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OBJECTIVE: To obtain a rewarding career in the Information Technology field that will expan d, challenge and enhance my current

knowledge. SKILLS/QUALIFIERS/EXPERIENCE: Management/Manager/Lead. Regis University Web Administration Certificate Trainer. Project Management. Help Desk Implementation and Support. MCSE Certification - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. MCP + Internet - Microsoft Certified Professional plus Internet. MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional Windows NT. MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional Windows 2000. CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate - IN PROGRESS. A+ - Certified IT Technician Web Administration Certificate Regis University. Microsoft Windows NT Server Administration & NT Workstation Support. Microsoft Windows 95 Support. Mac & PC Service Technician. UNIX Knowledge. U S West Direct Technical Trainer. Graphics Compilation. Webex Meeting Center and Support Center. IBM Certified Repair Technician. Dell Certified Repair Technician. Apple Certified Repair Technician. Sony Certified Repair Technician. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Product & Services Project Technical Lead Lipper A Reuters Company 707 17th Street 22nd Floor Denver CO 80202 March 1999 - Current The LANA application brings in 63% of the base revenue for Lipper; Lipper's tota l base revenue is over $23 million annually before expenses. Responsibilities i nclude the daily leadership of employees regarding technical support for the LAN A Project (Lipper Analytical New Applications Project), which is Reuter's flagsh ip application, eMAXX, Hindsight and Lipper's ftp site. Responsibilities also in clude working with the program developers on developing future releases and fixi ng program bugs. Responsibilities also include taking daily calls from clients regarding issues that my employees either cannot handle, or clients that are unh appy with our product or support. I was hired into this position to bring up a failing technical support department to a standard that is above expectations of internal and external clients. I have successfully implemented a new Help Desk solution along with a new Knowledge Base tracking system. Since implementation of this project, Lipper is considering deploying this Help Desk software compan y wide to include all departments that deal with external clients. Major project s that I have worked on include a technology refresh for all 300 clients in 6 mo nths that was closely coordinated with Dell, which provided the hardware. I have also began an FTP conversion project to convert all FTP ID's from an old server to a new server, this process is utilizing new LDAP technologies to coordinate password resets and implement 90 day password rotation policies for external cli ents. My group is also responsible for support and maintenance of all Client Fac ing systems, 24/7. We support all Web based client facing applications and prov ide network availability support in the event of network outages.

Supervisory responsibilities include overseeing the daily production process, wh ich includes coordinating three shifts to ensure timely delivery of LANA data, t his includes being on call via a cell phone twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Responsibilities also include all facets of a manager. Responsible for th e approval of time off, time reporting, disciplinary actions, employee training and development, employee goal setting and yearly reviews, and the hiring of new employees. Budget responsibilities include forecasting yearly client sales, and submitting a well-defined budget to cover expected costs including hardware and employee's payroll and expected overtime. Responsible for budgeting out special projects throughout the year, and providing adequate documentation to support t he budget requests. Participation in the mentoring of counterparts in New York, New Jersey and London is ongoing. Regis University - Linkage Inc. Web Administration Certificate Trainer September 2000 - May 2001 Worked as a Web Administration Certificate Trainer for Linkage. My primary educ ational target was to instruct working adults. The modules that I taught were Li nux Administration, and Apache Web Server. I also filled in regularly in the HT ML Programming module. End User Support - Central Region Lockheed Martin Astronautics Main Plant 12275 S Hwy 121 Littleton CO 80127 September 1996 - March 1999 Worked as a Micro-Rep for Lockheed Martin Offsite's. Responsibilities included, managing upgrades for remote sites, hardware and software needs. Daily responsi bilities included building servers, as print servers, data servers, and configur ation servers. Responsibilities included taking daily calls from employees at th ese sites regarding everything from network connectivity over 56k frame relays t o desktop support. Total people supported were roughly 40 people in 9 different cities across the US. Travel regularly to these sites was needed to provide in person support and work any issues that could not be worked over the phone. In t he past my responsibilities included day-to-day supervision of new staff and int erns. Assisted in the interviewing and hiring process for new employees to the team. This included troubleshooting network problems; hardware problems and soft ware related conflicts. Lockheed Martin used a variety of off the shelf applica tions along with numerous in house applications that include databases and graph ics programs. Participated in converting the entire Lockheed campus which consis ted of over 5000 employees from Mac's to PC's and converting them from MS Mail t o Exchange Mail. System One Technology-Base Staffing - Mac & PC Service Technician March 1996 - September 1996 While working for BancTec services, we did the entire computer hardware support and repair for Lockheed Martin. Responsibilities included receiving daily calls from BancTec's service center in Dallas, TX, which receives trouble calls from Lockheed Martin employees regarding anything from Apple based printers to HP bas ed printers, but also includes hardware based problems on both Macintosh & DOS b ased CPU's. U S West Dex - Computer Operations - Administrator September 1989 - March 1996 During my employment with U S West Dex I held many jobs from Ad compilation to G raphics Trainer finally ending my tenure with them as a Computer Operations Admi

nistrator. Responsibilities in my final job included the maintenance and support of all internal systems within the network center including Mac, PC and Unix re lated. I participated in 1 new major software rollout, which required me to trav el to remote sites and implement a new application company wide. EDUCATION: August 2000 - Web Administrator Certificate from Regis University. Modules Covered: Linux Administration Apache Web Server Administration HTML Programming CGI Scripting with Perl JavaScript Programming JAVA Programming February 1999 - Obtained Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Cert ified Professional + Internet. MCSE Certification Courses: Implementing and Supporting Windows NT Server 4.0 Implementing and Supporting Windows NT Server 4.0 in the Enterprise Implementing and Supporting Windows NT Workstation Networking Essentials Internetworking with Microsoft TCP/IP on Windows NT 4.0 Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0