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German Army order of battle (1914)

German Army order of battle (1914)

This is the German Army order of battle on the outbreak of war in August 1914. The overall commander of the Imperial German Army was Kaiser Wilhelm II. The Chief of the General Staff was Generaloberst Helmuth von Moltke the Younger, with General von Stein as Deputy Chief. Departmental chiefs were Oberst Tappen (Operations Branch), Oberstleutnant Hentsch (Intelligence Branch), Major Nicolai (Secret Service), Oberst von Dommes (Political Section), Generalleutnant Siger (Field munitions), Major Thomsen (Air Service), Oberst Groner (Field Railways), and General von Schjerning (Medical Services). Generalmajor von Schoeler was Intendant-General (responsible for logistical supplies), and General von Claer was General of Engineers.

Western Front
Four independent cavalry corps served on the Western Front: I Cavalry Corps - preceding 3rd Army (Freiherr von Richthofen) Guards Cavalry Division 5th Cavalry Division II Cavalry Corps - preceding 1st and 2nd Armies (von der Marwitz) 2nd Cavalry Division 4th Cavalry Division 9th Cavalry Division III Cavalry Corps - preceding 6th Army (Ritter von Frommel) 7th Cavalry Division 8th Cavalry Division Bavarian Cavalry Division IV Cavalry Corps - preceding 4th and 5th Armies (Freiherr von Hollen) 3rd Cavalry Division 6th Cavalry Division Each Cavalry Division consisted of 3 Brigades of 2 Cavalry Regiments each (24 squadrons total), 3 horse artillery batteries (6 guns) and a MG detachment (6 MGs).

First Army
First Army was commanded by Generaloberst von Kluck. II Corps (von Linsingen) 3rd Infantry Division 4th Infantry Division III Corps (von Lochow) 5th Infantry Division 6th Infantry Division IV Corps (Sixt von Arnim) 7th Infantry Division 8th Infantry Division IX Corps (von Quast) 17th Infantry Division

German Army order of battle (1914) 18th Infantry Division III Reserve Corps (von Beseler) 5th Reserve Division 6th Reserve Division IV Reserve Corps (von Gronau) 7th Reserve Division 22nd Reserve Division IX Reserve Corps (von Boehn)[1] 17th Reserve Division 18th Reserve Division 10th Mixed Landwehr Brigade 11th Mixed Landwehr Brigade 27th Mixed Landwehr Brigade Pionier regiment

Second Army
2nd Army was commanded by Generaloberst von Blow. Guards Corps (von Plettenberg) 1st Guards Infantry Division 2nd Guards Infantry Division VII Corps (von Einem) 13th Infantry Division 14th Infantry Division X Corps (von Emmich) 19th Infantry Division 20th Infantry Division Guards Reserve Corps (von Gallwitz) 3rd Guards Infantry Division[2] 1st Guards Reserve Division VII Reserve Corps (von Zwehl) 13th Reserve Division 14th Reserve Division X Reserve Corps (Gnther Graf von Kirchbach) 2nds Guard Reserve Division 19th Reserve Division 25th Mixed Landwehr Brigade 29th Mixed Landwehr Brigade 4 mortar battalions 1 10-cm gun battalion 2 heavy coastal mortar battalions 2 Pionier regiments

German Army order of battle (1914)

Third Army
3rd Army was commanded by Generaloberst Freiherr von Hausen. XI Corps (von Plskow) 22nd Infantry Division 38th Infantry Division XII (1st Saxon) Corps (d'Elsa) 23rd Infantry Division 32nd Infantry Division XIX (2nd Saxon) Corps (von Laffert) 24th Infantry Division 40th Infantry Division XII (Saxon) Reserve Corps (von Kirchbach) 23rd Reserve Division 24th Reserve Division 47th Mixed Landwehr Brigade 2 mortar battalions 1 Pionier regiment

Fourth Army
4th Army was commanded by Generaloberst Duke Albrecht of Wrttemberg. VI Corps (von Pritzelwitz) 11th Infantry Division 12th Infantry Division VIII Corps (von Weidenbach) 15th Infantry Division 16th Infantry Division XVIII Corps (von Schenk) 21st Infantry Division 25th Infantry Division VIII Reserve Corps (von Egloffstein) 15th Reserve Division 16th Reserve Division XVIII Reserve Corps (von Steuben) 21st Reserve Division 25th Reserve Division 49th Mixed Landwehr Brigade 2 mortar battalions 1 Pionier regiment

German Army order of battle (1914)

Fifth Army
5th Army was commanded by the William, German Crown Prince. V Corps 9th Infantry Division 10th Infantry Division XIII Corps 26th Infantry Division 27th Infantry Division XVI Corps 33rd Infantry Division 34th Infantry Division V Reserve Corps 9th Reserve Division 10th Reserve Division VI Reserve Corps 11th Reserve Division 12th Reserve Division 13th Mixed Landwehr Brigade Senior Landwehr Commander 2 (2nd Landwehr Division) 43rd Mixed Landwehr Brigade 45th Mixed Landwehr Brigade 53rd Mixed Landwehr Brigade 9th Bavarian Mixed Landwehr Brigade 4 mortar battalions 2 Pionier regiments

Sixth Army
6th Army was commanded by Rupprecht, Crown Prince of Bavaria. XXI Corps 31st Infantry Division 42nd Infantry Division I Bavarian Corps (Oskar Ritter und Edler v. Xylander) 1st Bavarian Infantry Division 2nd Bavarian Infantry Division II Bavarian Corps 3rd Bavarian Infantry Division 4th Bavarian Infantry Division III Bavarian Corps 5th Bavarian Infantry Division 6th Bavarian Infantry Division I Bavarian Reserve Corps 1st Bavarian Reserve Division 5th Bavarian Reserve Division Guards Ersatz Division

German Army order of battle (1914) 4th Ersatz Division 8th Ersatz Division 10th Ersatz Division

Seventh Army
7th Army was commanded by Generaloberst von Heeringen. XIV Corps (von Heiningen) 28th Infantry Division 29th Infantry Division XV Corps (von Deimling) 30th Infantry Division 39th Infantry Division XIV Reserve Corps (von Schubert) 26th Reserve Division 28th Reserve Division 19th Ersatz Division Bavarian Ersatz Division 60th Mixed Landwehr Brigade Upper Rhine Fortifications 55th Mixed Landwehr Brigade 110th Reinforced Landwehr Infantry Regiment 1st Bavarian Mixed Landwehr Brigade 2nd Bavarian Mixed Landwehr Brigade

Eastern Front
Eighth Army
8th Army was commanded by Generaloberst von Prittwitz. I Corps (Generalleutnant Hermann von Franois) 1st Infantry Division 2nd Infantry Division XVII Corps (General der Kavallerie August von Mackensen) 35th Infantry Division 36th Infantry Division XX Corps (General der Infanterie Friedrich von Scholtz) 37th Infantry Division 41st Infantry Division I Reserve Corps (General der Infanterie Otto von Below) 1st Reserve Division 36th Reserve Division 3rd Reserve Division 1st Cavalry Division Landwehr Corps (General der Infanterie Remus von Woyrsch) Senior Landwehr Commander 3 (3rd Landwehr Division)

German Army order of battle (1914) 17th Landwehr Infantry Brigade 18th Landwehr Infantry Brigade Senior Landwehr Commander 4 (4th Landwehr Division) 22nd Landwehr Infantry Brigade 23rd Landwehr Infantry Brigade 2nd Mixed Landwehr Brigade 6th Mixed Landwehr Brigade 70th Mixed Landwehr Brigade

Army of the North

IX Reserve Corps (von Boehn)[3] 17th Reserve Division 18th Reserve Division Senior Landwehr Commander 1 (1st Landwehr Division) 33rd Mixed Landwehr Brigade 34th Mixed Landwehr Brigade 37th Mixed Landwehr Brigade 38th Mixed Landwehr Brigade North Sea Islands

Central Reserves and Border Fortresses

Strassburg 30th Reserve Division 60th Reserve Infantry Brigade 3rd Bavarian Reserve Infantry Brigade 10th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Brigade Metz 33rd Reserve Division 8th Bavarian Infantry Brigade 66th Reserve Infantry Brigade Reserve Infantry Regiment Metz Thorn 35th Reserve Division 5th Landwehr Infantry Brigade 20th Landwehr Infantry Brigade Knigsberg 9th Landwehr Infantry Brigade Ersatz Infantry Brigade Konigsberg Posen 19th Landwehr Infantry Brigade Graudenz Provisional 69th Infantry Brigade

German Army order of battle (1914)

[1] Originally held back in Schleswig in case of British landings; moved up in late August. [2] Given by Edmonds as "3rd Guard Reserve Division". [3] Transfered to 1st Army in late August.

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