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Felix virgo, mater Christi, Que gaudium mundo tristi Ortu tui contulisti, Dulcissima, Six hereses permisti Dum angelo credisti Filiumque genuisti, Castissima. Roga natum, piissima, Ut pellat mala lurima Tormentaque gravissima, Que patimur; Nam a gente ditissima, Lux lucis splendidissima, De sublimi ad infima Dedecimur; Cunctis bonis exuimur, Ab impiis persequimur, Perquos jugo subicimur Servitutis, Nam sicut ceci gradimur Nec directorem sequimur, Sed a viis retrahimur Nobis a tutis. Gracie fon et virtutis, Sola nostre spex salutis, Miserere destitutis Auxilio, Ut a culpis absolutis Et ad rectum iter ductis Inimicisque destructis Pax sit nobis cum gaudio. 2. Inviolata genitrix Superbie grata victrix Expers paris, Celestis aule janitrix, Miserorum exauditrix, Stella maris Que ut mater consolaris,

1. Happy Virgin, Mother of Christ, Who has brought joy to an unhappy world By your birth, Sweetest one, Thus you destroyed the heresies When you believed the angel And bore a Son, Most chaste one. Beseech your Child, most faithful one, That He might drive away the many evils And severest torments That we endure; For we are brought down by a most wealthy tribe, O most splendid Light of the Light, From the heights To the depths, We are stripped of all good things, We are pursued by the impious, Through whom we are brought under the yoke Of servitude, For we make our way as if blind And do not follow a guide But we are drawn back from paths That are safe for us. Fountain of grace and virtue, Only hope of our salvation, Have mercy on those bereft Of help, So that, freed from our sins And led to the right path, And our enemies destroyed, We may have peace with joy. 2. Inviolate Mother, Beloved conqueress of pride Having no peer, Door-keeper of the celestial palace, You who hearken the wretched, Star of the sea, You who comfort like a mother

Et pro lapsis deprecaris Humiliter, Gracie fons singularis Que angelis dominaris, Celeriter Para nobis tut miter, Juvaque nos viriliter Nam perimus, Invadimur hostiliter Sed tuimur debiliter, Neque scimus Quo tendere nos possimus, Nex per quem Salvi erimus Nisi per te; Eya! Ergo poscimus Ut sub alis tuis simus Et versus nos te converte. 3. Ad te suspiramus gementes et flentes.

And intercede humbly on behalf of The fallen, Singular font of grace, You who rule over the angels, Swiftly Prepare a safe way for us, And help us with vigor, For we perish, We are invaded by enemies, But weakly defended, Nor do we know Which way we may go, Nor by whom we shall be saved If not by you; Ah! Therefore we pray That we may be under your wings And turn yourself toward us. 3. We sigh to you, lamenting and weeping.