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SEDI MOHASSEL sm1320ede@westpost.

net (949) 422-7959 OBJECTIVE Highly competent contracts administrator with extensive experience administering contacts for major projects in the engineering field, Expertise includes drafting and managing contracts during process, progress measurements and correspondence management for contractual correctness and perimeter; Reporting process activities; Ensure all contractual issues of scope, costand on time delivery and fulfillment of services from point of project inception to completion. * Excellent analytical skills * Computer savvy * IT Management * Excellent * Organization skills * Strong team player, and customer service * Creative problem solver * Solution-oriented * Analytical and result-oriented * Great innovative/creative ideas TECHNICAL SKILLS High level proficiency in: * Databases: MS Access, MS Excel, MS SQL * Data Analysis: Access, Excel, SAS *

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio * Web design: HTML, Jscript, Dream weaver RESPONSIBILITIES: * Government Grant Administration * Database Administration * Data Analyst * Treasury * Invoicing, billing, inventory * Reporting monthly expenses * Office management Education Bachelor, COMPUTER SCIENCE University of California, Irvine California REAL ESTATE BROKER Licensee EXPERIENCE NEXTCHIPS INC. IRVINE, CA 2008 ~ PRESENT CONTRACT ADMINISTATOR: * Analyze contracts for content, clauses and definition of outstanding contractual matters during in direct relation to requirements at the initial stages of all projects. * Establish articulate and close relations with the customer, in view of claims for time extensions, greater expenses for reasons beyond the control of the company. * Provide all information relating to the contract/project to the Legal Advisor in the event of technical-administrative or arbitration disputes. * At the completion of each project, to present a report to the Commercial Office regarding contract conditions to be modified

/changed in the event of similar situations in the future. * Review correspondence to assure compliance with customer, contractor and corporate obligations/ requirements. * Provide assistance to Program Office by interpreting contractual procurement regulations Provide pre-proposal and proposal preparation support, prepare negotiation minutes. * Prepared proposals, participated in contract negotiations, oversaw contract administration, and handled customer interaction to provide proper contract acquisition and fulfillment services. * Identified target markets, constructed complex questionnaires, conducted telephone interviews, compiled and analyzed the data, organized and conducted a focus group within market segment, analyzed and dovetailed the results from 2 data-gathering approaches, tested original assumptions, and wrote and presented a report to management including recommendations for future action. OFFICE MANAGER: * Assure invoices and payments are accurate and processed on time. * Coordinate and perform contract close-out actions, maintain a close working relationship with Financial Analysts. * Examined estimates of material, equipment services, production costs, performance requirements, and delivery schedules to ensure accuracy and completeness. * Investigated, evaluated, and coordinated the collection of data used to drive policy. * Coordinate and perform a range of staff as well as operational support activities for the unit; serve as a liaison with other departments and operating units in the resolution of day-to-day administrative and operational problems. * Provide administrative/secretarial support for the department/division such as answering telephones, assisting visitors, and resolving and referring a range of administrative problems and inquiries. * Operate personal computer to compose and edit correspondence and memoranda from dictation, verbal direction, and from knowledge of established department/division policies; prepare, transcribe,

compose, type, edit, and distribute agendas and minutes of meetings. * Schedule and coordinate meetings, interviews, appointments, events and other similar activities for supervisors, which coordinating travel as well as lodging arrangements. * Establish, maintain, and update files, databases, records, and other documents; develop and maintain data, and perform routine analyses and calculations in the processing of data for recurring internal reports. * Sort, review, screen and distribute incoming and outgoing mail; prepare, compose and ensure timely responses to a variety of routine written inquiries. * Printing, maintenance, and other services. * Train and lead student employees and lower graded staff, as and when required. DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR: * Maintain contract files and database on contracts and projects. * Compiled and analyzed data and maintain historical information. * Created, modified, maintained and optimized SQL server database. * Created reports for the business analysts and end-users. * Management of the database performance, backup, replication, capacity and security. * Developed quantitative reports through statistical analysis of database management, development, and integration.