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Reporting, Writing & Editing

by SAJEEB SARKER First Published February 2012
Table of Contents in brief Part 1 Reporting, Writing and Editing Chapter 1 News and News Reporting The structure of processing news in Bangladesh Understanding News What is News Narrativity of News: The Sociology of News Production Effects of News on the Society The Elements of News Characteristics of News News value and Newsworthiness Functions of Journalism The Elements of Journalism Genres of Journalism Qualities of good Journalists Starting with Reporting Sources of a Reporter Nose for News Concerns for a good Reporter Responsibilities needed to be a good Reporter Qualifications required to become a successful Reporter Types of News What is News and what is not 1

Differentiating between Hard and Soft News Interviewing Types of Interviews Techniques to follow while Interviewing Effective Interviewing Skills Preparation for Interviews Advantages and Disadvantages of Interview Advanced-level Reporting Interpretative Reporting What is Interpretative Reporting? Writing Interpretative Reports Stages of Writing Interpretative Reports Sources for Interpretative Reporters Characteristics of Interpretative Reporting Main duties for Interpretative Reporters Main Qualities Needed in Interpretative Reporting Limitations of Interpretative Journalism Importance of Interpretative Reporting Investigative Reporting What is Investigative Reporting? Elements of Investigative Reporting Benefits from Investigative Reports Planning a strategy to do a Investigative Report Dealing with Ethical issues and making Decisions Differentiating Investigative Reporting from Other Forms Key-points to follow to be Skillful in Investigative and Interpretative Journalism The duties of an Investigative Reporter Factors that Popularizes Investigative Journalism Limitations of Investigative Reporting Importance of Investigative Reporting Chapter 2 Writing Working on the News with all the information in hand Writing the Story Necessary things to consider while writing the Story Before Writing Defamation What is Defamation Types or forms of Defamation Libel Per Se The idea of 'Actual Malice'

Criminal Defamation How Libel differs from Slander Defenses for Journalists against accusations of Defamation The Public figure doctrine Contempt of Court Existing criticisms of the Contempt-of-Court Power Freedom of the Press Getting in the writing process Organizing the Story Story structure The Inverted Pyramid structure Why Inverted Pyramid What is Essential Information Using Nut graphs: what is the Nut Graph Importance of a Nut Graph Purpose of a Nut Graph Advantages of the Inverted Pyramid structure Where the Inverted Pyramid structure came from Inverted Pyramid checklist AP Style Manual Criticisms of the Inverted Pyramid structure The Pyramid of pyramids The Narrative structure The Hourglass structure News Style Structure of a News Story Headline Functions of Headlines Things to follow while writing Headlines Mostly suggested rules for Headline writing by authors and experts Types of Heads The News Lead What is a Lead Types of Leads Other considerations on Leads New approaches to Lead types The Body of the Story Chapter 3 Editing Editing the News Sub-Editor's duty The 3Cs

Bifocal mind Last check post Unsung heroes of the press Page makeup News Treatment Determinants of News Treatment Other things to consider while Editing News Checklist for News Stories Further considerations to avoid pitfalls Accuracy in News Stories Writing Photo Captions What is a Caption Instructions for writing Captions Chapter 4 Advanced Writing Editorial, Column and Feature Article Writing Newspaper Articles Newspaper articles: existing types Ultimate qualities newspaper articles should possess Structure of a newspaper article Steps to writing a newspaper article Writing Editorials and Columns What is an Editorial Structure of an Editorial Structure of an Editorial in brief Types of Editorials Topics for Editorial or opinion stories Editorial writing steps Most effective pattern for an Editorial Suggestions for planning the Editorial An overall look at writing an Editorial or an opinion piece Writing Columns What is a Column Things to follow while writing Columns Writing Feature Articles Some points worth keeping in mind Steps to writing a Feature Article Types of Feature Articles Structure of the Article Language of Feature Articles

Chapter 5 Electronic Media Writing News for Electronic Media News writing skills required in the Electronic Media Writing News for Radio Steps to writing Radio News scripts Guidelines & cautions Radio news style guide by the BBC News BBC checklist for accuracy Adapted AP Stylebook Commonly misspelled words in English British English vs. American English Writing for Television Writing TV News scripts TV newswriting guidelines Chapter 6 New Media Journalism Writing for New Media What is New Media Writing for web magazines and blogs Before writing for online Achieve the liberty to write Part 2 Jargons Terms in Journalism Glossary of Newspaper Terms Radio Jargons Glossary Glossary of TV Jargon Media Glossary: Terminology for Media Users Journalistic Jargons Practiced Internationally Most common terms used in news media Film and Electronic Media Terms Journalists Must Know Additional Definitions relevant to Journalism and News media New Media Glossary Glossary of useful Journalism, Blogging and New Media Terms

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