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RUDMEELA NAWSHEEN 370 Elan Village Lane # 303 San Jose, California 95134 208-891-0503 rn129dade @westpost.

net ELECTRICAL ENGINEER Goal-oriented Engineering graduate with academic and real-world experience in ha rdware/software applications and networking protocols backed by strong communication, organizational, and problem resolution skills. Sharp, analytical problem solver excelling independently and as a team contributor versed in schem atic capture, layout and simulation. Solid knowledge of process, device, and technology. Fast learner quickly graspin g new systems.

Coursework: Fundamentals of Mechatronics Engineering, Introduction to Digital Si gnal Processing, Theory of Automatic Controls, Fundamentals of Networking, and Solar Cell Class. Demonstrated leadership acumen as a Student Ambassador and Integrator for Boise State University. Promoted University offerings, volunteered for school groups, and contributed to student registration & orientation. Planned and executed events. EDUCATION

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, San Jose State University, San Jo se, California (2010) SELECT PROJECT ACHIEVEMENTS (Full list upon request)

Electromechanical Door Opener: (Senior Project): Conceptualized, customized, and created the product for wheelchair users using an effective combination of academic knowledge and handson experience in numerous software and hardware applications. Signal Processing with IIR & FIR Filters: Determined the filter needed to proces s a given speech signal. Designed an IIR and a FIR filter for the speech signal. Applied the filter to pr ocess the signal and determined the group delay and its effect. Digital I/O Project: Created a schematic diagram to build circuit with ICs and p assive components. Utilized the digital input and output functions of the ATmega16 micro controller. Read le vel signals from an input port for transmission to an output port. Programmed the 7-Seg. Led and displayed numbers. Characterized functionality. Common Source Amplifier: Originated a Common Source Amplifier, complete with sou rce resistance, from

initial design and construction to final operation using NMOS transistors. Fabricated Wafer: Integrated a blank wafer with complex circuits. Fabricated & s imulated circuits. Mechatronics Data Communication Linear Feedback Control Systems Frequency Ana lysis Troubleshooting Problem Resolution Customer Support Client Relations Presentations Project M anagement Schematics PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Intern, RANKS ITT (Information Technology), Dhaka, Bangladesh Summer 2008 Remedied technical problems impacting networking uptimes for the broad client ba se of a company specializing in data communication, national Internet, system implementation & integration, and IP-VPN services. Corporation was one of the few Universal Internet Service Provider licensed to operate in Bangla desh. Maximized keen analytical, troubleshooting, and solution development expertise to identify and address issu es to quickly recover network functionality both as a team and individual contributor. Worked with assigned me ntors to learn the acceptable installation and configuration of backbone transmission along with access networ k equipment commission work as part of client service delivery. Attained experience in customizing modules for network management using open so urce NMS platforms as mandated by corporate helpdesk and customer service requirements. Studied transmission network basics for wired and wireless networking and the b ackbone networking device installation of multiplexers, routers, and distribution switches, as well as IP radio deployment. Awarded the Intern of the Month honor in recognition of excellent client servic e. AFFILIATIONS/TECHNICAL SKILLS IEEE VP, South Asian Student Association Languages: C, C++, MATLAB, MathCAD, Simulink, Java Software: Xilinx, MS Office, UNIX, AVR Studio Simulator, Visual Basic and Pspice . Electrical Equipment: Function Generator, Oscilloscope, DMM, AT Mega 16, Various engineering tool