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Pangasinan State University Bayambang, Pangasinan Bayambang Campus


Prepared by: Joey C. Aglosolos Loreto F. Barboza Lu R. Briones

Submitted to: Mrs Rosemarie Gonzales

(Business Management II 1)

Background of the Study

The starting point of great success and achievement has always been the same. It is for you to dream big dreams. There is nothing more important, and nothing that works faster than for you to cast off your own limitations than for you to begin dreaming and fantasizing about the wonderful things that you can become, have, and do. The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-toitiveness; third, common sense. This study features the unquenchable success of Marvin Agustin as an actor, father, concert producer, and the most stressed part as a restaurateur. What hes first venture in the food business. We also included the different restaurants put up by him together with his co- partners and some delicious dishes that some are proud local dishes and international dishes. You will notice in this study that owner himself attended International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM) to broaden his knowledge and skills as an entrepreneur of this generation. He also took up a management studies diploma course at the Somerset International Business School to further widen his credentials. To discover a lot more of how more efficient and effective restaurateur, he and his partners draw inspiration and travelled from different countries and have a food tripping. They believe the true road to preeminent success in any line is to make yourself master in that line.

Purpose of the Research

One of the most important aspects of any business, beside making profit for its shareholder, provide an economic service to the community, is to be in the nature of finding the need ( or want ) of society. In this research those future entrepreneurs and restaurateurs who aim to be a successful will be inspire and inform some alternatives and useful strategies, used by real businessmen in order to make sound business decision. Most especially for those who are in food business as its wandering business now a day. Another purpose is to induce and challenge everyone to explore their entrepreneurial skills entering into the world of business, because I believe that the true success is on our hand.


Marvin Agustin now a successful businessman
Marvin Jay Cuyugan Agustin, better known by his stage name Marvin Agustin (born January 29, 1979 in Peafrancia, Paco, Manila) is a Filipino actor and entrepreneur.

Actor Marvin Agustin still finds time to shoot movies while managing his chain of restaurants located in different business centers of Metro Manila. Now a successful businessman, the actor presently owns seven restaurants and he will be adding three more to be located in Alabang Town Center, Eastwood and at The Fort. Currently he is doing a new movie entitled 2999 under Unitel Films. His television series Lalola has been extended, while Dear friend which he co-stars with Jolina Magdangal, will be on its second season. On Jolina, he said he felt sad when he learned that she had broken up with her long-time boyfriend. He said he may court her again when the proper time comes. After his 30th birthday on Jan. 29, Marvin will be shooting a TV commercial for Bear Brand powdered milk. On October he will be participating in archery competition for the SEA Games and World Championship.

Marvin Agustin: Actor, father and restaurateur

Marvin Jay Cuyugan, popularly known as Marvin Agustin, proves his versatility, not only as an actor, but also as a family man and restaurateur who hopes to inspire people with his story of success. Initially fueled by his ambition to help his family, Marvin started to have big dreams of one day owning a restaurant at such a young age. Today, he is fulfilling his dream of not only owning one restaurant, but ten with business partners, which include: Sumo Sam, John and Yoko, Marciano s, Harajuku, Caf Ten Titas, Samurai Chef, Mr. Kurosawa, Oyster Boy Bar, Ricecapades, and the soon-to-be-opened Johnny Chow. Aside from acting, Marvin believes that everything a person pursues requires passion to undertake any challenges. Marvin began exploring the food business with the help from the entertainment industry. Show business not only paved way for Marvin to save for a capital to start his own business, it also

gave him an opportunity to meet people who could help him not just manage, but to build his own food business. In 1999, Marvin received a franchise of the Mister Donut as a part of an endorsement deal, and things started to take off from there. He then opened a food cart franchise serving affordable rice toppings called Ricecapades and also co-owned Oyster Boy with partner Dennis Gan. Owning a food chain was not enough for Marvin. He was hungry to learn more about the food business and decided to enroll in a certificate course at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM). He also took up a management studies diploma course at the Somerset International Business School to further widen his knowledge and credentials. One of his favorite owned restaurants, SumoSam, debuted in the Shangri-La Plaza Mall and was later branched out to the posh Power Plant Mall in Makati because of its success. SumoSam became popular for its westernized Japanese dishes and affordable yet cozy ambience as well. Focusing on Japanese cuisine, Marvin shared that he and his partners in business draw inspiration by food tripping out of the country, tasting all sorts of Japanese foods in different places and creating their own. As a person who always strives for excellence, Marvin said that he, together with his partners, always make sure that they always exceed expectations when it comes to their food and service to keep their customers satisfied. Being the only son and the youngest among his siblings, Marvin knew how it was to responsible as he grew up without the guidance of a father. At 16, while boys his age were going out with friends and partying; he worked as a waiter at a bar-restaurant named Tia Maria. A minor at that time, he had to present parental consent to be granted permission to work. Marvin s perseverance towards work has earned him a promotion in the marketing team of Tia Maria s. The restaurant even offered him a sponsored college education so that he could take courses on hotel and restaurant management. But Marvin had to turn down the offer in 1996, when a talent manager from ABS-CBN s Talent Center (Now Star Magic) offered him a deal. A natural when it comes to acting and rapport, Marvin s love team with Jolina Magdangal in the youth-oriented television drama GIMIK has earned them a solid fan base even when the show ended. As Marvin climbed his steps on being a professional actor, he gained several awards under his numerous movie and TV projects with premiered actors and directors of the country. At 26, Marvin fulfilled yet another dream: becoming a father. His girlfriend at that time, Tet Dy, gave birth to their twin boys named Sebastian and Santiago in California, USA. Ideas of settling down in the US crossed Marvin s mind because of his two sons, but his love for acting pulled him back to the country to continue his acting career. His family now lives with him in the Philippines. After doing a horror movie with Star Cinema entitled Kutob (which was offered to him while he was in the US), Marvin decided to continue his acting career with GMA. It was also during that time that he started to pursue his dreams of becoming a restaurateur. From being a waiter, to becoming an actor, a father, and a businessman; Marvin continues to do more by engaging into several projects that are new to him, like being a host to the upcoming reality cooking contest of GMA called the Kitchen Superstars, and also venturing in concert production with Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda.

At 32, Marvin has already accomplished so much. Thus, saying in an interview: with all the challenges and struggles I have been through in life, I just fought, and I emerged triumphant when I decided not to give up.

Marvin Agustin from actor to restaurateur

Marvin Agustin is one of the many celebrities who didn t let their success in show business stop them from pursuing their other passions; in his case, the food business. I ve always wanted to put up a restaurant, the latest advocate of the Bear Brand Laki Sa Gatas campaign reveals. And I knew that with the kind of discipline that my mother taught us, I could someday make that dream come true.

Venturing into the restaurant business

Marvin recalls it was during his stint as a restaurant server that he started dreaming of putting up a restaurant. Show business beckoned though, and he became one of the hottest matinee idols in the industry and paired off with some of the country s biggest female celebrities. Being the determined person that he is, he never let his success in the limelight stop him from fulfilling his dream of becoming a restaurateur. I enrolled at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management to learn more about the business, Marvin says. His first venture into the food business started with the hugely successful Ricecapades, a chain of food stalls that serve rice topping variations. He then put up Oyster Boy Restaurant, which likewise gained a following among food lovers and now has branches across the metro. But my baby is Sumo Sam, Marvin says, referring to the Japanese-American restaurant which, like his first two ventures, has expanded to several branches. These restaurants were soon followed by more John and Yoko at Greenbelt 5, Caf Ten Titas in Gateway Mall, Marciano s in Greenbelt 3, and Samurai Chef in Trinoma. Soon, he will also open Harajuku, a Euro-Japanese restaurant to be located at Eastwood in Libis. With his success in show business and the restaurant industry, Marvin is clearly a good example of people who don t let their success get into their heads. Instead, they use them as stepping stones to pursue their true passions in life.

Showbiz career
Marvin Agustin starred in more than 30 Filipino movies and TV series, including Marilou DiazAbaya's Noon at Ngayon, Chito Rono's Dekada '70, Laurice Guillen's Tanging Yaman, Jose Javier Reyes' Kutob, Marilou Diaz-Abaya's Maging Akin Muli, Joyce Bernal's Hey Babe, Jerry Lopez Sineneng's Labs Ko Si Babes, Jose Javier Reyes' Whattamen, Laurenti Dyogi's Gimik and Olivia Lamasan's Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako.

He won his first TV and film acting awards for his performance as Filipino boxing champion Rolando Navarette in Maalaala Mo Kaya's Boxing Gloves episode in 2004's 1st Golden Screen Entertainment TV Awards, and as a disturbed psycho Lemuel in the horror-thriller Kutob in 2005's 31st Metro Manila Film Festival. He was part of ABS-CBN's Star Magic, before moving to GMA Network.

Cooking and business career

Agustin attended International School for Culinary arts and Hotel Management, he joint ventured with the restaurant entrepreneurs and called it Sumo Sam, which specializes in Japanese-American modern cuisine. He also co-owns the Japanese restaurant called John and Yoko as well as the Cafe Ten Titas restaurant. He also hosts the new GMA-7 Cooking Challenge, Kitchen Superstar.

This is the SumoSam branch on the second floor of the Rockwell Center's Power Plant Mall. (Telephone number is 729-6292.) SumoSam has another branch on the sixth floor of Shangri-La Plaza in Mandaluyong. (Telephone number is 637-5704.)

Stars and their businesses: Marvin Agustin

Marvin Agustin has raised the bar for restaurateurs everywhere. At 28, the young actor handles seven food businesses to date: he's sole owner of Ricecapades and a Makati branch of Mister Donut; he's an investor in Oysterboy; and, with friends Ricky Laudico, Raymund Magdaluyong, and Nikki Nicolas, he shares ownership of Smairu, Cafe Ten Titas, JohnandYoko, and SumoSam.

Quite an accomplishment for someone who started out as a Shakey's mascot and a Tia Maria's waiter! How did he do it? Sheer hard work and positive thinking, he says: "Lahat ng bagay, mahirap that's what I realized. Pero if you're really very passionate in that field or with that business, mag-e-enjoy ka kahit mahirap, e. It would be a challenge for you." In 1999, Marvin received a franchise outlet of Mister Donut as part of his endorsement deal. That first enterprise became the springboard of other business ideas, one of the latest being the Japanese-American restaurant SumoSam. Marvin and friends opened SumoSam's flagship store at the Shangri-La Plaza in Mandaluyong in 2005. Last year, they branched out to Power Plant Mall in Makati. The restaurant is popular for

its Japanese dishes with a western twist. Just check out the Japanese carbonara, the Wagyu (high-quality marbled beef) steaks, and a variety of specialty sushi. The SumoSam owners go "food-tripping" to develop their menu, Marvin says: "We always go out of the country. Paikot-ikot kami, kain lang kami nang kain. Nakikita namin kung paano na 'yong execution ng iba't ibang bansa sa Japanese cuisine." To cement his restaurateur title, Marvin studied Asian culinary arts at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management, in Quezon City. He's also taking up a management studies diploma course at the Somerset International Business School, in Pasig City. At 32, Marvin Agustin is a proud part-owner of four restaurants, a fast-rising concert producer, and a doting dad to his twins, Sebastian and Santiago.

Marvin Agustin loves his job, which makes him do the things he loves
"Wala pa munang lovelife," ang sabi Kitchen Superstar host na si Marvin Agustin. "I'm busy with a lot of things." Araw-araw ang taping ni Marvin para sa unang reality cooking show sa Philippine television. "Buti nga, nakapag-negosyo pa ako. Nagagawa ko yung meetings ko sa gabi. Tuloy pa din ang negosyo. Sa set na nga ako nagtratrabaho," ang nakangiti pang kuwento ng aktor. Lumalaki na rin ang kanyang kambal Sebastian at Santiago na parehong nasa grade 1 na. "Nagdadahilan na nga sa mga pagsagot," sabi ng doting father. "They spend the weekends with me. Gustung-gusto nga nila magpunta sa shooting, e." Tinanong ng (Philippine Entertainment Portal) kung papayagan ba niya ang mga anak na pumasok sa showbiz balang araw. "Oo naman. Ang sarap sarap mag-artista! Pero ang sarap din mag-aral. Sana mag-aral naman sila para hindi naman sayang yung aming [pagtrabaho]." AT HOME WITH COOKING. Speaking of trabaho, masaya si Marvin dahil nagagawa niya ang isa pang paborito niyang gawin pagluluto. Ang may-ari ng restaurants na Sumo Sam, John and Yoko, Marciano's, at Johnny Chow ay mahilig talagang magluto. Kuwento ng restaurateur, "I like making up dishes. I like customizing the dishes according to what my family wants. I like making Spanish cocido [stew], Iberian chicken [also a Spanishinfluenced recipe]." Pero ang hindi nawawala sa kanyang bahay ay ang mga simpleng Filipino fare: tinolang manok at sinigang na bangus. "Yun ang kinakain ko lagi sa bahay. Siyempre, outside, you get to try different kinds of food. You can be very adventurous. So pag nasa bahay ako, gusto ko lang yung alam ko na," aniya. "Pero pag may pamilya, magluluto ako mula umaga hanggang gabi. Enjoy na enjoy ako doon. Kuwentuhan, kain, 'tapos luto lang nang luto," ang game na game na pagkuwento niya.

WANDERLUST. Another high for Marvin Agustin is traveling for both pleasure and business. Ang mahaba niyang pahayag, "I love to travel! Kaya nalulungkot ako sa sobrang busy ko, hindi ako nakakabiyahe," saad ng actor at TV host. "I love airplanes and airports. Why? Adventurous ako e. "When I know that I'm going somewhere or I'm going to experience new things, places that I'm not used to, or even places na napuntahan ko na, and I know I'll be discovering another charm of that place or new things about that place. I like discovering, I like exploring. "Kaya siguro gusto ko ang eroplano because it brings me to the farthest na maiisip mong destination." Hindi lang naman pasyal ang pakay ni Marvin para sa kanyang pangingibang-bansa. "Most of our restaurants are influenced by our travels, me and my partners. We love benchmarking outside of the Philippines. We all love to eat. Yun ang pinaka-nag-i-influence sa amin, in terms of ambiance, design, service, pagbalik namin, para kaming nag-aral." Nang tanungin kung may paborito ba siya sa mga restaurants niya, ayon kay Marvin: "My baby is Sumo Sam." Ngayong nag-open na ito for franchising, lalo nang mabilis ang paglago ng negosyo. Magbubukas nga ang Sumo Sam ng mga branches sa Nuvali, Greenbelt 3, Abreeza Mall sa Davao at sa ABS-CBN compound all in the next three months. May bago pang restaurant na bubuksan sina Marvin. "Our latest brand is Comrade. We're launching it this July. It's Szechuan and Hunnan cuisine, so puro maaanghang 'yan. Hunnan kasi ang nagiging popular ngayon. They call it 'the new Thai cuisine.'"

Why is Marvin Agustin very successful?

Very few actors or anyone in show business is as successful as Marvin Agustin. And why? The actor who many thought wouldn t last longer than two weeks in the business has been around for more than two decades now. And he s not just an actor, he s also a restaurateur, and now a concert promoter. Actor and entrepreneur Marvin Agustin s Futuretainment Inc. has already made mark in the Philippines entertainment scene with nationwide hit and sold out Bruno Mars concerts held earlier this month in Manila and Cebu. Marvin thanks Rhiza Pascua s Music Management International (MMI), Raul De Jesus, Eugene Flores, Kris Aquino, Boy Abunda, all sponsors for the support and 20,000 Filipino music enthusiasts who have made the concerts successful and memorable. Marvin also remembers all the good reviews and feedback from the press. Bruno Mars concerts was the perfect beginning. Futuretainment Inc. will continue to offer Filipinos and even Asians the best artists and concerts this 2011, Marvin said. For its second venture, Futuretainment Inc. and MMI will be bringing one of the most hottest and influential bands Maroon 5 for the last biggest summer party this May 23. It would be the Grammy Award winner s return concert here since their first, which happened back in 2008. Maroon 5 is already more than excited to play their new hits like Misery and If I Never See Your Face Again along with all time favorites such as Sunday Morning, She Will Be Loved, and This

Love. 8-10 thousand people are expected to rock with the band at the SMX Convention Center! Along with this new found passion for producing and promoting concerts comes challenge too, adds Marvin. Futuretainment Inc. and MMI are taking the concert experience in the Philippines in a different height as they take on the roles of lead promoters to Miley Cyrus most awaited concert in the country. The Philippines is the sole Asian-country destination for the Disney Superstar s Corazon Gitano or Gypsy Heart tour. Miley Cyrus will be coming from Mexico and after the Philippines, she will be heading to Australia for series of concerts. With this, we are taking this opportunity to promote this anticipated event to neighboring countries and also to fans from the U.S. says Marvin. He sincerely believes that this concert is the key to promoting the Philippines beauty and other local businesses. This is the door that will open and promote tourism in the country. We want the Philippines to be known as the new concert destination in Asia, explains Marvin. Platinumselling pop sensation Miley Cyrus will be singing for at least 50 thousand people at the Mall of Asia Open Grounds this June 17.

The secret to Marvin Agustin s success

Marvin Agustin proves the wisdom in Confucius words: "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." A successful actor and businessman for many years now, Marvin makes movies, shoots TV shows, produces concerts and runs restaurants like there s nothing to it, and with lots of time to spare for family, fun and future plans. By next month, Marvin and his partners will open in Cebu City the ninth Sumo Sam, with four more on the way by years end. The six-year-old casual dining restaurant brand that serves a fusion of Asian cuisine opened its eight branch just a few weeks back. As many already know, Marvin, once upon a time, was discovered while waiting tables in a restaurant before show business opened its doors for him. His passion for the food industry stems from knowing first-hand the kind of dining experience customers look for. He said that Sumo Sam s success and that of the other restaurants he runs is hinged on good service and warm hospitality, as well as delicious food that are reasonably priced. "Always give people more than what they expect. Go the extra mile," he reminds his staff during their weekly meetings. Marvin also co-owns John and Yoko, Mr. Kurosawa, Comrade, Johnny Chow and a forthcoming Japanese buffet restaurant at The Fort. The hands-on restaurateur took up a culinary course to better understand his business. To promote his restaurants, he sets up meetings with clients in these and he visits all the branches as much as he can. Meanwhile, as concert producer via Futuretainment, Marvin is onto his 5th big show in 2011. After bringing to Manila the acts Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Miley Cyrus and 30 Seconds to Mars comes Black Eyed Peas at the Mall of Asia Concert grounds on Oct. 25. Said to be one of the last concerts of the band before they go into a break, the Black Eyed Peas show here has been attracting even concertgoers from Hong Kong, Macau and other Asian countries; especially since so far, Manila and Seoul are the only stops in the region for the world-renowned band. "The company slogan of Futuretainment is to bring happiness to

Filipinos. I, myself, am a big fan of new music and new acts that s why we aim to bring to the country only the hottest acts," Marvin said. If plans push through, Futuretainment will produce a big local concert by Valentine next year and release their first movie after that. Marvin is especially excited with the second plan because he wants to make films that Filipinos would be proud of and ones that would make money at the box-office, too. Though obviously busy with his many business ventures, Marvin has not forgotten his first love, acting. His movie "Ikaw Ang Pag-ibig," written and directed by the award-winning Marilou DiazAbaya, is currently showing and many who have seen it say that Marvin s portrayal of a man on his death bed could win for him an award. The film has been Graded "A" by the Cinema Evaluation Board, and it has been endorsed by the Catholics Bishops Conference of the Philippines. "This is one of the most challenging roles I ve ever had and one that I will always be proud of," Marvin said. "I believe Direk Marilou brought out the best in me in this film." It is said that the template of Marvin s portrayal in "Ikaw Ang Pag-ibig" was partly based on the late Johnny Delgado s battle with cancer. Marilou and Johnny were close friends and Marilou, herself, is in a similar situation. Asked how he has seemingly acquired the Midas Touch, Marvin unselfishly gave out his secret. "Do what you love, give it your all and success will follow."

The Sumo-Sam Restaurant

Sumo Sam is a Japanese-American restaurant that boasts an extensive menu - from basic sashimi and sushi platters to sukiyaki, udons, and bacon-wrapped tempura. There are even Japanese-style burgers, crunchy tuna roll, and a wide variety of tofu dishes. At Sumo Sam, there s something delicious and tasty for everyone in the family to enjoy. For the gallant food adventurer willing to climb to the very top of the Shangri-la Mall, there waits a delicious prize at the store's sixth floor, a sumptuous modern Japanese meal at Sumo Sam. Locations Address: 6/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City Telephone: Mon-Thurs 11am-9:30pm / Fri-Sun 10:30am-10pm Hours: Daily 11am-10pm

The entrance to Sumo Sam


Now according to legend, Sam was an American baby who somehow ended up under the care of sumo wrestlers and thus grew up to be like his adoptive fathers as well as a champion for good. In fact, one of his deeds led him to rescue a beautiful maiden who repaid his valiance with the same mouthwatering delights you can now enjoy at the restaurant named after the sumo-wrestling hero. Whether the legendary wrestler actually existed is up to debate but as for the hero-worthy food, Sumo Sam owners Ricky Laudico, Raymund Magdaluyo, and Marvin Agustin (yes, the Marvin Agustin, the matinee idol, who now has successfully infiltrated Manila's mainstream dining circles with seven restaurants to his name) have made it their solemn duty to bring diners high-quality Japanese cuisine with a Western flair.

The Sumo-Sam Specialty Dishes

Sumo Sam's Crunchy Tuna Roll. For instance, those wishing to explore Sumo Sam's signature flavors would do well to start with the Crunchy Tuna Roll, a serving of spicy tuna maki topped with fried tempura batter with a special sauce on the side. It is all at once crispy from the fried batter, smooth from the tuna, and also spicy and sweet from their trademark sauce. This medley of different tastes and textures, as well as the other offerings from the maki and sushi list, are sure to be a hit with those wanting to try something different from the regular sushi roll.


The Crunchy Squid : A surefire favorite with kids. The are other unique dishes sure to be popular with families such as the Crunchy Squid, where the squid is almost like a sweet and crunchy brittle (perfect for kids), and of course, Sumo Sam's Pride, a cool salad of prawns, lettuce, mango, and walnuts. This salad is, indeed, accurately named with its generous serving of the prawns, the delightful crunch of the glazed walnuts, and the combined flavors of the fruit and dressing.

Sumo Sam's Pride. A delicious medley of mangoes, prawns, walnuts and greens.

Aside from bringing a new twist on Japanese food, Sumo Sam also delivers the more traditional favorites such as the Ebi Tempura, Tonkatsudon, Miso Soup, and Ramen. But lest you think that Sumo Sam slacks off with these dishes because they're familiar, you must come and visit to see that the quality is still impeccable. Any true fan of Japanese cuisine is likely to appreciate the size of the prawns in the tempura as well as the hefty serving of the chops on the tonkatsudon meal. Without a doubt, everything coming from the Sumo Sam kitchen is fit for champions.

A serving of Prawn Tempura

But apart from the already-tantalizing food offerings in Sumo Sam, a visitor also gets to experience the Harajuku-style interiors of the restaurant. The modern lighting and furniture

and friendly waitstaff with trendy haircuts are complimented by the more old-fashioned (yet no less attractive) stoneware and the bamboo-and-paper lanterns found inside the store.

The inside of Sumo Sam, Shangri-Mall.

As all these elements are combined to ensure diners have a good time, it is safe to say that the aforementioned food adventurer would do no wrong in giving Sumo Sam a visit to take a bite of the amazing food and see the lively interiors. It's clear that Ricky, Raymund, Marvin, and even Sumo Sam, have taken their vow to serve their diners well seriously.

Marvin Agustin gears up to open more restaurants

Actor and businessman Marvin Agustin feels that 2011 will still be a good year for investors as the country's economy continues to thrive, despite the lingering effects of the 2008-2009 global recession. Noel Orsal Actor-entrepreneur Marvin Agustin has mastered the art of mixing pleasure and business. He and his partners in the restaurant business develop their collective ideas during overseas trips. To date, Marvin has ten restaurant brands to his name. The change in administration last June has made business good for local and foreign investors, he believes. "Yes, we are very aggressive because maganda ang economy natin and very positive ang market kaya tuloy tuloy ang expansion," said Marvin in a conversation with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other entertainment press at Johnny Chow restaurant located at New Resorts World in Pasay City. Johnny Chow which offers a mix of Thai, Korean, and Chinese cuisine was the latest addition to Marvin's chain of restaurant brands scattered around the metro. Some of the restaurants owned by Marvin include John and Yoko, Sumo Sam, Mr. Kurosawa, and Marciano's.


Come next year, Marvin and his partners will open a new restaurant "a Japanese buffet resto," the actor confided in the upscale Fort Bonifacio area. Marvin, who is currently seen in GMA-7's primetime series Beauty Queen, is also excited to launch another restaurant, which will offer genuine Filipino cuisine that will include some "personally prepared" local recipes. "Masarap ang pakiramdam siyempre dahil marami kaming napapasaya through our food and through our services. It's very fulfilling," said Marvin, who just recently went to Belgium to serve as one of the jurors at the 37th Brussels International Independent Film Festival. Giving up acting for business' sake, however, is not part of Marvin's plans. "Alam naman ng mga partners ko 'yon, na hindi ako full time dito. Whenever I don't have tapings and shootings, that's when I usually schedule 'yong mga meetings and negotiations with spaces. Pero number one priority is still acting," smiled Marvin.

Oyster Boy Restaurant

How would you want to order in a restaurant with a promise that your meal will arrive in 10 minutes? If not, it s free. Well, that was one of the promotional takes of Oyster Boy in Metrowalk with their 10minute Lunch Special. As for their Cubao restaurant, Oyster Boy created various platters inspired by Philippine festivals just like the Ati-Atihan fest where the food is good for four to six persons thus targeting the barkada market. As the name suggests, Oyster Boy specializes in oysters. Fresh oysters daily are what you will get whenever you order. According to operations manager Jerry Avea, the oysters are shipped daily from the owner s Iloilo farm after the early morning harvest. For any leftovers, oyster sauce is then created. As of my visit last February, the menu offers 25 ways to enjoy oysters, from steamed, grilled, with cheese and garlic, fresh with lime, oysters with sinamak and Oysters Rockefeller to name a few.

Oyster s Filipino Dishes

Oyster Boy also offers other Filipino dishes of Iloilo cooking. Adobong Pusit at Baboy Sa Pia (Php190) is made with squid and pork then cooked in the black squid ink and mixed with pineapples, herbs and spices. Crispy Guinamusan na Baboy is Iloilo s version of Pork Binagoongan. Flavorful with just the right amount of saltiness and is priced at Php190. Guinamus is the Iloilo version of bagoong.


An Oyster Boy original is the Smoked Tinapa Roll (Php185). Quite interesting to turn the lowly tinapa into what we usually eat as lumpiang shanghai. As for dessert, nothing beats the sweet mangoes of Guimaras. Mango Float (Php85) makes use of mangoes from Guimaras which is shipped to Manila twice a week. Good thing my friends Michelle and Noimie opted for the other dishes and were too full to have dessert. I savored two orders of deliriously delicious Mango Floats. Heavenly! With the success of Oyster Boy, even actor Marvin Agustin ventured into the business which restaurateur Dennis Gan pioneered. These partners opened Oyster Boy Gateway while the Alabang branch is handled by Gan and his mother. Oyster Boy is located at Cubao fronting Araneta Coliseum with branches in Metrowalk, Gateway and Alabang.

The Marciano s
2/F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City. Tel No. 729-0467. Open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekends.

Marciano's at Greenbelt 3. Celeb concept: Marciano's by actor Marvin Agustin is named after the great Italian-American boxer, Rocky Marciano. The joint offers Italian-American cuisine inspired by the migration of Italians to New York in 1876, says store supervisor Ray Adrian Lamosa. Perusing the menu is like touring New York what with dishes under categories like Starters from Mulberry St. (appetizers), Staten Island Soups (soups), and Drinks in the City (beverages). Gossip Girl fans should try the Upper East Side Risottos and Rice category, which includes the Blair Waldorf 4 Cheese and Sausage Risotto (P308), Seafood Serena (P389), and Chuck's All-Meat Paella (P588). For pasta, try the Woody Allen Linguine (P318) and Serendipity Seafood Marinara (P358).


Mr. Kurosawa

A heady fusion of European and Japanese dishes makes Mr. Kurosawa a foodie's delight. Their eclectic menu, which includes Japanese-inspired paella, pizza and pasta selections, combine the best of both worlds.

Jhonny Chow Restaurant

From the team behind John and Yoko, Sumo Sam and Mr. Kurosawa comes Johnny Chow, which melds the flavours of contemporary Thai, Korean and Chinese cuisine with kitschy-pop interiors to create a delightful dining experience


The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting goals and achieving them. Even the most tedious chore will become endurable as you parade through each day convinced that every task, no matter how menial or boring, brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams. Starting a restaurant may be a dream shared by everyone, but success is reserved by relatively few. But that elusive success achieved by Marvin Agustin and it was too interesting to know the inspiring stories beyond of his satisfactory outcome. His prominence in different fields of business capture our attention to keep going in working diligently to get sufficient information related with Marvin s achievement and secret of his success. As we keep reading further on his stories as a restaurateur, we understand the challenges and changes facing the food service industry and how to get into the minds of the end customers. I can say that we beneficially informed about how to operate a business simultaneously and effectively. We just hoping that all the readers who can read this study will be move, to call to account and be motivated.


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