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8. RECENT REFERENCES TO GET OVERVIEW OF OUR STUDY (Taxonomy Map of Knowledge Management applied to Theoretical Physics) http://bit.

ly/zbdp28 (Fundamental Force Map of our Smart and Animate Universe : Generated from Knowledge Management through Inverted Paradigm Method)

7. BASIC ASSUMPTIONS The others our assumption and paradigm needed for this study are : .....We are KM-regulated by nature, and, by nature we are KM model ( )....and ....Knowledge is the edge of Science.... ( )

1. PSYCHO SOMATIC UNIVERSE Our Universe is a psycho somatic entity, behaving as subject, having consciousness and considered as animate being. It means that from macro world through quantum level, the Universe should represented by psycho somatic unit which we called as consciousness element factor (CEF) provided initially by the fifth fundamental force (FF), we coined term Knowon functioning as psychic / consciousness mediating particle to counterparting as well as superposed with Graviton, the fourth FF as somatic mediating particle ( - Brief Guide to Physics of the Universe : Knowledge Management Generated )

6. CONVERTING HSBKM RELATIVE SCORING RATIO TOWARD ABSOLUTE SCORING RATIO APPLIED TO NATURE KNOWLEDGE CONTINUUM By giving weighting score (WS) as relative scoring ratio based on our subjective judgment 1 : 3 : 5 to KLC : KMC : KHC respectively, further we converted it into an absolute value scaling ratio ranging from Knowledge Value (KV) measurement = 10 -38 (Planck number) applied to Knowon as well as DEF and consecutively KV= 1.0 applied to KLC. KV = 3.0 to KMC and KV = 5.0 to KHC or accumulated to KV = 9.0 as human KV maximum possible score en route to infinity or goes beyond human KV all within Nature Knowledge continuum. KV measurement linking up Independent to SpaceTime (IST) CEF Knowon as attribute of Knowledge within Nature Knowledge continuum from macroworld through quantum level, be expected to unify general relativity with quantum mechanics ( Knowledge Value (KV) Measurement )

linking up Knowledge Management with Theoretical Physics toward Theory of Everything (TOE )* ? ( ) Md Santo - Mobee Knowledge Services

Nature Knowledge Theory ( )

2. KNOWON, THE FIFTH FUNDAMENTAL FORCE DISCOVERED BY TOP DOWN MECHANISM Knowon discovered not as hypothetical massless particle such as the existance of Graviton which is the result of bottom up mechanism by the Physics construct theory, but Knowon, supported by evidence-based through Inverted Paradigm Method (IPM) analog with reverse engineering, applied to a comprehensive and systematic body of applied science, Knowledge Management (KM). We use our Human System Biology-based KM (HSBKM) model framework as a robust and solid entity to get reversed engineered with IPM by means as top down mechanism ( - Guide to Inverted Paradigm method KM applied to discovering new Theoretical Physics findings ) giving motto Applied Science for the benefit of Basic Science

5. HUMAN SYSTEM BIOLOGY BASED KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT (HSBKM) MODEL FRAMEWORK LINKING UP HUMAN WITH NATURE Our HSBKM model framework mentioning among others ......Sense, brain and genomic DNA are special target loci within Nature Knowledge continuum in the Universe inside human being psycho-somatic structure functioning as human knowing tools where Knowledge with Lower Medium Higher Consciousness or KLC, KMC and KHC respectively originated....... ( Knowledge Loci in Human and Nature as integral part of Grand Design )

3. DUO-ENTITY-FORCE (DEF) KNOWON GRAVITON AS BOSON FORCE By putting Knowon as non hypothetically massless particle through our top down mechanism, it will complementing the Graviton as hypotetically massless particle resulting from bottom up study all this time. Both, Knowon which is independent to SpaceTime (IST) plus Graviton which is dependent to SpaceTime (DST) becoming duo-entity-force (DEF) or boson force we believed as the real Higgs Boson ( - Smart Universe and Superposed Higgs Boson (God Particle) in Knowledge Management view )

4. UNIVERSE OR NATURE KNOWLEDGE IS THE SOURCE AND CENTER OF CONSCIOUSNESS One of the key crucial assumption factor of this study is, ....The Universe or the Nature Knowledge is the source and center of Consciousness... (not stated Mind Brain or Human Being is the source and center of Consciousness as commonly assumed within DIKW continuum which is noted as human artefact continuum ...) We underlined that consciousness is the attribute of Knowledge ( - Human Consciousness Definition and relationship with Nature Knowledge )

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