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Michael Corwin, LCSW San Rafael, Cailf. 94903 Email: mc1272d7a@westpost.

net Career Focus Professionally trained Clinical Social Worker with excellent communication skill s and experience ensuring high standards of culturally competent care for a wide variety of patients with diverse needs/issues. Summary of Skills Outstanding success in Social Service Agencies including Child and Adult Protect ive Services, Drug and Alcohol Programs, ILS, and various Mental Health Programs . Psychotherapeutic skills with individuals, families and groups. Knowledge of medical-psycho-socio-economic factors affecting individuals and fam ilies. Advocate for deaf and other populations. Excellent writing, speaking and ASL skills. Evaluated client problem/services and developed social service plans, which incl uded coordinating and monitoring services. Crisis Intervention, assessment and screening. Consults with the legal, medical, educational profession and community groups. Development and coordination of recreational, educational and social activities. Facilitated community resources for clients and referrals. Relevant Experience While working as a Social Worker in various Social Service Agencies within the S . F. Bay Area I have gained much experience that includes but is not limited to the positions below. While at Napa State Hospital I provided services that included psychotherapy to the deaf population at both the children and adult units as well as the hearing population that was in the same groups of these individuals. Some of these group s included Men's Group, Support Group(general), Narcotics Anonymous, Art Group, ILS Group, Sexuality Group, and Sand Tray; techniques for those with limited com munication skills such as small children and others. While working at Sonoma Developmental Center I provided services to a population that had a dual diagnosis and that were a danger to themselves/others as well a s to those who were there on a voluntarily basis. I had worked at a variety of l evels of behaviors and disabilities within this setting as a member of an inter disciplinary team. As a Social Worker my part of the team basically covered the social services aspect which included the psychosocial assessments, collecting h istorical information of the clients, ensuring that the rights of each client wa s protected, admission and discharge planning, working directly with the clients doing various activities, keeping in contact with clients families, conservator s and others to keep them abreast of any concerns as well as sharing any family concerns with the ID team. I attended various workshops/seminars to upgrade my k nowledge/skills of this and other populations. I attended yearly and semiannual conferences of clients' Individual Program Planning and contributed any insights /adjustments especially from a social service perspective. I was also one of the counselors for the Employment Assistance Program (EAP). At another Northern Californian agency I had worked with a population of Severel y Emotionally Disabled (S.E.D.) that included psychotherapy with clients and the ir families; Case Management; Coordinate and facilitate staff meetings for a res idential home. Taught Living Skills to develop independence and self-sufficiency to prepare clients to a less restrictive setting; Discharge Planning; Other rel

ated duties which provided a safe and structured community integration. I have also worked at various other social service agencies within the Bay Area, including Private settings and others not listed in this resume due to limited space. Professional History March 2000 to September 2004 Sonoma Developmental Center Eldridge, Ca. Psychiatric Social Worker July 1997 to July 1998 Willow Creek Treatment Center Santa Rosa, Ca. Clinician October 1994 to June 1996 Napa State Hospital Napa, Ca. Psychiatric Social Worker--LCSW Associate February 1993 to February 1994 Valley Community Counseling Services Stockton and Tracy, Ca. Therapist February 1990 to February 1991 Department of Family and Children Services, Santa Clara County San Jose, Ca. Social Worker February 1988 to February 1990 Marin Center for Independent Living San Rafael, Ca. Counselor February 1984 to February 1986 Center for Independent Living Berkeley, Ca. Counselor Education and Training 1987 San Francisco State University , MSW Social Work 1981 Sonoma State University , BA Psychology