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EOI Exam Power Pack (Basic cycle)


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Free time and leisure

Read the tourist information leaflet and match the sentences A-H with paragraphs 1-6. There is one sentence vou don't need to use. 0 is the example.

See: New English F/e Elementary

Files 4A,4D, 5C, 5RC, 8C New English File Pre-intermediate Files

24 4W sA, 58, 5D,8A,



It's a good place to visit It's got a lot of

with all the family.

information about how


Brighton used to be.


lt's an exciting and artistic place.

It's very big and has a

lot of variety.

It isnt open all day.

It costs less ifyou buy your tickets before

you visit.
It's very near the centre of the city.

H It's a good idea to phone in advance because it's popular.

Brighton Break
Brlghton is one of the most vibrant, colou'ful and creative cities in England. lt's situated on the South Coast and has something for everyone. lt's cosmopolitan and easy to get around with some great attractions and a lively nightlife. Here are the top six

to visit.

A"igttton Museum and Art Gallery. This building was re-opened in 2002 and houses historic art collections, as well as extensive historical information about the city. Entrance is free. OpenTesday to Saturday I Oam to 5pm and Sunday 2pm to 5pm.

p []

perfect for a day out with the kids. Don't miss the rollercoaster at the end of the pier that is, f you dont mind looking straight down at the sea! Open from I 0am.

Montpellier Hall.This beautiful, old hotel was constructed in 1846 for Henry Smithers,the sixth Mayor of has 22 comfortable rooms and a lovely garden. Only five minutes walk from the main shopping area and the Pier, it's ideally situated for afternoon tea or a weekend stay.

Srigtrtott Rock Beach House. Many local people come here to relax and enioy the delicious food and excellent cocktails in this caf-bar. lt's open Monday to Saturday I I am to I I pm. Call 8673456 to reserve a table as it can get busy on Saturday evenings.
Cfrurctrill Square Shopping Centre.You can buy anything you want in ths large shopping mall with famous names like Hennes, HMVand the Disney Store.There is even a crche for small children if you preler to go shopping without the whole family!
Enjoy some first-class horse racing with panoramic views of the sea.There are eighteen race meetings between April and October.Tickets cost between t l3 and { l8,with a f2 discount if you reserve in advance.


@ atigttton Race Course.

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EOI Exam Power Pack (Basic cycle)


EOI Topic: Free{ime and leisure


Read the text. For questions 1-6 choose the correct ans\iler a, b, or c. 0 is the example.

See: New English Fle Elementary

Files 4A,4D, 5C, 5RC, 8C New English File Pre-intermediate Files

And the Oscor goes t0


2A,4W 5A, 58, 5D,8A,8W

The 2009 Oscar Ceremony was

very special occasion

for two young actresses at important moments in their careers. Kate Winslet, a British actress who will always be remembered for her role in Tlfonic, won the Oscar for Best Actress, and Penlope Cruz, the firsr Spanish
actress ever to win an Oscar, got Best. Supporting Actress for her role in Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona. It was an especially emotional win for Kate Winslet, who had previously been nominated five times but had never actually won an Oscar. Born in Reading, England in 1975,

At the 2009 Oscar Academy Awards ... a Kate Winslet won her second Oscar. b a Spanish actress had won an Oscar

c a b c a b c a b c 4

Penlope Cruz was the first Spaniard to an Oscar.


Kate Winslet ...

Winslet's choice of career was strongly influenced by her family's links to the world of theatre. She started
drama classes at the age of ll and was only 20 when she received her first Best Supporting Actress Oscar

won an Oscar after six nominations. won an Oscar for Titanic. was the critics' favourite to win an Oscar.
got her first Oscar when she was only 20. was veryyoung when she began acting. wanted to work in the theatre with her family.

Kate Winslet ...

nomination. ln the 1990s, her beautiful pre-Raphaelite face started to get her roles in costume dramas such as Sense ond Sensibility and Hamlet. Although her film career has had its ups and downs, 2008 was an especially good year for Winslet with her outstanding performance in Revolutionory Raad and her starring role as Hanna in The Reode which finally won her the Oscar.
Penlope Cruz was born only a year afrer Winslet, and she too always knew she wanted to be an actress.

The writer says ... Kate Winslet became an actress because she was beautiful.

her best performance was in Revolutionary


Although her family had no direct connection with the

arts, as a child she studied classical ballet and Spanish dance. Her determination to be an actress eventually lead to a brief career in TV, but her real break came when working with directors Bigas Luna in jomn, Jamn and Fernando Trueba in Belle poque. Many critics say she developed her acting skills working with Pedro Almodvar in films like Vojver. Since 2000, Cruz has made several films in the USA with prestigious directors and is now considered to be one of the most talented actresses on the international film scene. Both women surprised the Hollywood audiences with their Oscar speeches. Kate Winslet confessed rhar as a girl she had practised her Oscar speech in front of a mirror with a shampoo bottle. Penlope Cruz put Alcobendas, the town outside Madrid where she was on born, on the world map. She said she had watched the ceremony on TV at home as a girl many times, but never imagined that one day she would be on the real stage
holding an Oscar.

her career as an actress has had good and bad points.

Penlope Cruz ...

wanted to be a dancer when she was young.

came from a family of fihn directors.

b worked in TV before she was a film actress. c

Critics say ...

a b c 6

Penlope Cruz's best

film was


she has made many good films in the USA. working with Almodvar helped her become a better actress.

Both actresses ...

expected to win an Oscar. b made an impact with their speeches. c had practised their speeches before the ceremony.



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Reading Exam - Answer Key

EOI Exam Power Pack (Basic cycle)



A2 B1



H4 E is the extra sentence


2b 3c 4b 5c 6b


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