to come in front of the classroom to be asked some questions related to the Question tags, the previous lesson, and to be asked to say some examples of sentences showing the Passive Voice and write the sentences on the blackboard (all these for a mark). 2. Then she writes on the blackboard the title of the new lesson and the date and children into their copybooks. 3. They are named to answer the two questions related to Australia in exercise 1 at page 60. They are to say everything they know about Australia and then to



T Ss Ss T Interaction

5 min Timing

T Ss Ss T

20-25 min

compare their ideas with the text by reading it. They are named to read the text to find out more about Australia ACTIVITY 3 Reading + Speaking Aim: To answer the questions related to the text To make a list of false friends To identify and compare linguistic aspects between English and Romanian Procedure: 1. Next they are to find some given things in the text in exercise 4 at page 61. They are to find four things that show the British origins of the Australians, for example. 2. Then they are to complete some given sentences from the text. They are to fill in with numbers showing percentage. 3. Then they are given some examples of false friends> drum (toba), mine (al meu), closet (debara), box (cutie), ban (interdictie), car (masina), commercial (reclama), crime (infractiune), far (departe), library (biblioteca), magazine (revista), mare (iapa), novel (roman), plane (avion), prize (premiu), preservative (conservant), ordinay (obisnuit, usual, normal). 4. They are to write some of them into their notebooks. Teacher writes them on the blackboard. 5. They are asked to think about and say other words of this kind. Interaction Timing

T Ss Ss T

20 min

Final activity (homework 1-2 min.): >They have to make a summary of this lesson. Next time they are named to say it, to present it (without reading it) - only who wants. They also have to make a project about Australia on a sheet of paper (only the ones that want to, its not compulsory). They have to write the references (or bibliography). They have to make a list of false friends. This is compulsory. Bibliography: Tom Hutchinson, Ministerul Educaiei i Cercetrii, Manual pentru clasa a VIII-a (anul IV de studiu), Hotline Intermediate, Students Book, Oxford University Press

Next Lesson: Lesson 4: Journey to the stars. If clauses (2) Unit 6: Faraway Places