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to your career

Pittu Manohara Reddy


The Word ADD ON is adding something more to normal state of possesion . Add ons -- here specifies to add something to our professional career.

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technical ADD ONs

Paper presentation Poster presentation Project exbhition Technical quiz Workshops

Information source
College College library Notice board

Information source

Educational magazines


E&T Education

Power electronics

Information source
Internet http://

Information source
Friend circle

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11 10 9 8 7

4 3

Selection of Paper
Should be specific Must be of present and latest scenario Real time applied Specified applications Advantageous than present technology

Most referred domains

Image, Speech and Signal Processing Robotics Fuzzy model control and Auto Machines Nanotechnology VLSI and applications Embedded systems Recent trends in RF and wireless communications

Contents of Paper
Abstract * Definition * Historical background Introduction * Prevailing technologies Concept * Specified paper explanation * Advantages and limitations * Applications * Future scope Conclusion * References *

Source for Papers

Generalized Rules and Regulations

Team of minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 members are allowed in some colleges. Participants cane be of
Same college Different college

The selected papers

Have to post hard copies, soft copy in CD along with DD for registration. Spot registration is allowed

Registration fee per head varies from college to college. Each team will be given 6 to 8 minutes for presentation and an additional 2 minutes for queries.


Format : IEEE. Maximum no. of words for abstract : 500 words Text size :12 (use underlines,bold,italic for headings) Pages :10 to 12 File type : MS Word(.docx)2007 / (.doc)2003.

Print area of 6-7/8 inches wide by 8-7/8 inches high. Main title should begin 1-3/8 inches from the top edge of the page, centered, and in Times 14-point, boldface type. Author names and affiliations are to be centered beneath the title and printed in Times 12-point, non-boldface type.


The remaining pages should begin 1.0 inch from the top edge. On all pages, the bottom margin should be 1-1/8 inches Times Roman, or New Times Roman may be used Type your main text in 10-point Times, singlespaced. Do not use double-spacing.

Submission and Feedback

Important dates
Date of submission Date of feedback Date of registration Date of event

Appropriate email Check emails Contact on phone

Power Point Presentation

Optimal number of slides Minimum animations Simple and Creative Use attractive and decent slides


Strategize and plan every second Utilize every single second Be expressive and emotional Use hand gestures Keep eye contact Dont let your fear out React smoothly Dont run of the stage Be prepared for query

My special thanks to our staff who gave me this opportunity

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--Signing off Pittu Manohara Reddy