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Lighting Control Multiplexer/Demultiplexer


General Description
The Lighting Control Multiplexer/Demultiplexer shall be an electronic device capable of providing either
multiplexing or demultiplexing modes operation as follows:-

In the Demultiplexing mode, the device shall accept a single DMX512 digital input signal and convert it to
48 channels of 0-10 Volt analogue data. The start address of the analogue output signal shall be
selectable within the range of 001 to 512.

In the Multiplexing mode, the device shall accept up to 48 channels of 0-10 Volt analogue data and
convert it to a single DMX512 digital output signal. The system design shall incorporate the facility to
connect multiple units together to provide for the multiplexing of up to 512 channels of analogue data.

In both modes of operation, the device shall be able to receive (Rx) or transmit (Tx) either positive
increasing 0-10 Volt analogue data or negative increasing 0-10 Volt analogue data. This function, along
with the Rx or Tx mode of the device, shall be switch selectable from the rear panel. There shall be
LEDs on the front panel to indicate the status of:- Receive Mode, Negative-(selected), Transmit Data,
Receive Data, Data Error and Valid Data.

Test Modes
The device shall provide no less than three test modes of operation, for when operating in the analogue
output mode. These shall be selectable by means of an appropriate address code on a 3-digit decade
switch assembly. The test modes shall include:-

Mode 1 - Auto fade one channel from 0% - 100% - 0%, step to next channel and repeat fade
process. After 48 channels have been accessed, repeat entire operation.

Mode 2 - Select and set individual channel to 50%.

Mode 3 - Select and set individual channel to 100%.

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Our ref: Linklitetecspec.doc
All associated electronics, switches, connectors and LEDs shall be housed within a 1RU 19 inch
rackmountable metal chassis of dimensions not more than 480mm x 175mm x 44mm, and weigh not more
than 3kgs. The front panel shall contain DB15 computer style connectors for analogue data
input/output, AXR type 5 pin connectors for DMX512 data input/output, 3 row decade switch and
indicator LEDs. The rear panel shall contain switches for Tx/Rx mode select, Positive/Negative mode
select, and the mains power input assembly.

Power Requirements
The main power supply shall be contained within the metal chassis. It shall be fused and switch
selectable to operate within the ranges of 100-120/220-240 VAC 60/50 Hz respectively. Total power
consumption shall not exceed 20 Watts.

Standard Features
The device shall provide, but not be limited to, the following:-
• Analogue to digital conversion.
• Digital to analogue conversion.
• DMX512 digital input/output.
• 48 channels of analogue input/output.
• Selectable positive or negative analogue data operation.
• Selectable test modes.
• LEDs for indicating status of:- Receive Mode, Negative (selected), Transmit Data, Receive Data, Data
Error, Valid Data.

The Lighting Control Multiplexer/Demultiplexer shall be a LinkLight-2

from LSC Lighting Systems or approved equivalent.

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Telephone:+61 3 9561 5255
Our ref: Linklitetecspec.doc
7 University Place, Fax: +61 3 9561 5277
Clayton, Victoria 3168 Australia