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Social Media, my Business and i

Lecture @ Pan African University Adeola Kayode

Copyleft All wrongs reserved. Among competitors in the marketplace you need to think like a chess player every move counts. Between a business and its communication is a thin line; I walk that line everyday. deola.kayode @Delola

Everyone is talking about it , should i?

El-Rufai tweeted!!

Everyone has become a journalist

The rules of the game has changed

Welcome to the Word of Mouse generation


are quietly fighting back. They now have the power to influence their peers than ever before.

They are telling anyone who cares to listen about


And great product

(if you have one)

Online social media is not more a distraction; it has shifted the way brands communicate.

More and more companies applicants are looking to look to online job websites and forums for recruitment


In a fashion uncharacteristic of the Nigerian market, an online job portal reportedly secured venture funding. Gists say its about $1 million.

It has given small businesses the power for MASSIVE results

George Wright the Vice President (marketing) of Blendtec, a company in Utah decided built a campaign about their cornerstone product, Total Blender.

*(a high performance blender used in restaurants, coffee shops and other commercial concerns).

The total cost of starting was about $50 (being cost of a lab coat, six-pack of coke, a rake, and a domain name). He got the CEO and recorded him blending unusual things and posted the videos online.

The result was astonishing; blending an iPhone was its most popular video with 5.2 million views on YouTube alone in the first year ... media estimation of the resultant effect is estimated at $40 million.
As of now,
YouTube has 58 million views. Total Will it Blend views are 101 million. They have 150,000 subscribers. Sales have increased 7 times over since the campaign. The sales have grown in commercial products as well. Brand awareness has grown. Traditional media picks up on it without Blendtec paying (National TV, local media, blogs, Newspaper, you name it.)

Social Media
Social media is media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques Blogs, micro-blogging, social networking, video/file sharing, wikis, social bookmarking, community sites and more

Your website and social media

Your website should be the central component of your social media strategy If your website needs work, best to sort this out first before getting serious about social media

Offline marketing / promos Collateral / stationery

Blog Twitter


Media releases


Your Website:
Social bookmarking

Search engine optimisation

The Centerpoint of all virtual activities

Online video/ Youtube channel

Content sharing sites Flickr, Slideshare etc

Search engine marketing (pay per click)

Email Marketing

Podcasts RSS Online forums posts

Email signature blocks

Lead generation
Drive traffic to your website or landing pagethe money is in the list.

Number of telephone lines in 2001


Nigeria remains the fastest growing telecommunications market for phones in the world


Number of telephone lines in 2011

Mobile Marketing has changed

Social Media is now a major consideration in Brand Strategy, Reputation Management, Public Relations, Marketing, Human Resource, Advertising and Research

BRAND 5,155 772,517 179,108 fans 346,730 fans 2,036 Tweets 4,135 followers 6,391 Tweets 26,580 followers 15,365 tweets 28,171followers 994 tweets 7,166 followers 14 videos 13,083 views 4 videos 2,749 views 938 videos 99,222 views 135 videos 169,252 views

3,672 22,063

21,432 fans
21,854(MTN Project fame) 17,192(MTN loaded)


21,854 fans

Honorable mention: Always 120,165

Top 5 Nigerian Brands on Facebook


GTBank 173, 046 followers MTN


The BeatFM


Case Study: GTBank

As of today, GTBank is the leading brand in social media engagement in Nigeria, and that is my opinion. Any other ideas? They were recently recognized as the most customer focused bank in Nigeria (Corporate and retail).*

*(KPMG, Banking Industry Customer Satisfaction Survey, June 2010)

With service as a key proposition, they have succeeded in building bridges using a variety of means including social media, in reaching their target audience.

They have

GTBank Interactive website.

GTBank Fan page on Facebook 94,453 fans

They have

10 videos on

GTBank On twitter - 1,259 followers

They are

Only bank listed among the top 10 visited Nigerian websites by Nigerians

One of the top spenders in Print Advertising

Owners of one of the few multimedia magazines in Nigeria - GTBank E - zine

Rules of Social Media Engagement

Have a clear Communication Strategy

Develop a social media policy for your employees not snoop around them. they still use it anyway. Just turn them into ambassadors.

Integrate traditional and digital media.

Changing Consumer psychographics will demand you make adjustments

Identify and profile your potential customers

Dont think outside the box

there is no box!

Get Creative
Dont just create products, satisfy human needs in a creative and comfortable way by understanding how they we live.

Get personal:

If your business is about reaching out to people, then let your brand be human. Share, link, communicate (extend customer service from bored officers and autoresponders)

Go join the conversation

If your target audience are talking about you, why not join the gist.

Go viral
Get others to tell your story give them something to talk about.

You can't just say it. You have to get others to say it to other people - James Foley, Group VP Global Marketing (FORD)

Relinquish Ownership
Create opportunities for customers to own the brand

Measure and Control


In a rapidly changing world, your ability to measure and control your initiative will take you far

Your customers now have less time to decide + more choices to make from. They can even afford not to see you to make a buying decision

The way you respond to these changes can determine the future of your brand.