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The Actor NUFilm Productions 1. INT Backstage Panning shot from left to right with posters of previous performances.

Jake Deschain is performing in each of them, they are ordered chronologically with years & names (including his name), some of them with his photo on. We HEAR background sound from a performance on stage and audience reactions. 2. CUT TO INT Stage The camera follows a previous act a dancer (Balerina? Comic effect?) off stage as another act enters. The audience is cheering and applauding as the new act starts. 3. Panning shot posters contd 4. FOLLOW TO INT Backstage The dancer goes backstage, the camera follows her to a row of chairs. JAKE is sitting on one of the chairs reading a script. He gets up just on time for the dancer to sit down on his seat. The dancer doesnt seem to notice he is there. 5. INT Backstage The camera pans around to show other acts performing for their roles. We HEAR and SEE some of them rehearsing their lines, a magician doing tricks. SOUND FADE IN: audience in the theatre hall, cheering up the current performer. 6. INT Backstage JAKE is walking up and down, focused on his lines. It is a dark comedy / satire about the meaning of life? / and we only HEAR some key words and expressions. 7. Panning shot contd; audience background sound 8. INT Backstage contd JAKE starts putting his costume (jacket) on, a dark costume contrasting the bright colours of other acts around him. 9. INT Backstage CUT TO Other acts having a lively discussion about an actor they used to love acting with, pity hes not with them tonight, he was perfect match for the programme.

10. CUT TO INT Stage current performer + audience sound 11. INT Backstage CUT TO Jakes performance (rehearsal) becomes more powerful and emotional. 12. While talking: CUT TO Panning contd. 13. INT Backstage contd He does not look at the other acts. Hes focused on rehearsing his lines and getting ready. 14. INT Backstage The current performer comes off stage. We HEAR the audience cheer with delight. He rushes over to the group. They greet him with smiles and open arms. JAKE is between the performer and the group. The guy just walks through him & towards the group. 15. INT Backstage CUT TO Jake takes a deep breath and exhales slowly. He walks up to the steps. He can hear the crowd cheering. He walks up the steps. The curtains open. 16. INT Stage The house lights are off. Just small side lights are on. Jake stands like he is stage fright. He tries to clear his throat but no sound comes out. The audience is silent. As he is about to speak, the microphone gives feedback. The spotlight comes on. Jake vanishes. An announcer comes on stage. The announcer comes to stage announcing this is the last act, in memory of Jake. Announcer: We are here today to celebrate the talents of Jake Deschain. We hope you enjoyed this tribute to him. Another performer comes to stage and starts performing. SOUND FADE OUT. 17. Panning shot contd The last poster on the row is for tonights show In Memory of Jake, who recently passed away. THE END.