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CURRICULUM VITAE KUSHAL BHANUSHALI (BE Electronics & Communication) Mobile No:- 09898753656 Email:- kushal.bhanushali@gmail.

com CAREER OBJECTIVE Looking for challenging career, where there is scope for demonstration, always on a lookout for a positive & bigger outlook, Currency are ideas, thrive on Imagination & Passion, Rigorous thinking and boundless curiosity, Sets levels & standards that exceed expectations, Have fun attitude is everything, Bottom line rises with the Organization, A Learner for Life. ACADEMIC DETAILS Sr.N o. 1. Education B.E (Electronics & Comm.) HSC SSC Percentage 64.3 Class First Year Of Passing March 2009 University/Board Atmiya College/Saurashtra University G.S.H.S.E Board, Gandhinagar G.S.H.S.E Board, Gandhinagar

2. 3.

62.88 81.33

First Distinction

March 2005 March 2003

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Since Jun11 with Halonix Ltd., Haridwar as a Regional Quality Engineer (West Region) Commercial Quality Assurance Role:  Responsible for managing QA & Business Excellence Function through effective coordination with the production department for resolving customers complaint. Work Responsibilities:     Attending Customers Complaints within 24 hours of Complaint receipt. Monthly MIS for West Region as well as All India. Monthly MIS of Warranty Return Analysis. Monthly MIS of Field Failure Analysis for improvement in the Present Quality.

Significant Achievements:  Have given regular service to all the customers & satisfied them with the Quality, which resulted in the Highest Sale (i.e. 6 Crore ) for the last few months.  Have successfully completed the project for reduction in the Claim Clearance Time. We have made Warranty Claims Clearance Time to 1 month earliar which was Cleared after 3 months.

May09 - Jun11 with Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd., Bhuj as an Engineer Quality Assurance Significant Highlights:  Supervising of all Incoming Material Inspection, Photometry process of CFL & FTL, Final Inspection.  Analysis of Market Return lamps to improve Quality Standards & lamps life.  Attending the customer complaints & worked to reduce them by improving Quality.  Doing Regularly Internal Audits.  Final Inspection at OEM.  Handling documents regarding BIS, BEE, ISO.  Benchmarking with Competitors & implementing the best practices in the organization.  Developing & implementing SOPs to meet ISO 9001:2000 standards  Providing technical guidance to the vendor team, guiding them on resolving performance bottlenecks.  Have controlled Process Rejection by using 7 QC Tools, 5s, Fish Bone Technique, Pareto Analysis.  Have made ITAKONA Board of Capsule, PCB & Process for cost reduction.  Played a key role in achieving Zero Customer Complaint for Year 2010 in CFL. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Quality Assurance Defining Quality Standards and structured Processes / Quality Plans for each operation in the organisation; benchmarking with Global Best Practices and implementing the same in the organisation. Developing & implementing Service Level Agreements between various functions & departments; analysing results, trends & suggesting corrective action for external customer satisfaction systems. Enforcing the adherence to Quality norms for Raw Material, WIP and Finished Products. QMS Implementation & Compliance Developing & implementing SOPs / Quality Systems to meet ISO 9001:2000 standards. Conducting regular internal audits and reviews to ensure adherence to pre-set norms; ensure conformance across all functions and processes. Providing technical guidance to the vendor team, guiding them on resolving performance bottlenecks. Monitoring key Cost areas, Variables, Performance Measures; tracking & rectifying variance. Process Management Mapping Customer requirements; implementing and transitioning, customising processes in line with the guidelines specified by the Customer. Implementing Standard Operating Procedures, Manuals to facilitate smooth functioning of process, ensuring conformance to Service Level Agreements. Client Servicing Ensuring speedy resolution of queries and grievances to maximize client satisfaction levels. Maintaining excellent relations with clients to generate avenues for additional business. Monitoring post service activities like follow up with customers, service reminders. Developing and ensuring customer satisfaction by maintaining excellent Turn around Time (TAT) for delivery and standard service quality norms.

Training & Development Building and fostering good employee interaction for motivating individuals to excel in the learning process, ensuring team members remain well-qualified to provide highest level of quality and service. Conducting effective training on Quality Function Deployment, Quality Tools, 5S System etc. to the quality team for enhancing their technical skills. Applying the Coaching & Performance Concept to achieve a Total Quality Workforce; developing systems for communicating standards through Training & Awareness Programs. PROJECT WORK UNDERTAKEN Micro Mouse: Description: The micro-mouse is a maze-solving robot. Although the micro-mouse is not fully qualified to be called as an artificial intelligence, it behaves like an A.I in some degree when It tries to solve the maze. Basically, the micro-mouse has a microcontroller to control the hardware and make decisions to navigate in a maze. Application: It can be used in GPS controlled vehicle, Space exploration vehicle, Industrial robots, Stealth vehicle, Research in A.I. & in smart cities. PAPER PRESENTATION & SEMINARS   Presented a paper on Astronomy in 5th semester. As part of our curriculum I had made a seminar report on TOP 12 in 6th semester. MICRO-CONTROLLERS

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES      Have made a Project on Split A.C. Control in the ELECTRORACE-2006 in Atmiya Institute of Tech. & Science, Rajkot. Have been the member of organizing committee in Tech Utkarsh05, a national level Technical Symposium. Have been a part of the organizing committee of Youth Festival-2007 organized by Saurashtra University. Have been the member of organization committee in Tech Utkarsh08, a national level event in A.I.T.S. college, Rajkot. Member of the Astronomy Club, Rajkot.

COMPUTER PROFICIENCY Operating System Languages Known Assembly Languages Other Softwares   : All the Versions of Microsoft Windows. : Basic knowledge of C,C++ , : 8085 Simulator : MS-Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Oracle.

Knowledge of Internet Applications. Proficient in Data Analysis & MIS Making.

CERTIFICATE COURSE   Have done 6 days training on PLC organized by ISA section, Pune in A.I.T.S. Completed a crash course on Personality Development from IRIS finishing school, Rajkot.



STRENGTHS: 1. Smart working 2. Sincere 3. Dedicated 4. Ambitious 5. Out of the box thinking HOBBIES: 1. Net Surfing 2. Playing Chess and Piano 3. Listening Music 4. Astronomy and Sky Gazing 5. Painting

DECLARATION I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge. (Kushal Bhanushali)