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Well get stressed out sometimes. a in particular, exacerbates Smoking, sometimes. stress the problems of higher blood pressure Occasionally, tn be good for us as in We pressure induced by stress. One of the best the fight or flight response but usually, things you can do for your life is to stop if ignored or managed badly, stress usually, smoking. A lot of people get a calming can lead to fatal consequences. effect from smoking, hut it has the most There are many types of environmental detrimental effect on the body, Dr Robbins said. environmental and there are a variety of stress, stresses that can affect your life, says Dr Robert C. Robbins, Director, Stanford Cardiovascular Chairman, Institute, Professor & of Cardiothoracic Department Cardiothoracic of Stanford University. Surgery One of the keys to managing stress

large role in the huinsral immune to operate properly, including response to fight cancer cells their ability including plays properly. The more you are stressed, the less system works, but the your immune aystem works, your coagulation more aggressive clotting you get which can lead to a heart attack and greater so stroke, he warned. Prevention is better than cure

Anger management A study at the Univeraity of North Carolina showed that the most angry people have three times the risk of dying from a heart attack compared dying least angry ones. For the cardiovascular is a connection the heart. between to the

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the stresses in your life and figure out which ones you have control over and which you dont he at WECs Work-Life told members Balance March Series breakfast meeting on deals with stress

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Anger pumps the stress glands, so Dr Robbins advises people to find ways to remain calm. Think about getting angry. Has it ever helped you to deal with anything in anything anyway? he asked. Most of the time anger does not make the situation

25. Everyone ways. We need to identify what causes stress in our lives, and how in different to deal with it. Anger, frustration, among the common and insomnia

Specifically, the gland in the brain that excretes stress better. So my advice is do not do it. hormones. Blood vessels cells are negatively Healthy eating, especially fruits and affected by Stress which results in a negatively vegetables, can also help to keep the heart build up of plaque, or hardening of the and arteries pumping healthily, as can arteries, narrowing under them and leading stress are also to heart attacks. People more regular, sound sleep. He advises people who cannot get a good nights sleep to avoid taking cat naps, eating dinner too

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stress signs, and tend to deal with these through people smoking or drinking, which sets them on a downward spiral.

late, and having caffeine in the evening, susceptible to falling ill. Dr Robbins explained this is because stress inhibits the because these will inhibit sleep. explained for T-cells and B-cells which Exercise is also essential in maintaining ability good maintaining health. Not having time to exercise is no excuse. You have to make CEO andWEC Chambor PleaCong Vine Chai,man Irene D, Leung p,esenr Robbins witha small emento m tothank himforhis talk. interesting 00r5 time, he said. Just wailcing for half an a day can have a big impact, and


exercise in general is good for the mind and heart, as it releases endorphina. he said point, studies show that people who eat badly, smoke, drink and dont exercise have an 80% higher chance of heart attack someone who doesnt, R than To drive home his

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