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Things Easily Forgotten

Psalm 103 Introduction:

John Newton best known for the author of one of the best loved hymns of the church, “Amazing Grace.” The words are his autobiography. The wretch in the story is John Newton. Slave trader. Bought and sold human flesh off Sierra Leone in Western Africa. Hard drinker womanizer, wretch!

Came to Christ. Became a pastor. Songwriter. Major voice against slavery in England. Never forgot what Christ did for him. At the end of his life, I am a great sinner and Christ is a great savior.

So rare. Easy to forget. Life goes on. The fear and guilt of sin become a memory. Get used to grace. Take God for granted. Only call on him when you really need him.

Bible repeatedly said, Remember. Feasts and ceremonies to remind. The one ordinance God Gave us to remember was this Lord’s Supper. “In Remembrance.” So we will never forget. So easy to do.

This morning I want to remind you to remember those things so easily forgotten.

Psalm 103.

Bless the lord. 115 times in the Bible. 43 times in the Psalm. Meant to “bow the knee.”

Verse 2, “And forget none of his benefits. Benefits are then defined. Here is what we must remember.

I. Remember God’s Pardon.

Verse 3, “who pardons.” KJV “forgives.” I like the use of pardon because

it better hits what he did. Not erase the sin, overlook it. Not an acquittal.

A pardon.

God knows what you have done and chooses to eliminate the punishment.

Technical word is justification: Often hear “Just as if I never sinned.” Understand where they are coming from. But that isn’t what this word

means. To declare you just even though you will continue to sin. Legal term to balance the account.

The Bible says the wages of sin is death. That means when you commit sin, you earn death. Death is your paycheck for sin. Sin fills your spiritual bank account with death.

Jesus went to the cross to provide enough grace to cover all the accounts of all the people who ever lived.

When you place your faith in Christ God credits your account with grace. He imputes the righteousness of Christ to you. You didn’t earn it. You don’t deserve it. God wanted to do it.

Business man I know owed a bank $50,000 . Bank sold. Trying to consolidate their credit accounts or something sent him a letter. If he would pay $30,000 they would forget the rest. DONE! Man, he floated through the week!

That’s how grace works on your sin account. Only you don’t have to Pay any of it. God Declares the debt null and credits your account with Grace!! Realize that should set you free. Live with joy!

Implications are spelled out:

1. The Pardon is Complete.

“Who heals all your diseases.” Could refer to physical or spiritual.’

Jesus certainly healed both. The key is “all”.

disease? Then what do all those Christians die off?

Does God heal all

Careful, believe that and you can easily come to the point where you think he is obligated to heal all sickness. Jesus never did that. Went into a town, “Healed many. Not all”

Some who think this.

faith. No! The book of Job nailed shut the notion that sickness is a lack of faith!

Need faith. Sickness is the result of a lack of

Since he said all he must not be referring to physical healing. Spiritual healing. Pardon is complete!!!

Ill. Ever do something creates tremendous guilt. God forgive me. A

week or so later the idea comes up again. Lord forgive me. God

probably says, “For What!”

Psalm 103: 1212] As far as the east is from the west, So far has He removed our transgressions from us.

Stop kicking yourself for things God has already forgiven. Remember his pardon is complete.

2. The Pardon is eternal.

Verse 4, “who redeems you soul from the pit.” The pit is the same as hell. KJV “who redeemeth thy life from destruction.”

God redeems you from hell.

. When you come to Jesus he trades the ticket on the down train to one on the up. Don’t have to fear death.


.It is like when you sin you purchase a one way ticket to the pit.

So powerful. Death has no power over you because you have the promise of the pardon that lasts for eternity. NEVER FORGET THAT.

. to pray. “Brother Bill you don’t even have to pray that I will be healed. Just pray for God’s will.” I was impacted by his confidence. I replied, “I

will pray that it is God’s will that you be healed.” He smiled. But I could tell, it really did not matter. He understood what it meant to remember the pardon.

II. Remember Your Position.


.Recently at the bed of a man who knows that death is not far. I want

Verse 4, “Who crowns you with lovingkindness and compassion.”

The imagery of the crown is powerful. You are taken out of slavery and placed into a kingdom.

Col 1:13, “Who transferred us from the domain of darkness into the kingdom of his beloved son.

Remember that so you will begin to act like one. Few things more disgusting as someone of great stature living beneath themselves. Eagles who act like turkeys.

God changed you from turkey to eagle. So spread out and fly!

Remember that the next time you are in a group of turkeys!

III. Remember Your Purpose.

Our purpose is tied to his pardon. Many years ago watching the Today Show. Nick Gotsilanas. In the Revolution in Greece in 1949 Nick’s

mother was killed helping him and his three sisters escape.

researched and wrote of it in Elanie. Gotsalonis went back to Greece as an adult to find his mother’s murderers. He was intent on killing them. Posing as a journalist he scheduled a lunch with the Judge that sentenced her to death. During the meal he revealed himself, pulled out a pistol, and pointed it in the judges face. Intent on killing him. But he couldn’t pull the trigger. Why not. He said, that if he killed this man and died because of it, or spent his life in prison then his mother’s sacrifice would have been in vain. He said that he did not feel guilty for what his

mother did for him, but he did feel responsible to make something of his life because another died to pay for it.


There in is our purpose.

Verse 5. Who satisfies. The word means to fill full. He gives you a filled fullness that this world can’t seem to get. And that will give you good things. The result, our youth i.e. childhood energy is repaired.

He satisfies our years. Gives us purpose. Nothing can stop. You can know that, If you will remember.

I started this talk remembering John Newton. Did you know that slavery in England was eventually abolished through the efforts of William Wilberforce? And do you know who Wilberforce’s good friend and spiritual counselor was? None other than John Newton. He used his life to bring an end to the thing that he wasted his youth on.


Easy to forget isn’t it. Get our minds on so many other things. Playing church. Forgetting the benefits.

God pardons, positions and provides purpose for your life. Stop forgetting that.

Take a minute and reflect. Can you recall the day you were saved. The


Have you sought out his forgiveness? Then receive the pardon.

The early experiences of joy. Today do you struggle with old guilt.

Easy to forget your position.

Easy to forget the purpose.

God isn’t ignorant of sin. Sin is terrible. He