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Brief History

Reeboks origin go back to 1895 when Joseph William poster made running shoes with spikes in them. He formed a company called J.W. fosteo & sows which made shoes for top runners. The family owned business made the shoes for athletes in 1924 summar Olympics. In 1958 two of the founders grandsons started a companion company that come to be known as Reebook, named for an African gagerile. In 1979, Four fireman, a partner in an outdoor sporting goods distributorship, spotted Reebok shoes at an international trade show. He negotiated for the north American distribution region & introduced & running shoes in U.S. that year. At $ 60, they were most expensive running showed on the market. By 1981 Reeboks sales exceeded $ 1.5 million, but a dramatic move was planned for the next year. In 1982, Reebok introduced the first athletic shows designed especially for women; a shoe for not new fitness exercise called aerobic dance. The shoe was called free style & with it reebok anticipated & encouraged 3 major trends that transformed the athletic footwear industry: the aerobic exercise movement, the influx of women into

sports & exercise & the acceptance of were designed footwear by adults for street & casual wear. Reebok went public in 1985. Benefits 1. Medical insurance : Employees who work at least 20 hours per week are eligible to join group medical plans after one month of employment. We currencently offer 3 health plans (depending on your geographical relocation) so that your may choose the plan that best suits your needs. All of our plans have prescription drug coverage. 2. Dental insurance (for north new England & non new England: delta dental) Employees who work at least 20 hours per week are eligible to join our groups dental plan after one month of employments we currently offer to dental options so that employees may choose the plan that best suits their needs. 3. Group life insurance & AD&D (Prudential) Full time employees. We currently offer $ 10,000, one time an employees base pay; supplement life up to $ 300,000.The maximum coverage for life & AD & D are $ 500,000 each


Long term disability (Prudential ) Full time employees coverage begins on the 91st day of

disability.we offer 3 different levels of coverage 50%, 60^, 70% of base earnings. 5. Short term disability Full time employees. Coverage equal 100% of base earning for upto 90 days. 6. Travel accidental death & disamemberment (American international

group) Five times your annual salary to a maximum of $ 1,000,000. Coverage is free. 7. Reebok employee stock purchase plan All employees with 6 months of service may elect to participate in Reebok stock purchase plan. Employee may contribute between 2% & 10% of their weely earning on an after tax basis to buy stock at a special discount at the end of option period. Option period begins on January 1 to july 1. 8. Reebok savings & profit sharing retirement plan All employees with 1 year of service (and over age 21) are eligible to participate in the YOI (K) plans. Under this plan, employee may

contrilbute between 1% & 80% of pre-tax earning. Choosing how their investigations are invested. To encourage participation, Reebok provides employer maturing contribution of 50 cent of each. $ 1.00 saved by the employee, upto 10%. This matching contribution is vested over a five year period. Unless employee can to declined participation or change their contribution of 50 cent for each $ 1.00 saved by the employee upto 10%. This matching contribution is vested over a 5 year period. Unless employee can to decline particiatpion or change their contribution percentage, all newly hired employees will be automatically enrolled at 2% and defaulted into stable value fund. After completing the eligibility requirements. The profit sharing component is discrtinary & is also vested over a 5 years period. Employees be employed with RIL for one year to be eligible to receive this discretionary contribution. 9. Paid vacation Tweleve vacation time is accred on a monthly basis. Full time employees acreve .833 days per month. With maximum of 10 days in a calendar year. In calendar year in which employee celebrate their fifth anniversary; vacation is increased to 3 weeks, in calendar year of their tenth anniversary, vacations is increased to four weeks per year; in calendar year in which employee celebrates their twentieth anniversary, vacation is

increased to five weeks per year. Part time employee working at least 20 hours per week accumulated vacation. Time on a pro rated basis. 10. Paid sick leave Full time non exempt (generally those paid on an hourly basis employees accumulate? Day sick time per month for the year part time new exempt employees working atleast 20 hours per week accumulate sick time on a pro rated basis. 11. Paid holidays Twelve holidays are observed annually by Reebok international ltd. holidays typically observed by these company include, but are not limited to: New years day, martin Luther. King day, Memorial day, independence day, labour day, thanks giving & Christmas day, flatding holidays are also provided.


Educational assistance Full time employees are immediately eligible for educational

assistance undergradate, graduate & continuing education classes must be pree approaved & must be both job related & required to enhance job performance. Reebok international ltd. Reimburses upto 100% of tutition cost, providing c or better is earned. The maximum reimbursement fokr the

calendar year is % 10,000 fokr graduate programmes, which includes books & materials. 13. Dependent care & medical care reimbursement accounts: Full time employees may elect to defer pre tax dollars to be used to reimbursement qualified dependent care & medical care expenses. 14. Life balance resources Free to employees. A natrinride service designed to assista employees with information & resources to balance the demands of work & personal life including finding quality near site day care. 15. Employee assistance programe Free to employee & their families. Confidential conselling on personal issues 16. Employee discounts Employees & their families are able to purchase quality reebok , Greg norman collection, rockports & Ralph rauren footwear products at discount prices through the employee purchase programe. They receive 40% discount on apparel & footwear products purchased at the company outlet stores 50% discount at the concept stores. 17. Fittness & resourcness centres

For a low price, employee at canteen & Lancaster sites may access exercise classes, wellness activities & state of art equipment in our professional staffed fitness centres. 18. Business casual environment Save & stiff uncomfortable stuff for social events. Suits & ties even not required


This project takes a look in various kinds of merchandising activities, market share & various sale promotion schemes, which are followed in sports shoes industry the 3 major global players i.e. Reebok, Nike & Adidas dominate the sport shoes industry in india. India is one of the few battleground in the world where there is neck to neck competition between the three. The companies claim to be in nok one sport coating the data produced by two different marketing research companies. In 1980s Adidas sneakers became popular amongst teenagers & young men. The adidas sneaker was popularized by run DMC song My adidas & became huge fashion trend. The tapie affair the history of the company as presented by its official web site is incomplete, perhaps because it is indirectly linked to financial scandals. After a period of serious trouble. The dealth of adolf Dasslers son frist Dassler in 1987, the company was bought in 1990 by Bernard Japie, for 1.6 billion French francs ($ 320 million) which tapie borrowed. Tapie was at the time of famous specialist of rescuring bankrupt companies a business on which he built his fortune.

Nike is the worlds #1 manufacturer & marketer of athletic footwear & apparel. Almost out of the blue, company established itself as oen of the worlds most familiar brands during 1980s & 1990s As familiar as cake bottle or big MAC the Nike Swwosh logo come to symbolize not just sports culture, but street culture, as the appeal of the star players who endorsed the brand was carried onto city streets. The approach of new century set nike new problem . Trainers went out of fashion, economic slowdown & labour problems unit asian performance. But the group has bounced back, retaining its iron grip on the sporting apparel sector & stri undisputed leader in sports oriented street wear. Reebok is the third largest maker of sneaker, athletic shoes & sports apparel Goods are sold under the brand Reebok, Reckport & Greg Norman collection. Reebok is also the official outfitter of NFL & has an exclusive dear to supply NBA jersey beginning this season.

Reebok announced in july it unit merge with german sporting with apparel company adidas salomon in a clear value at $ 3.8 billion. The merger is expected to be completed by first half of 2008 & will create

second largest sporting goods company behind nike with $ 11 billion in revenue. Adidas will maintain its corporate headquarters in germany & its north American headquarter in Portland, or Paul Fireman will remain as chief executive officer of Reebok international ltd. & will continue to reebok team. Reebok will continue to operate under its name & will retain his headquarters in Canton, MA. In fiscal 2008, Reebok had net income of $ 192.4 million & sales of $ 3.7 billion Objective Research methodology Limitations 1. A survey should involve larger sample size otherwise the findings of survey cannot be generalized. 2. But larger sample size may increase the time & lost of collecting the primary data with the help of questionnaire 3. In some of the retail showroom it is not allowed to get the questionnaire filled 4. Many of respondents were not willing to fill the questionnaire


Some people were not willing to respond & few of them who respond & few of them who responded were in hurry hence the active

participation was lacking. Due to wherein I faced difficulties in collecting information regarding our questionnaire 6. Another problem which I face was that people were hesitating to give information about their views freely.

Company profile Adidas Introduction Adidas is a german sports apparel manufacturer, part of adidas. Saloman corporation. Adidas was named after its founder, Adolph (Adi) Dassler who started producing shoes in 1920s in Herzogenaurach near nurembeng with the help of his fellow firend Cody. It registered as Adidas AG on 18 august 1949. The companys clothing & shoe designs typically include 3 parallel stripes of the same color, & the same motive is incorporated into adidas official logos. Competitors Reedolf Dassler, Adies brother, founded a rival company, PUMA the chief competitors of Adidas are PUMA & Nike. In August 2005, the company announced that it had made a deal to acquire revival rebook for $ 3.8 billion. The acquisition would increase its market share in North America & allow it to further compete with Nike. This will proper adidas to the number who spot in the foot apparel market behind nike. Adidas trademark saying is impossible is nothing Enhancement

In the 1980s Adidas sneakers

became popular amongst

teenagers & young memo. It was popularized by RUN DMC song My Adidas & became a huge fashion trends. The tapie affavi the history of company as presented by its official web site is incomplete, perhaps because it is indirectly ranked to financial scandals. After a period of serious troubles following the death of Adolf Dasslers son Horts Dassler in 1987, company was bought in 1990 by Bernard tapic, for 1.6 billion French frances ($320 million, which tapie borrowed. Tapic was at the time of famous specialists of rescuing bankrupt companies, a business on which he built his fortune. Tapie decided to move production offshore to Asia. He also hired Madonna for promotion. In 1992, Tapie was unable to pay the interest from his loan. He mandated the credit Lyonnais bank to seel adidas & bank subsequently converted the outstanding debt rued into equity of the enterprise, which was unusual for them. Current French banking practice. Apparently, the state owned bank had tried to get tapie out of dire financial starts as a personal favour to tapie, reportedly because Tapie was a minister of urban affairs in the French government at the time.

In February 1998 Credit syonnais sold adidas to Robert Louis Dreyfus, a friend of Bernard Tapie (& cousin of Julia Louis Drefus frome the seinfeed TV Series) for a much higher amount of money than what tapie need, 4.48$ billion frances than 2.85 billion. Tougetting why the bank actually bought adidas, Tapie later sued the bank, because he felt spoiled by the indirect sale. Robert Louis drefyfus became the new CEO of the company, he is also the president of olympiaque de Marecille football team, to which tapie is usually linked. Tapie went bankrupt himself in 1994; he was the object tof several lawsuits notably related to match fixing at the football club. He spent 6 months in La Sante prison in paris in 1997 after being sentenced to 18. IN 2005, French court awarded tapie a 135 million euro compensation (about 886 million frances) Post Tapie ERA In 1997, Adidas AG acquired the salemon group & its corporate name was changed to Adidas Saloman AG. A Hawk eye view In 1998, Adidas sued the NCAA over their rules limitating the size & no. of commercial logos on team uniforms & apparel. Adidas

withdraw the suit & the two group established guidelines as to what three stripe design would be considered uses of the adidas AG. Adidas

Type public Founded 1949 Location Herzogenawrach Germany Key people: Adolph Dassler, Founder Herbert Hainer CEO Robin Stalker, CFO Andreas Geuner, Managing Director, India Industry Textile Product Footwear accessories Revenue 4 7.866 billion USD (2003) Website: In 2003 Adidas filed lawsuit in British court challenging fitness world Iracings use of two stripe motify similar to adidass three stripes. The court ruled that dispite the simplicity of marke, fitness worlds use was infringing because the public could established a link between that use & adidass mark.

In 2005 Adidas introduced the Adidas 1, the first ever production shoe to utilize a microprocessor. Dubbed by the company The worlds first inteingent shoe it features microprocessor capable of performing 5 million calculations per second that automatically adjust the shoes level of cushioning to suit its environment. The shoe requires a small, usero replicable battery that fasts for approximately 100 hours of running. It currently retails for $ 250 (USD). The latest edition adidas 1.1 has been selling since NOV 2005. This is considered and upgrade of the version 1, claiming to be better, faster & stronger. Also in 2005, on May 2. Adidas told the public that they sold their partner company soloman group for 485 min euros to Amer Sports of Finland. In Augu7st 2005, Adidas declared its intention to buy Anglo American rival Reebok for US4$ 3.8 billion. This takeover was completed in Aug. 2005 & meant that the company will now have uoser businss sales as those of Nike in Northeran American. The acquisition of Reebok will also allow Adidas tok complete with Nike world wide. World cap 1954 when West Germany miraculously won the soccer 1954 world up, their footwear was supplied by adidas. These shows introduced technological breakthrough studs with screws. When the weather was good & pitch was hard, the shoes were equipped with short stud, when it rained rouger studs were screwed an

the bottom of shoes. As the final game against highest favoured team from Hungary was played in heavy rain, this gave the german players a firmess hold on the slippery pitchs. This anecdote was a put device used in successful germaan fillne Das muder V Bern which was a movie version of 1954 world cup official world cup supplier since 1970 fifa world cup with the football Tesler Adidas has been FIFA official match ball supplier for every fifa world cup & designs the official match ball for every addition of the event. Adidas factory intere in Herzogenourach germany teams sponsored by Adidas Adidas sponsors major in a number of sports, especially football Rugby & Tennis American college sports teams are also sponsored (1993-2001) Robert Louis Dreyfus he has been highly successful with managing the company until 2011. His self admitted secret was simply copying what Nike & Reebok did. Adidas is simply a combination of the founders nickname (Adi). & the first B letters of last name (Dassler). This dispels the numor that the letter are an acrmoyner for all days I dream about sports all day I dream about soccer sports or more crudely all day I dream of sex Reebok

Reebok is the 3rd largest maker of sweakers, athletic shkoes & sports apparel. Goods are sold under brands Reebok, Rockport & Greg Norman collection. Reebok is also the official outfitter of NFL & has an exclusive deal to supply NBA gerseys beginning this season. Reebok announced in july it will merge with german sporting apparel company adidas soloman in a deal valued at $ 3.8 billion. The merger is expected to be completed by the first half of 2006 & will create the second largest sporting goods company behind nike with $ 11 billion in revenues. Adidas will maintain its headquarters in germany & its north American headquarter in Portland Feremain will remain as chief executive officer of Reebok international ltd. & will contrinue to lead the reebok team. Reebok will continue to operate under its name & will retain its headquarter in Canton, MA In fiscal 2004, Reebok had net income of $ 192.4 million $ sales of $3.7 billion.