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Dr Md Santo : Mobee Knowledge Services - Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) model framework generated : Knowledge as the fabric of Universe beside Energy and Matter with Nature Knowledge Value (KV) measurement as scaling absolute ratio ranging from 10-38 (Planck Number) through infinity

Quantum Physics / Quantum Mechanics / Quantum Field Theory

Classical Physics / Classical Mechanics / Scientific Knowledge

Knowledgeable Physics / Knowledgeable Science / Knowledge-driven Social Sciences

Wave Particle Duality : Light waves act like particles and particles act like waves

Data (D) and Information (I) is the hub of Science DIKW (W=Wisdom) supposed to be a continuum in which K considered as narrow meaning and DIKW itself is human artifacts

Knowledge is the edge of and/or beyond Science

DI KW supposed to be separated considering K given broad meaning within Nature Knowledge, achieved as inborn as well as acquired

Quantum Tunneling : Matter can go from one spot to another without moving through the intervening space

K treated as object Scientific / Classical / Conventional Knowledge Management (KM)

Entanglement : Information / Knowledge (Consciousness) moves instantly across vast distances

K is subject evolved inside nature and human body having consciousness emergent property of complexity

Knowledge-Value (KV) < 1.0 4.0

Knowon, the proposed fifth fundamental force carrying consciousness element factor (CEF) and Independent to SpaceTime (IST) is psychic / consciousness mediating particle dominating quantum behavior level e.g. superpositioning and counterparting

The prominent in using possibilities is the result of the free will of K acting as subject

Knowledge-Value (KV) 1.0 9.0 and over

Inverted Paradigm Phenomenon method

( basic science derived from applied science method), is a kind of reverse engineering upon Knowledge intensive body of applied Science as

Knowledge Management (KM) as Knowledgeable Science : Human System Biology-based KM (HSBKMTM) model

Dependent to ST (DST) Graviton, the somatic mediating particle to act as duo-entity-force in shaping SpaceTime Entire universe is actually a series of probabilities Beginning the domain of Nature Knowledge Continuum applied to Knowon with KnowledgeValue (KV) = 10-38 (Planck Number) as the fifth fundamental force counterparting Graviton instead of the other three fundamental forces NATURE (Nature Knowledge Continuum)

solution to seeking basic science theoretical constructs) - (The making of Knowledge Management Philosophy of Science Theoretical Physics Triangle). -

framework Mobee Knowledge Competency Capability Maturity (MKCCMTM) model Both HSBKM and MKCCM are Knowledge intensive organized schemata of KM

To get comprehended, visit the following link Knowledge is the edge of Science

KNOWLEDGE (Nature Knowledge Continuum)

CONTINUUM (Nature Knowledge Continuum)

Quantum world

Classical mechanism world : Bio Physical World

Beyond Human World

K-Value* = 10



Physical World K-Value < 1.0

Biological World K-Value 1.0 - 4.0

Human K-Value = #Human Weighted Score (WS) = 1.0 (KLC) + 3.0 (KMC) + 5.0 (KHC) = 9.0 as Max Possible Score

K-Value > 9.0 to ~ (infinity)

Number) applied to IST Knowon counterparting DST Graviton becoming superposed duo-entityforce in shaping SpaceTime

K-Value around 1.0 through 9.0

The Universe knows something we don't. And it acts on cosmic scales (AIDAN RANDLE-CONDE | USLHC | USA CERN )

Knowledge Value (KV) measurement : For practical purpose, we use Thurstone scale a scaling technique that incorporates the intensity structure among indicators. Thurstone scale will converting ratio level scaling model of Weighting Score (WS) to Human Knowledge with Lower Consciousness (KLC), Knowledge with Medium Consciousness (KMC) and Knowledge with Higher Consciousness (KHC) respectively of 1 : 3 : 5 into interval level scaling model indicating the magnitude of difference between items. The result is an absolute value scaling ratio ranging from KV = 10 -38 (Planck number) applied to Knowon as the new proposed 5th Fundamental Force (Psychic / Consciousness Mediating Particle functioning as consciousness element factor (CEF) counterparting Graviton, the Somatic Mediating Particle ) and consecutively KV= 1.0 applied to KLC. KV = 3.0 applied to KMC and KV = 5.0 applied to KHC or accumulated to KV = 9.0 as human KV maximum possible score en route to infinity or goes beyond human KV. ( Wed like to emphasize from The Study of Human Consciousness : Penrose vs Md Santo among others mentioning, ......Knowledge should described within domain of classical physical mechanism as well as quantum physics either as quantum consciousness or quantum knowledge albeit Knowledge itself is Consciousness supposing independent to Space-Time (IST) ..... ) KV measurement means to assessing hypothetically the intensity of Nature Knowledge consciousness element factor within Knowledge continuum in the Universe all at once complementing Energy and Matter of the Universe ( - Knowledge Value (KV) Measurement ). Knowledge Value (KV) measurement is a mean to do what so called as Renormalization, (cited from Glossary : Stephen Hawking, 2010) a mathematical technique designed to make sense of infinities in quantum theories It is suggested on the concept of Human Consciousness we prefer the paradigm of The Universe or the Nature Knowledge is the center of Consciousness rather than Mind Brain or Human Being is the center of Consciousness where Knowledge domain limited only within DIKW continuum ( Human Consciousness Definition and relationship with Nature Knowledge)

( Source : - Basic structure of Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) model framework)
1. HUMAN SYSTEM BIOLOGY : HUMAN KNOWING TOOLS PRODUCING KNOWLEDGE 2nd Knowledge Interface Human Brain (Central Nerves System) as Secondary Human Knowing Tools producing Knowledge with Medium Consciousness (KMC) representing human reason-mindintellect-intelligence-way-idea (= human mind) Weighted Score (WS) = 3.0 as value of KMC 3rd Knowledge Interface Human Genomic DNA (DNA Consciousness) as Tertiary Human Knowing Tools producing Knowledge with Higher Consciousness (KHC) representing human will desire wish (= human conscience)

1st Knowledge Interface Human Senses (Peripheral Nerves System incl. Autonomic Nerve System) as Primary Human Knowing Tools producing Knowledge with Lower Consciousness (KLC) representing human sense-tastefeeling-feel-flavor-sensation (= human senses) Weighted Score (WS) = 1.0 as value of KLC

Weighted Score (WS) = 5.0 as value of KHC

2. NATURE COMPONENTS PRODUCING NATURE KNOWLEDGE AND/OR NATURE KM 4 Knowledge Interface Quantum to Physico Chemical Interactions Level (Human Body to Nature Physical Awareness) KV = 10
-38 th

5 Knowledge Interface KLC Biological Interactions Level (Human Body to Nature Biological Awareness) KV = 1.0 (senses) 3.0 (mind) (non Human Knowing Tools) KMC KHC


6 Knowledge Interface Nature with higher Complexity Behavior Level (Human Body to Nature Fitriah (Pure / Natural) Awareness) KV > 9.0 to ~ (infinity)


through < 1.0

KV = 1.0 + 3.0 + 5.0 = 9.0


7 Knowledge Interface Within Human System Biologybased KM (HSBKM) model framework, KLC represented by KM Tools as Techno-based boundary KM covering IT/ICT, Web 1.0 and 2.0 incl. Social Media platforms. (Referred to Machine or Techno Learning or to Category 7.0 (PCF APQC**) as corporate orientation)


8 Knowledge Interface Within HSBKM model framework KMC represented by KM Process Framework as Human Mind-based boundary KM covering Human (Tacit) Mind incl. Web 3.0 and/or Semantic Web including Artificial Intelligence (AI) (Referred to Individual Learning or to Category 12.0 (PCF APQC**) as corporate orientation)


9 Knowledge Interface Within HSBKM model framework KHC represented by KM Standards Culture and Value as Human Organizational (Collective / Social) Learning-based boundary KM covering Codified / Explicit Knowledge, Human Social Behavior, Organizational Culture (Learning Organization). (Referred to Organizational Learning or to Category 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 8.0 9.0 10.0 11.0 (PCF-APQC**) as corporate orientation) Weighted Score (WS) = 5.0 as value of KM Standards Culture and Value representing the value of KHC


Weighted Score (WS) = 1.0 as value of KM Tools representing the value of KLC

Weighted Score (WS) = 3.0 as value of KM Process Frameworks representing the value of KMC

** Referring to PCF APQC = Process Classification Framework American Productivity and Quality Center as taxonomy of cross functional business process comprising 12 Categories

Eclectic Operational Definition of Knowledge dan Knowledge Management (KM) derived from Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) model framework - Knowledge is the Edge of Science and - We are KM regulated by Nature and by Nature we are KM model

Source : - Model framework by Nature : Human System Biology - based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) - ......we (re)defined Knowledge as follow, .... Human Knowledge, in broad meaning (DI KW model), is the product of human knowing tools, Human Knowledge is the output of human knowing tools, evolved as emergent

property, having consciousness inside human being as complex system (complexity), alive and behaving as subject with freewill, contrary with Data and Information exist outside human being, non-alive and behaving as object and exist as human artifacts.....

To make it more clarified, - MAKING KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT BETTER THROUGH KNOWLEDGEABLE CONCEPT, ..... By giving broad meaning the role of KM in nature, therefore human Knowledge is the integral part of broad Nature Knowledge (Knowledge of Nature). Knowledge, either Human or Nature Knowledge by nature is dynamic entity continuum characterized as having consciousness element factor (CEF) structure. Human Knowledge and/or Nature Knowledge by nature either within quantum physics level or classical mechanic physics level, differentiated into infinite levels of consciousness,........

.....Knowledge Management (KM) essentially is not management technique but behaving more as a living access mechanisms that can be used across any management tool type such as Total Quality Management, Learning Organization (Peter Senges Fifth Discipline), HRM, Benchmarking, Process Classification Framework, Business Process Reengineering, Balanced Scorecard, Business Intelligence, Information Management including Social Media platforms etc. wherein each with their specific functions to be orchestrated under KMs consciousness. So, here we put KM in incredibly broad meaning behaving as subject with higher level than any other management tool type which is treated only as object ( and/or ).

Brief explaination of Material and Method of our work (see also our mindmap at URL - Guide to Inverted Paradigm method (IPM) : KM applied to discovering new Theoretical Physics findings)
The most relevant method to carry out the work to searching the model of the Universe, most likely we should use top down mechanism or Inverted Paradigm Method (IPM) approach to complementing the conventional scientific method. Regarding this, the following will explain in brief the use of IPM as our empirical experience since 2009 The essence of conventional or classical scientific mindset shown by step-by-step deducto hypothetico verificative way of thinking. But, within Inverted Paradigm Method (IPM) totally change in the opposite direction. It is called as reverse engineering, evidence-based or even gnosis. The trend using IPM with its variations prominently exposed since early 21th century, by the fact that scientific world occasionally suffering from the syndrome of the End of Science, a syndrome where Science get difficulties in finding answer to many human complex problems.

We, Mobee Knowledge Services, through the Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) model framework as well as our Mobee Knowledge Competency Capability Maturity (MKCCM) model as Knowledge Management (KM) metrics which we have been using since 2009 for the consultancies, could be considered as solid and robust Knowledge - intensive laboratory and experimental workplace 2.0 for further another possibility of advanced study. In this case, we used them as material through Inverted Paradigm Method (IPM) (Basic Science derived from Applied Science), a kind of reverse engineering by treating KM as Knowledge intensive body toward seeking relevant solution. We noted that it could be done only in a Knowledge intensive scientific body, otherwise we couldnt succeeded in doing such reverse engineering regarding the matter of the issue to apply into a basic science. In this case Knowledge Management (KM) applied to Theoretical Physics. The resulting process of our efforts to performing IPM on either HSBKM or MKCCM making us quite succeeded in developing theoretical constructs derived from KM applied to Physics namely in Theoretical and/or Astro Physics The use of IPM in essence using Top down approach mechanism, the approach in which we trace the histories from the top down, that is, backward from the present time. Other than that also, because within Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom (DIKW) continuum, Knowledge (in broad meaning within Nature Knowledge continuum) epistemologically behaving higher level than the behavior of D-I level ( visit URL - Knowledge is the Edge of Science)

In brief, we came up with Theoretical Physics constructs include the declaring of 4 (four) new basic variables, Knowledge attributed by Nature Consciousness, considered as fabric of Universe beside Energy and Matter, Knowon newly proposed as the fifth fundamental force of Nature, a hypothetical massless, independent to SpaceTime (IST) particle containing consciousness element factor (CEF) with Knowledge Value (KV) = 10-38 (Planck Number) and functioning as psychic / consciousness mediating particle to counterparting Graviton, dependent to SpaceTime (DST), as somatic mediating particle becoming duo-entity-force to give shape of SpaceTime within psycho-somatic entity paradigm of our (smart) Universe and a constant factor written as k functioning as a constant factor ranging from 0.0 1.0 applied to Mass Energy Equivalence or the equation E = mc2 to be written as E = k mc2. The k = 1.0 representing the highest entropy of certain Knowledge loci in the Universe. Other than that, we are also mentioning Knowledge Value (KV) as a mean to assessing hypothetically the intensity of Nature Knowledge CEF within Knowledge (K) continuum in the Universe ranging from KV=10-38 (Planck Number) through infinity

Introducing Knowon, our newly proposed fifth fundamental force derived from Human System Biology-based (HSBKM) model framework
Relative Strength (compatible with our Knowledge Value / KV concept)
1 Short

Fabric of Nature



Mediating Particle

Energy and Matter




0.0073 10 -9




Very Short


Gravitational : impacts absolutely everything

10 (equal with Planck Number)

Long / Infinite

Graviton (acting as Somatic Mediating Particle of the Universe)


Entanglement : as Psycho-Somatic entity with Graviton, impacts absolutely everything Spooky action at a distance (Quoted from Einstein) or Jauh dimata dekat

10-38 ( KnowonGraviton as PsychoSomatic entity )

Infinite (independent to SpaceTime / IST)

Knowon (acting as Psychic / Consciousness Mediating Particle of the Universe) counterparting Graviton as an entity of Universe DNA in shaping SpaceTime

dihati (Quoted from famous Indonesian proverb) as an IST Consciousness transferring phenomenon

Reference used to check the suggested validity of our results above mentioned :

From -

Physics & Math

Out There Are There Mysterious Forces Lurking in Our Atoms and Galaxies?
Physicists stalk a delicate fifth force of nature, hidden within the interstices of the other four. What they have not found is even more amazing.
by Sean Carroll - the DISCOVER Magazine, November 2011 issue; published online November 4, 2011, ........If you want to invent a new force of nature, you have to specify three things: which particles feel the force, how strong it is, and the range over which it interacts. Once youve fixed these properties, you know everything important about your hypothetical force, and you can set about tracking it down. For example, gravity impacts absolutely everything, and its range is infinite. Gravity grows weaker as you move away from a planet or star, but it never fades completely. Gravity is actually a very weak force compared with the others, but because it interacts with everything, it builds up when you have a really massive object. Thats why gravity is the most important force over astronomical distances..... .......Physicists still hope something will show up, perhaps at powerful particle accelerators, because discovering new forces would mean wed have to develop completely new theories. But if we find them, these hidden forces will leave no imprint on the motions of atoms, molecules, or larger objects such as ourselves. The bad news is, no tractor beams. If we want to build an apparatus that exerts influence over large distances, we are limited to using gravity and electromagnetism. Even if thats an established fact, though, it raises as many questions as it answers. Why just those two forces? Why do they interact the way they do? How do they relate to the possibly hidden forces at shorter distances? We can marvel at how well we understand certain aspects of nature, while never forgetting how very far we have left to go........( )

Foot note on tractor beams and hypothetical force :

By using IPM method as the above mention, we positively sure by of-proof the existence of Knowon, the fifth fundamental force. Therefore we dont need tractor beams by substituting with IPM The hypothetical force of our findings enable us to complementing the work of CERN LHC (Large Hadron Collider) on the issues of Higgs Boson (God Particle) : see URL (The making of Knowledge Management Philosophy of Science Theoretical Physics Triangle pp 6 - 10 )

Dr Md Santo E-mail : Knowledge Management (KM) dan Organizational Learning (OL) Consultant Mobee Knowledge Services Jakarta, Indonesia (member of World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology) Founder Social Networking and Learning Resources Site Mobee Knowledge CoP (over 900 members in 38 countries) Profil at Linkedin : Twitter : Public and Global Profile :

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