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William George 9194-1 Pinkard Lane El Cajon, Ca.

92021 619-322-2149 EDUCATION 2008-IPC-A-610 D Trainer Certification 2008-5S, Kaizen Lean Six SIGMA Certification 2000-Microskillls- Microsoft Certifications 1995-Coleman College-Computer Electronics Technology MILITARY United States Navy AMH 3 yrs Aircraft Mechanic Hydraulics SUMMARY OF ACHIEVEMENTS Planned, directed and managed designated product production. Working knowledge of Solidworks and AutoCAD. Ensured that objectives were accomplished in accordance with outlined prioritie s. Analyzed data of operations to ensure more efficient standards were implemented . Ability to read Bill of Materials (BOMs) Experienced with SMT inspection Coordinated the successful simultaneous development of various products. 15 years of electronic and mechanical assembly. Delegated and implemented responsibilities of staff and appropriate work schedu les. Negotiated contracts with Vendors to enhance production quality. Reviewed production status reports during each operational phase. Prepared Production Status Reports for weekly management meetings. Proficient in MS Products (Excel, Word and Outlook). IPC-A-610-D Trainer 2008 To Present Teaching and instructing the necessary nine training modules to achieve IPC Cert ification CIS. Formal training conducted in a classroom setting, included approp riate visual techniques to insure complete understanding of the IPC Professional Training and Certification Policies and Procedures. Blisslights, Escondido Ca. Product Manager/ Receiving Inspector, 2009-2010 Streamlined the Shipping and Receiving operations process, which was implemente d to achieve an annual revenue savings of 40%. Responsible for the receiving inspection on a variety of products including met als, motors and optics using calipers, micrometers, microscopes and more. Accountable for updating inventory control system (Quick Books) and processing all RMAs. Directed and coordinated Project teams to achieve production goals. Trained all new employees on electronic and mechanical assembly processes. Managed facility operations ensuring safety and quality guidelines were impleme nted and upheld. Monitored and analyzed production schedules. Interfaced with Engineering, Accounting, Planning and Customer Service Depts. t o ensure desired performance and goals were achieved. Located and evaluated new vendors. American Technologies, San Diego Ca Product Supervisor, Quality Control Inspector, 2006-2009

Consolidated Two Divisions of a Product Management Team while still maintaining high production goals, resulting in annual revenue savings. Responsible for the receiving inspection of speakers, metals, motors, and circu it boards using various visual and mechanical instruments. Supervised the production floor of 40+ employees. Designed and implemented a production model to accurately determine product cos ts. Implemented knowledge of Solidworks and AutoCAD to train and oversee employees to be in compliance with company regulations and guidelines. Monitor productivity, quality, efficiency and safety for employees while provid ing general direction to achieve high performance results. Develop standard production ethics and work instructions according to ISO 9001 standards. Trusolutions/Promicro Product Supervisor, Quality Control Inspector, 2000-2006 Troubleshoot new systems cable and software problems. Configured large main frame computer systems to run efficiently. Assisted the Engineering Dept. in writing new technical manuals, assembly and t est procedures. Trained new Test and Production Department technicians. Assisted in the development of all new testing equipment. Designed and maintained Excel spreadsheets for the Test Department along with Windows 2000 and XP tutoring in loading and troubleshooting system servers. Trained in all levels Supervisors duties to step in when necessary due to absen ce. Greco Systems Production Supervisor 1995-2000 Assisted MIS Supervisor in configuring Window NT work stations. Designed, built and serviced capital equipment. Configured and installed all necessary operating systems to enhance upgrades on all computers within the network system. Assisted the Engineering Dept. in training nationwide and international service technicians in the field. Built Greco Touch Screen computers for company wide use. Fully trained in various managerial positions within the company, to be an inte rim manager when necessary.

REFERENCES Personal and business references upon request