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The craze over Automobile is raging out furiously, and the manufacturers of diff erent places are thronging

to exhibit their idols. Each and every day is not lef t still in the automobile arena, as you can hear the delivery of new small sized coupe to luxury sedan or to an extent at least a refreshed model is rolled out. It is quite obvious always new releases itches us to gaze over it. Though variou s portals like magazines, Auto expo, News and even more are available; many TV c hannels have allotted an exclusive platform with scheduled timings to discuss el aborately about new cars and bikes with comprehensive reviews and test drives. These shows also give us buying tips according to our budget and guide us with r ight financial options. And now all the latest Automobile news is in your finger tips just switch on to read more.. NDTV-247:Car and Bike Show: NDTV-247 Car and Bike Show is one of the most admirable automobile shows which is rated as an outstanding program that extensively discuss about the current mode ls, test drive , insights of new car and bikes with photos. The show also projects the details of the vehicles that are suitable for your bu dget. This show is anchored by Siddharth Vinayak Patankar with guests and cars. The show timings are as follows NDTV 247: Saturday 4:30pm, Sunday 11:30am, 11.30p m. NDTV Profit: Sunday7pm, Monday 8.30pm, Saturday 1:30pm. And also catch Freewheeling, on Saturdays at 2pm/8pm and Sundays at 10:30am. CNBC TV18 Overdrive: Overdrive also sounds as an India s No.1 Car & Bike Magazine. This show opens a ne w forum for anything and everything on wheels. CNBC TV18 Overdrive is a brand of auto experience that drags the first time auto buyer to experience the miracle of seamless auto world. CNBC TV18 Overdrive is hosted by Shereen Bhan at Tuesday- 6.30 PM, Saturday- 1.0 0 PM,Sunday- 12.30 PM and 6.30PM & CNN-IBN Satuday 3.30PM IBN 7 Top Drive: Top Drive is a special feature on the Auto industry with the latest news from th e world of cars and bikes, comprehensive reviews of new vehicles, and customized buying tips for every budget from an auto finance guide. A detailed analysis of every automobile segment by experts helps the viewer to make an informed choice . Top Drive will be telecasted on Sunday 12.30 P.M to 1.00 P.M. and the show is an chored by Darain Shahidi ET NOW Zigwheels: ET NOW Zigwheels is a supplement of Times of India which bring down the core det ails of motor world. ZigWheels is an automotive show reviewing discussing, featu res and interviews on Indian vehicles. Zigwheels tops the chart as it isheaded by the pioneer of Indian auto journalism . And nowyou can tune your station to ET NOW Zigwheels on Thursday: 07.30pm & 10 .30pm, Saturday: 08.30am, 03.30pm & 11.30pm, Sunday: 12.30pm & 05.00pm. Times Now Times Drive: Times Now Times drive is a recent treat for auto enthusiasts. Times Drive demons trates the current trends of auto market that includes domestic as well as inter national. Then it generally features reviews of current cars or an upgraded mode l.

Times Drive also discuss the feature on buying a used car and it also brings emi nent celebrities to add flavor to the show. You can catch the show at Saturday 11:30 am, 6:30 pm and on Sunday at 10:30 am, 2:30pm, and 10:30 pm. Utvi Autocar: Bloomberg UTVi Autocar news will keep you alert on any happenings in the automob ile world. It will catch you the best of auto expos around the world, reviews th e latest set of wheels, and shares a wide range of tips. Ace rally driver Renuka Kirpalani and Autocar India editor Hormuzd Sorabjee igni tes the show at 10:30 am on Saturday, and Sunday at 12:30 pm & 10:00 pm. BBC World Top Gear: BBC World Top Gear wraps automobile industry with reviews, latest auto news, tes t drives, supersaloon shootout and roll over the green lights on Stig to reveal secret information. BBC World Top Gear is a perfect auto show with a valor that no one can beat it.B BC World Top Gear can be viewed on- Saturday 2300, Monday 1300, Thursday 0100 & 1900, and on Friday at 2300. Star News Top Speed Star News Top Speed programme will offer a complete package of the automobile in dustry including test drives, vehicle reviews, expert advice on vehicle maintena nce, the latest accessories and exclusive reporting on auto shows. Top Speed will be aired every Sunday at 5.30 pm, Rajiv Mitra, consulting editor, Auto Magazine will anchor the show along with Manpreet Waraich. NDTV Raftar: NDTV Raftar is the most Loved , respected and watched Auto Show of India. This s how discuss about latest sedans, reviews, and results of test drives. NDTV Raftar anchor Kranti Sambhav takes the show to the zenith with a sensible d escription of best brands. You can also share your ideas and post questions to h im on SMS to: text RAF your question to 56388. Zee Business Wheelocity: Zee Business Wheelocity show belongs to an automotive genre takes you to real dr ive and features all kind of automobile news. It is a famous show that satisfies the quest of auto lovers by covering motorsport, news and news events. Zee Business Wheelocity is anchored by Kanika and Gasha which is telecasted on S unday at 1800, Tuesday 1830, and on Saturday at 10.30 P.M. Kalaignar TV- Vaahana Sandhai: Kalaignar TV the famous South-Indian channel runs a show Vaahana Sandhai that cove rs the latest cars, perform test drives, and produce a detailed reviews on cars and bikes. This show is anchored by Subash and Ram which is being telecasted on every Thursday at 7.30 P.M. Jaya Plus: Jaya Plus is a counter-part of kalignar TV which runs Moto Plus that wraps complet e coverage on automobile news, produce comprehensive reviews, and always keep in formed about the latest trends in auto world. Moto Plus is anchored by Palani & Kannan and the show is scheduled at 12.30 P.M. on Sunday.