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What is a Mock Shift?

A Mock shift is a shortened shift of food and beverage service where half of the staff works, and the other half comes in with friends and/or family to eat (for free). Then, you switch roles for the night shift, and those who ate during the day work, and those who worked during the day come back to be our guests. The goal is to give the team practice and an opportunity to learn on-the-job, to provide the experience of being the guest and ordering off the menu, and to get used to the flow of the restaurant and bar. We do all this with only our closest friends and family and we do so at no charge, so we are in the most safe and tolerant environment possible to allow our team to learn and practice. Better to do it this way than to practice on people who are paying with their real hard-earned money and are on a tight time schedule. Here s how it works: For those working: You come in at the designated time, you get set up for the shift as if it s a normal, open day, you brush up on the menu and steps of service, and you take care of our guests coming in as if they were normal paying guests. The computers will be in training mode, so no real money will change hands, but real food and drink will be ordered and served. Everyone is learning this is the time to make mistakes, so our servers will mix things up, and that s ok. Also, kitchen and bartenders are learning too, so it should be expected that food and drinks will take much longer than usual. The goal of these mock shifts is NOT speed, it s accuracy, process and practice. So have patience, and remember, everyone is learning. If you work during the day shift, you will wrap up, and then come back for the night shift mock shift to eat with your chosen friends and family. If you eat during the day shift, you ll come back at your scheduled time to work on the mock shift at night. For those eating: You will sign up for a specific time, please be on time. You are invited to come and be the guest, understand what that experience is like, and treat your friends and family to the same. 1. You should invite 1-2 friends or family to join you to eat (again, you are a guest/eating on the shift that YOU ARE NOT working). 2. You should expect 1-1.5 hours it can take a long time that s why it s free on us! Prepare your group that things might get screwed up, and that s part of the fun of it. 3. You will be given a drink ticket if you are of age to drink, and one drink is permitted per person if they are of age. 4. A menu will be at each table. To ensure our kitchen gets practice making all items, each table will have a different combination of menu items available. We ll make sure there s a good variety available for each table.

Saturday 3/10 Training & Key Employee Mock shift (dinner only) 10am-1pm Tasting, Training, Testing - all about the food Hosts, Servers, Bar Mock ordering: Service: Dry Runs Attendees to this 10-1 session will be determined Wednesday before. 2:30 servers/host/bussers/bartenders arrive to work that shift Working: Selected Employees 2 Bar, 6-8 Servers, 2 Hosts, 2 Bus 5-7 Mock Shift Employees not working (who signed up) bring 1-2 friends/family 7-8 wrap up service 8-9 checkouts 9-9:30 debrief

Sunday 3/11 Mock Shifts Lunch Mock Shift 9:30 all FOH In 11-1 Eating shift 1-2:30 wrap up, side work, clean up & checkouts 2:30-3 debrief Dinner Mock Shift 3:30 PM Shift FOH employees come in 5-7 Eating Shift 7-8 Wrap up, break down, & checkouts 8-8:30 debrief