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A DECLARATION TO RECEIVE YOUR GOOD By Anita Pathik Law Today I open myself to the good that has been

prepared for me. With each breath I receive, I receive the energy needed to fuel my body and mind. I release the subtle ways I discount my good. In the past, I may have made decisions from lack and fear. Today, I shift, on all levels, and release the stories of not enough. I am and have always been more than enough. In fact, as a child of a Divine Intelligence, one that is the Source of love and good in all of its forms, I know I am more than enough. After all, I am a perfect creation of God. Today I celebrate this reality by stepping into the life that has been prepared for me. I say YES! to my talents and gifts and am open to the Divinely orchestrated ways I am being encouraged to share them. As I am mindful to my curiosities and longings, I am open to fully receive the communication from God that is happening deep within me. I release past stories of lack and misfortune and surrender to the truth that I have always been blessed. As I look back at the totality of my life and the experiences I have had thus far, I am able to see through eyes of gratitude. Each situation was a blessing of growth and clarity to assist me in becoming, owning and being who I was designed to be. Even the contrasts present in my own forgetting moments gave way to a deeper realization of truth and I embrace them at such depth that completion and resolution is spontaneous and certain. I know I was put on the planet for a Divine reason and today I claim my existence as important, significant and eternally sacred and blessed. I have been ordained to contribute to the lives of others in ways beyond my recognition or understanding. Today I ask to have the eyes to see, the mind to know and the heart to feel excited and honored to be here at this particular time in humanitys evolution. I choose to witness the world around me from a state of deep compassion and gratitude. I choose to be an active expression of love and possibility in every moment, of every day. I choose to be the who of my Divine design and I let go of any and all past resistance. For in truth, I would not experience such deep longing if God was not the whisper nudging me towards a greater sense of my own belonging as I settle into my predestined place in the world. As I allow the distractions and diversions to my absolute worth to dissipate in the loving, living light of absolute truth, I am unburdened from all past illusions. I can feel the essence of who I am rising up to the surface of my awareness. With each breath I fill with a deep sense of excitement and positive expectancy. I am grateful. I am grateful for the opportunity to return to the essence of who I have always been and in this moment. I shed all illusions of identity and release all past comparisons that simply clouded my ability to see and know the truth of my being. I allow the Divine Mystery to enter into my mind and infuse me with a truth so brilliant that all illusion melts gently into the false identities I now leave behind and recognize as untruths.
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As I return to a state of embodied wholeness, I release past patterns of thought and behavior that reflected illusions of being un-whole, broken, or damaged in any way from both my upbringing and my past. In this release, I expand into a greater embodiment of the wisdom and growth that was at the core of each past experience. The truth is that this moment is the only moment that is real. I stand firmly in the present and in doing so, I receive the blessings that are real, letting go of a past that no longer exists and a future that has not yet occurred. I stand sacred in this moment and affirm that all is perfect. I stand sacred in this moment and declare my commitment to be a powerful, unshakable force in the creation of love, beauty and goodness in all aspects of my life. I radiate the Divine presence in all moments and emanate an energy that is transformational to all who are touched by it. My thoughts reflect possibility and potential and my emotions are aligned with an attitude of excitement, gratitude and positive anticipation. Today I choose to be what and who Ive been designed to be. I am here for a beautiful, humbling reason and in this very moment I open to a greater understanding of what that is. As I ask What is it that wishes to be created through me today? the answers come easily. As I ask What is it that is mine to do today? I feel my will aligning with that if the Divine. The beauty and potential I see is far beyond what Ive been able to see in the past. I awaken to a new reality that is wishing to be experienced, created and received by me today. I awaken to the mysterious, perpetual ways God is working in my life and give thanks to every opportunity I am given to step more firmly into my own truth and being. I allow all that is not a harmonious and vibrational match for how God wishes to use me to unravel from all aspects of my being and I un-become all of whom I am not. In this unbecoming, I become who I was always intended to be. I now invite my ego to partner with my soul in its Destined expression and experience. I release stories of doubt, worry and fear and open to an expanded embodiment of faith. I let go of the desire to control and surrender to Gods grace. I open to the inspiration and intuition that is wishing to evoke a greater sense of adventure, joy and meaningful service in my life. I forgive myself for not listening in the past and my ability to receive Divine communication immediately increases. I am fortunate. I am blessed. I am moving in motion with an intelligence that is co-creating magnificence through me. I was born worthy of this relationship, one that was established long before I ever took my very first breath. I have been chosen for a bold and beautiful purpose and because of where I came from, this can never change. My life is filled with meaning and as I settle into the place of belonging in more authentic relationship with myself, my Creator, others and the earth I access the essence of oneness that previously has escaped me. I am in awe of the simplicity of letting go and allowing. I am in awe of the wonder and mystery of my life. I am in awe of the beauty that surrounds me and feeds me when I am present and receptive.

copyright2011, Anita Pathik Law

As I let go to all limitations and ideas that once hindered me from receiving my good I expand into a level of receiving that was once unimagined. As I give more generously of my time, treasure and talents, I am fed and nourished by my Source. I let go of any and all resistance to knowing and following the calling of my soul and trust that as I follow my resonance, I follow the highest, most aligned guidance available to me. I give my life to grace, love, healing and transcendence. I give my life to the good that is wishing to be made manifest in my life and in the lives of others. I release distractions, diversions and dramas that blind and deafen me to the direct guidance that is always seeking to be heard and known by me. I place my focus on the ways God is moving through me and devote time, energy and presence to listening and acting from faith. In moments I experience judgment, I simply breath and ask for the compassion to see truth. As I unravel from ideas of unforgiveness and victim thinking, I am empowered to live my life purpose. As I let go of anything and everything that is contrary to love, I heal. When I observe my thoughts leaning towards ideas of misfortune or not enough, I take responsibility for my own shift and acknowledge blessings previously unseen or unrecognized. I infuse everything with gratitude and am a channel for abundance, peace and prosperity. As I step into my core essence, I return to the Source of my power to be all that I was designed to be. As I take actions from a consciousness of faith I grow closer in relationship with my Source. I awaken to the passions that have always been my destiny and the purpose that reveals my Divinity. As I unify within I see the oneness of all creation. And, as I choose to align with the choices and will of the Divine, I simply am a more authentic expression in the world. From this place of authentic expression, I feed my heart and soul and in turn I give myself to the whole of humanity. I am a vehicle through which the Divine can easily and effortlessly presence Itself within physical reality. I am the bridge between heaven and earth, the unseen and seen, and Divinity and humanity. I live where I am most alive and give thanks for all of who I am and all of what I have lived in service to my growth, evolution and my becoming. And so it is and it is so.Ani Join Ani Live at and
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