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To obtain a position in the Healthcare industry where I can demonstrate my leade rship abilities, analytical skills, which has produced effective change and impr oved quality of healthcare delivery. Possess the ability to collaborate within a team effort and perform resourceful problem solving. EDUCATION: 12/2002-4/2003 Georgia Medical Institute Atlanta, GA Diploma of Medical Insurance Billing and Coding 8/2000-5/2002 Mercer University Atlanta, GA Master of Science in Health Care Administration 8/1998-12/1999 Clayton College and State University Morrow, GA Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Care Management 8/1993-8/1996 Clayton College and State University Morrow, GA Associate of Science in Nursing INTERESTS AND ACTIVITIES: * 03/2001 Washington D.C. Healthcare Study Tour: Dept. of Health and Human Serv ices, National Institute of Health, American Hospital Association, Bethesda Nava l Hospital, Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality, National Library of Medic ine * 01/2000 International Healthcare Study Tour: London, England; Paris, France; and Brussels, Belgium WORK EXPERIENCE: 04/2008- Present McKesson Corporation Clinical Services Specialist * Primary contact for clients (Direct Sales) and liason to our Value-added Rese llers (VARs) * Multi-tasking and communicating with staff members across multiple applicatio ns: Medisoft, Lytec, Concept, Medisoft Clinical, and Lytec MD * Providing customer service and troubleshooting application software issues * Working in a team with programmer analysts and technical support to resolve a ny technical issues * Working on group projects, interact with development staff, and mentor co-wor kers * Design and maintenance of application documentation and training * Updating and maintaining an online project tracking system * Perform installation, configuration, and training of Medisoft Clinical EHR an d Lytec MD EHR on local and domain severs that require C-tree and SQL * Install e-Presciption (Sure Scripts), Lab interfaces (Lab Corp and Quest) * Perform training to End-users and VARs on EHR and Practice Management softwar e (Medisoft, Lytec, Concept). * Developed the project plan, including timeline, work breakdown structure, req uired resources, and milestones * Coordinated required resources across the clinical and technical services tea ms involved in the implementation process (e.g. EHR, hardware specifications, in stallation, configuration, Patient Records, Training) * Maintain issue logs for the project. * Ensured required project communication is completed (e.g. status reports)

* Escalated issues in an appropriate and timely manner both internally and with the customer. * Directed project activities to achieve defined customer milestones * Knowledge of the ANSI X12 format including 835 and 837 07/2007- 3/2008 Fusion Sleep, LLC Director of Benefits Services * Developed and implemented the Bond Clinician Electronic Health Record System. * Responsible for day to day workflow and procedural concepts for efficient fun ctioning of the office. * Established work flow, procedures, and operational improvements in the busine ss office. * Arranges work assignments for maximum productivity. * Researches problems and recommends solutions. * Interpreted and implemented policy and procedures; refers policy questions or recommendations to the CEO. * Performed project management and assignments from the CEO. * Provides Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Practice Statistics and Financial Repo rts, makes recommendations based on reports, and gives feedback to CEO on busine ss office operations. * Continuously monitors the financial performance of the clinic. * Reviewed, with financial staff, the computer software and hardware needs for the practice. * Established and maintained up-to-date fee schedule. * Met weekly with the bookkeeper to track expenses and revenues. * Reviewed invoices for accuracy and accountability. * Reviewed bills for appropriateness of charges. * Approved adjustment request forms and refund request forms with attachments. Assured all appropriate research has been done to verify that the adjustment or refund was valid and necessary. * Performed monthly audit of adjustments to confirm that contract rate adjustme nts are accurate and not overstated by any other types of adjustments. Also, ver ifies accuracy of other adjustments types including global, no referral, no precert, untimely, etc. to assure that reporting is correct per the EOB's for asses sment of revenue losses. * Reported budget variances. * Maintained interpersonal relations and communications with staff. * Performed orientation and on-the-job training to employees. * Evaluated and disciplines business office staff. * Interviewed potential candidates. * Maintained appropriate staffing and properly trained employees to meet patien t care and physician needs. * Conducted employee evaluations. * Implemented employee counseling and monitors results. * Interviewed and hired new employees. * Developed and updated job descriptions. * Organized, maintained and monitored the quality assurance plan. * Developed and evaluated action plans for HIPPA and Compliance issues. * Performed medical chart record reviews. * Involved all staff in quality care issues throughout clinic. * Coordinated staff meetings and documents same to meet education, mandatory in -service requirements, quality assurance and information updates. * Oversaw all office billing and financial functions. * Monitored billing and collection goals; set new goals, suggests procedural an d staffing changes to meet goals. * Overseeing banking functions, including cash flow, processing of payments, de posits and expenses. * Overseeing payroll and benefit functions. * Handled daily-end process and final close, including preparation and distribu

tion of daily reports. * Handles month-end process, including printing and distribution of monthly rep orts * Handles year-end process, including printing and distribution of yearly repor ts 03/2007- 06/2007 MedPartners HIM Consultant * Acute care coding experience to provide Medicare/Medicaid auditing for inpati ent charts. * Experienced in pro fee coding for multi specialty clinics. * Extensive ICD-9, CPT and E remote coding from home office. * Audit provider's documentation to evaluate if medical codes are captured and reported accurately. 07/2005-3/2007 Kaiser Permanente Coding Quality Analyst * Georgia Representative for the National Coding Forum * Validation of ICD-9-CM codes coming from In-patient hospital settings * Give recommendation if codes need more specific description for higher specif icity selection. * Participate in the Ingenix Coding Scrub Software Design Project (Ingenix Clai m Editing System) is an open-architecture claims editing tool that offers full d isclosure of rules-based edits. The browser-based application and database expan ds your claims transaction system's capabilities with valuable new utilities tha t reduce manual review and promote more consistently appropriate reimbursement w ith attendant cost savings. * Improving the appropriateness of claims payments-automatically * Slashing inconsistent manual review and reallocating your resources * Facilitating resolution of provider appeals by basing adjudication on contrac ted rates * Reducing costs with a browser-based interface system * Detecting overpayments before payment * Enjoying responsive customer support * Participated in physician coding training and post training support * Provided post coding training support at facilities * Developed post coding training survey * Data Mining Project: Recouping $29 millions from Medicare * Improve the accuracy of the documentation of the true illness burden of the G eorgia Region's Senior Advantage (SA) members * Reviewing our SA members' historical encounter data via chart or electronic m edical record to identify opportunities for improvement in diagnosis capture and coding-so called "data mining * Used MicroSoft Access and Excel to coordinate, conduct and report on an ongoi ng and monthly basis monthly quality improvement assessments for medical centers , TSPMG practitioners, and additional clinical areas as requested, utilizing est ablished criteria. These include but are not limited to: medical record departme nt quality audits; documentation standard audits; medical record inventory proje cts; process studies and verification; release of information production; regula tory, accrediting audits, coding compliance and documentation analysis; etc. * Concurrent coding analysis of Medicare encounters, * Provide coding assistance and communication to practitioners, * Perform audits and prepare feedback for practitioners on their medical servic e documentation's and coding to ensure that KPSE (Georgia) receives appropriated reimbursement and conforms to applicable guidelines and regulations. * Annual review and update of Patient Visit Records to ensure that PVRs contain s the appropriate and valid ICD9-CM and CPT codes. 08/2004-10/2004 Medical Management Institute Consultant

* Increase revenue through more accurate and complete charge capture. * Implementation of effective reimbursement methods. * Improving charge capture, coding, billing, collection and management reportin g. * Maintain third-party compliance and possible increase profitability. * Offer turn-key compliance solutions for medical practices and organizations t o help them become and remain compliant and profitable. * Work closely with clients and their legal advisors to identify and correct po tential compliance breaches - as well as help medical practices through third-pa rty audits. * Help practices streamline operations, motivate staff and get the most out of their precious resources - capital, time, and personnel. 07/2003-Present DeVry University Adjunct Professor- Health Information Technology Program * Eighteen years experience in healthcare information, healthcare delivery, aca demic setting. * Instruct undergraduate students in both a conceptual and applied course in wr iting and speaking the language of medicine. * Prepare health information students to communicate effectively with other hea lthcare providers and consumers. * Developed online course curriculum. * Prepared PowerPoint lectures for class. * Instruct students how to deconstruct and construct medical terms by use of pr efixes, word roots, combining forms, combing vowels, and suffixes. * Instruct students in anatomy of physiology of the twelve body systems. 06/2003-07/31/2003 HCA-PAS Intern/Collections * Developed the training manual for the Insurance Verification Application. * Performed patient access duties: Insurance verification, Pre-certification, a nd Benefits eligibility. * Performed collection duties for low dollar and high dollar accounts. * Used MediTech, Host, Collection System, AVDM, Insurance Verification Applicat ion software. 05/1/2003-5/29/2003 Pediatric Clinic, Dr. Victor Lui Intern * Responsible for the abstracting and coding of all in-office services. * Coordinated billing functions such as verifying patient insurance, referrals, entering provider charges, assisting the patients with billing and insurance co ncerns and preparing financial reports. * Electronic and manual claim submission * WINASAP 2000- Medicaid and Georgia Better Health and Medisoft software applic ation. * Posted payments from insurance companies on patient's ledger cards. * Performed admissions and reception duties. * Developed charts, insurance verification, benefit eligibility. 06/2002-08/2002 Governor Roy Barnes Internship Program Intern * Managed a $10 million grant called Supporting Partnership to Assure Ready Kid s (SPARK) Initiative, which is an initiative funded by W.K. Kellogg Foundation a nd Governor Roy Barnes to get children from ages 0 to 5 years ready educationall y and medically ready for school; * Assisted with the development of the Logic Model, which is a strategic planni ng tool designed to implement guidelines that will enhance the ability of the ch ild's educational and medical readiness for school and evaluate strategic outcom es; * Performed budget planning, monetary disbursement to partners, accounting rece

ivable and payables; * Demonstrated effective leadership and teamwork concept; * Conducted conferences with partners to plan budgets and new strategies. 12/1996-09/1998 Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates Atlanta, GA Staff Nurse * Supervisor of 6 to 10 nursing support employees; * Co-Manager of Crohn's/Colitis Drug Study; * Assisted with endoscopies; * Performed chart reviews; * Conducted new employee training; * Participated in interviewing and hiring of new employees; * Managed equipment maintenance and supply orders; * Performed pre-certification and insurance verification; * Coordinated employee education; * Formulated and conducted meetings for office staff. 06/1994-11/1995 South Fulton Medical Center East Point, GA Inpatient and ER Admissions Representative and ER Tech * Assessed patient for admissions appropriateness, phlebotomy * Triage patients in the Emergency Department; * Conducted ICD-9CM coding, pre-certification and insurance verification; * Performed computer data entry; 01/1994-06/1995 ITT Sheraton Gateway Hotel College Park, GA Accounting Clerk * Accounts Receivable/ Accounts Payable; * Operated Excel spreadsheets; * Performed computer data entry. VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE: * 1998 AID Atlanta COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES: * 1996-Present Clayton College and State University Health Care Management Advi sory Board * 1998 Co-Chairman of Cascade United Methodist Women Membership, Nurturing and Outreach. AWARDS: * 05/2009 PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS: * 2007-Present American College of Medical Practice Executives * 2007-Present Medical Group Management Association * 2004-Present Association of Registered Health Care Professionals * 2003-Present American Health Information Management Association * 2002-Present Georgia Healthcare Executive: Elected to serve on the Regent's A dvisory Council * 2001-Present American College of Health Care Executives * 2001-Present Women Healthcare Executives * 2001-Present National Association of Female Executives SKILLS: * * * * * MS Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Express Medical Terminology ICD-9-CM coding, CPT-4 coding, HCPCS Pre-certification Insurance verification

* Type 65wpm * Medical Manager Software, Electronic and manual claim submission * WINASAP 2000- Medicaid and Georgia Better Health and MediSoft software applic ation. * Healthcare research * Medicare and Medicaid guidelines * HIPPA guidelines * C-tree server and SQL Server CERTIFICATIONS: * National Certification Insurance and Coding Specialist * Registered Medical Coder