Sunteți pe pagina 1din 2 Assigned blades: rx159d hs331w ts1725 135.161.147.

43 rv1489 Webpage for access to blades: I don t really understand your question. To identify files with 1000 or more deallocatable pages, run the following: Dsap $data11, dealloc 1000 Disk Space Analysis Program -- T9543G08 - (01JUN08) -- 9/30/2011 (C)2002 Compaq (C)2004 Hewlett Packard Development Company, L.P. DSAP analyzes the space of a local disk volume. The command is: [run] [ \node.]DSAP / run-options / [ <volume specification> HELP ] [, <options>] <volume specification> is of the form: $<volume name> -- a single volume. ($<volume name>, $<volume name>, ...) -- a list of volumes. $* -or- * -- ALL volumes. A <volume name> may contain asterisks, which match 0-7 characters, or question marks, which match any single character. Report options: SUMMARY FREESPACE FILESPACE SPACE FILESIZE TABULAR NEWFORMAT TERAFORM BYSUBVOL BYUSER ANALYSIS DETAIL SHORT -------------summarize disk usage and check extent consistency. distribution of freespace extents. distribution of allocated file extents. FREESPACE and FILESPACE. distribution of file sizes. for tabular form of DSAP reports. To generate reports in new format. To generate reports in Tera format. space allocation by subvol. space allocation by user-id. produce all of the above reports. detailed list of selected files (see below). produce brief report on disk capacity and free space. 2:10:23

DETAIL selection options. AGE [ OVER ] <n> -- Age is the number of days since a file's last AGE UNDER <n> modification date. OPENED [ OVER ] <n> -- Opened is the number of days since a file was OPENED UNDER <n> last opened. EXPIRED -- Files which have expired. UNEXPIRED -- Files which have not expired. SIZE [ OVER ] <n> -- Size is the file's space allocation in pages. SIZE UNDER <n> UNUSED <n> -- Files with <n> unused pages. DEALLOC <n> -- Files with <n> pages in deallocatable extents.

AUDITED LICENSED PARTITIONED TEMPORARY CRASHOPENED PROGID ROLLFORWARD[NEEDED] BROKEN ENSCRIBE SQL Other options: USER USER USER USER <group>.<user> USER <group>.* <groupnum>,<usernum> USER <groupnum>,* , <next option ...> -- for current user <end of command> -- for current user, if last option

EXTENTCHECK -- Must perform extent consistency check. SEPARATE -- Put each user's detail on a new page WORKFILE <volume> -- temporary work file volume WORKFILE <filename> -- permanent work filename SHOWNAMEMAP -- Print virtual/physical name mapping in 132 column format if a DETAIL report is selected Examples: DSAP /OUT $S/ $SYSTEM,DEALLOC 1 -- Shows system manager files with unused extents. DSAP /OUT $S/ $MYVOL,USER,ANALYSIS,DETAIL -- Shows individual user an analysis of and a list of all the user's files. DSAP /OUT $S/ $*,SHORT -- Shows capacity and free space for all disk volumes.

Analy zing Disk Space Usage DSAP $DATA11, BYSUBVOL