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Research Paper "The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit in John"

John's Gospel includes valuable insight into the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Your task is to read through the Gospel and locate all the references that involve the Holy Spirit. Then you will write a paper telling me what this Gospel says about the person and work of the Holy Spirit. The main focus will be on what John says about the Holy Spirit other Scriptures can be used only as they refer to John's understanding of the Holy Spirit. Here are the particulars for this paper: 1. You will need to use a total of six (6) scholarly resources (Your textbooks can be used for this; the Bible (especially study Bibles), Bible dictionaries, and concordances will not be counted as part of your six scholarly resources!). If you have questions about your sources, please contact the instructor. 2. The paper must be at least twelve (12) but not more than twenty (20) full pages in length, typed, double-spaced, and reasonable margins. 3. You must use Kate Turabians A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (sixth edition) as your style guide. Any other style must be approved by the professor first. For examples on proper style, see the information provided on Blackboard. 4. Your paper should include a cover sheet, footnotes, and a bibliography (These pages do not count as part of your total). 5. You will be graded on the basis of clarity, content, style, and how well you incorporate your resources and scripturally support your conclusions. Spelling, grammar and overall neatness will also be taken into account for the grade. 6. Keep a copy of your paper in the event something happens to the one you send in. 7. This research paper is worth 250 points of your final grade. Grading Scale for Papers Introduction (25 pts) 1. Is there a clear thesis statement? 2. Are the passages under consideration clearly defined? 3. Does the introduction provide a clear overview of the papers contents? Structure (25 pts) 1. Does the structure reflect a careful/logical treatment of the topic? 2. Are the transitions between paragraphs and sections clear? 3. Are proper headings used? Conclusion (25 pts)

1. Does the conclusion offer a good summary of the issues treated? 2. Does it conclude the thought by offering thoughts that bring the paper to a proper end? 3. Does it offer suggestions for further study related to the issue/passage? Content (125 pts) 1. Are the main passages of Johns Gospel relating to the Holy Spirit addressed and interpreted? 2. Is each passage clearly stated and explained in a way that examines the role of the Holy Spirit according to John? 3. Is the authors intent in each passage examined and clearly stated? 4. Is the analysis of each passage thorough? Is each role of the Holy Spirit according to Johns Gospel clearly defined and examined? 5. Does the student interact with sources instead of merely restating their views? 6. Is the topic treated logically and thoroughly? Is critical thinking employed? 7. Does the student provide areas where the information found in Johns Gospel may be relevant and applicable to the lives of Christians in todays world? Materials/Style (50 pts) 1. Are six approved scholarly sources used? 2. Are materials properly cited and quoted? Are quotes relevant to the study? 3. Is the paper properly formatted? Are the entries in the bibliography and footnotes properly formatted? 4. Is the paper without spelling and grammatical errors? 5. Does the paper reflect a graduate level of vocabulary?