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Jennifer Davisson Cell: (208) 250-9622 (voice messaging available) Objective: Experienced microelectronics assembly packaging and process

manufactu ring engineer seeking new career for long-term career growth and development. Profile Microelectronics assembly process/manufacturing engineer with 24 years of experi ence in assembly packaging and process development. Performed multiple equipment selections and qualifications for production of various microelectronic package s. Extensive hands-on operational and process development of die attach and wire bonding of lead frame and substrate based products. This includes packaging sol utions for single die, multi-chip, ceramic, BGA, FBGA, LOC, Flip Chip, RF Hybrid , and flex substrate devices. * Expertise in process development of wire bond and die attach technologies. * Experience in material and equipment selection, buy-off and qualification for production. * Demonstrated success of process and product development from initial design to volume production as well as providing engineering and production documentation of processes. * In-depth understanding of back end assembly packaging processes and material i nteractions. * Extensive knowledge of packaging process and material troubleshooting with the ability to define fail mechanisms using industry failure analysis tools such as ; microscopes (high, low, UV), X-ray, SEM/EDS, Auger, FTIR, ESCA, CSAM * Knowledge of MIL-STD and JEDEC package qualification and requirements. * Familiar with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS9001, and IPC-610 standards and requireme nts. * Skilled in Project Management, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing methodologies, Quality Control and Yield Enhancement (PFMEA, DOE, SPC, GMP, DMAIC, Kaizen) * Experience with reporting data collection, analysis and their results to engin eering and management teams. * Able to lead projects as well as participate and perform within the collaborat ive group. Familiar with microelectronics assembly packaging processes: * * * * * * * Wafer thinning Wafer dicing Die attach/lamination/flip chip/eutectic Plasma Clean Wire bond Encapsulation/under-fill/dam & fill Solder ball attach/screen print

Professional Experience Plexus Electronics Assembly, Nampa Idaho Sept 2007 - Current Microelectronics Manufacturing Engineer Development and sustaining engineering of assembly processes and automation equi pment for hybrid microwave and medical packages: * Qualified and developed process of epoxy die attach dispense and placement of GaAs MMIC devices into microwave modules. * Qualified and co-developed process of eutectic die attach. * Qualified and developed process of automatic gold/gold wedge and ball bonding processes for microwave modules and medical devices.

* Documented procedures and customer specifications for implementation of automa ted processes into production. * Performed equipment selection, buy-off, installation qualification, operation qualification and production qualifications. * Documented IQ/OQ validation protocols for medical certification. Responsibilities: * Interpret customer drawings, manufacturing requirements and BOM's (Bill of Mat erials). Tracked Engineering Change Orders (ECO's) for assigned products. * Order/design tooling for manufacturing equipment. * Development of manufacturing process documentation (equipment operation instru ctions, specific function training, etc.) and assembly build instructions. * Programming of die bonding, epoxy dispense and wire bonding recipes for fully automatic equipment. * Maintain/update assembly build instructions. * Evaluate and implement continuous process or equipment improvements for increa sed yield and throughput. * Perform equipment buy-offs * Perform equipment conversions and minor repairs Micron Technology, Boise Idaho June 1987 - September 2007 Manufacturing Process Engineer (2 years) CMOS Imaging Assembly Process Engineer: * Process development and training of multi-module system. * Development of manufacturing process documentation for multiple package types. * Creation/development of die bond and wire bond recipes. * Material and process evaluations for continuous process improvement and yield enhancement. * Creation, implementation, and management of statistical process controls for t he area. * On-going support of the production area. * Performed equipment conversions and minor repairs. Micron Technology, Boise Idaho June 1987 - September 2007 Manufacturing Process Engineer (4 years) Die Bonding Process Engineer: * Qualification and process development of new equipment platform for lead-overchip packaging. * Material evaluation and selection for lead-over-chip processes. * Creation/development of die bond recipes. * Implementation of new packages and processes for product qualification. * Performed continuous process and equipment improvements for increased manufact uring yields. * Documentation and engineering support for production manufacturing. * Extensive operational knowledge of multiple die bonding platforms. * Performed equipment conversions and minor repairs. Micron Technology, Boise Idaho June 1987 - September 2007 Manufacturing Process Engineer (12 years) Wire Bonding Process Engineer: * Lead process engineer for wire bond process engineering group. * Directly involved in all process and package development. * Performed material and software evaluations. * Performed multiple supplier evaluations and qualifications. * Worked extensively with supplier equipment software engineers for software pro cess improvements and off-line program generation. * Performed equipment buy-offs and qualification for wire bond equipment and bon d quality control equipment. * Implemented and managed statistical process controls (SPC) for the area.

* Provided on-going support of production area. * Performed equipment conversions and minor repairs.

Education Rimrock Jr. Sr. High School, Bruneau, Idaho High School Diploma, 3.58 GPA May, 1983 College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls, Idaho Continuing Education, 4.0 GPA Boise State University, Boise, Idaho Continuing Education, 3.25 GPA College of Western Idaho, Nampa, Idaho Continuing Education, 4.0 GPA Equipment List Attached is a list of equipment I have operated, programmed, qualified or mainta ined during my career. Wire Bond K & S 1482, 1484, 1488, & 8028 model ball bonders ASM Eagle ball bonder Esec 3088 ball bonder F & K Delvotec G5 wedge bonder Palomar 8000 Westbond semi-automatic wedge bonder Stand Alone Epoxy Dispense Asymtek Axiom Die Bond /Dispense MRSI M5 ESC 9200 LOC Hitachi CM200 Alphasem 9022 HSL Esec 2008 Datacon 2200 ASM AD898 Quality Control Dage 4000 bond tester Royce 550 bond tester Royce 650 bond tester Joel SEM Nikon NEXIV 3020VMR Contact angle measurement Polishing and cross-sectioning equipment