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College of Information Technology & Engineering

Subidhangar,Tinkune, Kathmandu

The Project On

Hospital Management
Submitted by Anoj giri Divesh banjara Chandra narayan chaudhay

Date: - June 12, 2009

Table of content
1.Acknowledgement... 2.Introduction.. 3.System Objectives 4.System methodologies & Designing Tools 5.DFD. 6.ER 7.System Development.. 8.Feasibility Study.. 9.Project Testing. 10.Conclusion. 11.References.

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The successful accomplishment and preparation of this Report is an outcome of the collective efforts of our group members. This Report has been launched and submitted to meet the partial requirement of BCA III program designed by faculty of Science and Technology, Purbanchal University. We want to extend our sincere gratitude and acknowledgement to all those persons who helped us for the successful development of this project. Specially thank you for Er. Tej Narayan Thakur and Er. Hari Aryal who helped us for fulfillment of this project. and the Nawa Durga Departmental store who provides the of record keeping system in department store. We would like to extend our Lab teacher Mr. Bhuwan Maharjan who have guided when the problem are created to make this project work. We will also gives thank you for our coordinator Er. Ramesh lama and the teacher of CITE their continued support and encouragement have been greatly significant in the complete of the Project work.Finally we would be guilty for not thanking our friends ad all those who gave their immense support in making this Project work Thank you!!!

Project Members
Anoj giri Dives banjara Chandra narayan chaudhary

Hotel management system:
The hotel is a kind of the business in which there is found the different kind of the food facility and the shelter facility and so many kind of the facility like as a swimming facility . at today the hotel is rapidly increasing in the each country and the each palace . In each hotel we are getting of the different kind of the facility according to the area and its palace. the every tourist are want to live in the good hotel in which the hotel having the different kind of the facility. The hotel is not only business that is also one type of the home for the tourist and they are getting so many kind of the facility like as a home in hotel . the hotel are found the two types in which one is small hotel and the other big hotel like as five star hotels . at today in good hotel we are found the different kind of the facility like as a bus,cycle,van and the some many other facility for the transport.In the hotel room as todays we are found the different kind of the facility like as Tv, Rdio,fan,bathroom and the some many facility is found with respect both the standard and the money .The rate is depends upon the facility and the location in which the palace the hotel is situated .

System objectives
The new system begins by elaboriting the statement of requirements interms of more detailed objectives. Such objectives can be specifying interms of improvements to the organization or projects process and functions and what is to be done to realise these improvements. Any system has being made for the purpose for doing work easily . This system made for the following purpose: 1) Properly management of the whole hotel system at any hotel management..

2) We can reserved the room from any palace of the world according to the hotel facility by the help of the internet. 3) Easier to keep the record of the customers. 4) Easier to check the customers record and quick. 5) In the hotel both facility are found like as food and the shelther . 6) There is also found the transport facility.

System Mythologies and Designing Tools

These systems are mainly used by following methods: At first type the password.

Start Up

After typing the password there will be seen main menu.

Main Menu

Form Design

Report Design

DFD Diagram
Data flow diagrams allow modeling how data flow through an information system, the relationships among the data flows, and hoe data comes to be stores at specific locations. Data flow diagram also shows the process that change or transforms data. Because DFD constructed on the moment of data between processes, this diagram are called process model. It is a graphical tool that allows analysts and users to depict the flow of data in an IS which may be physical or logical manual or computer based.

Introduction customer Bill received Recipients Suppliers

management report

Hotel manager

Fig: context diagram

1.0 Recei ve and Trans form




good order

Receipt 2.0 Update Good Sold file 3.0 Update Invent ory File


Goods sold file


Inventory file

4.0 Prepare Managemen t Report

Management report Department manager Fig: - Level -1 DFD

E-R Diagram

ER means entity relationship diagram. An Entity relationship diagram is a detailed, logical representation of the data for an organization or for a business area. E-R model is expressed in terms of entities in the business environment, the relationship or association among those entities and attributes or properties of both the entities and their relationship. An E-R model is normally expressed as an ER diagram which is a graphically representation of an ER model.



Address Does


Produc t





ha ve



Addres s


Fig: E-R Diagram

System developments
In this system the system is developed in two ways:
1) Front end development:

In this project or system front end part is forms and switchboard. The forms are created in the many design color, image, combo box, etc; Switch board is designed in the switch board manager.

2) Back end design: In this project the back end developed is tables mainly created. it is easier to create go to ms access and click table and make field name of entity and their domain.

Feasibility study
There are some kinds of feasibility studies. They are given below:1) Economic feasibility: - It is an evaluating to determine whether a system is economically acceptable. The utility is very simple construct and is developed with very little effort and cost. Person with knowledge of msaccess can developed this utility and no high skilled manpower is required for the development project. Thus it is highly feasible by the view. 2) Technical feasibility: - It is an evaluating to determine whether a system can be technically built. This utility software technically highly feasible because it requires very ordinary technology which can be ordered by every government office. A computer at minimum storage capacity, minimum speed and low processing can be run this program or project. 3) Operational feasibility: - It is an evaluation to determine whether a system is operationally acceptable. By the view of operation also this utility is highly feasible. It is very easy to operate and a person having very little knowledge at computer can operate it. Thus the record keeping system doesnt require highly skilled manpower to operate. The system can provide accurate information to the users. In above we can describe the types of feasibility study. But we are described about project feasibility.

Project feasibility: Feasibility studies are preliminary investigations into the potential benefits associated with undertaking a specific activity or project. The main purpose of the feasibility study is to consider all factors associated with the project, and determine if the investment of time and other resources will yield a desirable result. While considered a preliminary study, it is not unusual for a feasibility study to be highly detailed. When a business is considering a new operation or the launch of a new product, the feasibility study is a logical tool to employ before any resources are invested in the new project. One of the most important aspects of the study is to make sure that the total investment needed to successfully bring the project to completion is considered. Often, this will include addressing components such as cash reserves, labor, construction, production facilities, outsourcing, and the cost of raw materials. Only when the feasibility

study has addressed the total cost of completing the project can the study progress to the next level. As a second major component, the feasibility study will also address costs and other factors that are indirectly associated with the project. In the instance of creating a new product for sale, this second phase will look into the costs associated with reaching and cultivating a consumer base for the new product. The overall idea of these preliminary studies is to ensure that there is a reasonable understanding of what will be required to both create the new product and also successfully market the finished goods at a profit. The utilization of a feasibility study has often assisted companies in understanding which projects to develop and which ones to abandon before investing resources in something that ultimately shows no promise of generating revenue. Taking the time to engage in a pilot or feasibility study does involve some usage of available resources, but these costs are much more readily absorbed than the larger amount that would be expended on a project that ultimately proved to be worthless.

Project Testing
It is process used to help identified the correctness, completeness, security and quality of developed in the project or organization or computer systems. There are some testing given below: 1) System testing: It is the process to find out the errors and bugs and tocorrect them after unit of system integrated into a whole system. In this testing all the stack holders can carry out all the testing referenced to their task. Software is only one element of a larger computer-based system. Ultimately, software is incorporated with other system elements and a series of system integration and validation tests are conducted. These tests fall outside the scope of software engineering process and are not conducted solely by the software developer. System testing is actually a series of different tests whose primary purpose is to fully exercise the computer-based system. Although each test has a different purpose, all work to verify that all system elements have been properly integrated and perform allocated functions. In the following section, different system tests are discussed.

2) User acceptance testing: In this type of testing, the software handles over to the user in order to find out if the software meets the user acceptance and works as it is accepted to. In system development user acceptance testing also called beta testing, application testing and end user testing.

Implementation: -

Implementations is the process of building properly working system, install it in the organization, replacing old system and working methods, finalize system and user documentation and training and prepared to support the system to assists users. Implementation is also designed to program, it analysis the programs and testing etc.

Hence, this project is developed for the whole record keeping system in the Hotel management system .This project has been designed in MS-ACCESS.This project is very feasibility for different level such as :economically,technically because it is implementation is very low cost & non professional people can be used .This project might be implemented the larger shop & hotel etc. At last, We can say that this project is very efficient & easier to implement & learn.

1. System Analysis and Design 2. Database system 3.www.Google.Com Igor Howryszkieoycz C.J Date