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Temples FH oold Materials needed:Scriptures, small markers (coins, scraps of paper) for Tem ple Bingo, a picture of a special temple (if desired)Purpose:For the family to u nderstand the great work that happens in temples and to gain appreciation for th e blessings we receive there.Scripture: And inasmuch as my people build a house u nto me in the name of the Lord, and do not suffer any uncleanthing to come into it, that it be not defiled, my glory shall rest upon it.Doctrine and Covenants 9 7:15The Lord is in his holy temple.Habakkuk 2:20 Opening song(s) and prayer:I Love to See the Temple, Childrens Songbook, page 95The Lord Gave Me a Temple, Childrens So ngbook, page 153Lesson: The Temple is a Happy Place with visualsUsing the summary a nd visuals provided begin your discussion about the important blessings of the t emple.Temples Around the World Collage: Show the collage and talk about how some temples are largeand some are small. Some have several spires and some have non e (Mesa Arizona). Some are in bigcities and some are in the woods. Although they may all look different from the outside, they are all beautiful and well taken care of and most importantly the ordinances performed inside the temple are alle xactly the same. A couple who gets married inside a little temple in Germany is married forever just asa couple who is married in a big busier temple in Salt La ke. The Lord wants temples to be scattered allover the world, so as many people as possible have access to the blessings of the temple.Talk about how far away y our own local temple is and a little about the effort it takes to get there (the length of the drive, hiring a babysitter, getting off work early, etc).ShowTempl e Mobile: Briefly discuss in more detail some of the wonderful blessings we rece ive byattending the temple and how important these blessings are. Hang the mobil e up somewhere in your house to help remind you of the wonderful blessings of th e temple.We Must Be Worthy to go to the Temple: Explain that any member of the C hurch who is oldenough and who lives a righteous life and gets permission (in th e form of a temple recommend) from the bishop and stake president can go to the temple. Those who go to the temple must be worthy to enter thehouse of the Lord. Ask them what they think being worthy to attend the temple entails?Listen to th eir ideas and make sure that some of the following are mentioned: (keeping theco mmandments, attending church, obeying the Word of Wisdom, paying tithing, follow ing the prophet, being honest, having a testimony, etc)Temple Bingo Game: Use sm all markers, such as coins, candies, or scraps of paper for markers.Take turns c hoosing cards and telling how that relates to the temple. Take care to especiall y note anythings they can be doing in their lives right now to prepare to go to the temple someday. For more readytoprint FHE lessons visit Bear your ut the blessings of the temple.Enrichment: Based on the ages and attention spans of your children, choose one or more of the following enrichmentactivities to e nhance the message of the lesson. Enrichment activities do not necessarily need to becompleted on the same night as the lesson. We often use them as reinforceme nt/reminders during theweek.Temple Trivia:Divide into two teams and ask trivia q uestions about temples(included) Temple Object Lesson:Gather items that remind y ou of the temple (Picture of the Savior, white cloth, amirror, heart, picture of Angel Moroni, etc.) and have your family guess why that particular object remin dsyou of the temple.Temple Notebook:Give each child their own notebook and have them draw pictures (or glue in photos)of various temples (ones that theyve actual ly visited or ones that they connections toit doesnt matter)and have them write de scriptions of the surroundings and their feelings while they were there. Dependi ngon how your children are, keep the notebooks put away until they are ready to be worked on or let themwork on them whenever they want. Eventually they should have their notebooks with drawings and photos of the temple along with their fee lings about the temple. You could also give them copies of your wedding pictures (or sealing day) for their books. Closing song:Families Can Be Together Forever,C hildrens Songbook, page 188Spirit of God , Hymns, page 2 (you can mention that this song is sung at every temple dedication) Closing Prayer:Refreshments:see below for a fun treat recipe.Grandmas Snowball Cookiesfrom http://recipeshoebox.blogspo t.comIngredients:Cream together:1/2 cuppowdered sugar1 cupbutter Add in:2 cupsfl

our 1/2 tsp.vanilla 1/2 cup finely choppedpecans(optional) It will be quite a sti ff dough. Chill for about an hour. Roll into balls the size of small walnuts. Ba ke on ungreased cookie sheet for 20minutes at 325 (no hotter). You may want to tu rn the cookie sheet the last 5 minutes of baking to ensure even browning. Whenco oled, roll each cookie into powdered sugar. Makes about 40 small cookies.Enjoy!

For more readytoprint FHE lessons visit The Templ ace adapted from the Friend, June 1993 (by Judy Edwards)What makes you happiest? I f you could choose between something that would last for just a little while and something that would last forever, which would it be (USE VISUALS)an ice-cream co ne, or a friend? a paper plane, or a Book of Mormon? a baseball game, or a trip with your family?Ice-cream cones and paper planes and baseball games are all fu n, but they dont give the lasting happiness thatfriends, scriptures, and family d o. (SET ASIDE the pictures of the ice cream, paper plane, and baseball gameand k eep the other pictures out) Now Im going to tell you about a special place where we can learn how to choose the happiest things in life long-lasting things like g oodness and kindness and love. (SHOW PICTURE OF TEMPLE)The temple helps us learn more about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and why we are here on earth. Andte mple ordinances make it possible for the best things in life to last forever. (P UT THE PICTUREof the family,friends, and scriptures with the temple)The temple t ruly is Gods house and the temple is one place on earth where we can feel the clo sest to Him. Notonly do we learn of Him and His plan of happiness, but we make c ovenants with Him so that we can receive thegreatest blessings of all. These ble ssings include being able to live with our families in Jesus and HeavenlyFathers presence for all eternity. And also helping others who did not have the opportun ity while they were onthe earth to receive the same glorious blessings.The templ e is a place of peace and love. We should be striving while we are young so that we can one day partake of these glorious blessings.