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Issue 3, October 11, 2011 Civil Engineering Times Civil Engineering Vision To create sustainable value
Issue 3, October 11, 2011
Civil Engineering Times
Civil Engineering Vision
To create sustainable value for all
Our Four Themes
Employee Fulfillment
Operational Excellence
Customer Satisfaction
Work Acquisition
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GLMB Package C - Allandale Bridge
Message from our Executive: Jurie Loots
Launch of
Welcome to another issue of Civil Engineering
Times. I want to share a few things with you
which excite me when I look at the future of our
Aveng Grinaker-LTA Civil Engineering business
Wax Plant - Safety
Congratulations to the
Wax Plant team who
reached their 100,000
hours LTI free.
I recently went to the launch of the Aveng DNA
and the opportunities I saw in it were great. I’m
sure the DNA will soon be shared with everyone
and I believe if we focus on doing more of the top
line enablers and stop doing the bottom line disa-
blers, it will really benefit us as a company and as
individuals. Everyone in the Aveng group will
focus on doing the same things and it will truly
bring us closer together as a Group. We will be-
come more effective and competitive.
I would like to thank all the people from our Busi-
ness Unit who are helping the Aveng Nuclear
Office with this initiative. It will benefit all of us a
lot in the long run.
Nuclear is only one of the great opportunities that
is on the horizon. Although we are still in tough
current economic times, we will need every single
one of us to make a success of these great future
opportunities. I therefore ask every one of you to
remain focused on the task in hand, do everything
you do with excellence and keep improving our
By now, you all probably know that Aveng is
focusing on participating in the Nuclear Market in
South Africa. According to Energy Minister
Dipuo Peters, the bidding for the nuclear power
plants in South Africa will begin next year. The
work that is being done currently at the Aveng
Nuclear office is not only to ensure that we as an
organisation are ready to bid and execute the work
when we are successful, but this will result in
work for many of our Operating Groups including
Operational Excellence Mark IV Gasifiers MPS JV - On-site Training Centre Sasol Secunda The MPS
Operational Excellence
Mark IV Gasifiers
MPS JV - On-site Training Centre
Sasol Secunda
The MPS JV on-site training centre is in the “thick of things” in Lephalale, training and developing our
future generations, closing gaps, ensuring sustainable growth throughout the industry and setting new
Aveng Grinaker-LTA Civil Engi-
neering’s Mark IV Gasifiers Sasol
Secunda Team completed 15
months without lost time injury.
The project started last year June
and is undertaken in conjunction
with Aveng Grinaker-LTA M&E’
Oil and Gas division who are re-
sponsible for the Construction of
Structural steel mechanical and
The training centre opened in June 2010 and has since trained more than 1000 employees. Various skills
are trained, from junior workers to junior foreman as well as operator training and re-assessments.
Taking training to our people on site has proven success and this will be taken into consideration for future
training plans.
Thanks to the joint effort of the MPS JV Executive team, Aveng Grinaker-LTA head office and LIBSA.
Le Roux Stroebel
The project is based at Sasol’s
Gasification area and the scope of
work is to add four additional Gas-
ifiers to the existing plant.
On site at MPS JV
Working on a live plant in a brown
field area, the team managed the
contract in the most difficult work-
ing conditions. We managed the
project in compliance with both the
clients and our safety policies.
From the start of the project exca-
vation had to be carefully carried
out by hand to avoid damaging
existing live electrical cables, gas
and water mains. The project also
required close cooperation and
planning with other contractors to
ensure the completion of the work
to meet project deadlines.
We commemorate all those who
contributed immensely in making
this a successful contract, especial-
ly the Safety department.
A special thanks the Contracts Di-
rector Ken Marsden who in times
of need has guided the project to
this great success.
Titus Tsiri
Heineken Breweries
People MPS JV - Top Performer of the Year Wellbeing Committee October - Elderly Focus
MPS JV - Top Performer of the Year
Wellbeing Committee
October - Elderly Focus
Global Ageing Statistics
Today almost 1 in 10 people are
over 60 years old.
Congratulations to Petrus
Ramabulana who was announced
as the Top Performer at the MPS
JV Excellent Service Awards,
what an achievement!
By 2050 1 in 5 people will be over
It is evident that becoming a high
performance organisation is be-
coming part of our culture.
People aged over 60 will outnum-
ber children aged 0 – 14 by 2050.
Peter Meidlinger and Petrus Ramabulana
The Grant for The Elderly is
R1,140 per month in South Africa
(only for people below a
certain financial level).
Head Office Excellent Service Awards September 2011
Operational Excellence
Richard Derwort
Kapeng Shalang
AT 60!
Remember the elderly, we will all
be there one day
Excellent Service Awards were
presented to the following em-
ployees at Head Office during
the communication session
that took place on the 28th of
Congratulations to all these
employees who demonstrated
commitment and “going the
extra mile”
Rika Strydom
Ronel de Wet
Babsie de Buys
Zaleen Kapp
Alexia Maduna
Olive Delport
Maria Rodrigues
Martin Van Rheede Van Oudtshoorn
Shane Klopper
Jacqueline Liebenberg
Christine Winning
Priscilla Buthelezi
Mohammed Ebrahim
Abel Manaka
The Sunflower Fund ban-
danas are worn to show soli-
darity towards patients suf-
fering from leukaemia, who
lose their hair when under-
going chemotherapy treat-
Lets all show our support!
Please send all articles, views and
thoughts to the editors:
Jacqueline Liebenberg and
Lara Aldridge.