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sheets. Fill in your candidate number and hand in the question sheets at the end of the examination. Candidate number____________________________________________________________ 6.1 Section A: Complete this table

Which chapter and section would you go to, to find the following information: Write your answers in the spaces provided Chapter and section and where applicable insert subsection. Chapt Secti Suber on Secti on 1 Requirements for application for 9 3 sewer connection 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Custodians of approved plans Conditions governing installation of water storage tanks Permitted minimum angle to build a cross-wall Permitted minimum concrete cover for structural steel sections in foundations Permit free encroachments Requirements for thatching in roofing Requirements for water supply to a block of dwellings Minimum distance required to clear the ground of vegetation debris and refuse before excavating for foundations Permitted daylight requirements for habitable rooms 2 7 5 4 2 6 7 2 18 20 19 19 35 23 16 25 1 2 a& b 1 a 1 1


PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE EXAMINATION 2006 BUILDING BY-LAWS PAPER 2 QUESTION 6 (CONTINUED) 6.2 Section B: Fill in the blanks CANDIDATE No.__________________________________________________ Below are several extracts from the Model Building By-Laws. In some cases, they have been simplified or paraphrased. Fill in the missing information in the blank underlined spaces provided. Exact wording is not essential provided that the information you supply is basically correct. 1) Daylighted rooms: Portions of screens and partitions which are glazed with clear white glass from a height of 1 meter above the floor-level to the top of the screen or partition shall not be regarded as restricting visibility (chap 8;5;2 Rooms provided in buildings other than dwellings in which sanitary fittings are installed which are intended for use of more than one person at any one time, shall be restricted to one gender only. (chap 7;2 Where basin urinals are used, they shall discharge through vertical outlet pipes without the interposition of a trap into a glazed floor channel leading to a trap. (chap9;13;b Every branch or part of a sewer exceeding 3 metres in length shall be provided with an access eye or other means of access at its top end. (Chap9;75 Covered areas supplying outside air to required ventilation openings to habitable rooms shall not extend more than 4,5 metres away from the face of the wall at a required ventilation opening (chap 10;6;2






Garage pits and wells within garages shall have at least 0,3 cubic metre of air per minute per square metre of floor area of the pit or well (chap 10;9;2;g Every change in level of the floor ao an exit way shall be effected by means of a ramp or stairway. ((chap 11,23,4 Every habitable room shall have at least one external wall, and in such wall shall be provided at least one opening. (chap 11; 45;4 Where building work involving the erection or demolition of a building is done within 3 metres from the boundary of any street or public place, covered walkways shall be erected along the entire boundary of such street or public place (ch12,22,1 Minimum number of water closets in a bank or office buildings for the first 60 male is 1 per 15 and the first 61 female is 1 per 30 (chap9; table 1 category B).

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