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A Bibliography of Publications on Computer-Based Spelling Error Detection and Correction

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23 March 2007 Version 2.05

Title word cross-reference

n [Wag74].

- [Wil94]. -gram [Ull76].

/ [IEE87a]. /usr/group [USE82].

12th [Ano92a]. 14th [Pre91]. 15th [Ano92b]. 16th [Hes90]. 17th [RW92]. 17th-century [RW92]. 1880-1920 [Car93]. 1982 [Mor82]. 19th [RAR94].

21st [RAR94]. 2D [Lav93]. 2nd [IEE90].

3rd [LT81].

6th [Ano93b].

80 [Hus81]. 80’S [Hus81]. ’81 [BS + 81]. ’87 [IEE87b].

’91 [ASP91]. ’92 [BIP92]. ’93 [Ano93b]. ’93-Nagoya [IEE93a]. ’94 [BJ94]. 9th [Ano93a].

Abbreviations [EP82]. accept [IN94]. access [Mil95]. Accuracy [LMPK92]. achievement [AB84]. achieving [TWT84]. ACM [ACM81]. Acquired [CMVR87]. Actes [ACM88]. Actes/Proceedings [ACM88]. Actuated [Can81]. Adaptation [Bey88]. Add [MM92]. Add-A-Word [MM92]. Advanced [Ano93c]. Advances [O’S84].



Advertisement [Ano85b]. affected [BH92]. affix [BH92]. agents [Fou94]. Agglutinative [Ofl92]. AI [Rob86]. Aid [GMW75]. aided [HRLJ93]. Aids [Che81]. Airline [Dav62]. Airport [IEE90]. algorithm [KW81]. Algorithms [AFCB94]. almost [Tay86]. alternative [Ano91]. Alternatives [Car93]. Analysis [Sid79]. analytic [BCK85]. Anticipation [MPG + 92]. any [KPB87a]. Application [IK83]. applications [Pel83]. approach [Pel83]. approximate [DC94]. April [Ano93b]. Arabic [BH92]. architectures [DGK + 90]. Arizona [CBC84]. array [Lav93]. Articles [NCNS82]. artificial [IYME93]. ASIC [IEE92a]. ASMC [Ano93c]. Assistance [FZ88]. assisted [TWT84]. associative [CVB90]. AT&T [AT&T86]. Atlanta [ASP91]. attitude [AB84]. Augmented [Hus81]. August [Ano92b]. Authoring [Hur87]. authorship [Smi83]. AutoCAD [Yar95]. automata [LK93]. automated [EP82]. automatic [Ull76]. Automatically [Kuk92b]. Automation [BDT94]. Avignon [Ano92a]. Aviv [BS + 81].

Back [Kuk88]. Back-propagation [Kuk88]. backtracking [KC94]. Base [Zam80]. based [Tur81]. Baseforms [LM84]. Bases [Bou77]. Basic [Thi82]. Basque [CA89]. best [JVFM95]. better [SW93]. Between [Chi84]. Beyond [Dun81]. Bibliographic [Bou77]. Bibliography [Pol82]. binary [Ull76]. biomedicales [IEE87b]. Blind [NH84]. board [CT92]. Bratislava [SD94]. Bucharest [Ano93a]. Bucket [CS82]. Buffer [CMVR87]. Bug [Rob86]. Builder [Fly88]. Bulgaria [Boy85].

CA [ACM83]. CALICO [BJ94]. California [CB87]. Cannes [ACM88].

Capabilities [Ber86b]. Carolina [BS83]. case [FW82]. Cedar [Tei84]. Center [ACM89]. Century [Edm82]. Changes [LMPK92]. channel [Dol88a]. Character [TST93]. Characterization [PZ83]. characters [KPB87a]. Check [Ano85a]. checker [Bom82]. Checkers [Ros82, HP88]. Checking [Tur81]. Checks [WS94]. Chinese [Cha94]. chip [Lav92]. City [Pre91]. class [Pel83]. Classic [RB05]. Classification [Pai81]. Clause [Ber86b]. clerical [PM87]. Cn [Mea87]. CNIT [IEE92a]. co-sponsorship [Law85]. COBOL [VD84]. Code [MF82a]. Cognitive [PMC85]. COLING [Ano92b]. COLING-92 [Ano92b]. Collection [PZ83]. Collegiate [Pet82]. Colorado [SK83]. Command [Ebi92]. Commercial [CR95]. Commission [Law85]. Commonwealth [ACM89]. Communication [GT84]. Communities [Law85]. Comparison [MM92]. completion [TST93]. Components [BKP86]. Compound [Ros82]. compressed [Mil95]. compression [Coo05]. Compu [MM92]. computable [EH88]. Computation [MV93]. Computational [Ams86]. computer [Dam64]. computer-aided [HRLJ93]. computer-assisted [TWT84]. computer-based [Tur81]. computer-managed [TG83]. Computer-Tutor [Ter81]. Computerized [Hei72]. Computers [Rad83]. Computr [Mea87]. Concurrent [Ano86a]. conferences [IEE87b]. Congres [INN90]. Congress [CC89]. conjugation [Bos94]. connaissance [EBR87]. connectionistic [DGK + 90].


Consistency [LMPK92]. Consortium [BJ94]. constraints [Sen93]. Construct [Pet82]. Consultants [Chi84]. consumers [Pre92]. containing [OL95]. Context [MDM91]. continuously [JVFM95]. Contributed [CC89]. Convention [ACM89]. Conventional [CVB90]. conversion [Bes94]. Copenhagen [BIP92]. corpus [WWSG94]. correcting [Bla60]. correction [Dam64]. corrector [YF83a]. correctors [Mit87b]. Corrects [AHZ81]. Correspondences [HHHR66]. cost [TG83]. Could [Edm82]. courseware [DR94]. Cues [HHHR66]. CUG248 [Art89]. CUG360 [McC92]. CUG374 [Law92].

Data [Bou77]. Databases [PZ82]. datasets [Mil95]. deaf [Kuk92a]. December [ACM83]. decoding [Dol88a]. decryption [Che87]. deletion [Ull76]. Denmark [BIP92]. Depth [Boy85]. Design [FW82]. designing [DC94]. Detecting [WMRB77]. detection [Dam64, EBR87]. Determination [LM84]. Deutsche [BN85]. Development [McI82]. Device [Gri83]. diagnosis [Bos94]. dialect [Sla87]. Dictionaries [Ano86c]. Dictionary [SM80]. DIDAC [DR94]. Diego [ACM83]. Digital [Gri83]. d’ing´enieire [EBR87]. Directions [BS82]. Disambiguation [TV94]. disk [Arn83]. Display [Thi82]. distance [EH88]. distances [VMA95]. Districts [Car93]. diverse [SHC83]. do [Dit87]. docile [Fou94]. document [KL82]. documents [Ber87]. Does [JS91]. domain [SKS96]. Domains [SPR90]. d’orthographe [EBR87]. Dulles [IEE90]. during [FS92]. Dutch [Bos94]. Dynamic [Ano85a]. Dysgraphia [CMVR87].

Dyslexia [PMC85]. dyslexic [LBW92].

EACL [Ano93b]. East [CB87]. Easy [Rob86]. ECAI [O’S84]. ECAI-84 [O’S84]. Ecrire [GT84]. Edit [Ano86a]. editing [FQA89]. Editor [Dun81]. Editors [Thi82]. effect [AB84]. Efficient [Gon83]. Eighth [ACM85]. Electric [Rob83]. Electronic [GMW75]. Electrotechnical [BS + 81]. Electrotechnology [BS + 81]. Embedded [Hes90]. Empirical [VD84]. engineers [Wei82]. English [CS82, EBR87]. Entry [Gri83]. Enumeration [Car93]. Environment [MF82b]. Environmental [SD94]. equipment [Mit85]. erreurs [EBR87]. Error [Pai81]. errors [Bla60]. Essential [SM80]. Euro [IEE92a]. Evaluation [TL82]. Evidence [CMVR87]. Example [EBR87]. exemple [EBR87]. Experiment [Hua87]. Expert [BA88]. Exploration [LMPK92]. Exploring [GF87]. Extending [Ber86b].

Factor [BJ94]. Factory [Ano93c]. Fast [CS82]. Fault [Sch94]. Fault-tolerant [Sch94]. Faulty [MF82b]. features [VD84]. February [ACM89]. Fifteenth [BIP92]. File [IK83]. Filter [Urq84]. filtering [Cav94]. Finding [ZD95]. Finds [Pro95]. finite [LK93]. First [AHZ81]. Flags [Mac87]. font [KPB87a]. Foolproof [WS94]. foreign [Gor85]. foreign-language [Gor85]. formatter [MM93]. forming [BDT94]. forms [RW92]. FORTH [Hes90]. FORTRAN [Hei72]. Fourth [Bic87]. Fourth-Generation [Bic87]. framework [Ber87]. Fran¸caise [GT84]. France [IEE86, ACM88]. French [Bey88]. Frequency [Bou77]. Fully [Ano86b].


Function [GHU84]. Further [LMPK92]. future [Yar95]. Fuzzy [IYME93]. Fuzzyness [Sch75].

Geller [Ang90]. Genealogy [Car93]. generalized [OL95]. Generalizing [SKS96]. Generated [Chi84]. Generation [Ano86b]. Georgia [ASP91]. German [KW81]. GIS [ASP91]. GIS-LIS [ASP91]. Glove [Gri83]. grade [AB84]. graders [TWT84]. gram [Ull76]. grammar [HP88]. grammars [JVFM95]. Grapheme [HHHR66]. grapheme-to-phoneme [Bes94]. Graphemic [CMVR87]. Greek [VTTC94]. guide [Pfa86]. Guild [Law85].

handbook [Stu82]. Handicapped [Ter81]. handwritten [SKS96]. Harbor [CB87]. Hash [CS82]. Hash-Bucket [CS82]. Hashing [Flo87]. Having [Ano86a]. Hebrew [Sch82]. held [CC89]. Herndon [IEE90]. Heuristic [Coo05]. Heuristical [Bes94]. Hidden [DS94]. Hierarchical [IK83]. High [TTK86]. High-Performance [Flo87]. Hindi [SS84]. historical [RW92]. history [FW82]. Honour [BRSS94]. Horn [Ber86b]. Hotel [ACM83, ACM88]. Houston [Mor82]. human [LM87]. human-computer [LM87]. Humanities [BS83]. Hyatt [IEE90]. Hypercard [Fly88]. Hyphenation [Pet82].

IBM [Mit85]. Icon [Fly88]. ICSLP [Ano94b]. Identification [JS91]. IEEE/SEMI [Ano93c]. IFIP [LT81]. IJCNN [IEE92b]. IJCNN-91-Seattle [IEE92b]. Impact [Bou77]. Implementation [Mil90]. implications [Yan91]. improve [TWT84]. Improvement [HHHR66]. Improving [Fur90]. In-Depth [Boy85]. Includes [Fly88]. incorporate [SKS96]. Incorporating [Par83].

Independent [CFGJ91]. Indian [SC96]. Inductive [WL84]. inflection [CA89]. Informational [Wil82]. Inforum [ASP91]. INNC [INN90]. insertion [Ull76]. instruction [TWT84]. Instrument [TL82]. Integrated [Ano92c]. Integrating [SHC83]. Integration [Dal87]. Intelligent [AHZ81]. interaction [LM87]. Interactive [Rad83]. Interactively [FQA89]. Interface [Gri83]. Interfaces [DLS83]. introduction [Gor85]. investigation [VD84]. Invited [CC89]. IPCC [IEE87a]. ISKO [SD94]. Island [CB87]. issues [Gor85]. Istanbul [Ano93e]. Italy [O’S84]. IX [RAR94].

Jake [Ang90]. January [ACM90]. Japanese [Fur90]. Jerusalem [Sch82]. Joint [USE82]. Jointly [Law85]. Jose [VP94]. July [LT81]. June [Mor82, ACM81]. Just [Cun94].

Kansas [Pre91]. katakana [IN94]. Kaypro [Hic83]. Kentucky [ACM89]. Keyboard [Can81]. Keywords [Sch75]. Khmer [Har94a]. knowledge [SHC83]. Knowledge-Based [Ebi92]. KONVENS [Tro94]. Korean [KC94].

label [GDEJ05]. language [Gor85]. Languages [Wag74]. Large [WMRB77]. Lausanne [LT81]. Learning [TL82]. learns [FW82]. Legal [Ano93d]. Legal-Specific [Ano93d]. Lemmatizing [KW81]. Length [Tur82]. Length-segmented [Tur82]. lessons [Klixx]. Letter [Dun81]. Lexical [Ber86b]. lexicology [Ams86]. lexicon [VTTC95]. lexicons [ZD95]. life [Ano92d]. Lightning [Yer86]. linear [EH88]. linguistics [Ano92b]. LIS [ASP91]. LISP [Sla87]. List [McI82]. lists [Tur82]. Literacy [CBC84]. literary [Smi83]. logical [Ber87].


LOGO [GF87]. look [Cri88]. looks [Yar95]. lost [Ano92d]. Louisville [ACM89]. low [TG83]. Low-Achieving [MM92]. low-cost [TG83]. LPC [BG84]. LRE [Adr95]. Lumpy [Yan87].

Macro [LHR + 92]. mai [ACM88]. Making [Joh81]. man [Arc83]. managed [TG83]. Managers [SM80]. Manipulation [ACM81]. Manual [Ano84]. Manufacturing [Ano93c]. March [CBC84]. Markov [DS94]. Massachusetts [Ano93c]. Master [Pet82]. match [Tay86]. matches [ZD95]. Matching [IK83]. Matter [Pro95]. Max [Alt90]. May [BS + 81]. Me [Cun94]. Meaning [JS91]. Measure [AFW83]. Measures [Kre92]. Mediterranean [BS + 81]. MELECON [BS + 81]. membership [MW94]. memory-based [CVB90]. Message [Che87]. Method [WMRB77]. methods [KO84]. metric [EH88]. micro [Cri88]. Microcomputers [CBC84]. Microprocessored [AHZ81]. MicroSpell [Law92]. Misspelled [Dav62]. misspellings [Mit87b]. mistakes [Dol88b]. MMSFORTH [Mil90]. MO [Pre91]. model [AB89]. Models [DS94]. Modern [VTTC94]. Montech [IEE87b]. Montfleury [ACM88]. Montreal [ACM85]. morphological [CA89]. MT [Adr95]. much [Rob83]. Multi [Ano86c]. Multi-Language [Ano86c]. Multiculturalism [Cun94]. Multiple [Ano86a].

N [Cav94]. N-best [JVFM95]. N-gram-based [Cav94]. Nagoya [IEE93a]. Name [Mil90]. Names [Dav62]. Naming [LM87]. Nantes [Ano92b]. natural [CR95]. Naturlicher [Tro94]. NC [BS83]. need [GDEJ05].

Neighborhood [LMPK92]. net [AB89]. network [Hei91]. network-based [TV94]. networks [JVFM95]. Neural [AB89]. Neuropsychological [PMC85]. neuropsychology [AB89]. newspaper [KW81]. next [BD95]. nineties [Pre91]. ninth [RAR94]. No [Pro95]. Non [GT84]. non-semantic [BCK85]. Non-Verbale [GT84]. Nonword [LMPK92]. normal [LBW92]. normalized [MV93]. note [Pet86]. Notes [Pol82]. nothing [BD95]. November [Law85]. novembre [IEE87b].

OCR [TKS86]. October [IEE86]. Office [GR78]. Omnifont [BKP86]. OPACs [Sch94]. operators [EP82]. Optically [Can81]. Optimization [IY85]. Order [Wag74]. Order- [Wag74]. Oregon [ACM81]. Organization [IK83]. ORTHO [DR94]. ORTHO-DIDAC [DR94]. Orthographe [GT84]. Orthographic [LMPK92]. Other [Yan87].

Pacific [Ano94c]. Page [BKP86]. Palais [INN90]. paper [WL83]. Paris [IEE86]. parser [CA89]. Parsing [Ofl92]. Pascal [KP81]. Passenger [Dav62]. password [MW94]. Pathways [Wil82]. Patient [FS92]. Patterns [DC85]. PC [HP88, ACM88]. Pearls [Ben85]. SEMI [Ano93c]. Pennsylvania [RAR94]. perfect [Mil95]. Performance [Flo87]. person [Bom82]. Personal [Rad83]. Personnel [SM80]. Perspectives [CC89]. Phoneme [HHHR66]. Phoneme-Grapheme [HHHR66]. phonemes [Yan91]. Phonemic [LM84]. Phonological [PMC85]. pilot [Cha94]. Pisa [O’S84]. Plagued [Rob86]. Plus [CBC84]. poor [Bom82].


Portland [ACM81]. Possible [BG84]. Pour [GT84]. practical [Pfa86]. practice [SW93]. Predictive [Ano92c]. preparation [KL82]. Presented [CC89]. PRICAI [Ano94c]. PRICAI-94 [Ano94c]. Principles [Thi82]. printed [KPB87a]. probabilistic [KO84]. problem [Ram94]. problem-solving [Ram94]. Proceed [JS91]. process [BDT94]. processes [AB89]. Processors [Ano86a]. Prof [BRSS94]. proficiency [TWT84]. program [Bla60]. Programming [Mor69]. programs [Mor70]. project [Adr95]. Prolog [Ber86a]. pronunciation [LHR + 92]. pronunciation-information [HK95]. Proof [WL83]. Proof-reading [WL83]. propagation [Kuk88]. Prototype [BA88]. Proximity [Mac87]. Proximity-Scan [Mac87]. Pseudohomophone [LMPK92]. Psychological [Ano84]. Publication [Ano84].

Qualified [Ano86b]. Quebec [ACM85]. Queries [MF82b]. question [Asi82].

R13 [Yar95]. Raed [Mea87]. Rajaraman [BRSS94]. Raleigh [BS83]. RAM [Edw87]. RAM-resident [Edw87]. Random [Mil95]. Reaction [Kre92]. Reactive [WCD83]. reader [BCK85]. readers [CHJ94]. Readings [AT&T86]. real [Ram94]. real-time [JVFM95]. real-word [Ram94]. Reclaiming [Ano92d]. recognition [SHC83]. recognizer [BH95]. Recognizing [DGK + 90]. Record [Dav62]. Reduction [WL84]. reflexive [dO94]. Regular [Wag74]. Reject [Ano95]. Remedial [Pai81]. representing [LK93]. research [Ams86]. resident [Edw87]. RESORT [Kra84]. Responsiveness [Sch82]. results [SW93]. Retrieval [Dav62, Har94b]. Revelation [Mac87]. reversal [Ull76].

review [Klixx]. right [Sil85]. Rim [Ano94c]. road [Pou84]. robust [BH92]. Rochester [Hes90]. Role [CMVR87]. Romanian [CEU93, BDT94]. ROSE [Ord87]. ROWS [Ord87]. rules [EP82]. Russell-Soundex [Mil90].

Scan [Mac87]. scholar [Pfa86]. Scholarly [PZ83]. Scientific [PZ83]. scientists [Wei82]. screen [WL83]. Scripting [RB05]. Scripts [Chi84]. Search [CS82]. Searches [Sch75]. Searching [CS82]. Seattle [IEE92b]. SECC [Adr95]. second [dO94]. Secretaries [SM80]. security [MW94]. Segmentation [LAS93]. segmented [Tur82]. Selected [KW87]. selectively [JVFM95]. semantic [BCK85]. Semiconductor [Ano93c]. Sept [Wil82]. September [O’S84]. sequence [Kuk88]. sequences [TTK86]. Sequential [Dol88a]. Seventeenth [ACM89]. Seventh [Pet82]. Shell [RB05]. Sheraton [CB87]. Sichere [BN85]. SIGIR [ACM85]. SIGOA [ACM81]. SIGPLAN [ACM81]. SIGSMALL [ACM88]. SIGSMALL/PC [ACM88]. Silbentrennung [BN85]. Similar [IK83]. Similar-String [IK83]. Similarity [Sch75]. Simplified [Adr95]. single [SS84]. Sinnentsprechende [BN85]. sixth [AB84]. sixth-grade [AB84]. size [KPB87a]. Skilled [Kre92]. Skipping [GHU84]. Slovakia [SD94]. small [Pel83]. smarter [Joh81]. Smoothing [KKC04]. Sofia [Boy85]. Solution [GR78]. solving [Ram94]. Some [Pol82]. sound [BCK85]. Soundex [Mil90]. sources [SHC83]. space [Ano92d]. Spacing [KKC04]. Spain [CC89]. speak [FW82]. Speaker [CFGJ91]. Speaker-Independent [CFGJ91]. Specialized [Yan87]. Specific [Ano93d]. Specification [Ano86b].


Specified [Ano86b]. Speech [GMW75]. Speed [Edm82]. Speed-Spelling [Edm82]. spell [FW82, LHR + 92]. spell-checking [GDEJ05]. SpellCode [Ang90]. Spelled [CRF92]. Speller [SM80, dO94]. spellers [Mit87b]. spelling [Bla60]. spelling-checker [Ano92d]. spelling-correction [RW92]. Spelling-Sound [LMPK92]. Spelling-To-Phoneme [WL84]. spelling-to-sound [BCK85]. spelling-word [WWSG94]. Spellings [Ros82]. Spoken [CRF92]. Sponsored [Law85]. sponsorship [Law85]. Sprache [Tro94, BN85]. squeeze [CD01]. Standard [GT84]. Standardizing [SW93]. State [SK83]. Statistical [WMRB77]. statistics [WWSG94]. Status [MPG + 92]. Steps [Hic83]. Stochastic [KKC04]. Stockholm [KW87]. Strategic [MPG + 92]. Strategy [Kre92]. Strictness [SPR90]. String [IK83]. strings [EH88]. Structure [Yan87]. structured [FQA89]. Structures [Ofl92]. students [AB84]. study [Cha94]. Stuttgart [Ano94a]. style [Adr95]. Stylometry [Smi83]. Sublexical [MPG + 92]. substitution [Ull76]. Supplement [Ano85a]. Support [Ano86d]. Surface [PMC85]. Survey [NCNS82]. Sweden [KW87]. Switzerland [LT81]. System [Dav62]. Systems [Mor69]. systolic [Lav92].

T [Sla87]. Tale [MM90]. TALISMAN [BA88]. talk [FW82]. Tasks [Ano85a]. TC [LT81]. TC-3 [LT81]. Teaching [Hus81]. technique [Dam64]. Techniques [Kuk92b]. technologies [IEE87b]. Tel [BS + 81]. Tel-Aviv [BS + 81]. telecommunications [Kuk92a]. Tempe [CBC84]. terminology [Buc93].

Terms [LMPK92]. testing [PM87]. Texas [TL82]. text [Tur81]. texts [KW81]. Textual [PZ82]. their [Dal87]. Theme [Ano93c]. Theoretic [LM84]. Therapy [GMW75]. Three [MM90]. Ths [Mea87]. time [EH88]. tolerant [Sch94]. Tolerating [Sch75]. tool [Cri88]. Toolkit [Mac87]. Tools [KP81]. topologies [Kuk88]. Toronto [Pre92]. touching [LAS93]. tour [Tei84]. Trade [Law85]. traditional [OL95]. trained [JVFM95]. Translating [Law85]. translator [Mit85]. transliteration [AFCB94]. transposition [OL95]. TREC [Cav94]. TREC-2 [Cav94]. Trigram [AFW83]. Tsukuba [IEE93b]. Turbo [Yer86]. Turkey [Ano93e]. Turkish [Ano93e, Ofl92]. Tutor [Ter81]. Tutoring [YEMR91]. Twenty [Edm82]. Twenty-First [Edm82]. two [AB84]. Two-Strategy [Kre92]. Type [Yer86]. Typesetting [Har94a]. typing [Pet86]. Typist [Rob86]. typographical [Tur81].

understanding [Woo85]. undetected [Pet86]. Unfold [GHU84]. Units [KW87]. UNIX [KL82]. unknown [Fou94]. Unstructured [Gon83]. USA [IEE90]. Usability [Sch82]. Use [GMW75]. USENIX [USE82]. User [Thi82]. User-Specified [Ano86d]. Users [Chi84]. Uses [Mac87]. Using [AFW83]. Uspell [McC92]. usr [USE82]. Utilities [Edw87]. Utility [Fly88]. Utilization [VTTC95]. utilizing [HK95]. Utrecht [Ano93b].

V [BRSS94]. v2.0 [Law92]. VA [IEE90]. Validation [FS92]. value [Mil95]. Variant [Ros82]. variants [IN94]. VCATS [Hus81]. Ventura [Alt90]. Verarbeitung [Tro94]. verb [CA89]. Verbale [GT84]. verbs [Bos94].



Verification [GR78]. Very [Gon83]. Virtual [Wie86]. Visual [Hus81]. vocabularies [LK93]. VP [Alt90]. VP-to-the-Max [Alt90].

WA [IEE92b]. warning [GDEJ05]. Webster [Pet82, Rob83]. well [Dit87]. Westgate [ACM83]. Whole [BCK85]. Whole-word [BCK85]. Winnipeg [IEE87a]. within [CC89]. without [KC94]. Word [Sid79, MM92]. word-forming [BDT94]. word-forms [RW92]. Word-Spacing [KKC04]. Wordprocessing [Ano92c]. words [Ull76]. Wordz [Tay86]. Work [Edm82]. Workbench [SK83]. Workshop [Ano93c]. WP [Joh81]. Writer [SK83, HP88]. Writers [Che81]. writing [Wei82].

Yur [Mea87].



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