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clino System 99CL Nurse Call System for Small and Medium-sized Facilities

clino System 99CL - for small and medium-sized facilities

Communication as a means of efficient care management Health care is changing - especially in small and medium-sized facilities; effective call management is the order of the day. Shortage of personnel, increasing competition - between the facilities themselves as well as between the types of care being given - confronts decision-makers in care facilities with new challenges. This is reinforced by the emerging changes of financial and legal basic conditions. Thus more and more, the requirements themselves are also changing for modern care communication systems especially in smaller facilities. Whereas the classic Nurse Call according to DIN/VDE 0834 was still sufficient yesterday, today automatic call initiation for persons in need of fulltime care is an effective way to compensate for the increasing care demands in many stationary facilities.

A strong change has also become visible in the usage of speech-enabled systems. Today, the speech function is being used more and more by the nursing staff and their assistants as well as by care-giving relatives. A heightened trend towards systems with speech integration is emerging for the future, in order to secure the flexibility of care facilities over the long-term as well by adapting new concepts of living and care-giving. The new clino System 99CL now also offers small and medium-sized facilities the necessary flexibility for future concepts of care-giving. The system is modularly constructed and can be individually adjusted to meet corresponding demands. The new clino System 99CL enables flexibility for future applications with small investment budgets.

Secure call initiation - selective signalling Pushing the red button means secure signalling. All components are fail-safe and equipped with emergency functions. Thanks to the stepped display and forwarding possibilities, the information density is reduced to its bare necessities without having to suffer losses in security. Always well-informed Display modules, room terminals, master stations and information displays inform the nursing staff both quickly and comprehensively on types and locations of call, even which bed if desired. Effective call processing The speech components of the clino System 99CL save additional time and effort and further optimize use of staff. Thus, not only is the communication with the residents / patients improved, but also between the nursing staff themselves as well as care-giving relatives. The speechcapable components reach their fullest potential especially in combination with mobile call-processing systems such as DECT and WLAN devices and door stations. An additional option arises from the incorporation of the new trendsetting clino lifeCare concept, which makes possible a considerable flexibility in usage.

Cost-effective system concept The clino System 99CL is based on the proven clino phon 99 System. While clino phon 99 was conceived as a powerful care communication system with digital speech for medium-sized and large care facilities, the System 99CL represents a cost-effective alternative for small and medium-sized facilities. The zone controllers form the basis of the concept with purposefully reduced system limits and the modular software of the central control unit as well as the new electronic modules of the CL and CLm series. These enable a selective bed identification with low-priced passive call units. In addition, all other components of the proven clino System 99 series can be used as usual.

The standard System 99CL Zone Controller offers: Call functionality according to DIN VDE 0834 Partial or complete speech integration Central PC configuration via LAN Flexible zone formation Freely configurable room parameters (i.e. name, room type, functionality, zone) client processing ability

The System 99CL Control Unit offers optional modules for: Remote maintenance / remote configuration DECT / WLAN interfacing Combination with security technology facilities Call logging Call forwarding (externally) (GMS / SMS) Connection to emergency call control centers according to DIN/VDE (outbound) in connection with clino lifeCare Connection from in-house emergency call device (inbound) in connection with clino lifeCare

clino System 99CL - for small and medium-sized facilities

Corridor lamp Cancel push-button (Bad/WC) Call module Call/Cancel push button Multiple push-button Call module

Electronic module Pull cord (Bad/WC) Room terminal Dienstzimmer-Interface

Duty room unit Information display Databus connection unit Databus terminator Power supply

clino CL control unit

Master station Zone controller (Slave) UPS module 24 Volt

System 99CL Overview

System description System 99CL meets the requirements of smaller facilities, with a maximum number of 4 Zone Controllers 99CL, each of which are able to administer up to 50 active units on the corridor databus and a maximum system size of up to 200 active units (room terminals, room electronic modules etc.).

The Room Electronic Module 99 CLm offers classic call unit functionality where no speech communication is required and thus represents a sensible expansion of the product portfolio. A perfect cost-effective solution!
Part No. 795836.G0 06/2007 Technical information is subject to change without notice!

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