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ISSN 1093-7935 Jun 7, 2004 Screening for Ovarian Cancer 20040607:0813 The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommends against routine screening for ovarian cancer. Rationale: The USPSTF found fair evidence that screening with serum CA-125 level or transvaginal ultrasound can detect ovarian cancer at an earlier st... - (posted 07-Jun-2004, 08:13 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Cholesterol Medications May Reduce Risk of Colon, Prostate Cancers 20040606:1905 Two recent observational studies have shown that the cholesterol lowering medications in the statin group may dramatically reduce colon and prostate cancer rates. One study found a greater than 50% reduction in colon cancer rates among those taking statin ... - (posted 06-Jun-2004, 19:05 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) A basic resistance-training program 20040606:0925 "Resistance-training activities, such as weight lifting, build muscular strength and involve briefly exerting force and repeating contractions until the muscle tires. The health benefits of weight training are well-documented, and exercises with weights ar... - (posted 06-Jun-2004, 09:25 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Five basic stretches as part of your exercise routine 20040606:0921 This guide from the journal PATIENT CARE includes excellent graphics on a basic stretching routine to add to your exercise program. REF: PATIENT INFORMATION: Five basic stretches as part of your exercise routine. Patient Care May 2004;38:47. URL: ... - (posted 06-Jun-2004, 09:21 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) A practical approach for helping patients achieve fitness 20040606:0919 The authors of this article from the journal PATIENT CARE state in their conclusion that "Although exercise may initially seem difficult, it is much easier to integrate it into daily life than it is to take medications or experience the often severe compli... - (posted 06-Jun-2004, 09:19 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Community-based Approaches to Reducing Health Disparities 20040606:0914 The Health Policy Institute at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies hosts this forum on community-based approaches and policy opportunities for reducing disparities within the African-American and Latino communities. Focus areas include the ... - (posted 06-Jun-2004, 09:14 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Low Plasma Selenium Levels Associated With an Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer 20040605:2011 This study of 1163 men found that those with lower levels of plasma selenium levels had an increased risk of prostate cancer. The researchers state that a trial looking at whether or not selenium supplements help reduce prostate cancer rates should be don... - (posted 05-Jun-2004, 20:11 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) New Humility Urged for Heart Disease in Women 20040604:2249 This article from the May 1, 2004 issue of Family Practice News reports on a presentation given at the 2004 American College of Cardiology Meeting by the President of the ACC. According to Dr. carl J. Pepine, "Viewing ischemic chest pain in women with [ang... - (posted 04-Jun-2004, 22:49 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP)

Screen All Women With Treadmill Test 20040604:2240 This study of 5721 asymptomatic women in the Chicago area led the researchers to conclude that exercise testing should be done in all asymptomatic women. According to Dr. Marth Gulati, "We're recommending exercise stress testing in all symptomatic women." ... - (posted 04-Jun-2004, 22:40 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) American Society of Nuclear Medicine Announces Annual Meeting Poster Presentations 20040604:2201 The 2004 poster presentations of new research into nuclear cardiology will be presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology on Friday, October 1, 4:00 - 5:30 at the Hilton New York in New York City. The theme of the meeting ... - (posted 04-Jun-2004, 22:01 by anonymous) Usefulness of the PSA test in detecting prostate cancer 20040527:0435 These researchers found that 15% of men with a PSA level below 4.0 (commonly considered to be a normal level) had biopsy proven prostate cancer. This study calls further into question the usefulness of the PSA test. Current recommendations from the US Prev... - (posted 27-May-2004, 04:35 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Measurement of Ventricular Stunning Using Gated SPECT 20040527:0423 This study gated the rest and post-stress myocardial perfusion scans in patients with angina and/or previous myocardial infarction. The researchers found that there was a significant decrease in left ventricular ejection fraction after stress in patients w... - (posted 27-May-2004, 04:23 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) An aspirin a day could keep breast cancer away 20040526:0429 This Columbia University study of 2,862 women found that taking an aspirin daily may help prevent breast cancer. COMMENT: previous studies have shown a beneficial effect of aspirin on preventing colon cancer. This is the first study that I am aware of that... - (posted 26-May-2004, 04:29 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Exercise training normalizes vascular dysfunction and improves central adiposity 20040526:0425 This is another study showing the obvious - that exercise helps keep you healthy. The concern lately is that even adolescents are showing alarming levels of obesity. Furthermore, obesity is a global problem, not just US or European. Exercise training no... - (posted 26-May-2004, 04:25 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) The Potential Preventability of Postoperative Myocardial Infarction 20040526:0422 This study found that beta-blockers are underutilized in patients undergoing surgery. This is an important finding given that beta blockers greatly reduce cardiac events. The use of beta blockers is thought to be just as important as preoperative screening... - (posted 26-May-2004, 04:22 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Estimating the Risk of Coronary Artery Disease 20040526:0418 This study found that the risk of coronary heart disease was 3% among Americans without self-reported known coronary artery disease, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, or diabetes. 18% of Americans (without self-reported CHD, stroke, peripheral vascular ... - (posted 26-May-2004, 04:18 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Medical Therapy as Effective as Revascularization in Stable Angina 20040526:0413 In patients with stable angina and preserved left ventricular function, medical therapy was found to be as effective as percutaneous coronary intervention or bypass surgery (at 1 year follow-up) according to findings from the MASS-II trial. JACC 19 May... - (posted 26-May-2004, 04:13 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Doctors' neckties may be ailing many patients 20040525:0416 This has long been my reason for not

wearing neckties- they may carry germs from one patient to the next. This recent study found that nearly half of the neckties worn by care providers contained bacteria that could potentially infect patients. [url]htt... - (posted 25-May-2004, 04:16 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) 2004 update to the British guideline on the management of asthma 20040525:0411 New guidelines recommend that inhaled steroids be started in milder cases of asthma than previously recommended. At the same time, the lowest possible dose of inhaled steroids is recommended. More patient education and integrated services are recommended. ... - (posted 25-May-2004, 04:11 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Information Technology in Healthcare 20040520:0257 This entire issue of the BMJ is devoted to looking at the uses of information technology in healthcare, including Internet programs to help patients. Various authors look at the role of handheld computers by doctors, Internet community sites for patients, ... - (posted 20-May-2004, 02:57 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Facts about Prevalence of ArthritisU.S., 2004 20040520:0245 Press release from the CDC (May 13, 2004) - a) Arthritis is the leading cause of physical disability in the United States. b) Arthritis comprises over 100 different disease and conditions. The most common are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyal... - (posted 20-May-2004, 02:45 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) The Contribution of Alcohol to Serious Car Crash Injuries. 20040520:0240 This study found that even small amounts of alcohol is associated with an increased risk of a serious car accident. The authors found that drivers were nearly 8 times more likely to be in a car accident if they reported having 2 or more 12-g alcoholic drin... - (posted 20-May-2004, 02:40 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Injuries Among Skiers and Snowboarders in Quebec 20040520:0229 This epidemiologic study found that snowboarders had a 50% higher risk of head and neck injury than skiers, a 100% higher risk of an injury of the trunk, and a 200% increased risk for an injury of the upper extermities. Snowboarders had about a 20% decreas... - (posted 20-May-2004, 02:29 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Thyroid uptake and scintigraphy using 99mTc pertechnetate 20040518:1456 This article discusses the use of Tc Pertechnetate for uptake studies, and states "There is an international consensus that the radiopharmaceuticals of choice for thyroid gland imaging are 99mTc-pertechnetate or 123I-iodide. Although the thyroid does not o... - (posted 18-May-2004, 14:56 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Medicare Drug Discount Cards Continue To Drop Prices And Offer Better Savings 20040517:2202 After the first full week of making information on assured drug price discounts available to beneficiaries, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' review of the savings offered by drug card sponsors shows that more cards will be offering lower price... - (posted 17-May-2004, 22:02 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Key Principles For Covering The Uninsured 20040517:2043 "Good day. I am Ed Howard with the Alliance for Heath Reform. I want to welcome you on behalf of the Alliance, our Chairman Jay Rockefeller, our Vice-Chairman Bill Frist and the rest of our Board. This is our first Congressional Briefing of 2004, fitting e... - (posted 17-May-2004, 20:43 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) active mobilisation compared with collar therapy for whiplash injury 20040517:2024 This study found that active therapy was better than immobilization in the treatment of whiplash therapy. A total of 200 patients were studied. COMMENT: in most situations of this type, it appears that early

mobilization (once the condition is properly dia... - (posted 17-May-2004, 20:24 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Prevention of disabling and fatal strokes by successful carotid endarterectomy 20040514:2118 This study of 3120 asymptomatic people with about a 70% narrowing or more of the carotid artery found that endarterectomy about halved the risk of a stroke over a 5 year period, from 12% to 6%. Lancet. 2004 May 8;363(9420):1491-502. Halliday A, M... - (posted 14-May-2004, 21:18 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Reduction in C-reactive protein through cardiac rehabilitation and exercise training 20040514:2111 This study of 277 people with coronary heart disease found that a formalized, three month long exercise program lead to significant reductions in high sensitivity c-reactive protein levels. The authors conclude that their findings identify another clinical... - (posted 14-May-2004, 21:11 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Cardiac scanning in patients with systemic lupus 20040513:2024 This study found that in 27 out of 33 SLE patients with nonspecific chest complaints, pefusion abnormalities were present. In addition, 12 out of 28 SLE patients without symptoms had perfusion abnormalities. A matched healthy control group (n=24) did not h... - (posted 13-May-2004, 20:24 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Report: 1 in 10 Schoolchildren Too Heavy 20040513:1338 The International Obesity Task Force has recently estimated that 10% of kids between the ages of 5 and 17 are too heavy, and almost a third of this group (i.e. 3% of all children aged 5 to 17) are obese. The problem is not isolated to a few countries, but ... - (posted 13-May-2004, 13:38 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Coronary Vasomotor Abnormalities in Insulin-Resistant Individuals 20040513:1333 This study used PET imaging to determine the cardiovascular effect of dipyridamole and cold pressor testing on young insulin-sensitive and insulin-resistant individuals. They found that the cold pressor test was abnormal in insulin-resistant individuals, s... - (posted 13-May-2004, 13:33 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Enhanced regional washout of mibi in coronary spastic angina 20040511:2233 Ann Nucl Med. 2003 Jul;17(5):393-8. ... - (posted 11-May-2004, 22:33 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Infection and Aseptic Loosening in Total Hip Replacements: Role of PET vs 3PBS vs XR 20040511:2227 This study of 30 patients found bone scintigraphy to be the most specific test for ruling out infection, and conventional x-rays the most sensitive. PET and bone scanning performed similarly. REF: Radiology 2004;231:333-341 Katrin D. M. Stumpe, MD, H... - (posted 11-May-2004, 22:27 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) ACE Inhibitor vs. Exercise Renography 20040511:2213 this study of 19 patients found exercise more sensitive (100% vs 87%) and ACEI more specific (81% vs 54%). COMMENT: the abstract does not include a statistical analysis. In general, if we don't want to miss any cases of renovascular hypertension, the more ... - (posted 11-May-2004, 22:13 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Relationship between PSA score and prostate cancer has steadily declined 20040510:1044 Stanford researchers presented at the American Urology Association's 99th annual meeting findings that indicate the PSA test for prostate cancer is losing its specificity. Caution needs to be used when interpretting the PSA test in order to not perform unn... - (posted 10-May-2004, 10:44 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP)

Awareness of Stroke Warning Signs 20040510:0912 In 2001, only 17 percent of adults were able to recognize all five major signs of a stroke and also knew that calling 911 for medical assistance was the first action that should be taken for someone who might be having a stroke. The five major warning sign... - (posted 10-May-2004, 09:12 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Teens Report Being More Susceptible to Smoking After End of Anti-Tobacco Campaign 20040509:2348 The halt to an aggressive tobacco prevention campaign in Minnesota led to a rapid and significant increase in the proportion of that states teens who reported being susceptible to cigarette smoking an important predictor of youth tobacco use. After the ... - (posted 09-May-2004, 23:48 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Physical activity and coronary heart disease 20040509:2344 This editorial published in the British Medical Journal documents how research over the last 50 years has shown an inverse relationship between heart disease and physical activity. REF: BMJ Batty and Lee 328 (7448): 1089. URL: [url]http://bmj.bmjjourn... - (posted 09-May-2004, 23:44 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Sweat may transmit SARS virus 20040509:1840 Recent research indicates that the SARS virus can be spread by sweat. This knownledge can help protect healthcare workers taking care of SARS patients. Face masks are not sufficient. URLS: Sweat may transmit SARS virus [url] - (posted 09-May-2004, 18:40 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Obesity a Global Problem 20040509:1822 The International Obesity Task Force states that 25% of people around the world are obese. The rate of obesity worldwide is increasing. According to the World Healt... - (posted 09-May-2004, 18:22 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Management of amiodarone-induced thyrotoxicosis 20040507:2110 This free online article published in Swiss Medical Weekly gives a thoughtful review on amiodarone induced thyroiditis. Three types of AIT are described: I, II, and mixed. Type I occurs in response to iodine overload from the amiodarone in patients with... - (posted 07-May-2004, 21:10 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Screening for Lung Cancer 20040507:0657 The US Preventive Services Task Force has released recommendations for screening for lung cancer. In brief, the task force states that the evidence is insufficient to recommend for or against screening asymptomatic persons with with either low dose compute... - (posted 07-May-2004, 06:57 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Is Chronic Radiation an Effective Prophylaxis Against Cancer? 20040429:1204 this article details the exposure of 10,000 Taiwanese residents to low-level radiation exposure over a 9 to 20 year period. The residents were exposed by accident due to the contamination of recycled steel with radioactive cobalt. The researchers found tha... - (posted 29-Apr-2004, 12:04 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) High Lead Found in Boston Area Water 20040427:2038 By Carol D. Leonnig, Washington Post Staff Writer, Wednesday, April 28, 2004; Page A02. Massachusetts Water Resources Authority has reported elevated lead levels in their water district, according to a ruling from Federal and State regulators. URL: [url... - (posted 27-Apr-2004, 20:38 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Risk of smoking among community 20040415:1032 There 2 types active & passive smokings.Both are threatening the humans lives seriously!Whatever you smoke may be cigar,cigrettes,pipes can turn your life to become the victum of various cancers.The worst is lungs cancer which is also know as

bronchogen... - (posted 15-Apr-2004, 10:32 by ywaung) Re: The Effect of Diet on the Risk of Cancer 20040415:1018 With my knowledge in learning in medical school,fresh fruits & vegetables decrease the risk of cancer.Well known antioxidats contaning vitamins include vitamin A ,C & E.They can reduce the amount of oxidants in our body which lead to the fomation & trans... - (posted 15-Apr-2004, 10:18 by ywaung) Masterbation & CA prostate 20040413:2236 Is there any relation between the frequency of masterbations & prostate cancer?If ther is please reply in details why. :confused:... - (posted 13-Apr2004, 22:36 by ywaung) Sexual Activity and the Risk of Prostate Cancer 20040412:0709 This study of 29342 men published in JAMA used a self administered questionnaire to examine the relationship between prostate cancer and ejaculation frequency. The researchers found that those having 21 or more ejaculations a month had a 11% decreased risk... - (posted 12-Apr-2004, 07:09 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Panel predicts Medicare pay cuts as crunch looms for 2006 20040409:1724 The US healthcare system continues to be plagued by fiscal irresponsibility. The Medicare "Part A" system (payments to hospitals) is predicted to go bankrupt by 2019. Now, the Medicare Trustees Report predicts cuts of about 5% a year to "Part B" recipients... - (posted 09-Apr-2004, 17:24 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) The Affordability Crisis in U.S. Health Care 20040405:2217 This webcast includes a PDF transcript and several slide shows discussing the issue of the cost of healthcare in America. Several links to the Commonwealth Fund ([url][/url]) information resources are included. COMMENT: this is an import... - (posted 05-Apr-2004, 22:17 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Differences in wall thickening causes decreased septal tracer uptake in LBBB 20040402:1838 This study found that the reason for decreased septal uptake seen in left bundle branch block is due to a difference in wall thickening, not a difference in blood flow. REF: Journal of Nuclear Medicine Vol. 45 No. 3 414-418 URL: [url]http://jnm.snmj... - (posted 02-Apr-2004, 18:38 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) FDG PET Identifies Early Brain Abnormalities in Young Adults at Risk for Alzheimer's 20040314:1021 This study found that there was decreased FDG activity bilaterally in the posterior cingulate, parietal, temporal, and prefrontal cortex decades before the anticipated onset of clinical Alzheimer's Disease. REF: PNAS 2004 101: 284-289; published online ... - (posted 14-Mar2004, 10:21 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Radiation Effects of Medical Imaging - a Need for Caution 20040309:0018 this article is an excellent overview of the amount of radiation involved in medical imaging studies (see especially the table located at [url][/url]) and issues that we need to think about when ... - (posted 09-Mar-2004, 00:18 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Lead Exposure Biomarkers and Mini-Mental Status Exam Scores in Older Men 20040220:1900 This study found that higher lead levels in the body are associated with a decreased mental status in men. The researchers looked at blood lead levels, and also lead levels in the patella. TITLE: Lead Exposure Biomarkers and Mini-Mental Status Exam Sco... - (posted 20-Feb-2004, 19:00 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP)

Fruit and Vegetable Consumption and Peripheral Arterial Disease 20040220:1826 This study of 44,059 men found that a diet high in fruit and vegetables did NOT decrease their risk of developing peripheral artery disease. The researchers also looked independently at diets high in fruits, and diets high in vegetables, and found NO benef... - (posted 20-Feb-2004, 18:26 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Estrogen Replacement Therapy and Ovarian Cancer 20040220:1818 This prospective study of 31,381 postmenopausal women found those on long-term estrogen replacement therapy were more likely to develop epithelial ovarian cancer. The relative risk ratio was 1.7, i.e. women on estrogen replacement therapy had a 70% greater... - (posted 20-Feb-2004, 18:18 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) The Effect of Cleaning on Dust and the Health of Office Workers 20040220:1810 This study found that cleaning reduced the mean dust concentration by 25%, and significantly reduced mucosal irritation and nasal congestion. TITLE: The Effect of Cleaning on Dust and the Health of Office Workers: An Intervention Study REF: Epidemiol... - (posted 20-Feb-2004, 18:10 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Ambient Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Emergency Department Visits 20040220:1804 This study of over 4 million emergency department visits in Atlanta found that when air pollution levels were highest, there were more visits to the emergency department for cardiovascular disease. TITLE: Ambient Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Emergen... - (posted 20-Feb-2004, 18:04 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Seven - not Eight - Hours of Sleep a Night Most Healthy 20040210:1638 Research is showing that 7 hours of sleep a night may be healthier than 8 hours a night. In a large study of over 100,000 people, it was found that 7 hours of sleep a night was associated with the lowest premature death rate. Leading researchers into sleep... - (posted 10-Feb-2004, 16:38 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Nuclear Cardiac SPECT Exam More Cost-Effective Than StressEchocardiography 20040205:1535 This analysis found that for patients with at least a 30% pre-test likelihood of coronary artery disease, the nuclear cardiac scan was more cost-effective than the stress echo. An important factor was the better false-negative rate of the nuclear cardiac s... - (posted 05Feb-2004, 15:35 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Guidelines for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Women 20040205:0558 The American Heart Association today announced new guidelines for preventing heart disease and stroke in women based on a womans individual cardiovascular health. The guidelines are published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association. ... - (posted 05-Feb-2004, 05:58 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Musical Medicine 20040203:0822 New uses of videotaping are useful in diagnosing repetitive motion disorder not only for musicians but also for computer users. Reviewing the video helps the patients recognize ways to improve their routine activities. TITLE: Scientific American: Musica... - (posted 03Feb-2004, 08:22 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) PET poorly predicts response to preoperative chemotherapy 20040127:0905 This article found that PET scanning was poorly predictive of a good response to preoperative chemotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer patients (the positive predictive value was 43%). However, the negative predictive value was 100%. Post-chemotherapy PE... - (posted 27-Jan-2004, 09:05 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP)

Intensive training of patients with hypertension is effective in modifying lifestyle 20040126:0738 TITLE: Intensive training of patients with hypertension is effective in modifying lifestyle risk factors REF: [URL= cmd=Retrieve&db=PubMed&list_uids=14730328&dopt=Abstract]J Hum Hypertens. 2004 Feb; 18(2): 12... - (posted 26-Jan-2004, 07:38 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Reduced Risk of Alzheimer Disease in Users of Antioxidant Vitamin Supplements 20040119:1932 TITLE: Reduced Risk of Alzheimer Disease in Users of Antioxidant Vitamin Supplements REF: Arch Neurol. 2004;61:82-88 [url][/url] PATIENTS: 4740 Cache County, Utah residents over 65 years of a... - (posted 19-Jan-2004, 19:32 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) CME: Using industrial processes to improve patient care 20040119:1916 A new CME article has been added to the journal club. [URL=]Click Here to Take This Journal Club CME[/URL]... - (posted 19-Jan-2004, 19:16 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Young Adult Fitness Protects Heart Health In Middle Age 20040119:1141 Press release from the NIH [url][/url] Cardiorespiratory fitness in early adulthood significantly decreases the chance of developing high blood pressure and diabetes -- both major risk factors for heart dis... - (posted 19-Jan-2004, 11:41 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Exercise Capacity Strongest Predictor of Mortality in Men 20040103:1728 TITLE: EXERCISE CAPACITY AND MORTALITY AMONG MEN REFERRED FOR EXERCISE TESTING REF: New Engl J Med 2002;346:793-801 [url][/url] PATIENTS: 6213 men followed for an average of 6.2 yea... - (posted 03-Jan-2004, 17:28 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Why Are the Results of Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting in Women Worse? 20040102:0823 REF: Asian Cardiovasc Thorac Ann 2003;11:293-298 [url][/url] CONCLUSION: the outcome of bypass surgery in women is worse than in men (hospital mortality in women was 5.6% versus 2.9% ... - (posted 02-Jan-2004, 08:23 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use In Older Adults 20031215:0916 TITLE: UPDATING THE BEERS CRITERIA FOR POTENTIALLY INAPPROPRIATE MEDICATION USE IN OLDER ADULTS REF: [url][/url] Arch Intern Med. 2003;163:2716-2724 COMMENT: this lists medications that shoul... - (posted 15-Dec-2003, 09:16 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Reducing Nationwide Obesity Starts In Neighborhoods 20031215:0754 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, July 3, 2003 CONTACT: NHLBI Communications Office (301) 496-4236 REDUCING NATIONWIDE OBESITY STARTS IN NEIGHBORHOODS Hearts N Parks Program Brings Science, Skills to 50 Communities Children, adolescents... - (posted 15-Dec-2003, 07:54 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Safety in numbers: more walkers and bicyclists = safer walking and bicycling 20031214:1600 TITLE: Safety in numbers: more walkers and bicyclists, safer walking and

bicycling REF: [url][/url] COMMENT: more walking & biking = better health!... - (posted 14-Dec-2003, 16:00 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Polio Found to Help Treat Brain Cancer 20031211:0804 Modified Poliovirus Targets Brain Cancer Cells December 08, 2003 [url] chanID=sa003&articleID=00012531-0161-1FD1-816183414B7F0000[/url] Scientific American Recent research has found that modified polio killed brain ca... - (posted 11-Dec-2003, 08:04 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Lung Cancer in the Elderly: So Many Patients, So Little Time 20031209:1608 TITLE: Lung Cancer in the Elderly - So Many Patients, So Little Time! REF: CA Cancer J Clin 2003; 53:322-324 [url][/url] ARTICLE TYPE: Editorial COMMENT: this is an excellent editorial. ... - (posted 09-Dec-2003, 16:08 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) AED's Found to NOT Increase Survival 20031209:0754 TITLE: Use of automated external defibrillator by first responders in out of hospital cardiac arrest: prospective controlled trial REF: [url][/url] BMJ 2003;327:1312 (6 December), doi:10.1136/b... - (posted 09-Dec-2003, 07:54 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Virtual Colonoscopy Shows Promise 20031208:1213 TITLE: Computed Tomographic Virtual Colonoscopy to Screen for Colorectal Neoplasia in Asymptomatic Adults REF: [url][/url] NEJM Volume 349:2191-2200 December 4, 2003 Number 23 CONCLUSION: the a... - (posted 08-Dec-2003, 12:13 by Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP) Low Dose Aspirin (75-150 mg) Not as Effective as Medium Dose (325 mg) After CABG 20031207:1555 TITLE: Indirect comparison meta-analysis of aspirin therapy after coronary surgery REF: [url][/url] BMJ 2003;327:1309 (6 December), doi:10.1136/bmj.327.7427.1309 STUDY TYPE: meta-analysis ... (posted 07-Dec-2003, 15:55 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) HIV Increasing in the US 20031130:0834 TITLE: Increases in HIV Diagnoses --- 29 States, 1999--2002 REF: November 28, 2003 / 52(47);1145-1148 [url][/url] Since the advent of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in 1996, progressi... - (posted 30-Nov-2003, 08:34 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP) Writing Out Emotions Helps Heal Wounds 20031129:1641 This news article from the BBC discusses how researchers have found that pouring your emotions out in writing may improve the body's ability to heal wounds. [url][/url] [url] - (posted 29-Nov-2003, 16:41 by Tom Heston, MD, FAAFP)